Pinterest Pins Last Much Longer Than Tweets or Other Social Media Posts

Pinterest Pins Last!

Pinterest pins really last longer than any other social share. Have you ever checked out a referral from your Google analytics to find it was a pin from months ago or even more than a year?

Would that ever happen from a month-old tweet, Instagram post, or even on a Facebook post?

Furthermore, higher-quality pins can continue to gain repins and engagement for a year or more, making this social media platform a wise choice for long-term social engagement.

Now, the average quality pin does have a lifetime of approximately four months.

Pinterest pins last longer


Furthermore, higher-quality pins can continue to gain repins and engagement for a year or more, making this social media platform a wise choice for long-term social engagement. #Pinterest Click To Tweet

Facebook Posts vs. Pinterest Pins

The average Facebook post lasts up to 3-4 hours. That’s it! Of course, it depends on the algorithm and how many followers or fans you may have at that time. A good rule of thumb is not to post more than a few times a week.

The number one reason people stop following a Facebook page is that they see too many posts from the same page over and over again.

However, you can now use the auto-scheduling right on Facebook with the Creator Studio, The Buffer or, Agorapulse. There are many tools out there for scheduling your social media posts today.

The number one reason people stop following a Facebook page is that they see too many posts from the same page over and over again. #socialmediastrategy Click To Tweet

A Tweets LifeCycle

Tweets last for 18 minutes on average according to data from Moz. No wonder we can tweet a lot more vs. post over at Facebook. Just be careful not to tweet too much within 18 minutes. 1x is enough.

Let’s do the math: 1440 minutes per day / 18 minutes = 80 times per day or 3.3 tweets per hour. (That would not count your conversations via Twitter or Re-Tweets.)

However, you can easily tweet a Pinterest pin to gain a little extra along the way for your pin.

Now the better way is to save the code from Pinterest to tweet or put in a blog post to last longer.

Instagram Posts

If you prefer Instagram, the posts on that social network can last up to 2 days. What you may do, is share your Instagram posts to Pinterest. This can be done with several tools like IFTTT for example.

Of course, you can always pin right from Instagram too. Be sure to include the link back to your Instagram post.

A great way to extend your Instagram reach!

If you prefer Instagram, the posts on that social network can last up to 2 days. What you may do, is share your Instagram posts to Pinterest. #Instagram #Pinterest Click To Tweet

YouTube Videos vs. Pinterest Pins

YouTube is another network where your video content can last longer than most social network posts. You may get up to 3 weeks’ worth of views.

However, if it goes viral and people engage with you on the video that length will go longer.

Snapchat and TikTok

Both Snapchat and TikTok posts start to decay immediately unless they go viral. That is one of the reasons I’m not on them. Remember, we should not be on every social network.

It’s best to pick and choose the ones your audience is on and the ones you can do well with for your business or niche.

Both Snapchat and TikTok posts start to decay immediately unless they go viral. #socialmedia Click To Tweet

The Staying Power of Pinterest Pins and How Pinterest Pins Last!

Pinterest Pins can last for months and even years. You can arrange your pinboards to show off an old pin as your cover to get more repins.

Now, when you pin new pins and new visitors come to your pinboard, they can find old pins quickly and easily.

a Canva instruction pinterest pin

Not so with any other social network! The only thing that lasts longer than a Pinterest pin is a blog post.

You have more control with Pinterest vs. any other social network site. You get to choose where to place your pins. You cannot do that via Twitter or Facebook. They go into an automatic feed that is based on an ever-changing algorithm.

Search Engine Journal recommends being active on Pinterest to pin anywhere from 5-30 pins per day. I when I pin about 5 per day I get more repins and some are from months or even a year or older.

Again be careful not to pin them all at once. (You can use Tailwind to schedule them or directly schedule pins on Pinterest as you watched in the above video.)

