Facebook Page Posts – Who Sees Your Meta Posts Now?

Whether you are using Facebook as a business page or for your own personal use have you noticed that not everyone is seeing your Facebook page posts these days?

What is the reason behind this Facebook algorithm change? It is not only exclusive to Facebook pages but to personal Facebook users too. Many users are not seeing their friends or family’s posts like they once used to. (I also posted on this a decade ago, it’s not the first Facebook algorithm change).

facebook page posts
Use a Facebook page to post for your business or real estate posts per Facebook guidelines.

Facebook Posts – Are They Still Being Seen?

Facebook or Meta as its new name, wants its users now to be ENGAGED via comments. Not engaged to be married but engaged in the content with other Facebook users. If you are not engaging on Facebook with other users you will not see all their posts as you once had.

What about likes? Likes are not scored as high as commenting in the Facebook feed. If you post anything political that too is being pushed down in the feed far away from others to see.

Posts with links are also not performing well anymore as the big tech giants want to keep your on their site and not going to your websites or blogs.

What Can You Do Today To Help Your Facebook Page Posts Be Seen More?

Facebook News Feed Preferences – Favorites

Have you checked your latest favorites?  You can follow or stop following pages you have followed since you began to use Facebook.

facebook post feed favorites
Put your favorite Facebook pages or people under your favorites to see first in your Facebook feed.

You can also change your preferences with people and with your groups. This is a great way to get rid of old groups and old friends you don’t really care to see posts from in your feed. You may have agreed to be friends years ago and then realized the stuff they post you really don’t care about.

However, you can still remain friends though so don’t fret!

Unfollow or unfavorite them!

If you are not seeing people or companies in your Facebook news feed that you would like to – be sure to follow them. Some Facebook pages changed their names over time too.

Just another hint to check that out as you know how people change names today.

Facebook Ads

facebook feed ads

You can also control which ads you now see in your Facebook feeds. This feature is really nice.

Do notice the 5 choices you have when you click on the down arrow near the ads. For the really annoying ads in my Facebook feed, I choose the first one – I don’t want to see this! For others, I choose the 2nd as in this one highlighted in the sample to the right.

There are more options too for you like taking a survey so Facebook knows what type of ads you would or would not like to see in the future. Great feature, isn’t it?

Suspicious Facebook Posts And Messages

Did you know that you can report any suspicious Facebook posts that look like a scam? Even the messages about your page that is about to be taken down are mostly scams.

If you believe a post is a hoax you can easily report it to Facebook from the drop-down menu as the other posts I’ve shown here illustrate.

facebook tracker

Are People Dropping Their Facebook Pages?

I read years ago that Adrienne Smith decided to drop her Facebook page and concentrate on using her personal Facebook account instead. Others also considered dropping their Facebook Pages.

I know many realtors who use their personal pages vs. their pages. But did you know this is against the Facebook rules?

Have you thought about doing that too? I don’t recommend it as having a Facebook page is a great way to be found when people are searching on Facebook for you.

Not only that but it’s used for marketing and advertising. It makes you look professional on Facebook too!

What’s Can You Do About The Facebook Algorithm Changes?

Facebook Insights

I like what the Huffington Post had to say about this: Bloggers: Stop, Breathe, and Don’t Overreact to Facebook’s Changes.

Some of the Facebook Page Posts that bloggers repeatedly post are pushing out their own agendas, being overly promotional. The same can said for businesses on Facebook as well.

That’s what Facebook wants to put a stop to. SO if you are doing that kind of posting on Facebook be aware.

Use Facebook Videos

One of the top ways to engage on Facebook is to use Video. That could be LIVE video, video streaming, or posting videos on your page. My blogging friends Ryan from Blogging from Paradise and Ms. Ileane (known as a video creator)  use videos often on Facebook.

People love seeing people on video as they get to know them better. Not only that, but people buy from people they know. So if you are in business keep that in mind!

