Are YouTube Shorts Monetizable and Inspiring To Watch?

With the launch of YouTube Shorts back in 2020 and its roll-out in early 2021, creators have a newer way to engage and monetize their video content. This exciting newer feature allows viewers to watch bite-sized pieces of content that are up to 60 seconds or less in length. But are they really worth it? Are YouTube Shorts monetizable for creators and inspiring for viewers to watch?

Let’s take a look at this video creation option today in 2024.

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What Are YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts is a short-form video vertical feature on the app. It allows users to watch videos up to 15-59 seconds long in vertical or square format. Creators can upload multiple videos as part of a series, or even just one video at a time.

The idea behind this feature is that people can easily browse through these small clips quickly without having to watch an entire longer video.

These short videos do not disappear as they do on other social networks.

The hashtag #shorts is often seen in the title or description of the video. YouTube recommends creators use that hashtag in short videos.

These short videos make them perfect for those who don’t have much time but still want to get some entertainment out of it. Remember, the old saying: Social media users want to be entertained? That still holds true today.

Viewers can also engage with YouTube shorts; they can vote on them and comment as well. Not only that but they can subscribe to your YouTube channel as well.

YouTube Shorts App

YouTube Shorts app is a short-form video experience on YouTube and the YouTube mobile app. It lets you create and watch bite-sized vertical videos up to 60 seconds long. With Shorts, you can shoot videos hands-free using a multi-segment camera, adding music, filters, and more.

The YouTube Shorts player is designed for vertical viewing, so clips take up the entire screen as you swipe through an endless feed. It’s YouTube’s take on the popular short-video format, competing with apps like TikTok and Instagram Reels.

Are YouTube Video Shorts Monetizable?

Yes! In fact, YouTube Shorts are incredibly fairly easy to monetize. Since they’re so short, there’s not much setup involved in terms of creating the videos themselves. All you need is your mobile device and you’re ready to go.

You can sign up with the YouTube Partner program to get started.

Plus, if you do have existing videos that you want to monetize, simply cut them down into smaller clips with the same message and post them as Shorts. This will help ensure that more viewers see your content and boost engagement rates across all platforms.

You can do this easily today with Tube Buddy’s New Featured Suggestions. Let AI comb through your videos to determine the most engaging parts that could be made into YouTube shorts.

You will get data-backed insights on your videos so that you know you are creating shorts that are going to perform. That will save you time creating shorts to generate more views.

Furthermore, you can monetize your shorts with ads. Once you have reached 4000 hours of watch time on your channel within 12 months and have 1000 subscribers or more, you will be eligible for monetization on your shorts.

However, it should be noted that there may be restrictions on certain types of ads that appear on shorts due to their shorter length and subject matter. Do check them out before you wonder are YouTube shorts monetizable for you.

Are Shorter Videos Inspiring?

Yes! In fact, YouTube Shorts are incredibly easy to monetize. Since they’re so short, there’s not much setup involved in terms of creating the videos themselves. All you need is your mobile device and you’re ready to go!

Plus, if you do have existing videos that you want to monetize, simply cut them down into smaller clips with the same message and post them as Shorts. This will help ensure that more viewers see your video content and boost engagement rates across all platforms.

Using SEO For Your Short YouTube Videos

If you want your videos to be seen more you will need to understand SEO for your videos. Why? Because YouTube is so competitive, you will need the SEO advantage for your videos to be seen by more people.

  • Use the best thumbnails to work best for your audience.
  • Use Keyword Explorer to see how your keywords may rank. (It’s also available with TubeBuddy).
  • Use Titles to drive the most clicks.
  • Changes to your Title, Description, or Tags affect your search traffic.
  • The right titles increase your discoverability to help you get the most clicks.

With Tube Buddy, you can use their AI title generator to find the best titles for your videos. Not only that but you can use their A/B testing tool as well.

What Else Can These Shorts Do For You?

Did you know they can help your blog grow too? Not only do you generate more exposure from your short videos but you can direct them to your channel with links back to your blog.