If I see a lot from one user that I don’t like I may unfollow them. And remember the Pinterest app for mobile makes it easy, it’s one of the best social media mobile apps out there!

The only thing that lasts longer than a Pinterest pin is a blog post. #pinterestpins Click To Tweet

Need more reasons to pin?

Are you using Pinterest Pins in your marketing plan?

Have you found your pins from long ago still being re-pinned today? I’d love to hear from you about your Pinterest experiences.

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  • Hi Lisa, I have a very small engraving business and pinterest charges more than I can afford for marketing, is it a good idea I tied my pinterest to my etsy page?

    • Hi Mary, welcome to Inspire To Thrive. Yes, I believe it’s a good idea for you if most of your clientele is female. Thanks for coming by and have a great day.

      • So you find primarily female audience on pinterest? We sell some knives -cutlery and also pocket knives- engraved and feel like we do have a lot of male engagement too ☺

        • Yes Mary. About 75% female according to most stats. That’s great you have the male engagement too πŸ™‚

  • Hi Lisa, surely, Pinterest pins last longer than posts on other social media sites. In fact, Twitter used to be my top referral traffic source. But Pinterest now drives the most traffic even though I’ve not been posting on the platform recently. So, marketers need to make Pinterest a part of their digital marketing toolbox.

    • Hi Moss, thanks for the information, Great to know it is still working for you as well. I’ve noticed a little tick-down in Twitter with their algorithm changes and many ads all over the feed. It was amazing when I did the research how many showed how much longer Pinterest pins last. So you can try to combine them with other things to extend the reach of others. Enjoy the rest of your day Moss and thanks for coming by! πŸ™‚

  • By far I have now come to know that why it is recommended to keep on resharing and retweeting your stuffs rather than leaving it once posted. I never knew pinterest statistics related the life time of our postings.
    Thanks for making me aware.

    • You are welcome Charmie. Yes, isn’t it amazing? and I now use tweet old post plugin on my InspiretoThrive handle. It’s a great plugin! Thanks for coming by and have a great weeekend!

  • The fact that Pinterest allows this to be possible is amazing. Pinterest is a top social media site for many reasons, this being one of them.

    • Hi Michelle, yes that is one feature of Pinterest that other social media sites do not have. It really seperates it from the rest. Thanks for your comment and have a great day.

  • […] sites. The beauty of Pinterest is that pins can last for years. I’ve written a post about the longevity of Pinterest Β pins as I’m still finding people still pinning my pins from over 2+ years now. That brings people […]

  • Hey Lisa, great info here. I had no idea Pinterest pins had such a long life cycle, although I guess Pinterest still has a stigma for being marketed towards women more than men. I recently came across GentleMint, which is basically a Pinterest for men. HA! Have a great day!

    • Tom, yes, isn’t it amazing? I noticed it with the pin I used for the retail store and was surprised to see it still being pinned. Then I did some researc and was fascinated by the stats. I did a post way back on Gentlemint too. I had signed up to do the post. I also am on Recipleaser for food πŸ™‚ Thanks for coming by and have a great day.

  • Hi Lisa,

    I had missed that post and found it on Biz Sugar.

    I know many people who are still not using Pinterest, but there are definitely some advantages in using this social media tool.

    I don’t have the time to investigate further at this time, but this social media certainly has lots of potentials. I had no idea about the numbers you’re talking about here. A new info for me.

    Have a great Sunday πŸ™‚

    • Hi Sylviane, glad to know spending time on Biz Sugar is effective and that you found this. I found it very interesting how long certain social posts lasted. I am still wondering on Google+ but it will be hard to pinpoint as some just show up in friends circles and not all public. Thanks for coming by and commenting, enjoy your Sunday as well.

  • Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful and informative post about Pinterest. I am a new user and still getting my eyes and min conversant with the navigations and its values. Your article is quite motivative and I am sure it si going to help me get well along with Pinterest. Thanks once again.