Did you know you can also create video presentations with Canva easily and quickly? If not you can use an AI tool that take a blog post and translates it into a cool video.

Post Linkless Content

Facebook favors linkless content because it promotes engagement and user interaction within the platform. When posts contain links, users are often tempted to click and leave Facebook’s site, decreasing the time spent on the platform.

By prioritizing linkless content, such as native videos, photos, and status updates, Facebook keeps users on their site longer, increasing ad revenue opportunities.

Additionally, linkless content tends to generate more discussion and reactions, which aligns with Facebook’s goal of creating a more interactive and social environment for its users.

Ultimately, Facebook’s algorithm rewards content that keeps users engaged and active on the platform, making linkless posts more favorable for visibility and reach.

Video Insights In Creator Studio

The Facebook creator studio is where you can pre-publish your videos and Facebook page posts. If you use the insights there it’s all about video! The length of videos, how many minutes were watched, and much more.

They are pushing videos on Facebook. Why? Because companies can advertise inside the videos. A great way for Facebook to make more money. Not only that but they added reels – a feature that Instagram thrives from.

Some video creators can benefit as well from Facebook videos. There is money to be made from them based on views.

Facebook Promoted Posts And Paid Ads

You must pay for those types of promotional posts. I think we all need to relax with our Facebook Page insights and continue to post helpful and meaningful posts, mixed with fun, quotes, and more.

If you want to increase your Facebook page reach you can pay for promoted posts or likes for as little as $5 per day. It will make a difference for you on that day.

It is interesting to see how the Facebook page reach increased by over 3,000%! And the Engagement is over 300%! Not bad for a few dollars several years ago.

However, this changes too with the Meta algorithm today. And the ad costs are higher in 2024 than they were back a few years ago when I first wrote this blog post.

Lisa, Inspire To Thrive

If you really don’t want to spend any money then try the engagement with other Facebook pages. If your boosts are getting denied, do check out this recent post to get them approved quicker today. 

Engage With Other Facebook Pages As Your Page

First, you have to like other pages like your Facebook page. Pick pages you would want to engage with that make sense.

You will see this feature on the right-hand side of your Facebook page on your desktop. Pick about 10 pages to start with. Then, you can see their posts on your page feed tab.

Just be sure to use your Facebook page to engage with them, not your personal Facebook account. I also recommend downloading the Pages Manager app for your Facebook page.

It’s a great app to use on the run on your mobile and manage your Facebook page. You won’t get confused with your personal Facebook that way either!

Use Your Facebook Page Insights In Meta Business

Facebook fans insights

Please use your Facebook Insights for more guidance too. Take a look at when my fans are online. Sunday at noon seems to be the jackpot!

(Does that mean my fans are not religious?) You can check more into insights for demographics, like which countries your fans are from, which gender and age, and much more!

Do pay attention to them to customize your posts and schedule them to get the best results out of your Facebook page today.

Now, note that these insights are going away from Facebook itself. However, Meta is making a lot of changes and this is one of them. They are moving these insights over to the Meta business suite.

Facebook Groups

To improve visibility of your posts on Facebook, tap into the power of Facebook groups. Join groups relevant to your niche or target audience. Engage genuinely by providing valuable insights, sharing your content, and participating in discussions and comments.

However, avoid spamming or posting irrelevant content. Build relationships by interacting with group members and offering solutions to their problems.

Next, utilize Facebook group features like events, polls, and live videos to boost engagement. Collaborate with group admins or influencers for wider exposure.

Lastly, be consistent in your efforts and track the performance of your posts to refine your strategy.

Your Turn: Facebook Page Posts How To Make Them Be Seen

What will you do in the coming days ahead about your blog or business Facebook page? Will you continue to keep your Meta Business page or get rid of it altogether? Do you have other tactics to have your posts be seen more?

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this one.

facebook tracker
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Lisa Sicard
  • Rahul Gupta says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Must say a complete guide to facebook insights. It’s not an easy task for a non technical person to understand facebook insights but you have shared it in simple and easy to understand language. Thanks for sharing.

