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Pin It On Saturdays – The Pinterest Day

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A reader the other day asked about Pinterest. Lauren from ThinkSpin  wanted to learn more how to use Pinterest. I started to use it more myself the past few months and decided to really spend some time on Saturday there. Saturdays is known to be the day to pin it over at Pinterest. It’s when people have more time to be online leisurely whether looking for new recipes or new do it yourself home projects. Pinterest is great for that and more! You can see the stats below on the side here that I opened up early Sunday morning. There was quite some activity going on from it. I also increased followers by 7 in just the 10 hour time span I had spent – a few minutes here, a few minutes there. Of course having the mobile app on the run was great as I spent some time at my parents place.


Why Pin It Saturdays?

Value – Did you know that a Pinterest Pin is now worth more than a Facebook Like?  I had seen this from the retail sites I had worked on. Pinterest was not only bringing more visits but it made actual sales for the website. Since I no longer work on that website I know am spending more time on my own Pinterest for this blog.  It will be interesting to see how the growth will continue to climb in the coming weeks.

Research = The research shows an increase of volume on Pinterest for Saturdays.

Time – You have to spend some time with Pinterest – but not really a lot of time. That’s another beauty of using this social network.

Topics – The best topics include:

  • Quotes
  • Hair
  • Food
  • Recipes
  • Do It Yourself Projects

Does that mean your niche will not do well? Not necessarily. Be creative, quotes can be used for almost any niche.

More Ways to Pin It Effectively and Pin It Right

Be There – Use it daily, just 5 minutes a day can make a difference! The Pinterest mobile app is a great and easy way to pin it on the go.

Follow Others – Did you know you can now see your Twitter Followers on Pinterest? It used to be just Facebook but now they show your Twitter friends as well.  If some pins drive you nuts you can unfollow the boards with them. I do that fairly often. Things of no interest I stop following. Or if someone pins 10-20+ pins in a matter of minutes and they look spammy, I unfollow as well.

Like Pin Others Pins – People are more likely to share your pins if you like, share or comment on their pins. Just remember though – be REAL. Don’t like for the sake of liking a pin!

Other Times To Pin – 9 pm in the evening is another popular time to be pinning over at Pinterest.  So spend a few nights a week around 9 and various times on Saturday to see your Pinterest network grow. Check out more great stats on Pinterest via Search Engine Journal.  If you haven’t been using Pinterest their stats may make you think again.

The Right Size Images – Pinterest is visual. Check out the correct sizes via Ashley’s social media ultimate image size guide. 192 x 600 scaled are recommended for the best effect. Did you also know red, orange and brown pins get more repins?

TailWind App – This used to be PinReach – where you got your Pinterest scores. They are now called TailWind. You can have your Pinterest activity analyzed there now. This will help you know what to pin and when to pin. To learn more check out Ms. Ileane’s Video below along with stats from Google Analytics.


See why you should pin it today and how the TailwindApp can help you?  You can use their FREE app for some basic info or upgrade to their Pro account from $29 to $99 per month. You can also use PinWoot for scheduling your pins. You have to earn seeds by liking others to get points to schedule your pins at no cost or you may purchase seeds. (Similar to Twiends for Twitter). 

Engage and Have Fun As You Pin It!

Don’t forgot to have fun along the way. The more you enjoy Pinterest the more time you will spend and see the benefits along with the fun. It’s about being visual, engagement, and sharing along the way. No one likes someone who only pins their own stuff.

Do you plan on pinning it more in 2014?

Have you had success with this visual social network?

Check out the SlideShare on Pin It Saturdays Tidbits

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Lisa loves helping others to thrive online through Content Marketing with Social Media, Blogging and SEO. What good is knowledge if you cannot share it with others? She has 20+ years experience in marketing/advertising with 7 years experience in content marketing, social media, blogging and SEO. Check out her latest eBook "Learn to Tweet and Thrive on Twitter" now on Amazon.