    • You are welcome Ashutosh. It’s a great medium to get views to your site and even some purchases. It is also about engagement too. You can’t just pin your own stuff and expect people to come. Repins are great too. Have a great day.

  • Hi Lisa,
    Interesting data. Thanks for sharing it with the BizSugar community. I think one of the most important takeaways when looking at the impact of any social media platform is to ask the question, what is this channel most effective at accomplishing? I dislike trying to answer questions about which social channel is best. The real question is, the best at what? What is it you are trying to accomplish? Once you answer that question, you can make more effective decisions about the best channels to use.

    • Hi Heather, you are welcome. Yes, what is best for one person may not be for another. It depends on the niche and how they are using the different social channels too. Thanks for coming by and sharing your input.

  • This is a very interesting read. The truth is that ‘Likes’ are cheap but pinboard real estate is in limited supply. That’s because liking a few things doesn’t make you what we call ‘relevance player’…someone people look to to set trends or provide insight not found elsewhere.

    • Hi Alisha, great point, thanks for coming by and adding input to this one on Pinterest. I hadn’t though about “likes” being cheap πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend!

  • I have been using pinterest for hardly some time.
    That means I am quite new in this and do not know the related advantages.
    It was good to know that pinterest has much to offer than twitter or even facebook.
    I shall give it a try. Lets see what it can do for me!

    • Hi Yogesh, I’ll be interested to see after a few months how it works for you. It’s best when you combine it with Twitter and FB and Pinterest makes that easy too! Thanks for coming by and commenting on this one.

  • Lisa,

    such a great information. I have never thought before about the duration on each social media status update. I am disappointed with Facebook and impressed by Pinterest. When I repin a post, is it necessary to paste the link in the description? Also, do we have to pin only priginal images. When you say that you pin 5 times, is it a different post or pic every time or you can pin the same post may be with different description.

    Thank you! Loved the information. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Margarita, I don’t paste the link because the images link back to the website or post. When I say 5 times I mean, pin, re-pin or comment. I would only pin images from sources I know and original images are best most of the time. Glad you loved the info Margarita, have a great day there.

  • I have to agree with that the Pins do last much longer and are shared much more than any of the Facebook posts or even on Twitter or anywhere else. It is funny yesterday I was looking on the internet and found one of my tote bags so I clicked on it and was surprised that it was pinned. The more I looked the more I saw that many of the products I sell were pinned. I was telling my web designer we need to look into to this more. Your article reconfirmed that idea.

    • Hi Arleen, yes that’s what I noticed from my retail site as well and made be go deeper to research into this. Isn’t it great? Do you also tweet and FB the pins? Thanks for your comment and have a great day.

  • Hi Lisa,

    Stats comes into play here πŸ˜‰ I can see you have did your homework again.

    Actually I’m not very active on Pinterest lately but still I can see traffic flowing from there Lisa πŸ™‚ You are right. Twitter, Facebook and Google+ bury updates and gives priority for latest content due to their top to bottom approach. But when you stop by on a Pinterest profile, you can access and view what sorts of pins being pinned over there. Even the first one. Everything scattered into one place. Discoverable πŸ™‚

    One thing I liked with new Google+ update is now it shows recommendations from friends in the stream. That will help get our posts shown by our friends, but yet they get buried though. Sometimes I feel Google+ posts staying more time on the stream than Facebook. But they all have peak time periods.

    Ha ha… Pinterest always being loved by women and I’ve seen 68% Google+ users are men. I know a lot who just play games there πŸ˜‰

    If we consider YouTube, in that case no one can beat it, right? πŸ˜‰ Wondering about LinkedIn too.

    You have a wonderful day there! πŸ™‚


    • I do try to do that homework Mayura, ingrained in me πŸ™‚ That’s a great word: DISCOVERABLE! I’m still curious on those G+ posts – especially the public ones. Interesting how gender plays a role too. YouTube is another great one Mayura, something else to consider but they do stay forever. Excellent point as always! Hope you are feeling better.