YouTube Shorts can be an incredibly effective business tool for business owners. These short-form videos offer a unique opportunity to engage with potential customers and increase brand awareness.

YouTube Shorts provide business owners the ability to make engaging content that can be shared instantly and with minimal effort or cost.

Through video storytelling, business owners are able to connect with viewers on a more personal level and reach their target audience in a new way. With the rapid rise of mobile usage, YouTube Shorts is one of the best ways to ensure that business content reaches its intended audience quickly and efficiently.

However, if you create value in your short videos people will remember that. They will come back to your channel for other videos to learn or be inspired by your YouTube channel.



So, are YouTube shorts monetizable? Overall, YouTube Shorts has the potential to be an incredibly useful tool for content creators who want to experiment with new ideas quickly and easily while also giving them the opportunity to monetize their videos with ads.

With its easy-to-use creative tools and built-in camera system, YouTube Shorts makes it easy for content creators of all levels of experience to create engaging micro-videos without having any prior knowledge of filmmaking or editing software.

Whether you’re looking for some quick inspiration or just want an easy way to make money from your videos – YouTube Shorts might just be what you need. Read my full review of TubeBuddy here.

Your Turn

Have you been generating YouTube short videos? I’d love to hear about your experiences with them in the comments below.



How long are YouTube short videos?

The videos are 15-59 seconds in length.

What dimension are these short videos?

They are vertical videos. 1920×1080, 9:16 ratio.

How do you indicate to YouTube that these are shorts?

You use the hashtag #shorts in the description

How many users watch the short version of videos?

According to Statista, shorts reached 1.5 billion monthly logged-in users as of June 2022.

Are YouTube Shorts monetizable?

Yes, they are.

How much can creators make with shorts?

Creators can earn 45% of revenue from the ads that run between the shorts.

What factors contribute to SEO for YouTube videos?

The title, tags, description, and video cover all play a role in the SEO of videos.

Why have shorts become so popular?

They take less time to consume and people like watching shorts over on TikTok.

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Lisa Sicard
  • Hi Lisa,
    Very valuable and updated information on shorts. I was having the impression that unless you cross 1k above Views your shorts get monetized. To my pleasant surprise the other day while checking my YT studio i noticed that some of my shorts earned money, i never noticed any ad in any of my shorts, how come then i got money for my shorts is still a mystry. 🤣
    Anyways i could pick a lot on this subject. Hey, Lisa, i am here today by seeing a tweet by Ann smarty.
    I wonder how i missed this in my email. Information shared by Ileana Smith about thumbnails of shorts in a comment too is worth notable. Thanks I S.
    Keep sharing.
    ~ Phil

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Philip, thank you. That is awesome to hear that you made some money from your shorts. Oh yes, I had seen that too. I will have to try that to make the video cover as the first frame of a short video. Thanks for coming by Philip and have a great day.

  • Ileane Smith says:

    Hi Lisa, YouTube Shorts are great and I’ve been using them a lot this year. I wanted to mention something about the thumbnails for Shorts. Currently (April 2023) we can only choose thumbnails if we upload using an Android phone. If you are on desktop or iOS device, your thumbnail will be generated randomly by YouTube. They plan to change that later this year but for now it’s one less thing we need to worry about too much.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Ileane, Yes, I’ve seen you a lot over on YouTube with some great videos 🙂 You are such a natural at videos. That’s good to know about the thumbnails. I have an Android so I’ll be sure to check it out. However, it will make it easier on a desktop. That will be a great change for sure. Thanks for your input and have a great Easter weekend Ileane.

  • Super informative post here Lisa because with a small subscriber base my Shorts generate 100’s to 1000’s of organic views more often than not. YouTube semi-pushes them. I had not considered monetizing; good to know.


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Ryan, thank you. I’ve noticed that too in the few I’ve done that you seem to get more views with the shorts. You may want to consider monetizing Ryan with all the ones you do. Thanks for coming by and enjoy the weekend.

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