How To Join Twitter Chats And Inspire Others Along The Chat

Do you know how to join Twitter chats? I’ve been on the popular Twitter X social networking platform since 2009 and have attended many of these fast-paced, tweet chats on Twitter X.

They are like going to your local networking meeting but from home via this feed. They allow people who may not always get out there for meetings or other forms of offline interactions with clients/customers etc.,

To connect virtually anytime anywhere across borders without having any concern about language barriers – because everything takes place through tweets as you chat on Twitter.

The best part is that it’s FREE:  So if being reachable 24/7 by everyone else matters most then why wouldn’t we want to access these chats on Twitter?

But what can Twitter chats do for YOU and your business?

Learn from others and meet new people on Tweet chats.

Why Join A Twitter Chat? 

  • Meet and connect with others on Twitter.
  • Learn from others.
  • Help/teach others on chats.
  • You can make more connections/friends – Networking through tweet chats.
  • Gain more followers in your niche.
  • Become a leader in your niche.
  • Have fun on Twitter during Twitter chats.
  • Increase your brand awareness.Β 
Twitter chats

What Is A Twitter Chat?

Twitter chats are conversations that occur on Twitter at a designated date and time about a certain topic. Every Twitter chat has a hashtag, which allows anyone on Twitter X to follow the Twitter chat or even participate.

They are reoccurring each week on the same day at the same time. To participate in a Twitter chat, you will need a Twitter account and these are FREE to join.

How Do Twitter Chats Work?

Twitter chats are live events on Twitter where users discuss a specific topic using a unique hashtag. Participants tweet their thoughts, questions, and responses by including the designated hashtag.

A moderator leads the chat, posting questions at set intervals.

Chats usually last 1-2 hours and provide opportunities to network, share expertise, and engage with like-minded individuals on relevant subjects.

How To Join Twitter Chats

First, find the day and time of the Twitter chat you want to join. Know what the hashtag is. Then be sure to answer any questions with A1, A2, and A3, that correspond to the questions A1, A2, A3, etc.

Each question has a number so when you answer you must use the A before that number. Be sure to include the hashtag of the Twitter chat in each tweet that you send during the chats.

That’s very important for others in the chat to see your tweets. (And something I oftentimes forget!)

My friend Ivana below always reminds people at the beginning of each chat session:

However, it is easy to forget to include that A# along the way as you want to respond quickly in fast-paced conversations. You may want to use your desktop and mobile device at the same time to keep up.

That’s the best way to join a Twitter chat having both your desktop and mobile device together.

Furthermore, remember you still cannot make an edit on Twitter unless you have a Blue subscription account on the social network.

The First Chats On Twitter

The first one I participated in was Chasing Joy back in 2012. Her chats are inspiring thoughts on life.

You’ll notice each Twitter chat uses a specific hashtag and lasts about an hour.

More Chats On Twitter

The next one I joined and have participated in regularly for years was the #BlogChat on Sundays from 9-10 p.m. (yes, past my bedtime too!)  I really have learned a lot from this wonderful large group of bloggers.

Here are a few examples from this one:

Sadly, the blog chat has since stopped in 2021. And then there was the first Blog Engage chat on a Friday.Β 

The Best Twitter Chats Today For You

There are several today that are great to get involved in. They include Bizapalooza Chat – Every Tuesday afternoon at 2 pm and Thursday evening at 8 p.m. EST.

They are very active and engaging chats to participate in. Ivana always keep us all on our toes and engaged throughout the hour that goes by in the blink of an eye.

VC Buzz – The folks at Viral Content Bee also has a weekly Twitter chat you may want to check out with interesting guests each week. The topics are mostly in the marketing realm.

Don’t forget to get a copy of my eBook (or paperback) on How to Tweet and Thrive!

How To Find Your Favorite Chats

Enter a hashtag for your niche where indicated above and then hit go and you will find a list of some chats there that you can join in on.

In the first chat, you might want to just say hello and watch or respond if there are topics you are confident about or even ask a question.

The more you do it the more you will feel comfortable participating in these chats. You can also check out this tweet chats scheduler too online.

