Blogging Tools To Help Your Blog’s Success​

Every blogger needs some tools and resources to help them succeed. Here are some of the best blogging resources and tools for beginners and novices alike that I recommend for your blog. These software tools can make it easier and more effective for you.

After 10+ years of blogging here at Inspire To Thrive, I have compiled my favorite tools and resources to help your productivity level go up and your monetization as well. 

As a matter of fact, blogging takes time and effort. The blogging tools on this page can help relieve some of that time and effort for you. Some of these tools are for social media which plays an important role as you begin your blogging journey as well as SEO and writing tools.

Disclosure: Some of the links of the blogging resources below may contain sponsored information or affiliate links, meaning we get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through our links, at no cost to you. Please read our Privacy Policy for more info.


LinkWhisper helps grow your blog’s SEO by internally linking fast and easy.

Link Whisper is a powerful WordPress plugin and Shopify App that allows you to manage, analyze, and add internal links that can improve the SEO quality of your website.

Pricing: $97 for one site, $137 for three sites and $197 for 10 sites.

Use CODE INSPIRE To save $15 off your order today.

Optimize your website with internal linking and see your SEO efforts pay off in time.


Tube Buddy helps grow your YouTube channel with video SEO.

It grades each and every video and lets you know what you need to do to score 100. using the right descriptions, tags, and cover images.

Tube Buddy – Try it FREE today or for just $4.80/month to upgrade with bells and whistles.

Optimize your channel’s views and subscribers faster with a TubeBuddy plan.

Fliki AI Video Creation

Want to make video’s from your blog post quickly? Fliki can do that for you.

Not only that but it can take a pdf file and turn it into a video. Love to post on X? Turn them into videos too!

Cyber Monday special 50% off. Normally $28.99 per month – Use code FLIKIBFCM50 at checkout to save today!

seo tool rank math
One of the best SEO WordPress plugins.

Rank Math

Rank Math is so easy to install and use in your WordPress blog or website.

It grades each post as you are working on it and gives you suggestions along the way to make it more SEO-friendly. It gives you suggestions for internal links and external links.

Try it FREE today or for just $59 a month to upgrade to their Pro plan.  

the right blogger

Right Blogger Suite of AI Tools

If you haven’t checked out the Right Blogger’s AI tools, there are more today: 57 tools and counting! I can’t wait to try the new sales and productivity tools that just came out.

Blogging Tools – Update old content, write new content, paragraphs, headers, etc.

Social Media Tools and SEO Tools – all for just $29.99 /mo. or $179.99 for a full year!


Glassagram is the online Instagram viewer to look through any private or public or IG account without any hassle.

No installation necessary. Stories saved up to 3 months time.

Reasonable priced options available for this monitoring software app.

Yoast SEO

This WordPress plugin makes SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so much easier to do for your blog or website. Therefore, I use the premium edition here and highly recommend it! Both Rank Math and Yoast SEO are must blogging resources.

Viral Content Bee

Viral Content Bee is an online community that shares its blog posts on various social networks. (This helps boosts your SEO efforts.)

You get points depending on your authority on each social network. Read my review of them here when they were called Viral Content Buzz.

Online Courses for Blogging Resources

grow your website traffic
This NEW Online Course is available on Skillshare – where you can take it for FREE!
instagram course
This online Instagram for Beginners course on Udemy comes with a money-back guarantee!

Great Blogging / Website Resources You Need


I still recommend this one for bloggers as I’ve used it for a decade! You can join tribes of like-minded bloggers and help each other share your new posts (via RSS feeds) on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can follow my tribe of Inspiring Bloggers Here.

Today with the Twitter API it is not as good as it once was.


You can try out this app for FREE with 1 video. If you edit it you can try it a few different ways. Change the font, style, and size of your captions and titles.

You may edit one video as much as you want and not be charged for it.

(The videos may be up to 30 minutes time with captions.)