  • Hi Lisa!

    Pinterest has come a long way! Reading this makes me want to jump back on. I had to shave down some social sites this year because I couldn’t keep up with them all. Between product creation and design, coaching, and keep up my blog, it was a business choice I had to make.

    But now, after reading this post and finding out that I can use Pinography to schedule pins…you have my wheels turning in my head. It makes total sense to be on a platform that lasts longer than a few minutes or an hour or two.

    Thanks Lisa, you have opened up my eyes once again!


    • I know what you mean Donna, I almost cut out of StumbleUpon, go there maybe monthly now. It is crazy, isn’t it? I love Pinterest because I can spend 5 minutes there and use their mobile app which is the best mobile app for any social site. And then you see results too. Maybe if there is another site you can shave off to add it back πŸ™‚

  • hey lisa nice post. i have heard a lot about pinterest and i have an account but i never used it as my site is not image related an pinterest works better for image related sites. but i did not know these facts. its really inspirational. i will be using pinterest from today. hope i get some success and i see you everywhere on blogosphere. how did you get so much time to be engaged on other blogs?

    • Hi Raj, thank you. I bet you could come up with some images or quotes about your niche? That would help. I don’t sleep much πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for the reply Lisa, I’ve started using Pinterest after your suggestion & believe me its fun using it. Its true that until or unless you haven’t work on something, you can’t tell anything right about that thing to others.

        • Hi Raj, nice to know. I’ll have to be sure I’m following you on Pinterest. It’s like most social sites, you have to spend a little time with it and give it time, not just 1 month but at least 6 to see results πŸ™‚

  • I have just started using Pinterest and I was impressed by it. Though, I still find Twitter very useful and very direct to use.

    • Oh yes Jeremy, Twitter is still my fav but those pins lasting a year or more is awesome. The only way a tweet can last that long now is if it’s embedded on a website. Thanks for coming by.

  • I think you are correct, Pinterest pins really last longer than any other social share. Thanks for this eye opening post.

  • Hi Lisa,

    I love Pinterest. Better than Tumblr. At least Pinterest is pretty self- explanatory. What you see is what you get. However, it’s the LEAST social media I use. Sometimes I pin when I remember it. And many times I forget.

    But I didn’t know that my pin last longer in my Pinterest, that’s AWESOME!!!! I should do this more often. Thank you so much for telling us this wonderful news. I hope you have a great week my friend.


    • Hi Angela, I’m still new on Tumblr and taking it slow. Yes, do check out when someone repins your pins – how old it is. You will get more repins if you spend 5 minutes a day, pinning and repinning there. Thanks for your input and have a great week yourself Angela πŸ™‚

  • Oh no! Pinterest is becoming a threat to twitter! But it is essential to know though that each social networking site has a different function. And users have preferences. Thanks!

    • Hi Manny, I think not but they are working well TOGETHER. Yes, each does have a different function. Thanks for coming by and for your input Manny.

  • Hi Lisa,

    There is no doubt in my mind that Pinterest pins last longer. They last even longer than the time span you presented here. Let’s say that after 2 years of pinning you decided to close your account. Does this mean that your pins are gone forever? No. Some marks, some traces will remain and people will know that you repinned a pin even years after your account passed into oblivion. The copyright hunters will know that, too.
    Another good point for Pinterest: you can create a board dedicated to your blog. Whenever you write a new post you can upload a pin to pinterest with a link to that post. You will get a backlink from a social network that is among the 50 biggest sites in the world (according to Alexa) and a very stable one.
    Finally, you have more control with Pinterest than with any other social network. Agree.
    The only thing that sucks with Pinterest is the results you get in terms of followers and traffic. At least, for me it didn’t work. And I cannot say I don’t like Pinterest. I was a huge fan of Pinterest.
    Now I am more calm and realistic. You need to reach success outside Pinterest. Then you can go there and do wonderful things and get an army of followers as well.