46 comments On Pinterest – Why You Should Pin It On Saturdays

  • Pinterest really can do so much for driving traffic to your site. I definitely catch myself on Pinterest all Saturday afternoon at times; no shame in that! It also makes a lot of sense that one pin is equivalent to more than one Facebook like; Pinterest is more engaging than Facebook when it comes to re-pinning items.
    Michelle recently posted..ADK brides & grooms: join the conversation!My Profile

  • Oh great Lisa, thank you for this valuable information. 🙂

    I like Pinterest better than Tumblr. Tumblr still confuses the hell out of me and I don’t have too many followers there, I think it’s only 12. But Pinterest, I getting more fond of this each time I learn new things from here. So Saturdays, huh? COOL. I will bookmark this. And make sure I will follow your advice. Glad I finally came here…catch you later…

    Angela McCall recently posted..Best Spam SoftwareMy Profile

    • Hi Angela, nice to see you back – glad you are starting to feel better. Yes, use Pinterest more on Saturday and then let me know in a few weeks if you notice a difference. I’ve noticed I’ve been getting more followers each week from it. I am starting to get Tumblr and was thinking of doing a post about it in the future. You just inspired me to get working on it. Thanks Angela and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.
      Lisa recently posted..The New Klout – How Klout Has Become a Content Creation Platform My Profile

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  • Pinterest is becoming quite popular among various age groups. I also use pinterest quite a lot but was not aware which day is best for posting or pinning the images. It is best medium for displaying creativity without any text and even linked your pin to the website which is quite useful for providing detail information.
    Prince Bhatia recently posted..Best Travel Apps for iPhone & AndroidMy Profile

  • Lisa I love Pinterest! It energizes me to see how many people are making all sorts of DIY projects! And I love contributing to group boards with people who have similar interests. I have not tried Pinwoot, but it sounds like a good idea. That way I can still sleep in on Saturdays! 😉 Thanks for sharing this!
    Maggie recently posted..My Top 10 Super Bowl RecipesMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,
    I pin every post of mine as well as some others which I feel are worth displaying on any of the boards of mine. Pinterest is a fast growing network and may be a pin is now worth more than a Facebook like.
    Though this thing of using Saturdays for pinning and getting extra traffic is something creative and new for me.
    Thanks for sharing this with us Lisa.
    Vineet Saxena recently posted..Top 2 Mistakes that a Novice Web Site Designer Can MakeMy Profile

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  • Lisa, I find PinWoot very difficult levels to earn “seeds.” Do you have a paid account? How has it worked for you? Thanks for the tip about the colors that work best.
    Patricia Weber recently posted..What do Harvard Business School and Al Merhabian have to do with your myths?My Profile

  • Hey there Lisa.

    You have certainly given us a lot to go by here! I’ve been doing more pinning too…I can really get lost there too…sometimes I forget I’m pinning for my blogs, LOL.

    I was reading a post about Pinwoot earlier too…It’s like Pinterest is the place to be now :). Thanks for telling us about the Tailwind App. I’m about to watch Ms. Ileane’s video to get more details.

    Thanks for sharing Lisa! Hope you’re off to a great Monday!
    Corina Ramos recently posted..Infographic: Evolution Of The #Selfie-Obsessed GenerationMy Profile

    • Hi Corina, I get lost there too at times with the cute animals and great quotes. I even look for recipes on occasion too. Oh yes, her video is good. I figured why recreate the wheel when she had already done it? You are welcome and Monday is going pretty good and almost over. Have a great rest of the week. Hope to see you over on Pinterest 🙂
      Lisa recently posted..Website Bounce Rate Where Low Numbers RuleMy Profile

  • Lisa -Thank you! Thank you! I’ll download the Pinterest app. I also want to install the Pininterest plugin on my blog. I forget what it’s called. It adds the Pininterest button to pictures. I definitely need to get up to speed on Pininterest. Great idea using it for quotes. That would probably work best for me.

    I wonder if there’s a quote app or plugin that you can type or paste a quote into and it transforms it into a picture. Instead of typing it in Word and taking a picture of it.
    Lauren recently posted..A Blogger Looks Back to 2009 and Asks, Why Am I Here?My Profile

  • This is really interesting. I never knew that Saturday’s could produce such good results from the site. I’ll definitely be using these tips. Thanks for sharing.
    Chadrack recently posted..Setting Business Goals: Why Many Bloggers Get It Wrong Most of the Time!My Profile

  • Thank you for the tips, Lisa 🙂

    I certainly have been spending more time on Pinterest (it’s a really good site….especially, in terms of content. Lot of interesting stuff. It’s like one of those curation sites, but even better!).