    • Lisa says:

      You are welcome Rahul, it certainly isn’t but with a little explaining it can be understood. Thanks for commenting and have a great rest of the week.

  • Mayura says:

    Hi Lisa,

    May be your fans using their mobile devices at Church? 😉

    Excellent points on recent changes on Facebook. Since couple of months, I’ve noticed the more I engage, the more I find their posts on my newsfeed. I kinda like that algorithm. As I keep company with relatively small number of friends on Facebook, I haven’t had to block anyone or hide their posts though. Yet I don’t like not seeing important updates from the friends eventhough I don’t engage much.

    When it comes to Facebook pages, I rarely like or comment now. But I’ve noticed more stories from the pages that I checked out more (clicked on their links), despite liking or commenting.

    Further, if you check out a person or page but yet to friend or like, they seem to add to the friend / page suggestions on Facebook 🙂 Did you notice that?

    Hmm… Actually, I’m not keeping up with Facebook by sending regular updates, but so far I don’t find a reason to ditch the Facebook page though. It’s interesting that more teens and youngsters come over to my blog via Facebook. Insights doesn’t seem to agree with that though 😉

    Hope you are taking care of yourself there, Lisa 🙂 You’re in our thoughts indeed.

    You’re never late to reply. Me? Yeah, I’m late to comment here though :mrgreen:


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Mayura, I had not thought of that possibility 🙂 I don’t like missing updates too, it can get frustrating at times.
      I have noticed that one, retargeting!
      I don’t plan on dropping mine as I want to see what Facebook will do next with the pages. I won’t know unless I have one….
      Thanks Mayura, making good use of my tablet now it works well with voice activation. Thanks for coming by and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  • Marquita Herald says:

    Well said. I’ve heard of a number of people who have dropped their pages recently. I haven’t (yet) but I’ve given up beating my head against the wall trying to build engagement. I update the page every day or so but the only reason I’m keeping it for now is that as an author I’m expected to have a page for my platform. I’ve participated a few times in group “blitz” events to build traffic and it works short term, but then it goes right down again and you have to constantly watch for the trouble makers who will try and post affiliate links during the blitz. As far as using my FB profile page – I have since I first joined FB. I’ve never used it for personal communication or images and when people share my blog posts it shows up there, so it’s a natural cross over. I have boosted a few posts, and run a couple of ads but have never felt the ROI was there.

    One thing I DO like about Facebook is the groups. Takes awhile to find the right ones, but there’s lots of great engagement and support so I tend to focus most of my energy there.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Marquita, yes the same here I am NOT ready to drop mine but will not go crazy over it either. Who knows when Facebook will make more changes with the pages. I have seen some of those crazy links too in the blitzs. Interesting on the groups , a few others mentioned that as well. I am in a few but I am afraid to get into too many and get overwhelmed. Thanks for coming by and sharing your input Marquita.

  • Lauren says:

    Hi Lisa. It’s been a while. A lot of stuff going on here on earth. I use F.B. Purity, which provides more viewing options than FB.

    • Lisa says:

      Lauren, what is FB purity? You got my curiosity!!

      • Lauren says:

        First of all. A belated sorry and get well soon from your snowmobile accident. My husband had prostate cancer surgery two weeks ago and I wasn’t paying attention online for a week or so. His prognosis is good and he’ll be back at work Monday. He still needs to have his PSA levels tested every 2 weeks. If it’s not 0, he’ll need radiation treatment.

        Here’s a link to a video: http://www.fbpurity.com/#

        I wish I could include a screenshot.

        • Lisa says:

          Thank you Lauren – I’m sorry to hear about your husband I hope he will have a full recovery. I will have to check out that link thank you for getting back to me on it.

