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12 Things That Happen in a Twitter Minute and More

What happens in a Twitter minute and what is Twitter coming out with next?

Have you thought about what happens in a Twitter minute and why not all of your tweets are seen by your followers? It is amazing to see these Twitter stats below of what really happens in just one Twitter minute. In just 60 seconds these 12 things are quite astonishing. I was most amazed at how many new users sign up in one minute alone! If you are not yet on Vine you may want to check out the stats on videos from Vine being tweeted in just one minute.

Twitter Drives Traffic too!

The other very interesting tidbit that comes from these stats is how many website views in just a Twitter minute come right from Twitter alone. Getting unique visits from Twitter is why Twitter a must if you have a website or blog. It really can drive some traffic to your site.

Twitter and Search

Everyone thinks search is all Google but Google has 2 million searches per minute and Twitter is close behind with 1.4 million per a Twitter minute. That’s a lot of searching going on via Twitter alone! 

Check out the 12 stats on a Twitter Minute on this infographic. I’d love to know which surprise you the most in the comments below!   


What Is Twitter Doing New Next?

You may have read about some upcoming changes Twitter is working on in the coming months:

Twitter claims they will be listening to our feedback so don’t be afraid to tweet them about any of these proposed changes. After all we are it’s users!

Which new Twitter update do you like the most and like the least? 

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