    Have a nice day

    • Hi Silviu, Interesting about that note after closing Pinterest. Our digital traces always remain, don’t they? Yes, it does give a great backlink. Yes, you must have some following on other networks too to make it work. I try to share any of the pins with Twitter or Facebook and it gives them more “zing”. I’ve also noticed more followers from Twitter from pinning. It works both ways. Pinterest at 48 on Alexa, wonder how far they will climb? Thanks for coming by and taking time to comment on this one Silviu on Pinterest.

  • I’ve only recently been active on Pinterest and I love it so far. But after reading some of the comments by Sue and Bren, it looks like I have some more to learn. I have seen an increase in traffic through Pinterest and that has motivated me to pay a little more attention to my account πŸ™‚

    Those are some interesting numbers you shared with us Lisa and after going through the infographic I can see why more businesses are using it.

    Thanks for sharing these stats with us. Can’t wait to see the life cycle of Google Plus.

    • Hi Corina, we always have more to learn, don’t we? I find it works more too if you share via the tweet and Facebook share button too. Others will come by to check them out. I haven’t heard from anyone yet on that, I will reach out again today on Google plus. Getting behind, need more hours in the day πŸ™‚ Have a great Tuesday Corina and thanks for coming by and taking time to comment.

  • Hello Lisa,
    This is indeed a valuable post and a nice read as well.
    I have never for once have the luck of getting pinterest traffic. i have tried all ways but none has proven healthy, but i’d like you to recommend to me on how to effectively get traffic through pinterest or do a post on what’s work for you… I just want to know the ropes behind it πŸ™‚
    Thanks and God bless

    • Thanks Babanature, well good images that people will like and quotes are big on Pinterest. SO is food and anything with infographics or directions. I’d recommend you pin or repin 5 things per day and comment on a few – you should see the results slowly begin to grow from there. Don’t forget to share your pins easily via the Tweet or Facedbook share button. (That helps quite a bit too!) I just checked yours out and you don’t really have much activity. You could create more boards too πŸ™‚ Thanks for coming by and let me know how you make out with the progress.

  • Hi Lisa,

    I deleted my Pinterest account awhile back and recently reactivated it specifically for Pibbles & Me and sharing our posts from there, which btw, are totally all my posts. I’m not using it for my other blog nor is there a PinIt button on MGP. The whole “getting busted” thing kind of creeps me out.

    Interesting stats though. Never thought about the longevity of a post on social networks.

    • Hi Bren, pet stuff does very well on Pinterest. I had repinned some of yours and got so many repins! I know, about the whole busted thing – just be sure you pin from folks you know. I had been noticing more things getting repinnned from a long time away when I started to pin more. Also means to remove pins that may cause broken links. (Happens more for me with retail sites). Thanks for coming by Bren and have a terrific Tuesday and stay cool πŸ™‚

  • I’m just not using Pinterest Lisa!

    You know they always say chose a couple social platform you really like and are having success with and stick with them. I just don’t have time to go to yet one more site and mess with it.

    I have an account but I’m hardly ever on there. I’m actually thinking of deleting my account because the whole mess with sharing photos just makes me nervous. I’ve mentioned that before and it still does. Barry did some research about that too but Pinterest couldn’t guarantee that something couldn’t happen to you if you shared something that someone else didn’t like you sharing so I think in that case, better safe then sorry.

    The stats are interesting but I often times wonder how accurate those are too! I think it depends on the account but I don’t doubt that the images are shared a heck of a lot more then anything else. You’re probably spot on with that girl. People just love Pinterest and love looking at all the cool stuff.

    Thanks for sharing, great info.


  • Hi Lisa,

    I know what you mean about the relative durability of posts and what a strong player Pinterest is in this regard, but I recently closed my account due to concerns and uncertainty about image copyright on the site, which I think is a minefield – it’s just one worry I can do without. For example, I discovered it’s not permissible to ‘pin’ even some images you’ve purchased – I have images I’ve bought from sites like bigstockphoto and istockphoto and they say you can only ‘pin’ the watermarked image from their site, which is no use at all.