  • Lisa says:

    Welcome to Inspire To Thrive Nestor! Thank you, Oh yes, that good old great content. Doing the FB boosts really made some difference but you would have to budget carefully for them.
    Sorry for late reply Nestor, I was in a snowmobile accident last week and broke an arm in 3 places alomg with 10 ribs 🙁

  • Lisa says:

    Welcome to Inspire To Thrive Worli. I would agree – too many promotional posts in our feeds was getting old too fast! I am glad they made some of these changes. It has been interesting to see how some bloggers have changed their posts etc. Thanks for your input!

  • Nestor says:

    Wow… this is an excellent post Lisa!

    I always figured that Facebook was not showing my posts to my followers, this post just put everything into perspective.

    Like you say, we shouldn’t worry to much about Facebook algorithms, we should put more focus on providing great content that our audience wants.

    We always have the option of boosting our posts!

    Thank you,

    – Nestor

  • vino says:

    Hi Lisa

    This is a really great post about Facebook. We hardly see people who is not using facebook. Even school going students have account on facebook. So, Facebook can be never avoided in our promotional strategies. Of course, these facebok insights are of a great help to know about our audience and their activities. I think facebook ads are worth trying but still not ad campaigns are equally benefited by facebook ads. Fashion and accessories ads are of a great sucess campaign and other services its better to go with adwords. Great post indeed

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you Vino. Facebook is a place you really can not or should not avoid fully wuth it’s huge audience online. The insights are great and should be viewed regularly to better understand results. Thamks for coming by and commenting Vino.

  • Hi Lisa,

    This is a great post and actually I think it should have been an eBook. Personally, I don’t look into the deeper levels of FB. I didn’t notice that I wasn’t see some posts and I’m glad you pointed it out to me in this post.

    I really feel like this posts is a refresher course on Facebook and I appreciate that. I still do not know the initimate details of many thing and I don’t use it for a business page or business. Mainly my personal page and developing relationships like Adrienne, but I don’t have as much engagement. I have to definitely do something different with that.

    I need to come back and re-read on the paid advertising. I definitely need more information on this.

    Thanks for a great post.

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you Barbara. That’s something I’m always hearing is,”didnt you see my post on this and that, etc
      ‘. Many I hadn’t seen in my feed for weeks til I started to comment on theirs. People were disappearing it seemed. Even more so with the business page. Amazing what $5 could do for that.

      Glad it was useful for you, sorry for last response but was in snowmobile accident. Have a great rest of the week there Barbara!

  • Hiten Vyas says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Thank you for this post. I maintain a Facebook page and I really don’t understand what Facebook is doing behind the scenes of it. The insights you’ve shared in your posts are really helpful. Thank you.

  • Hey Lisa,

    You know I have to treat my facebook page as i did with twitter to engage more. So as i did with the twitter, I just installed the Pages Manager app on my phone to check it everyday. This push me to pay attention to my page since I’m always checking my phone anyways. I have to do with whatever works.

    With engaging on facebook, I’ve gotten better than years past, but I can definitely do better. I usually don’t post anything, but I would comment on other posts as well as like it. But it’s good to know I’m doing what matters more to facebook which is commenting.

    I haven’t been checking on insight, but then again I haven’t been going to my page, but I will more often since I just installed the app. This will be a more productive year for me I believe, and facebook will be part of it!

    Thanks for sharing these valuable tips and facts Lisa! You have a great weekend!

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Sherman, you are welcome. I love the app, makes it easy to check on the run. Insights offer a wealth of info so I do hope you start to use
      them. Sorry for late response but been dealing with back to back snowstorms in the East here. Have a great rest of the week.

  • Irish Carter says:

    Hi Lisa,

    What a great post. It helped me understand some things a bit better. Facebook really drives me crazy but at the same time, it is where so much of my engaging goes on for me. I know others have been talking about dropping facebook pages but i just cant do it. I put a lot of work into building the page and the thought of losing those followers gets to me. What if I dropped it and then facebook changes again? Because you know they will, right?