Twitter chat

How To Start Your Own

If you are interested in doing one yourself you can check out which hashtag may make sense for your chat by searching through Twitter and via UrbanDictionary for ideas. The hashtag should be short and easy to remember too.

The next part is a little more difficult, deciding which day and time would work best. Be sure there are no others in your niche during that time period and try to get a different day as well since not everyone can chat for hours on Twitter.

You may need moderators if you have a larger group to help out during the chat. They can help promote the chat prior to and keep the discussion focused. You could send them a simple outline of just 2-3 topics since chats tend to last for just an hour.

Of course, the marketing for your Twitter chat will be necessary to get people to join your chat on Twitter. It will take time to grow from week to week. One of the best ways is to tag people as reminders several hours before the chats.

Be careful not to tag often as it could be annoying to some people on Twitter. Finally, be sure to have your introductions ready beforehand. You may want to copy and paste some in advance of the chat and even schedule some tweets

Don’t Forget To ReTweet 

If you are short on words or responses during a Twitter chat you can retweet some informative tweets out. However, you can add your own recommendation before the retweet to make it more personalized.

To clarify, choose the quote tweet to do that. (As I was researching for this post I could not find many doing it!)  People love having their tweets retweeted on Twitter.

It spreads out the tweets further into Twitterland.  As you can see in the screenshot below, I was notified on Twitter that Larry retweet my tweet.


Your Turn On Joining A Twitter Chat On X Today

Most of all have fun with it so you’ll want to do it again and your fellow peeps will be asking for your next chat.

Lastly, have you participated in or hosted a chat yet? I’d love to know which ones you like to participate in, drop a line or paragraph about them in the comments below.

Now, if you would rather “talk” with others on Twitter X, check out my latest article about Spaces on X.Β Β It’s an audio format similar but you talk instead of text or type.

twitter viewer to view X without an account


What is a Twitter Chat?

Each chat is about a topic that users on Twitter can follow and engage with through hashtags. Each question and answer corresponds to a Q and A with numbers and a consistent hashtag.

How Do You Join a Chat on Twitter?

You can join with the hashtag. Follow the conversation via the hashtag feed. You can respond to tweets with the hashtag and corresponding Q&A numbers.

What Type of Tweet Chat Can You Join?

There are many topics to choose from. Search on Twitter or a tool like Tweet Reports to find the one best for your niche or interest.

How Can I Start My Own Twitter Chat?

Do the research to see what others are doing. Pick a unique hashtag. Plan to market it aggressively to get others to join. Promote it on your blog and other social networks.

How Long Do Twitter Chats Last?

Each chat lasts an hour. There are a few that may run for only half an hour.

How Do Twitter Chats Benefit You?

You meet new people, you engage with others on Twitter, you may learn new things and you can gain visibility on them.

How Can You Inspire Others on Tweet Chats?

You can inspire others with your answers on Twitter chats. Provide top-notch answers and share pertinent information that will inspire others on the social network.

Lisa Sicard

22 thoughts on “How To Join Twitter Chats And Inspire Others Along The Chat”

  1. Great oldie but goodie Lisa. Chats are fun ways to meet oodles of folks on Twitter in a fast-paced setting. Actually, chats are an easy way to talk to folks, make friends, bond, and grow your collective blogging success. Meeting new folks and bonding with old buddies are 2 keys to thriving online.


    1. Hi Ryan, yes, I updated it as it first was written in 2012. Yes, I find it a great way to meet new folks but the harder part is staying in touch along the way. I will have to add them to a Twitter list for that. Thanks for coming by Ryan and have a great day!

  2. I’m starting to feel like “conversations” or Twitter parties are the only way to use Twitter- otherwise it’s like screaming into a crowded room. Dropping by from Sits!

