Rumble – The Online Video Platform You Need To Know More About

Rumble is an alternative online video platform for YouTube. I joined several months ago after I could no longer watch some scientific videos over on YouTube.

Once on it, I liked how easy it was to use and I did a few videos about Parler on the Rumble network on my Rumble Channel.

I began to make a few cents on Rumble and thought, I need to explore this one more for my fellow bloggers and businesses.

Rumble - the online video platform

I began to make a few cents on Rumble and thought, I need to explore this one more for my fellow bloggers and businesses. #Rumblevideo Click To Tweet

The YouTube Alternative

Today YouTube came out with the following statement:

“YouTube will remove content alleging fraud or errors that changed the outcome of the U.S. presidential election starting today, according to a statement by the company.

The video-sharing platform said the move comes because of Tuesday’s safe-harbor deadline for the election when enough states certified their election results for the president-elect.”

Some people are upset by this further censorship by YouTube and are looking for other places to go to post videos.

Recently the CEO of Rumble was on Fox Business News.  “By the end of Q1 2021, we were at 31.9 million average monthly users,” Pavlovski told FOX Business. “April is looking fairly consistent.”

That is up from Q1 2020 when the platform had an average monthly unique user rate of 1.2 million.

That’s a huge increase in monthly users on the Rumble video network! 

What better time for me to share about Rumble?

Some people are upset by this further censorship by YouTube and are looking for other places to go to post videos. #Rumblevideos Click To Tweet

What is Rumble – The Online Video Platform

Rumble is an online video platform. The online platform is considered a social media network like YouTube with Rumbles being voted and commented on.

Rumble has been around since October of 2013. But 2020 is when the network began to expand with all the censorship around the United States election and the Coronavirus.

It has been so busy over there that their forum for questions has been shut down. It was supposed to come back up this week but hasn’t as of yet. Like Parler, the user base has been exploding.

Getting Started with Rumble – The Online Video Platform

Rumble is very easy to use if you have used YouTube in the past. If not, it still is pretty easy. I have made a video as an overview. This video was done on the desktop version.

The mobile version is somewhat different and the ability to make money comes from the mobile app too.

Your Rumble Channel ID

You can have your own company/blog channel ID. But you first have to have 10 subscribers to do so. It took me a few minutes one day to figure that one out.

So you can learn it quickly here 🙂

Be sure to Add Descriptions on Your Videos

This is another mistake made that you can easily learn from. You can add links to your blog post and any other places you want people to go to after watching your Rumble video.  The length of videos does not seem to matter on Rumble, it is more about the videos themselves.

I see a lot of funny animal videos that make money and they are no longer at all. Some are less than a minute! Maybe that is why YouTube has YouTube shorts now!

Yes, you can see what others make on the Rumble channel too! A little incentive for you to upload videos on the Rumble – Online Video Platform.

You can add links to your blog post and any other places you want people to go to after watching your Rumble video. #rumblevideo Click To Tweet

Combining Rumble with YouTube and Other Video Channels

You may also share your videos on other video platforms if you choose. I did this for the Rumble video but not for my Parler videos.  You have all kinds of licensing options to choose from once you upload your Rumble video.

If you choose to add YouTube be sure to post that video to YouTube first. Then when you upload it to Rumble it will ask for the YouTube video link.

Scheduling is another feature that Rumble offers so you don’t have to post it right NOW.(YouTube also allows you to schedule videos. rumble licensing options

The Exclusive Video Management license whereby will take care of the full distribution of the video across our network. This includes YouTube, Rumble’s own website as well as our 3rd party partners such as MSN, Yahoo, AOL, and others. Choosing this option gives you the most potential to make money from your Rumble video.

Another option, The Video Management license excluding YouTube is the same as the above license but without YouTube.

Another option is the Rumble Player license.  This option excludes YouTube and all 3rd party partners outside Rumble’s platform. The video is monetized on only and it is a non-exclusive license, meaning the creator can still manage their content on other media platforms on their own.

The last option is the Not For Sale license. This is where you retain full control and all rights. Rumble will not partake in any monetization relating to your content. Rumble will only retain the license to show your video on and the video will receive no promotion.

You have all kinds of licensing options to choose from once you upload your Rumble video. #rumblevideo Click To Tweet
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Monetized Rumble Videos

Yes, be patient with this one!  See below for my Rumble video examples. It’s been 21 days and monetization is still pending on the video. (They have since been monetized but not all are making money.)

