How To Tag People On Facebook To Triple Engagement

Do you know how to tag people on Facebook posts? Or do you know how to tag people on Instagram or Twitter so you can boost your engagement?

Who among us doesn’t fondly remember the heady days of childhood, playing tag in our schoolyard? Where being “IT” was an exciting game that lets you blow off some steam at recess. But while tagging someone online may bring back memories of those playgrounds, it’s essential to be mindful when we choose these digital targets – after all, there are bigger stakes than losing a friendly game.

Today, it seems this game goes on in the social media realm. Buy why? Is tagging on social media a game when you get tagged and are not mentioned where the tag came from? What’s up with that?

How To Tag People Properly

When someone tags you on social media the right way, it means that you were mentioned in the article they are sharing. Sometimes, it may mean that they wanted you to read something. Usually, if that is the case, they will preface it that way.

For personal interactions, tagging on Facebook or Instagram helps you connect with friends and family in a more meaningful manner.

In business, social media tagging can play a central role in your internet marketing strategy. Not least because the posts that you tag customers into can lead to landing pages and sales funnels. From a client’s perspective, it shows that you value their opinions and custom.

Better still, getting tagged into content, a product page, or competition helps customers discover the best things about a brand without conducting hours of research.

Therefore, being IT when tagged right on social media can be a wonderful thing.

how to tag people on Instagram
Learn how to tag people on Instagram and other social networks to boost engagement.

How To Tag Peoples On Facebook Posts

There are two ways as your personal Facebook and then there is the business page. In both instances, you must be associated with who you are tagging.

Some people on Facebook have their privacy settings set up high, so they must approve your tag before it happens. Others don’t let anyone tag them at all.

You will know once you try to tag someone on Facebook if they have the privacy settings on high and don’t allow for tagging.

How To Tag People On Facebook With Personal Posts

You must be friends with someone in order to tag them. You can start to type their name and the highlighted name will come up or you can start with a @ before their name.

Some people adjust their privacy settings, so they must approve your tag before it goes live. They may have received tags from others they didn’t want in the past.

(Special note: Facebook posts must be set to public for you to embed.)

Other times people like to share your photos or videos and when done right, they will tag you to give you credit.

How To Tag People On Facebook Pages

Usually, to tag someone on your business page they must like or follow your Facebook page. The same principle applies as above.

You can start to type their name in or use the @ before it. This tag below came as a total surprise to me. But if Design Source Media Facebook Page did NOT tag me I may not have known Inspire to Thrive was mentioned here along with Donna Merrill and Ryan Biddulph.

Tagging other business pages is a great way to interact with them and their audience.

How To Tag On Twitter

With Twitter, you don’t have to be following people to tag them. Oftentimes, it depends on the settings there as well for tagging to happen. Here is a great way to show how to tag people on Twitter.

Some people can have their settings set so you can’t tag their photos, maybe they are selling or buying photos of feet or something sneaky.  Twitter is the @ before the name.

That’s a must there. You cannot just type in their name as you could sometimes on Facebook.

How to tag on Twitter
Learn how to tag on Twitter to increase your reach there.

How To Tag On Instagram

Instagram works the same way as Twitter in that you must use the @ before the username. You may not be able to tag those who have their profiles set to private. Why do so many people in business have their Instagram profiles set to private? It boggled my mind until I realized they did not have a business Instagram account.

When it comes to increasing your engagement on Instagram, one of the best strategies is to tag people. Strategically tagging other users on relevant posts leads to more likes and reactions to your content as well as increases your exposure.

To do this, begin by adding tagged usernames to the caption of your post, or directly tagging people in the comments.

You can also use hashtags or other tagging tools such as “mention” or “tag” to reach a wide audience that may be interested in what you have posted.

Additionally, be sure to only tag accounts that will engage with your posts and help spread them further, not just those with the largest following numbers. By doing so, you can reach like-minded followers and start conversations that benefit both you and your audience.

Lastly, now you can even tag people on Instagram via stories or reels.

How To Tag People On LinkedIn

LinkedIn lets you tag others when you are connected to them.  The same principle applies here as on Facebook.

You can start to type someone’s name to see it highlighted or start with the @ before their name. Once the name becomes highlighted in blue you know the person has been tagged and mentioned.

When Tagging Goes Astray On Social Media

Lately, I’ve been noticing many tagging me on Twitter – with a tweet that says if I don’t follow them, they will stop following me. Is that the type of person I want to be followed by, I wonder?

I don’t think so and I don’t follow them for that reason. Maybe they need to learn some social media etiquette. 

Another annoying tagging scenario is when someone tags you all the time. I see this on Instagram comments more often with some clients I manage. Every post of theirs they tag them, why?

If it is a business partner, I may be polite and like their post, but it doesn’t make me want to share it. Especially if they never share ours.  Reciprocity is the epitome of social media.

Oftentimes, on Facebook, I get tagged on a blog post that has nothing to do with me. It’s a newbie blogger who wants me to read their latest post. A better way would be to mention me in their post or come and leave a comment on my blog, right?

Many times others may tag you as they consider you an influencer. Be sure to mention them first.

How To Tag People On Social Media Properly Is Key

Tagging done right on social media is a wonderful thing. It works for everyone involved in the tagging process.

Hence, tagging the right way makes people happy. They are grateful for the recognition that they have received.

It also can bring people together. Oftentimes on LinkedIn, these tags promote conversations.

Oftentimes, on Twitter when folks are tagged from a post mention it generates more retweets and comments as well.

