How To Use Social Data Analytics Into Your Marketing Strategy

Marketers and other employees responsible for making decisions may glean a wealth of information from¬†social media platforms. The term “social media data” refers to a collection of data from various social networking sites. It is about how users interact, view, and share content. The monitoring and analysis of such indicators can give crucial insights that are necessary for making educated judgments. Marketers can use social media data analytics to develop high-performing content based on several variables.

Variables such as trends, audience, and the brand’s success in the usage of social media by analyzing how well the brand is using social media.

In this post, we will discuss the most effective methods by which businesses may mold their marketing plan with the use of statistics from social media.

social data analytics
Learn to use social data analytics to improve your social media marketing.

Identifying and Monitoring Key Performance Indicators For Social Data Analytics

Before you begin to assess the data from your social media accounts, you need to first identify your key performance indicators, often known as KPIs. Use KPIs that are aligned with the overall strategy of your company. In this part of the process, working with a professional social media marketing agency can help you accurately determine your KPIs. This makes the whole task easier for you. 

After you have determined them, the next step is to choose the appropriate tools that will assist you in data collecting and analysis. Keep in mind that you should choose a tool that is user-friendly.

Marketers will be able to justify the ROI and recognize the worth of social media in the development of their businesses if they use the data provided by social media platforms.

A brand’s ability to harness relevant data to analyze and enhance its social media posting is improving by identifying the appropriate set of KPIs. Therefore, the data that is gathered has the potential to deliver valuable insights to marketing professionals.

For example, it is not difficult to determine which platforms are the most suitable for the brand. Not only the platforms but the kinds of content that are most popular among the target audience.

Target Content Based On Interests

Social media analytics will offer information on the kind of content and marketing initiatives that are most likely to generate the most buzz. These will provide the most interest in the digital sphere.

Because of this information, businesses are in a better position to determine the appropriate style of content to publish. Not only that the influencers and other crucial figures are there in a successful digital marketing campaign. 

Monitor Your Social Data Analytics

As a result, you have to regularly monitor all of the pertinent data related to the online actions of your business. Language, tone, sentiment, and keywords are some of the major factors that may be used. There are used to assess actual perception vs. the intended brand perception. Other crucial elements include the brand itself.

interests of users
By knowing your audience’s interests you can better target your content to them. These are from GA.

Target Content Based On Social Media Platforms

Brands have the ability to evaluate data and determine the indicators. Indicators that are specific to each social media platform with the identified KPIs.

As a result, marketers have to have a grasp of how the performance of certain types of content varies across various social media networks.

Most of the popular social media platforms come equipped with built-in analytics tools. The platforms are there to assist marketers in monitoring and analyzing data. Examples of platforms’ capabilities that may assist marketers with social media analysis include data analytics companies, Facebook Insights, and Twitter analytics, to name just a few.

Users who manage a Facebook business page have access to a tool called Facebook Insights. The insights allow them to analyze many KPIs including likes, responses, post reach, engagement, and impressions.

A 28-day summary is available using Twitter Analytics. The analytics can disclose the mentions, number of followers, engagement rate, number of link hits, and other statistics.

Twitter analytics
Use your Twitter analytics to learn more about what the best content is to tweet and who to engage with.

Google Analytics has the ability to give crucial analytics on numerous social media sites. Thus allowing companies to discover more about leads, sales, and visit lengths among other features.

Final Thoughts Using Social Data Analytics

Social media analytics is an invaluable tool for businesses today. With digital marketing playing such a big role in the direction businesses take, creative and effective campaigns are paramount to their success.

However, before you make any big financial investments in marketing campaigns, it’s imperative to acquire the tools to see results.

Social media analytics is one of the best ways to gauge your performance. It will ensure that your marketing efforts are successful.

Lisa Sicard
  • Ali Asgar says:

    Hey Lisa!
    A great read. People often ignore their social data analytics. They consider social media as the biggest marketing channel, but fail to focus on their analytics to tweak their marketing strategy.

    As a content marketer, what impact do you think social media has brought to your blog?

    Does it play a pivotal role or a secondary role in marketing your blog?

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Ali, thank you. Yes, many do not pay attention to them. It played a bigger role when I first started. Now SEO plays a much bigger role. I also think social media has become so fragmented. Groups on various networks do better than just posting on the main feed. Thanks for coming by Ali and have a great day.

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