Will Musk on Twitter Be Different as Owner of Twitter?

Now that Elon Musk is the new owner of Twitter, will his tweets change? What will happen to the Twitter social media network under Elon? One thing can be sure, Twitter will sure get interesting with Musk on Twitter as the new owner. You can learn how to follow Elon Musk on Twitter and subscribe to his latest tweets below.

elon musk twitter
The I Love You tweet from Elon Musk on Twitter.

Musk on Twitter

Some people are saying that Musk’s tweets will become more business-oriented now that he’s in charge of Twitter. Others believe that Musk will continue to use Twitter as a platform to share his thoughts and musings with the world.

However, only time will tell what direction Musk takes Twitter in now that the new CEO and in charge of the Twitter social media network.

Elon Taking Twitter Private

What does going private mean when a company is public?

According to Investopedia, it means:

When a publicly-traded company becomes a privately-held company, the public company’s shares are purchased at a premium by the investors buying the company. The company is delisted from the stock exchange where its shares were formerly traded. Shares now can no longer be traded publicly.


Not only that but:

Why Would A Public Company Go Private?

Elon Musk wants to take Twitter private. He says it is needed to be private to grow and become a genuine platform for free speech.

Going private, or privatization, frees up management’s time and effort to concentrate on running and growing a business as there is no requirement to comply with SOX. Thus, the senior leadership team can focus more on improving the business’s competitive positioning in the marketplace. – via Investopedia


Now, that’s a great reason for Elon Musk to take Twitter private. As you may know, he runs a few other companies and time is of the essence for him.

According to him, he says it is needed to be private to grow and become a genuine platform for free speech.

Going private, frees up management's time and effort to concentrate on running and growing a business as there is no requirement to comply with SOX. #ElonMuskTwitter Click To Tweet

Why The Turnaround of the Twitter Sale?

According to Reuters: The sale would represent an admission by Twitter that its new chief executive Parag Agrawal, who took the helm in November, is not making enough traction in making the company more profitable, despite being on track to meet ambitious financial goals the company set for 2023. (You can see this from the chart below from Statista.)

Twitter’s shares were trading higher than Musk’s offer price as recently as November.

lack of Twitter growth rate
You can see the lack of Twitter growth over the years from the chart above.

Will The Twitter User Base Go Up or Down With Elon?

Many users are tweeting that they will leave Twitter if Elon takes over the social network. However, they are many more that will join or re-join the network if he takes it over. It is hard to tell which audience is larger at the moment.

It will be fascinating to see where the Twitter user growth goes after Elon begins to make changes to the Twitter network.

$3 Million in Savings With Elon On Twitter as CEO

Elon also promised he would not take a salary saving the company $3 million per year. However, as a private company, there will no longer be a board that needs to be paid so the savings maybe even be much higher.

(There is a rumor, that Elon may bring Jack Dorsey back who has been tweeting of late!) 

Musk On Twitter Censorship

The biggest change we will probably see is that censorship will become a thing of the past. That’s the hope at least with Musk on Twitter as CEO.

He claims he is not in it for the money but wants to preserve our freedom of speech. Will he be able to stand up for it as time goes on as CEO of Twitter?

How will he accomplish this? Will all those that have been censored be allowed back on this social network? Will he still take down some tweets or suspend more accounts on the social media network?

The Edit Button

Will the infamous edit button request from Twitter users finally come to fruition? That was one of the first signs that Elon was taking over Twitter when he asked users if they wanted to see the edit button.

For years, users on the platform wanted an edit button but the company pushed back. The tweets were public records and even used in court cases.

an edit button
An edit button has been wanted for years by Twitter users.

However, Facebook allows edits on their posts and their posts have been used in court cases as well over the years.

Spam Bots Going Away with Musk on Twitter?

Another Twitter drawback that Elon wants is to get rid of the spambots that have flooded the network for years. There have been times years ago when all you could see were spam tweets. However, I must say they are not as bad as they once were.

Crypto Payments on Twitter

Another possibility with Elon in charge of Twitter would be the bitcoin-type payments for premium “Blue” service on Twitter via Dogecoin, of course. He also talked about decreasing the price of the premium service from $2.99 to $2.00 per month.

Not only that but Elon also wants to get rid of ads on the Twitter network.

Who would NOT like lower prices for a premium Twitter service?

Will Apple and Google Eliminate Twitter in the App Stores?

When Twitter eliminates censorship on its platform as Elon promised, will the app stores no longer offer the Twitter app in their app stores? They took away the other alternative social networks from their stores when they allowed free speech.

This will be an interesting development to stay tuned on. He could get private servers like other networks like Minds, Gab, and Rumble has had to do.

How to Follow Elon Musk on Twitter

Now if you want to follow Elon Musk on Twitter just hit the follow button on his profile. See the screenshot below of his profile. Not only that, but you can also subscribe to his tweets and see his latest tweets in your own feed.

How to follow elon musk on twitter
Learn how to follow Elon Musk on Twitter and subscribe to his tweets.


As you can see from above Elon has been a long-time user of the social network. He recently changed his profile picture to a professional photo of himself. He was preparing to take over Twitter. (Since writing this, he has changed it back again to other images, interesting!)

Now, if you want to know what Twitter changes may affect YOU or your business – read my latest post over on Anthony Gaenzle’s blog.

What Do YOU Think About the Upcoming Twitter Musk?

I’d love to hear from you on the topic of Elon Musk taking over Twitter. What do you like about the new ownership of Twitter or what you do not like about it? Which feature would you be most excited by?

Let’s discuss this topic in the comments below.

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  • Erik says:

    Do you think that Elon is going to make Twitter a pay-to-use platform, Lisa?

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Erik, I don’t think 100% pay to play. He may entice more to Twitter Blue with a lower price and a few more bells and whistles. Do you think he will Erik? Thank you for coming by on this post about Elon Musk and Twitter.

      • Erik says:

        I don’t see many benefits worth subscribing to Twitter blue, Lisa.
        Am I missing some particular features that could be interesting for us, as online marketers?

        • Lisa says:

          Hi Erik, maybe this one feature of Twitter Blue: “use a ‘reader’ that makes long threads look like articles.” I’m also not sure if the algorithm favors the premium accounts. That would be my reason to subscribe to it at some point. I feel like my tweets are not being seen as they were several years ago Erik. How about you?

          • Erik says:

            Yeah, I use to get more traction on Twitter too…
            Let’s see if the upcoming changes will help marketers get the most our of the platform…

  • Sabina says:

    Wow, either you wrote this really quickly or you wrote it earlier and were just waiting to post it because you were sure Elon would indeed end up buying Twitter. Either way, very impressive! I don’t think I’m ever going to forget that Inspire to Thrive was the place where I learned the news that Elon Musk bought Twitter.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Sabina, A little bit of both 🙂 Thank you. I’ve been watching it for weeks now and didn’t know until this morning how real it would become. I’m excited to see how it will all play out on Twitter. Thanks for coming by and have a great day Sabina.

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