    I do like what you shared about how to get rid of your old groups you don’t use anymore. I actually just did some of that last week. I suppose I could go through the likes as well on my personal page. Thanks for sharing such helpful tips. You rock Lisa.


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Irish, thank you. Me too, I am not dropping mine as things may change again as you believe too.
      We just have to be ready to go along with all the changes, be aware and adjust. Thanks for coming by and you are welcome. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  • Rohan Bhardwaj says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Interesting post.

    Facebook has changed a lot and I am not into it now because of it’s algorithm. I am not against ads on facebook, but if my normal posts needs to be promoted to be seen by my fans then I am not going to do that.

    Anyway, it is how everything is. Uncertain, we need to accept and change our way of working

    For me, I prefer linkedin and twitter over facebook.

    Take care Lisa.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Rohan, I too prefer Twitter over Facebook but I will not leave Facebook either. Facebook has the largest amount of users. (Even though we cannot reach them all) it will be interesting to see what other changes will come about in 2015.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment here and have a great day!

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Rohan, I prefer Twitter as well over Facebook. I will not quit Facebook as things may change again. Thanks for coming by and taking the time to comment. Enjoy the rest of the week!

  • Lisa says:

    Hi Bren, good to know – thanks for sharing that one. That would be cool, thank you and I will join. I just dropped a bunch of other groups so that will help too.

  • I have to admit that I didn’t have a clue how to get to any of that stuff… well, that’s not quite accurate. Other than Insights, which I hadn’t seen in way over a year, I didn’t even know the other stuff existed. So I just trooped over there, found all these things, made some changes, and we’ll see what happens.

    Well, other than my business Facebook page. It’s showing reach of less than 10 people for each thing I post, which is disappointing. The one post I paid for as an experiment said it reached about 195 people, but not a single person commented on it or liked it, which made me wonder what “reach” actually means.

    Oh well… 🙁

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Mitch. I’m glad you learned a few new things from this post. I’ll be curious to know how those changes work out for you too Mitch. Mine too on the business page unless I promote the posts for $5. Excellent point, I got hundreds of reach but a handful of comments. I wonder if you divide those up to get an “actual” reach? Something else to research, thanks for making me think even more Mitch. I hope you have a great Sunday! Welcome to February as well!

  • Akaahan Terungwa says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Happy New Year!

    The explanations here are illuminating and I must say I learnt a thing or two…blocking off some nasty ads is something (for instance) which I never gave a thought to.

    About my business page, I’m most certainly going to keep it. This is because my audience hangs on FB more than all the other social networks combined. In addition, I get really cool results when I boost a post with as little as $5. So, in essence, I’ll not be spending too much time with the page – but will most certainly be using it for promotional content – on a frequent basis.

    Do make the day great!

    Akaahan Terungwa

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Akaahan, thank you and Happy New Year to you too. I can’t believe we are starting February already! Oh yes, I love that feature to block off some ads. Yes, if you can boost for $5 it will and does make a difference. Thanks for coming by and for sharing your insights on this Facebook post. I hope your Sunday is going well there.

  • Enstine Muki says:

    Excellent points you raised in this post Lisa. Some details I never realized. That shows you have really been keen to these changes and thanks for bringing it to our notice.

    I stopped posting to one of my pages of about 3000 fans because of poor engagement in recent times. I used to have over 300 reaches before but recently, sometimes not even up to 20 so I was beginning to wonder what the problem has been. I never took time to find out though 😉 Now I think you answered my worries so I’ll go back and see what to do about it.

    BTW thanks for purchasing my premium post. I need to send your 1000 bonus broadedNet credits.

    Do have a wonderful weekend

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks Enstine. Oh yes, I do always try to keep up on the social media sites and the changes that happen on them regularly. It’s a fast paced changing world there online. I’m at 375 and you are right – if you don’t pay to promote the odds of 10 or more seeing them are slim. You are welcome, it intrigued me. Thanks for coming by Enstine and I hope you are enjoying your Sunday!