    I did used to get some traffic from Pinterest, but it was of the fairly bouncy variety, so I’m not sure I’m missing much – I was also aware I didn’t have enough time to commit to it, on top of all the other social media networks, so I’ve felt ok about letting it go for now. I may review my decision in future, but for the time being I’m afraid I’m a Pinterest-free zone πŸ˜‰


  • Hi Lisa

    I started going onto Pinterest weekly for a while and posting, liking and sharing pins.

    I don’t think I was active enough on there though to gain anything from it.

    I’m wondering whether retails sites are more suited to using Pinterest rather than a blog about blogging?

    • Hi Pin, I can tell you from my own experience yes, retail site is generating more. You do have to be active there but I really only spend 5-10 minutes per day per site on Pinterest. Sometiems I can it via mobel, love their app! I do combo between re-shares, pinning and comments. I will be monitoring it more carefully for this blog but retail has much better referrals – I checked my analytics again before answering you πŸ™‚ Thanks for the input and coming by Tim. Have a great week ahead.

  • I love pinterest but I have a hard time with the new format of embedding the posts do you know of any tutorials on how to embed it? I am lost and have had to copy and paste into my post

    • I haven’t done that yet Kita, here is a tutorial I found that is very recent from Cynthia. Let me know how it goes, if not I will do one πŸ™‚ Thanks for coming by Kita.

  • Lisa, I’m constantly amazed by the recycling effect of Pinterest. Pins from months – even a year! – ago will see a resurgence because a new follower discovered it, repinned it, and it gets notice by her followers and their followers. It’s fascinating and fun. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Ellen, yes, that is amazing, I don’t think I’ve seen tweet retweeted a year later but maybe embedded. And it’s a quick social site too, you don’t have to spend hours there with a purpose though some folks do get addicted. Nice to see you Ellen and glad you are improving πŸ™‚

  • Hey Lisa,
    This post is on a subject that came in my mind some weeks back. I can vividly remember I was thinking how long does it take for a Facebook post or a tweet to be visible. While stirring at my TweetDeck screen, I was marveled by the speed at while tweets scroll down and get lost. Pinterest and Stumble Upon never came to my mind though, probably because I’m not so active on them.

    Not active on Pinterest! am I missing something?

    • Yes Enstine, you are missing something! It takes time on Pinterest to get followers and re-pins. But if you spend 5-10 minutes per day you can achieve it. I still love Twitter but we have to realize how the life cycle’s work. Do you use Stumble anymore Enstine? Thanks for coming by Enstine and inquiring on this one.

  • Hi Lisa,

    You are SO right here – the Pins do last much longer and are shared much more than any of the FB posts or even on Twitter or anywhere else.

    I didn’t know how long the post lasted on FB or on Twitter, though I think if they are reshared, perhaps their life would be longer. Pinterest has become all the more better in the last week I think and now the pins are clearer and visible than before. It’s become my second source of traffic after FB now. Just the post I came with today has been pinned 113 times! Gosh! I too was surprised seeing that.

    I’d also like to add that adding tags to your pins, just like we do on Twitter, G+, and FB, makes a lot of difference as they reach a wider audience. I too have no idea about G+, but I do know joining the G+ communities is doing wonders, more so they are supposed to be DoFollow links, if I’m not mistaken.

    Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a nice week ahead πŸ™‚

    • Hi Harleena, yes, I noticed it more on our retail site but starting with Inspire now too. The more you use the more you will results. Just like with anything else right? 113 pins, that’s great Harleena! Yes Do follow links but not sure of life span. I can’t wait to see if there is an answer out there to it. Thanks for coming by and for your input and experience with pins with us – Enjoy your day there!

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