    As for right now, I am planning to spend some time every morning (about 5 mins, I suppose) on Pinterest. I will adjust the schedule as you mentioned, for Saturdays too 😀 (I am relatively free on Saturday, so it shouldn’t be much of a problem).

    Thanks for the other tips too – didn’t know image size had an effect (it does make sense though).

    Hope you are having a great weekend!
    Jeevan Jacob John recently posted..6 Contingency Plans Your Blog Must Have!My Profile

    • Hi Jeevan, that is what I do, about 5 minutes in the a.m., a few minutes via mobile at lunch and then some evenings for 5 minutes. Not every day do I make the evenings. Yes, size and colors can make a difference too. Good luck with it Jeevan and love to know in a couple of weeks how you are making out there on Pinterest. Thanks for your comment and have a great week ahead.
      Lisa recently posted..Website Bounce Rate Where Low Numbers RuleMy Profile

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  • It makes sense that Saturdays are a good day to pin; people have more time to select and pin, and then populate their boards. I know weekday evening are also a good time, but being in the UK, it can be hard to pin at a time when the most users are online to interact with. I guess I need to find out some UK pinteresting facts 😉

    • Hi Sarah, you could also check out the time differences between the UK and US and go from that angle. I know sometimes I see you online when it’s early a.m. here in the states, I’m an early bird myself here. I find it hard to pin at 9 pm but with the Pinwoot that will make it easier. Thank you for coming by Sarah and have a great new week.
      Lisa recently posted..Pinterest – Why You Should Pin It On SaturdaysMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa, I’m a huge fan of Pinterest, both because I really enjoy the site and because it sends a massive amount of traffic to The Wonder of Tech. After search engines, Pinterest was the #1 referring site to my blog this week (though I did write about Pinterest this week) and was ahead of Facebook for the past quarter.

    Very interesting and believable information. I know I was on Pinterest a ton yesterday and today already too. I use Pinterest during my down time as for me it’s like the dessert of the Internet, a place I can go after I’ve done my work on the Internet.

    I use Share Juice Pro which shows a PinIt button when someone hovers over my images. It even works on mobile devices. Share Juice Pro also lets me use Rich Pins which gives more information to pins from my blog posts.

    Great job with the Slide Share, Lisa!
    Carolyn Nicander Mohr recently posted..How to Create a Secret Pinterest Board in 3 Easy StepsMy Profile

    • Hi Carolyn, I use the ShareJuice plugin too, love it! I can believe it! It’s fun, quick and easy as well. Not complicated as Facebook or overhweleming like other social networking sites too. I’ve used it more for my blog as I no longer do the retail sites since the divorce. It gives me more time and I learned how well it worked from the retail sites bringing in sales along with it. Thanks for coming by on this one Carolyn and have a great new week ahead. See you back pinning away 🙂
      Lisa recently posted..Pinterest – Why You Should Pin It On SaturdaysMy Profile

  • Hey Lisa,

    Another great article, indeed Pinterest can drive a lot of traffic, i gave it a try few weeks ago and got some positive results. I have also placed a “pin it” button on all the images of my blog and the pins game started, all thanks to my readers.

    Still need to work more on Pinterest, i recieve traffic from there on weekends only, i need to get the mobile app as soon as possible to increase my traffic potential 😉

    Thanks for sharing 🙂


  • Hi Lisa, every social network is making their platform more lucrative for users and i think Pinterest is also on the top of the list.

    Yea, research have showed that weekend activities is more noticeable than those on any other days and i also agree with that. And it is more productive to be active “5 mins” everyday than to be active 35 mins once a week.

