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Twitter Edits May Be Coming This Year



Twitter edits have been talked about for a long time. As a result this piece on Twitter Edits was started on December 1st but it was never completed. You know a little vacation and then the holidays somehow got in the way of writing.

Many folks using Twitter have been wanting Twitter edits for years now. You’ve experienced it: typing too fast on your mobile to respond to a tweet and then you see the nasty typo. Now what? You can send another tweet with a correction or update or choose to ignore it. Finally, this may change soon!

Then I saw this tweet last week and most of all I got really excited! Did you see this tweet by the CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey? He asked US on Twitter what WE, the users, would like to see improved for Twitter in 2017.

What Will You Do With Twitter Edits?

First of all, Twitter edits should be quick and easy. Twitter is the fastest pace social network. Therefore having the ability to quickly change a tweet within a quick time period (seconds) would be key for many users. Many users say these edits would make them happy on Twitter.

It reminds me of the birthdays on Twitter that came about 2 years ago. You can easily edit those out so people won’t know your birthdate but many leave it in.


How Twitter Edits Can Be Complicated

First of all it seemed Twitter edits would be a perfect change for Twitter. But then you read more on the topic and realize, it’s not so easy. It could change how Twitter is used.

They would have to be some hard rules on what constitues an edit, how to edit and when an edit could be done.

Tweets As Public Records

So you’ve heard it all before right? It could be complicated! Yes, even with Twitter edits. Twitter is of a public record. According to the Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, most states’ public records law likely includes social media.

Therefore, this means that all Tweets, including those mistaken or offensive ones, are subject to the same laws governing the government’s and public officials’ email or physical records. This means tweets can be used in court cases, etc.

So if Tweets are edited, what will it do to that public record? In addition even Jack the CEO refers to it in another tweet on the matter.

Therefore have you ever wonder what your first tweet was? You can check it out by reading this quick Twitter post.Want to see your full archived tweets? Check this out to get yours today. Most of all it is a great way to see what you tweeted about years ago if you have been on the Twitter network for some time. A great way to use tweets in court cases too if necessary.

Embedded Tweets

Many news organizations use embedded tweets on their digital websites and in print. If one was to edit a tweet would that update the embedded tweet?

That seems like it would become a technical nightmare for many news organizations and websites.

Twitter Edit Time Stamps

Since everything on Twitter is mostly in chronically order (depending on your Twitter feed set up) would the new Twitter edit get a new time stamp?  That would have to be a must in my Twitter play book. Furthermore what about notifications?

Would your followers be notified when you made an edit? Another technical hurdle to overcome for Twitter with a new edit feature.


In addition to the above, what about retweets? A Twitter user makes a great point on this tweet below on retweets: Retweets are considered just like tweets. Because of this retweets should include the edits somehow.


So even all retweets are of public record. As a result any Twitter edits have to be carefully considered. Another reason maybe Jack’s job is a lot harder than any of us may have imagined. It will be interesting to see how this edit feature unfolds in 2017.

Facebook’s Edit Optionfacebook edits

Yet Facebook allows editing – you may be wondering why. Their way around editing is this: “any post that has undergone delayed modification will brandish a small type that says “Edited,” and when that is clicked on, it reveals the editing history of the post in question.” via Digitaltrends. 

You can also view your Facebook archive similar to Twitter’s here.Seems like Twitter should try to follow in Facebook’s footsteps in this one. If you have been a reader here at Inspire to Thrive for a while you know I don’t want Twitter to be like Facebook but they could use a few of their tried and true tactics.

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Because of the complications do you think Twitter should allow Twitter Edits?

How will you be using Twitter edits if they do become available this year? I’d love know more in the comments below!

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You can see the results of my quick Twitter poll on Twitter edits below:

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  • Hi Lisa,
    Awesome article to read, As twitter is a social media platform to get huge amount of genuine traffic to our blogs/site, Your article has really explained the twitter edit which will be very helpful to me and other bloggers for the social media marketing of our blogs/sites
    Thank your for sharing such an informative article.

    • Hi Sonali, thank you. Yes, I do hope Twitter can implement the Twitter edits this year. It will be interesting to see how it happens as there are many technical hurdles for them to overcome. Thanks for coming by Sonali, have a great rest of the week.

  • Superb ! post Lisa…….Everytime your article is really informative and helpful for me and other bloggers too because Twitter is the best way to drive genuine traffic to our website. Really you have described everything about twitter in descriptive, simply yet effective too. You’ve done a great job with this.
    Thanks for sharing this precious article with us.

    • Thanks Gaurav, Welcome to Inspire to Thrive. Do you wish that Twitter will find a way to come up with edits? Thanks for coming by and have a great day!

  • Hello, Lisa!

    I, too, want EDIT added into tweets.

    That really is embarrassing to see the typos in important and serious tweets and it’s not the good idea at all to delete that tweet and make another one after awhile.

    So, I’m for EDIT button for the tweets be rolled out in 2017 on Twitter. 🙂

    ~ Adeel

    • Hi Adeel, oh yes, those darn mistakes can be embarrasing. I just recently had to delete one because of a bad link. I hope they can find a way to do edits soon on Twitter. Thanks for coming by and have a great weekend Adeel.

