• I am reading your blog since couple of days and My morning starts with your blog.I get to learn lot of new things and For a moment I never had a feeling that I am reading.

  • Hi Lisa,

    Wow how impressive is this list!! I remember when you were a guest on my blog. I just had to invite my go to Twitter gal (you) to give my readers the best information I couldn’t give them myself. That post is still doing well after all this time.

    You sure know your stuff and always deliver content that is useful and helpful for the reader….like me!

    I like the way you put this post together because it not only shows where you have been featured, but more than that…. it gives the reader incentive to get out there and start writing.


    • Thank you Donna. I’m glad to hear that post is still doing well today 🙂
      You have taught me well Donna over the years!

  • Hi Lisa.

    I checked the back office of my Cpanel and found that a few of
    my visitors have came from your website so I thought I should
    find out why and how and say thanks.

    It looks like Adrienne Smith is a common connection and
    what a great one she is.

    From what I see on your blog it is looking like I should pop
    in more often.

    Thanks again,


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