But if you want to make 10 videos a month it is only $19/month. You can choose to add 30 for $49/month. (Those videos may be edited as well!) Now, if you want to save BIG you can refer a friend to get 50% OFF. Your friend will get 50% OFF as well. You may use my referral code here:  Code WTQ128. Learn more about it here in my Zubtitles blog post.

Custom Business Videos by Dana

Do you need help making videos for YouTube? My friend Dana, whom I met through blogging years ago does a fabulous job with YouTube videos.  I saw one she did for real estate agents that were just awesome.

Do check her out if you need help with videos for your business.

Social Media Tools


Brand24 is another awesome tool to monitor your brand on social media and on blogs. Regular Google alerts will not show you those! This social media listening tool is so easy to set up and use. Now they feature monitoring for podcasts, and hashtags. Starts at only $79 per month after your FREE trial.

You can even monitor it on your mobile device or if you choose have emails sent to you immediately when you or your brand is mentioned. I’ve also done an updated review of this tool.


Missinglettr is the new curating tool that I love.  You can read my review of it here.

It’s quick and easy to use and you have variations that are created for you with a click of a mouse.

Automatically grow your brand with each piece of content you publish! Great for a single business or personal account. If you already have it, there is a special Cyber Monday deal for you!

Websites – Do you need a new website?

A website is your home. It should look fabulous and make people welcome.

Because I manage social media I like my clients to have the best website as social media oftentimes takes them to their website. A website is a property that you OWN.

How can you gauge your social media efforts without having your website set up properly and with Google Analytics? 

Social media sites are like rented property!

Luxury Presence

Fabulous real estate websites. I’ve worked with Drew from Luxury and they offer a great package for realtors.

MoPro Website Designers

These folks came highly recommended by Tony Giordano, the author of The Social Agent. You can even use his promo code: VIPAgent to save a few dollars.

Other Convenient Blogging Resources & Tools

Cloud Desktop Online

Install and access your important work applications and software no matter where you are from any device (PC / Android / iOS) with a cloud desktop from CloudDesktopOnline.

Blogging Resources To Help You Make Money From Your Blog or Website


Seeding Up is a program for bloggers and influencers to make money. 

You can decide which posts you want to write for a determined amount of money or not.

I only recommend choosing those that are in your niche and if you can write in your own voice.  

You can also hire influencers to boost your views online.

Influencer Programs – Make Money!


SocialPubli is an influencer network that works as a middleman between brands and micro-influencers.

With SocialPubli a brand advertiser sends its message through influencer audiences to reach their targeted consumers and influencer earn money by posting brands’ messages on social media networks and engaging with their audience to fulfilling brand strategies.


This online platform helps brands across the globe find relevant social influencers, seed their content, and report on the value of their Influencer Marketing campaigns.

As an Influencer, you set the rate you wish to be paid and Webfluential will manage the payment from the Marketer.

value voice for influencers
My favorite place to earn money is with sponsored content.

Folks You Can Hire To Help Your Blogging Business

Mayura De Silva

Technical Support is a must! Mayura is my go-to person whenever I run into technical difficulties. Why spend time on them when you need to generate new content and stay engaged on social media? He is absolutely the best! I’ve known Mayura for over 10 years.

Cori Ramos

Cori has a flare for design with her website designs and graphic designs. She has done several designs for me including my latest Facebook page header. I’ve known Cori for at least 10 years as well.

Marketing Lancers

From Marketing Lancers offers affordable SEO services for your blog or website.

I’ve known Reginald for years via the blogosphere and he came highly recommended.

Other Blogging Resources and Books

Headline Analyzer

Free HEADLINE Analyzer for your blogging resources. Check out this great headline tool to make your headlines stand out for all of your blog posts! Not to mention, you can test different headlines to see which will work the best.

Secrets Behind Online Authority

Want to learn how to make your website gain authority online? 

When your website has authority you receive more traffic, more leads and more sales! 

Here are some of the best blogging resources and tools for beginners and novices alike that I recommend for your blog. These software tools can make it easier and more effective for you. Share on X
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