With more people jumping from YouTube to Rumble I expect it may take longer.

Rumble ready to share

Other Ways to Make Money on Rumble App

Swiping Rumbles

Now with the mobile app for Rumble, you can make money with the swipe key. Rumble users can make .25 cents per day (5 cents per video) for tagging them with the swipe. (Rumble will be updating their monetization for 2021 – see more below.)

Referrals to Rumble – The Online Video Platform

When you refer other people to rumble with your referral link you can earn dollars too. Just invite your friends, clients, and family to join the Rumble network. There are so many different videos that there is something for everyone.

My friend Ryan from Blogging from Paradise can also be seen on Rumble. Another friend Dana from I Am My Imagination is also on Rumble. They are both bloggers I’ve known for years.

Lottery on Rumble  – The Online Video Platform

You can win via Battle Tickets through the Rumble app. I awoke one morning to receive an email that I had won $5 via a Battle Ticket on Rumble. Entries into the lottery are done through the swiping of videos.

How to make money on Rumble The Online Video Platform

On the Rumble app, you must watch a video for at least 9 seconds before swiping. Many of the funny animal videos are less than one minute and some are just under 30 seconds.

how to swipe on rumble

Of course, there are also lengthy videos on various topics throughout the Rumble network. Whether you use Rumble for business, blogging, or pleasure there really is something for everyone here.

how to like a rumble

Livestreaming Comes to Rumble Now

I know many fellow bloggers out there who love to use Livestream. Well, Rumble has started to offer livestreaming now for paying customers! Those that have the FREE Rumble App will also be able to soon.


Rumble is offering livestreaming now! #Rumblevideo #livestreaming Click To Tweet

Your Turn on Rumble – The Online Video Platform

Are you ready to join Rumble – the Online Video Platform many are using today? Join me with my referral link today!   It is FREE to join and use.

I’d love to know what you think of this online video platform – please drop a comment below so we can discuss ⬇️⬇️⬇️

Lisa loves helping others to thrive online through Social Media, Blogging, and SEO. What good is knowledge if you cannot share it with others? She has 30+ years of experience in marketing/advertising with 10 years of experience in content marketing, social media, blogging, and SEO. Check out her latest eBook "How to Tweet and Thrive on Twitter" now on Amazon.

    • Hi John, welcome to Inspire To Thrive. Tags are put in where it says tags (optional) when uploading a video into Rumble. I hope that helps! It is right after you choose your thumbnail for the video. 🙂 Have a great day!

  • Hi. I started using Rumble a few weeks ago. It got “monetized” status very quickly, but I still almost do not have views and earnings. Is there any way to promote it? Or any secret how to get profit?

    • Hi Regina, welcome to Inspire To Thrive. A few tips: Engage with others on Rumble, follow, like and comment on videos like you would on YouTube. Do more videos and share on other networks and on your blog or website (embed them).
      Be sure the topics of your videos are HOT. Try different lengths of videos too. I hope that helps! and last, don’t give up! Have a great day and good luck!

  • Lisa, I’ve been using Rumble to upload videos for my new blog. I can easily embed them from Rumble and I don’t have to be fearful that YouTube is going to pull them down! Now, I realize I need to start using the mobile app too. Thanks for the tips!

    • Hi Sherryl, I’m so glad to hear that you are using Rumble and that’s it’s working well for you 🙂 You are most welcome. Thanks for the comment and have a great day!

    • Hi Johnson, welcome to Inspire To Thrive. Glad to know it is something you were able to learn about. Sometimes when I do a blog post I think everyone already knows about it but there are so many things changing rapidly today that it is not possible. Thanks for coming by and make it a great day!

  • Hi Lisa,
    As I research Rumble I am happy to let you know that this blog post is on the first page of Google. And it should be! Thank you so much for explaining Rumble to me. It cleared up many questions I have had as I dabble blindly through Rumble.

  • Hi Lisa, great content! We converted a YouTube channel over to Rumble and were lucky to get all of our videos monetized (it did take some time). We used the licensing model excluding YouTube since our videos were still live there. We are getting quite a few ‘Rumbles’ but we aren’t seeing any monetary benefit. Is it because we didn’t do an exclusive license with Rumble? Did we make a mistake somewhere? Could you expand a bit on how someone would convert their content from YouTube in order to successfully monetize at Rumble? Thank you again!