  • Hi Lisa,
    This is an interesting news.
    We have been waiting for this since many years.
    But the technical difficulties attached with pulling them back from implementing it.
    Yes, some of the reasons you have already mentioned in it.
    One way it’s a good thing if they implement it.
    Let’s wait and watch.
    Thanks for the share.
    Have a wonderful weekend

    • Hi Philip, Than you. I thought so too 🙂 It is amazing how many technical difficulties they have been for Twitter. I hope they do find a way around them and can implement in some fashion. I think if Facebook does they could too. But I now understand why. Have a great weekend too Philip!

  • This is so exciting! That reminds me recently there was a trending hashtag which was something about what annoys us about twitter and I had photoshopped the menu to add the “edit” option. 😉 So glad to know it might actually be happening. I have to delete tweets and redo them so many times… I feel like it’s my fault sometimes but then I realize I’m just used to being able to edit my content on other social media sites. 🙂

    • Hi Louise, welcome to Inspire to Thrive. I think so too and hope they can get over the hurdles mentioned to be able to let us somehow edit tweets. I know sometimes I go fast especially on mobile and wish I could edit it like I can on Facebook. We will have to see how it plays out this year. Thanks for coming by and taking the time to comment Louise, have a great day and weekend ahead.

  • I didn’t even realize that you couldn’t edit on Twitter already, I guess I don’t spend enough time there these days since most of my audience is on Facebook and Instagram. Interesting to think about the tweet ecosystem and how an edit could impact that, like with the retweets issue.

    • Hi Loretta, welcome to Inspire to Thrive. Oh yes, Twitter has held out on the edit feature and after ressearching I can see why. You are missing out not being on Twitter much – there is an IFTT recipe where you can make your Instagram photos show when you tweet them. Thanks for ocming by and have a great week!

  • Well facebook has edit option which is very useful to edit any typos. I never thought that twitter should have edit option as I barely use twitter. But still edit option would surely make the experience better.


    • Hi Rajkumar, welcome to Inspire to Thrive. Why do you barely use Twitter? Yes, Facebook does. That’s why it is sort of surprising Twitter doesn’t but after the research I did on it, I can understand why they are going slowly with it. Thanks for coming by and have a great day!

  • Super awesome post. I’m trying to to get the hang of the twitter changes. Although you can never get away from finding that perfect #!

    • Thanks Laura, welcome to Inspire to Thrive. Oh yes, the perfect hashtag can take a little time to find. I hope you have a great weekend!

    • Thanks Jeff and welcome to Inspire to Thrive. They are many opinions on this and I can’t wait to see how it pans out this year. Have a great day!

  • I agree with Donna, Lisa, you always teach me something new about Twitter. If it weren’t for your blog posts, I wouldn’t know what the heck is going on with them. 🙂

    I for one am happy about this change. I’ve goofed up a couple times myself and tweeted something with a misspelled word. 🙂

    Thanks for always sharing the 411 about Twitter! Hope you’re having a great day. Have a great weekend.


    • Thanks Cori, glad you see you did learn something new too. I’ve done that many times in a hurry. It will be interesting to see what they come up with. I hope you had a nice weekend and happy Monday Cori!

  • Hi Lisa,

    You always teach me something new when it comes to Twitter. Anything we do online becomes public as soon as we hit that send button.

    This is going to be so interesting to see how it works out.

    Thanks again!


    • Hi Donna, you are welcome and I’m glad you were able to learn something new. I can’t wait to see how it will play out this year and what the CEO of Twitter will do about edits. Thanks for comimg by and have a great day!

  • Hey Lisa,
    Happy New Year!

    Thanks for the interesting Twitter news – as always!
    I think we’ve all made typos in our haste to respond on Twitter. My initial reaction was that this would be a good move. I’ve taken advantage of the Edit facility on Facebook, and I think it would be useful on Twitter too. But I see there might be difficulties.

    Please keep us posted, Lisa.

    – David

    • Hi David, you are welcome. That was my exact thought process David. At first I was thrilled and then read the research and saw how complicated it could be. But if Facebook can do it I think Twitter can do. I love Martin’s suggestion of a draft tweet. Thanks for coming by David and have a fabulous day!

  • Hey Lisa,

    Glad to read your interesting post and I totally agree with your points. If a tweet is widely shared but then edited significantly, this could complicate the experience for those who share it, which from a user experience and product standpoint, could become problematic for both new and engaged users.

    Sharing other people’s content and tagging them is a sure-fire way to get on their radar.This is an important step in cultivating mutually beneficial relationships. Eventually, thanks for sharing your best facts regarding this topic.

    With best wishes,

    Amar kumar

    • Hi Amar, thank you. Yes, it really got more complicated the more I dug into this topic. I was excited to see it might be coming but learned so much of why it hasn’t and how complicated it can get. I can’t wait to see how this one unfolds Amar. Thanks for your input and have a great rest of the week!

  • Hi Lisa

    It will surely give a great help to its users who work on mini devices and commit mistakes while typing to correct it after sending their tweet.