In Conclusion: How To Affix People On Facebook Correctly

Did you know how to tag people on Facebook posts and other social networks the right way? How do you respond to improper tagging on other social media networks?

Do you tag others often? I’d love to know more and discuss it in the comments below!

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Lisa Sicard
  • Seems I missed this when it came out originally; ugh! lol As far as tagging goes, I totally agree. Yet I also have to mention that people have to help us tag them. It’s amazing how many blogs I visit where I don’t see someone’s Twitter handle. You also miss those handles when they’ve written guest posts.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Mitch, No worries, better late than never, right? I so AGREE and it’s my pet peeve. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve DM someone about that on Twitter and of course I have an old blog post about setting that up correctly. Maybe time for a revised post! Thanks for coming by on this one Mitch. Hope you have a great rest of the week.

  • Hi Lisa,
    Yet another informative piece!
    Yes, tagging is really a good idea but this should be done very carefully as many out there on social media do not like to get tagged, even if it is done they may not accept it or approve it on their timelines. This should be done with utmost care, only the closed one or the acquainted one only should be tagged.
    As it gives a lot of benefits, we need to do it in a systematic way that should be accepted by others, I generally do this if the tagged person is mentioned in that post.
    Thanks for the connected tips with the wonderful screenshots, Lisa.
    Keep sharing.
    ~ Phil

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Phil, thank you. I do see many tagging for the wrong reasons mostly on Twitter but sometimes on Facebook too. That’s why I am careful whose friendship I accept on Facebook. I don’t want to be tagged constantly. Of course if done right I’d LOVE it! Thanks for coming by on this one and have a wonderful day there!

  • JennyNaaz says:

    Hi Lisa! Thanks for the right information on how to tag someone without getting on their nerves. Haha we don’t want to lose business over some meaningless tagging and nonreciprocity.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Jenny, you are most welcome. That’s for sure, it’s not worth losing customers by inappropriate tagging on social media. Thanks for coming by and have a great day Jenny 🙂

  • Enstine Muki says:

    Hey Lisa,
    Good to be here and thanks for facing this topic.
    It’s a shame the way some people tag others on social media. Sometimes, you would think they are newbies but some old folks go beyond the limits.

    Tagging is a powerful social media connecting technique and if rightly used, it can bring tremendous benefits.

    It’s a wonderful week ahead Lisa so let’s keep giving

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Enstine, thank you. Oh yes, it got me started to do this post! I was getting tired of it and figured I would write about tagging the right way and how it really works 🙂 It can be powerful if done right. Thanks for coming by Moss and for taking the time to comment. You Too – have a wonderful week ahead.

  • Brad Lindsey says:

    Hi Lisa!

    Great article, and I am totally inspired to get more into my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts and start using these for content marketing and social sharing. I have been slightly clueless except on Twitter about tagging…

    This was very visually pleasing and that is what I really needed for getting touched up a bit on tagging.

    Will keep visiting for more on Social Media tips…as I have a lot to learn!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Brad, thank you. Oh yes, they all work a bit different but if done right can really your marketing efforts on these channels. You are most welcome and I appreciate your coming by. Have a great new week ahead and a Happy Thanksgiving too!

  • kumar says:

    Awesome techniques. i will definitely use this in my circumference.

  • Lisa: I like to ping other users now and then, if I think it could be of interest to them.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Martin, but do you let them know why you are tagging them? As long as someone prefaces it for me that way I like it 🙂 Otherwise it appears spammy. Unless I know them very well! Thanks for coming by Martin and have a wonderful weekend ahead.

  • Moss Clement says:

    Hi Lisa,

    These are great social media tagging tips. The remarkable thing about tagging is that, it makes it easier for those you tagged to see and engage with your content. Because, ideally, without tagging those you mentioned, for example, there is a possibility they might not see your article. It gets lost in the noise. In other words, it helps to improve your content visibility.

    Thanks for sharing these tips, Lisa!

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you Moss. Yes, it is great in that respect. As long as people don’t tag you for purely selfish reasons and become a “spammer”. I agree, if I mention someone in a post, it’s proper to tag them to let them be aware of it. I had that happen yesterday on Twitter – A blogger tagged me to a post I was quoted on. I had forgotten about it, it was months ago that they asked the question! So I like those kinds of tags. You are most welcome Moss and have a great day ahead.

  • Cori Ramos says:

    Hey Lisa,

    Thanks for showing us the different ways to tag folks on these platforms. It’s always good to know this. And I agree tagging is a great way to connect with businesses/bloggers and their audience.

    Hope you’re having a great week so far!


    • Lisa says:

      You are welcome Cori. There are different ways on each of the different networks. They all have their own rules and guidelines. It is a great way to connect with others when done right Cori. You are a star at this too! This week is going by fast, enjoy the rest of yours!

  • Gaurav Kumar says:

    When tagging people it is necessary that dpon’t go blindly. Only tag those who find your content interesting or who are looking for the similar solution. It is good to learn how to tag people on social media.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Gaurav, oh yes, no blind tags for sure! If done right tagging can increase your audience and help you network with others better along the way. Thanks for coming by on this. Enjoy the rest of your week there Gaurav.

  • Hi Lisa

    I didn’t know there were so many nuances to tagging across different social media platforms.

    Very interesting.

    These are some powerful ways to engage and grow your audience.


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Donna, oh yes. Each of the social networks has their own little quirks for tagging on social media. If used right they can surely grow your audience. If not use right they can decrease it too. Thanks for coming by Donna and have a great day and rest of the week there. 🙂

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