  • Hi Lisa,

    Yes there is so much controversy regarding FB and ads and who sees what. I’ve always resisted doing a Fan Page. I’m not a big social media person even though I’m on FB. I felt that it required so much additional work to manage two pages (one person and one Fan Page), so I oft for my own personal page.

    I don’t know a lot about what FB is doing as I only use FB for social interaction and don’t really worry about business although everyone has told me that social media is important. I just find it a waste of time.

    Anyway, only my opinion and your information only makes me feel more of the same. Glad you explained all this to me because I really didn’t know the debt of the controversy.

    I do love the groups that are on FB and I do most of my work in our commenting groups. That’s what I find very effective on FB as we can work with people and develop relationships.

    Great post. I needed some of this info as I really didn’t have a clue about some of this stuff.


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Barbara, I’m glad I could shed some light on this one for you. You may be better off not having done a Facebook page and just use your personal one like Adrienne. I hate to quit on the one I set up so I continue one for now. Time will tell though. How many groups are you in Barbara? Our comment group is the only one I visit regularly. It’s just a time issue to me. Thought if I dropped the page I could save a few minutes per day. I hope you have a great Sunday and new week ahead Barbara. I appreciate your taking the time to comment on this post.

  • Lisa I feel Facebook doing’s a good job inspiring us to clean up shop 😉 We pick out engaged friends, let go the rest and clean up our feeds so that we make social media, social. Otherwise it just becomes a numbers name. I’ve let go social largely; I mean I do network a little here and there but focus on writing my posts and connecting through blog commenting these days.

    Thanks for the smart share Lisa!


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Ryan, Yes – that’s the good part about this recent change as too many people get over promotional with their Facebook posts. Have you noticed a change since you let go of social and do more commenting Ryan? I bet you save yourself some time too, right? Thanks for coming by and sharing your input on this topic. Hope you are enjoying the weekend and newly married life!

  • Gail Gardner says:

    Maybe your fans get home from church around noon or they observe the actual Sabbath rather than the church designated day? Facebook has never been my favorite place to hangout except for a couple groups I love. As far as I know we can see all posts made in a group. As for brands I actually buy, I created a list and added all the organic small brands. That way I see all the content and discounts they offer by clicking into my list. It makes it easy to find out if they are running a special when I have money to spend.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Gail, That could be too 🙂 That’s what Brenda was saying too about FB groups, how many are you in? I’m in a bunch but only really got to a few weekly. Lists are great on FB too – I use them often just like via Twitter. It helps to keep us organized. Thanks for sharing Gail and I hope you are having a great weekend.

  • Lisa says:

    Good to know Ellen 🙂 Are you speaking of your page only or your personal Facebook account too? I wonder if groups, like Brenda mentioned is a way around it? Are you involved in many groups on Facebook? I’m in a few for blogging but find it overwhelming and dropped several last week as I was researching this topic. Thanks for your input Ellen and I like your “let it go!” Sometimes it’s a good response! Have a great Friday and weekend ahead Ellen.

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks Ellen for the response. I have dropped some of recent to see if it will keep me more organized. I hope you are enjoying the weekend and getting ready for more snow in the area to hit 🙂

  • Corina Ramos says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for this great write up about Facebook’s latest changes. I had noticed I wasn’t getting a lot of views on my Facebook page. I’m still debating whether to take down my page or not. I’ve joined a couple of facebook groups and not only are we sharing our posts but we’re engaging on them as well. It’s helped but it’s extra work.

    I don’t have to worry about over promoting my blog…sometimes I forget to share my own stuff LOL. I even tried paying to promote one of my posts after I read how it went for you but it got kicked back. I never tried again after that.

    While your fans view your page at noon on Sundays, mine prefer the nighttime. I get more views from 6pm to 10 pm on Tuesdays 🙂

    I like some of their new features, I just wish they’d allow more of our posts to be viewed on the feed. I guess that’s their way of making it up to us :).