  3. Hi Lisa, thanks for a great post it’s like you were reading my mind. I’m still quite new to Twitter but I’ve had the oppotunity to enjoy a few Twitter chats, Chasing Joy’s being one of them and they are great. I even had the opportunity to be a co-moderator recently for #PlateChat by aroundtheplate, what an experience, so I take my hat off to all those who conduct chat’s and make it look seamless πŸ™‚

    I have been wondering where to get info on upcoming chats as I seem to just stumble on them, so I’m glad that you included this info. Well Lisa, I’m sure I’ll be meeting you in one of the mentioned Twitter chats and I’ll also pass on information to one’s I plan on attending. Keep up the great work!

    1. What is Plate Chat about Gillian? Thanks and I hope to maybe see you on the #blogchat tonight at 9 pm EST. I hope to make it again. Stayed tune for more to come πŸ™‚

    1. You are welcome, it was the first one that I participated in. I will try to remember Sunday at 4 to come back to it.

  4. Hey Lisa,

    Janet Callaway introduced Twitter chats to me last year but I didn’t actually participate in one until just last month. It was my first one and it was really pretty cool. It was an invitation from a friend who recommended me for the chat so it was a pretty cool experience. It was on technology but I learned a LOT.

    I keep telling myself I’m going to do this again. If I knew there was a topic that I really wanted to know more about I’d put aside the time to participate.

    So glad you’ve enjoyed being involved in these and learning some stuff is what’s really fun. Oh, and meeting some new people. I love that!

    Thanks for that reminder Lisa.

    Enjoy your day!


  5. I’m on the fence when it comes to the Twitter Chats. That is because some of them can be very good while most are just chit chat. One thing is for sure, it is a great way to start making more connections if you are within your circle of influence or the audience that will best fit your market niche. Otherwise, you could get a lot of Twitter followers that you really didn’t intend to attract.

    I have to say Lisa, you really put together an amazing resource on how to Twitter Chat and all about the hashtags. This is a good source that I will be happy to share with my community.

    1. Thanks Lynn, yes like anything some are better than others. You have to pick and choose and prioritize. I hope to check out a few new ones in the coming week and maybe moderate or start one too. Stay tuned!

  6. Doing a twitter chat is an excellent idea. I’ve participated in a few twitter chats and they work really well. You got to know new people, gain awesome knowledge and exposure.

    Can’t wait to take part in the upcoming twitter chats, especially the #likeable chat.

    Good stuff, Lisa.

    1. Thanks Devesh. Yes, you to get to know new people and gain knowledge. Always something new to learn. What is the #likeable chat about?

  7. Lisa,

    I have never done a Twitter chat but it does sound pretty interesting. I think I will see about doing this sometime.

  8. I wish I could keep up in #blogchat. To me it is too overwhelming. My friend Tui just wrote a great blog post about how to use Tweet grid for chats and that might help me manage. Maybe if I try again this Sunday you can be my chat buddy. It might be nice to have a helping hand!

  9. Thanks for sharing the wonderful Twitter chat platforms, Twitter is the biggest source of traffic on my blog so I would to love to use Twitter more closely.
    TwitterChat seems awesome.

    1. Yes Ehsan, do check them out. It can increase your network on Twitter and are a great way to learn new things too.

  10. πŸ˜› I haven’t participated in a twitter chat nor could I probably sit still long enough to do it. I’m always multitasking web I’m surfing. Using silverbird to keep up with tweet while I’m surfing three over social networking sites! Yikes! Kudos to you Lisa. Sounds like a lot of fun!

  11. Brilliant Lisa πŸ™‚ Informative and new products for me. I’ve never hosted one. I’ve participated two chats so far invited by Adrienne and You. I was so confused when I get in first (in both chats), you know, it’s faster. Typing, typing and typing. I couldn’t follow. I was using Twitter search to get chat notifications but it’s never work out as it’s not updating in realtime.

    However when I ask you, you suggest me TwitterChat. It’s really cool and easy to use. With this post, it would be easy for whoever wanna engage with a Twitter chat even first time. I’m glad if I could read before I get into Twitter chats earlier. All prerequisites for a Twitter chat would be complete after being through this one.


    1. Thanks Mayura – yes if one cannot type fast it may not be easy to keep up. Great point about reading up before getting on the chat too. Always be prepared πŸ™‚

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