5 Ways to Use Twitter Lists to Expedite Your Day

Twitter Lists Help You Stay Focused on Twitter

Updated September 26, 2015 – (Original Post from October 2011.)

Do you find yourself spending more time on Twitter than you would like? This is my #1 way to save time on Twitter – Use Twitter Lists!Twitter Lists

I have been putting people on Twitter in lists for years now and not fully using these lists to their potential until about a year ago. I had built up quite a following on my own Twitter account.  When I wanted to see what was on Twitter, it became difficult to find my focus on my main Twitter feed.

When I teach people how to use Twitter I always recommend them starting out using lists. It can seem overwhelming to them at first but in the long run it will save them time on Twitter.

It took me years to learn this Twitter tip. When something is happening locally I now follow my local folks list. This is great during weather events or any other type of local news stories that is breaking. I also have a list for SEO and when there is talk of a new Google update I’m there using that list to follow the latest SEO news. I use another list for customers of mine in Real Estate. This helps me keep up with their world and what’s happening in the real estate world. I have a total of 282 lists, some of which I subscribed to or am a member of.

It’s fun to get creative with lists. I also tell people to have fun on Twitter so that they use it often. Find your interests and start creating those lists.


5 WaysTo Use Twitter Lists Now!

1) Put all your favorite tweeps on lists, not just one but several if applicable.
2) When you are in your Twitter stream, right click on the lists, see which lists you have created, then click on the one you choose to read. This keeps you focused when on Twitter and saves you much needed TIME. Otherwise you could be on Twitter for hours on end.

Twitter lists
3) Subscribe to others lists that include you, it’s like following them on Twitter.
4) You can add yourself to your lists too if you want to be included in a particular group. You must use Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to do this.
5) Create a list for an event. If you are running an event or going to one, create a list. Great way to connect with others!

Twitter List Updates

Remember, you can now have up to 1,000 lists, no more of the old 20! You can have up to 5,000 users on the lists too – no longer just 500. That’s a big improvement on Twitter lists! Remember, you can mention and reply on lists. You can also check out Twitter’s help center for more on lists. Twitter lists are a MUST today if you use Twitter!

Can you see yourself saving time with these Twitter lists? If you use Twitter lists in other ways I’d love to know in the comments below and how many Twitter lists you currently have.

Lisa loves helping others to thrive online through Content Marketing with Social Media, Blogging and SEO. What good is knowledge if you cannot share it with others? She has 20+ years experience in marketing/advertising with 6 years experience in content marketing, social media, blogging and SEO. Check out her latest eBook "Learn to Tweet and Thrive on Twitter" now on Amazon.

12 comments On 5 Ways to Use Twitter Lists to Expedite Your Day

  • Hey Lisa, it’s nice to read about this here.

    Would you believe I am yet to create a Twitter List since 2011?

    I have resolved though, after reading this lovely guide here to start mine but only when I study some of the cool ones out there – yours and those of other serious bloggers.

    By the way, I subscribe to two of your lists.

    Sam Adeyinka #Coach recently posted..How to Build a Successful Online Business with Joe PardoMy Profile

    • Hi Sam, No, I cannot believe that. Twitter lists keep me so organized there on Twitter and make me find things much quicker. Thanks for subscribing to my lists. I use my lists to share more tweets, find information, track storms and more. I can’t imagine not having them. Thanks for coming back Sam and have yourself a wonderful day!
      Lisa recently posted..How To Spotlight Photos With Awesome Twitter StickersMy Profile

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  • Hi Lisa, I’m back. Coz I have some answers regarding the “Member of” Twitter tab. Your account @Lisapatb is included in 688 lists and the account @InspireToThrive is included in 175 lists. According to TweetDeck. Enjoy your weekend! 🙂
    Adrian Jock recently posted..How Fast is the Email Support in the Email Marketing Industry?My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I have a total of 282 lists, some of which I subscribed to or am a member of.

    282 (right now actually is 279, but maybe you have also 3 private lists) is the number of lists you’re subscribed to. The number of lists you’re member of is different and isn’t displayed by Twitter.

    You have created many lists and maybe that’s why you didn’t notice it. To see the difference, check my account. You’ll see… Lists: 5. If you check “Subscribed to” you’ll see five lists. If you check “Member of” you’ll see tons of lists – I’ve no idea how many they are.


    P.S. Shouldn’t you update the title? 3 => 5
    Adrian Jock recently posted..How to Harm Your Twitter Marketing by Using TrueTwitMy Profile

    • Hi Adrian, wow, very close to mine of 281 🙂 Interesting on the number shown though on yours – only 5? I didn’t want to mess with my URL but excellent point. I know I could use a redirect for it. Thanks for coming by Adrian and explaining that one for us here. Have a great new week and month!
      Lisa recently posted..The Most Awesome Social Peeps In 100K TweetsMy Profile

      • Hi Lisa,

        The first part of your reply is weird. I guess something misled you. Maybe the quote from your own article posted right under “Hi Lisa” by using the blockquote HTML tag – that’s a quote from you, not a statement regarding my lists. So let me post some further clarifications…

        1) You’re wrong – The number of lists I’m subscribed to (=5) is not very close to the number of lists you’re subscribed to (279 according to what I see, 282 according to your article, 281 according to your comment) 🙂

        The number shown on my timeline (=5) is correct. It’s the number of lists I have created (and automatically subscribed to). I don’t need more. Actually 5 are too many for my needs.

        The number of lists I’m member of is different. As I said, Twitter doesn’t count them, so I don’t know how many they are – tons anyway. Twitter only list them in a separate tab (“Member of”) without mentioning how many they are.

        There are two tabs for lists – “Subscribed to” and “Member of” – and only one aggregate figure (“Lists”) The number displayed under LISTS isn’t the number you may expect (Subscribed to + Member of). That number is the number of lists you’re subscribed to.

        The point of my previous comment is to tell you that the claim from your article quoted in my previous comment is incorrect. Actually there are way more than 282 lists you’re subscribed to or member of 😉

        3) The PS from my previous comment doesn’t refer to the URL but to the title. Changing the URL may or may not be a good idea, but changing the title should be a must. Your visitors don’t read the URL. But they read the title of the article. And that title doesn’t fit the content of the article anymore.
        Adrian Jock recently posted..How to Harm Your Twitter Marketing by Using TrueTwitMy Profile

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