    Great post Lisa. I’m going to be sharing this for sure. Hope you’re having a great week.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Corina, oh, thank you! I’m going to hold steady at the moment. Glad you mentioned groups as Brenda did. I imagined it would be extra work 🙁 I do that too Corina, instead of the 80/20 rule sometimes I do the 95/5 rule, eek! I do like paying for promoted posts or likes, it does generate more but I would not do it on a steady basis and go broke. Interesting how our fans are different Corina.
      Thanks for your input Corina on this and I appreciate your shares! I can’t believe tomorrow is already Friday, enjoy your day and weekend ahead!

  • Adrienne says:

    Hey Lisa,

    Yeah, I thought about it long and hard before making the decision to stop posting on my business page. I only have about 800 fans, a little more but I didn’t want to waste a lot of time getting fans only to learn that Facebook was limiting who could see your posts unless you started paying more.

    Now for those eager to build up that base I can see why it would be beneficial for them but I get more interaction on my personal page which is what I prefer. I also keep forgetting to switch to the admin for my page when commenting or liking other pages so that has messed me up as well.

    I don’t run contests or set up landing pages to drive people to my fan page. I’d prefer to drive them to my blog and that’s why I’ve made the decision I have.

    I still enjoy Facebook although I’ve yet to be consistent there since coming back from vacation. Way too much on my plate at the moment with outside issues and appointments to deal with and haven’t been online as much as I had hoped. Once Feburary hits though I’m hoping that will all change.

    Thanks for including me in this post and hope you’re enjoying your week.


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Adrienne, thank you for sharing your experiences with us. I’m sure you did think long and hard on your decision. You do not make quick changes. I think it’s wise that you use your personal Facebook and don’t overshare your blog or promotional stuff. I think of you as the Question Lady on Facebook 🙂
      I bet you are full to the brim right now Adrienne with your house projects and your new products and everything else you do. You are welcome and I hope your week has been well too. Enjoy the upcoming weekend!

  • Hi Lisa,

    I do have to say that I am doing well on my FB Page. I get tons of engagement via a 7 day challenge I am on and use that to engage with new people. Of course only 20% of the time I give a CTA to one of my apps on the side that has my product on it. I’m having great results so far.

    I do boost a post for five bucks now and then to get a stronger reach and when I do, there is engagement on it. I also have done FB ads. Narrowing down a target market was so great to do and it was a big hit! For me anyway lol

    I look at the insights once in a while and see what is popular or not. But for me, I’m still on Facebook because of one of the marketing strategies I’m using.

    As far as engagement goes…it is mostly on my page. That’s what’s happening on my end. I know I’m not the popular gal in this classroom, but wanted to share.


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Donna, very interesting. What is the 7 day challenge? I do the $5 boost too and have liked it but don’t want to do it on a regular basis. Right now you are the most popular gal Donna 🙂 Do you do groups as well? Brenda brought up a good point on groups and I wonder if that’s away around some others doing pages. With the massive amounts of people on Facebook I do believe it’s a place one must be but how is the question now 🙂 Thanks for coming by and sharing your story with us!

  • Debbie D. says:

    Hi Lisa; Interaction has definitely declined on all fronts. 🙁 I still use the Facebook page for sharing my posts and also have it set up to post Tweets, so other people’s material is shared there as well. Every once in awhile, there’s a “like” or a comment, but, since I’m not really in this for the money, I don’t worry about it that much. Just as an experiment, I paid for a few posts and it did get a couple more people to like the page. Not worth it, but I’ll just carry on as before.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Debbie, I’ve paid for some recently and it was amazing to see the lift! But I would not want to do that on a regular basis. What do you think of Facebook Groups like Brenda mentioned? Thanks for your input on this post Debbie and I hope all is well you way. Have a great weekend coming up!

      • Debbie D. says:

        I belong to a few writers’ groups and the concept is good. Problem is finding the time to make those rounds in addition to everything else.

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