    • Hi John, How long has it been since the videos have been on Rumble? Some can take weeks or months before monetization. It depends on the content of the videos as well. I believe this post did explain the different choices you have when selecting the licenses. I’d love to know what your Rumble channel is 🙂

    • Great question Wendy. They do not yet but I just read they will be having that feature soon! So stay tuned as they say. Thanks for coming by and welcome to Inspire To Thrive. I will be updating this post as they update Rumble too 🙂

  • Aloha Lisa: Question. I uploaded five videos to Rumble. They are “Ready to share. Monetization pending.” When I search for each video, none is found. Am I missing a step to get my video’s to show up on Rumble? Mahalo, Bill

    • Hi Bill, what is the link to your video? I’ll check for you. You should be able to see it. I have had many like that for a few weeks even and the videos were still viewable. You can go to your account, and then your channel or your videos to see it.

    • Hi Birgit, welcome to Inspire To Thrive.
      You like a Rumble video by giving it a “Rumble” it is the plus button under the video on your desktop version. On the mobile version, it’s under the video and looks like a hand or glove, you click that to rumble it. If you hit the same icon on the bottom of your app and then swipe on the video – you rumble it and can make money from doing so 🙂 I hope that helps explain it. I believe I covered it in the video too. Make it a great day!

  • I have tried to figure out how to use Rumble Channels and it is unclear. Does anyone have a video explanation of how and why to use it? Is it an equivalent to playlists? I want to make a channel for each different section of Math that I have produced eg Trigonometry, Solving Equations etc.

  • The whole licensing is very confusing to me. I just choose ‘Rumble Only’ because I still want to upload my video to Youtube and Bitchute (and the future even maybe other hosting platforms).

    Am I making the right choice then?

    Because If you license to Rumble, you can’t upload the same content to non hosting video servers right?

  • Hey, Lisa, thanks for the info on Rumble! I stumbled onto Rumble just over a week ago. I’m encouraged by your call to patience regarding monetization and that it can take beyond 21 days. I uploaded my first video just a week ago and I’m still waiting for the Monetization coronation. But your post has set me at ease. For now. :/ How does one subscribe to your posts? Thx!

  • Honestly I didn’t even knew about Rumble before. I got some info here and seems like a good alternative to youtube as there are already plenty of video platforms out there. Is Rumble available for all countries? If so then it will be a good video platforms.

    • Hi Appu, welcome to Inspire to Thrive. I’m not sure if available in all countries though I’d imagine it is. They are based out of Canada. I’m enjoying their platform a lot and my videos are getting more videos there quicker than on YouTube. Thanks for coming by and I’d love to know if you join Rumble how you like it! Have a great week.

  • Super breakdown Lisa. Thanks too for the helpful reminder; time to publish another few videos. Guys; with also no promoting, I generated hundreds upon hundreds of views with a small collection of videos. I was scoring 3-5 views per video on YouTube, for the prior goodness knows how many months. Rumble does not suppress stats. YouTube does. Get on Rumble.


    • Thank you, Ryan. Yes, that’s an awesome point, Ryan. I’ve noticed I received more views of several of the Rumble videos in less time than over on YouTube. Very interesting. I also get emailed when you post a new one because I subscribed. I will be updating that in the post soon too as I’m learning more every day there. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend!

  • Thanks for putting this together, Lisa. I still have a lot to learn about the platform, but you’ve helped get me started. I appreciate the mention and I hope you’re having a great day 🙂

    • Hi Dana, you are most welcome. Yes, it’s a fun platform and more to learn here too I’m sure. I’ll be doing more videos as I go along and discover more things on the Rumble network. I’m glad you joined and hope you will like it. It takes a while to get more views and get your own channel name. Patience is a virtue they say 🙂 Thanks for coming by and have a great rest of the week Dana 🙂

  • This is awesome, Lisa! I didn’t realize Rumble did so much! After watching your video, I realized how much better Rumble is than YouTube. I’m glad I subscribed back when you told me about it. Having a bit of fun on there. Now I have to look up Ryan and subscribe. 😉

    • Thank you Bren. I didn’t either until I started using Rumble. Lots of different stuff on there too and you don’t need long videos to succeed. I think bloggers can be a bigger fish in a smaller pond vs. on YouTube. Thanks for coming by and sharing this Brenda. Have a great day 🙂

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