    Thanks for sharing, Philip.
    Okechukwu philip recently posted..What everybody ought to know about social media marketingMy Profile

    • Thanks Philip for coming by. I like how you say that 5 minutes per day vs 35 minutes once a week, great point! I do 5 minutes here and there throughout the week and more on Saturdays. I don’t always stay up past 9 pm so that time frame is hard for me on many days. We have to keep in mind too that our time zone is not everyone’s time zone too. I hope you have a great day and a great new week ahead.
      Lisa recently posted..Pinterest – Why You Should Pin It On SaturdaysMy Profile

  • Love your slideshare Lisa! I didn’t realize pinning on certain days matter. I’m not a huge Pinterest user. I have found my blog gets more traffic from Stumbleupon than Pinterest. Maybe it’s a niche thing? I keep saying I’ll try to pin more but I always forget. Some things catch on easier than others. 😉

    Thanks for sharing this. Getting ready to share to my networks. Great tips for pinners!
    Bren recently posted..You’re an EX for a Reason!My Profile

    • Hi Bren, if you use Pinterest as much as you use Facebook I’d bet you would see results in a few weeks. Have you checked your bounce rate via StumbleUpon? I’ve always seen them high (which is not good) for my blogs and the retail sites when I did them. Pinterest increased sales and lowered the bounce rate. You can check it on Google Analytics. You can see it under all traffic and the bounce rate is the side of each one, the lower the better. 50% is like average and okay. Some sites I have are 90%+, others are under 50 like Biz Sugar. Glad you made me look again 🙂 Thanks for coming by Bren and I hope you have a great Sunday.
      Lisa recently posted..Pinterest – Why You Should Pin It On SaturdaysMy Profile

  • Lisa, I have been using Pinterest but sparingly having considered it a ladies site. But have got to see it has a lot of potential if you can curate great imagery.

    I so appreciate the tips you’ve shared, and I most say you’ve converted me to a pinterest adopter. Just because you simplified the way to use it. Thanks Lisa

  • Hi Lisa,

    I found this post very interesting. Although I do have a Pinterest account and have dabbled a little, it’s still something that I haven’t completely gotten my head around or even begun to use to its potential. I really need to do so and the points you make here will be very useful I’m sure.

    It’s particularly interesting about Saturday being the day to pin, although I suppose it stands to reason really. I guess I should mark it in my schedule!

    Thanks for the informative and helpful post, Lisa,

    Kind regards,
    Glenn 🙂
    Glenn Shepherd recently posted..Seven Silly Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your BusinessMy Profile

    • Hi Glenn, welcome to Inspire to Thrive. You are not the only one. Some have and many others haven’t yet. I’ve found you don’t have to spend a lot of time there either, just give it 5-10 minutes 2x per day on Saturday and 1x per day on the days and you will see a difference. It really is an amazing social network to see results from. I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend and to see you over at Pinterest.
      Lisa recently posted..Pinterest – Why You Should Pin It On SaturdaysMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I think its time for me to really get active on Pinterest. On one particular post, it was stated that using Pinterest drives more traffic and positive conversion than the likes of Facebook, and your post actually justified and complement the analysis.

    At the moment, my pinterest account is dull and I’m kinda finding it difficult to scale through; however, based on your recommendation, I think I have to go back and carry out more work on Saturdays.
    James recently posted..How to get links to your website the Google wayMy Profile

    • Hi James, oh yes it sure can and sales if you are looking to make sales from your blog or website too. Add some personal interests of yours to some boards or make new boards for them. It will keep you more into pinning as well. I love quotes along with places and teams. If you enjoy it you will spend more time using it. Just don’t bake at the same as I did this a.m. and almost burnt the cookies 🙂 Thanks for coming by and have a great rest of the weekend.
      Lisa recently posted..Pinterest – Why You Should Pin It On SaturdaysMy Profile

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  • Hi Lisa; This is interesting and I had no idea there was so much more to Pinterest! Will try the Tailwind App and see what happens. 🙂 Thanks for the info and Happy Saturday.
    Debbie recently posted..2013 IN REVIEWMy Profile

  • Hello Lisa,

    Thanks alot for mentioning Pinwoot in your post. I hope your readers will find Pinwoot useful. Pinwoot can also be used to boost your Pinterest presence and spread your pins virally on Pinterest.

    Looking forward to have your readers on Pinwoot 🙂


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