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dagmar trippen

Working with Lisa on our social media accounts was a game changer. She managed our @tromatzwave Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels and did a fantastic job elevating our online presence, captivating our followers, and drawing in new ones.

Her creative ideas were fresh and aligned with our brand, and the level of engagement she facilitated across our platforms was remarkable. It’s one thing to amass followers, but Lisa’s work has made our social media platforms a true hub for interaction and community building, ensuring our posts gain traction and visibility.

Lisa takes ownership. Her flexibility, reliability, and responsiveness set her apart in this industry. If you’re seeking a transformative impact on your social media, Lisa comes with my highest recommendation.

Dagmar Trippen – Director Marketing & Public Relations | Biotech Healthcare | Brand Strategy & Business Development Consultant | Global Growth Marketing & Fundraising Wizard | Digital & Social Media Entrepreneur | Communications Expert

I am a consultant who, after years of trying to do social media myself, realized I never would do it well. I then hired Lisa over a year ago and she is absolutely magnificent to work with. So, if you need to be more visible online you owe it to yourself to call Lisa. She gets a total 5 star rating from me!

Jeffrey DeckmanInternationally recognized award winning Author, Consultant, Entrepreneur & Speaker

Lisa is an experienced webmaster and social media buff, whom I also met through Bren Lee as a result.  Her vast knowledge about Twitter and the ins and outs of the running a website are explained on her blog, for all of us to learn from.

Want to know what’s new in the world of social media? Lisa has the answers and will tell you how it will help your site. She has a flair for engagement and I enjoy our conversations.  Finally, we share a love of Southern California landscapes.

Debbie from The DogLady’s Den

Lisa is a friendly, engaging and very smart blogger, who shares her knowledge generously. Lisa’s blog is full of great advice about blogging, including helpful tips about some of the stuff I find it difficult to get my head round, like search engine optimization (SEO) and social media. Therefore, if you ever want any advice about Twitter, look no further.

Sue Neal from Write Clever

Lisa is an exceptional blogger and one of the most supportive people I know. Her site – Inspire to Thrive –  is packed full with expert advice in the SEO and social media world (she is an expert in those two fields). 

Silviu Constantinescu from NetMarket Success

Lisa is an experienced professional. Contact her for your marketing needs – highly recommend her. 

Barbara ScanlonRE/MAX Town & Country, Cumberland, RI

Thank you for all your work on the page it has been looking great and very engaging. 

Kyle – Director from Alpine Nursing Home, Rhode Island

This is why your the expert lol.  All set I deleted history.

Chuck Pollock – RE/MAX Preferred – North Providence, Rhode Island

Lisa is a forward-thinking, innovative employee who understands the power of social media. She is not afraid to test new tools and figure out ways to use them in her work environment. In fact, she considers it a professional challenge. I was most impressed with Lisa when — five years ago — she was the first advertising employee to join our news organization’s social media group. She helped us decide which tools we should train employees on and which ones we should analyze a bit longer. Lisa is a social media maven — any organization would benefit from her expertise.

Karen Bordeleau – Professional of Journalism Ethics

Lisa is one of the most active and well read social media marketing individuals I know. She not only writes incredibly helpful blogs that social media marketers can use in their everyday work, but she also reads and regularly shares all the latest info in this constantly changing world of social media. Her blogging, knowledge of social media channels and best practices and her connections to a vast network of experts all contribute to her being an outstanding social media specialist.

Nancy Cawley Jean – Former Senior Social Media Strategist at Lifespan


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The author, Lisa Sicard has super-organized the course that is easy to consume, and the information is perfectly geared for beginners. If you’re a blogger, small biz, or having a freelance gig, then you will learn the nitty-gritty of growth hacking on Instagram via the course. The amazing part is that the course is just under $7 which is the least expensive deal that I’ve grabbed in recent times. – Muddasir

Lisa explains how to use Instagram and its features clearly, concisely, and with examples. – Sue-Ann Bubacz

Although I have been on Instagram for 8 months now I still consider myself a beginner. And wow, I picked up a ton of ‘Golden Nuggets’ in this course that I can’t wait to implement. The course was fun, easy to follow, and provided me with the knowledge I needed to get off and running on Instagram. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to use Instagram for Business! – Ilka Flood


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