    But the tweets that get viral can’t be edited in one go and it seems almost impossible to incorporate the edit to all the reshared tweets.

    Many thanks for sharing this very informative post.

    • Hi Mi Muba, LOL, yes it gets more complicated the more we think about it. I can’t wait to see how the CEO of Twitter will go about this one. But do remember Facebook allows edit and they are also of public record. Who knew all this social media would get so complicated, right? Thanks for taking the time to comment and have a great day!

    • Hi Martin, oh yes that can be done. But if you delete it after something else tweeted it it can be read and it could be embarrassing. Thanks for coming by Martin and have a great day! Have you done that and had it still read or not?

      • Lisa: That it is OK with me. I have only deleted tweets in order to fix small typos. How about having a draft feature, checking your tweet before pushing the send button?

        I am not sure that you could find a deleted Tweet in a user’s stream.

        • HI Martin, I love that one! Great suggestion. A draft feature would be awesome. Thanks for the input on this one. Have a great day and weekend ahead Martin.

  • Hi Lisa, I think once the tweet has been liked, retweeted or embedded it should not be editable. There is too much potential for changing the entire meaning of the tweet with an edit.

    Tweeters can always delete their tweet and post a new tweet if they have an embarrassing typo or change their minds.

    • Hi Carolyn, excellent point. Maybe within the first minute or like you stated before anyone does any action to the tweet. Yes, the delete button does work but hopefully it hasn’t been seen by too many before one can do that 🙂 Thanks for coming by Carolyn and I hope your 2017 is starting out well.

  • Hi Lisa,

    Happy New Year!

    I disagree with your “Retweets are considered just like tweets. Because of this retweets should include the edits somehow.”

    When you retweet one of my tweets using the retweet button, you don’t create a new tweet but the system copies and pastes my tweet on your timeline. That retweet shows MY text and it shows ME as the author of the tweet. Nothing belongs to you. It’s like quoting me.

    Therefore there is no point in you having the right to edit the words attributed to me. If you modify a quote, that’s not a quote anymore 😉

    And if you’re not convinced by the theoretical part, here’s the practical part: a VIP tweets “I love X” then you retweet that tweet but edit the text like this: “I hate X” (or other inappropriate words or pics) The first consequence: your retweet shown to your followers is a fake that claims that the VIP tweeted something contrary to what the VIP tweeted. The next consequences: you can discover them by yourself.

    Of course you won’t make such modifications. But others will do it for sure. And it cannot be allowed coz it may create huge troubles.

    As for me having the right to edit my tweet that has been already retweeted, sure, why not? Even if I make a big change to my tweet, I’m still responsible for what I tweeted. And it’s my right to change my opinion. Sure the person who retweeted that tweet may not like my change, but it has the power to cancel the retweet and to never ever retweet me again.

    • Hi Adrian, Nice to see you back here. I understand your point about it being different and it belongs to the person who did the original tweet. But wouldn’t it be better if after you edit it the rest of the retweets reflect it? Just a thought. I sure got a lot more complicated after I did the research on what edits could do to Twitter and the public records. No wonder they have not done it yet. But I think they will come up with something on it this year Adrian according to the CEO. It will be interesting. Thanks for your comment and explanation Adrian. Always a pleasure, have a great day!

      • “But wouldn’t it be better if after you edit it the rest of the retweets reflect it?”

        Here’s my view that was indirectly included in my previous comment:

        Any retweet is the exact copy of the original tweet. Otherwise isn’t a retweet. Therefore if the original is edited, then all retweets will show the latest version of the original tweet – the one that I edited.

        That’s why I said, “the person who retweeted that tweet may not like my change, but it has the power to cancel the retweet and to never ever retweet me again”

        It referred to the fact that I tweet something, someone retweets it, then I edit the original tweet and the person who retweeted may not like my change that is now reposted on her or his timeline. This is the only disadvantage I can see for the moment.

        For me it’s not a disadvantage though. Usually I don’t retweet using Twitter’s button 🙂

        • Hi Adrian, thanks for coming back to explain. YES. I think it would be better after too. You don’t use the RT on Twitter? I do but usually put in the Buffer so I don’t tweet too much all at once. Have a great Wednesday Adrian.

          • No, usually I don’t use that RT button. Sometimes I use it only for retweeting “no link tweets” (very rarely), or my own articles shared from other accounts that belong to me.

            But why do you ask? Don’t you remember my opinion on this topic?

            => 5 Reasons Why Not to Retweet Using Twitter’s Native Button
            => Retweet with Comment Punches Marketers in the Face


  • Hey Lisa! Happy Monday!

    This is definitely an interesting topic. Should edits be allowed? 😕 On one hand, I say yes, however, when it comes to RT’s, I wouldn’t want my original content altered. I think this could be a pretty hairy one for Twitter, especially from a legal standpoint. Will definitely be interesting to see what happens.

    Thanks for sharing this with us!


    • Hi Brenda, thanks. Our first full week of 2017. I would agree. At first I thought great, edits are coming. But after doing research it doesn’t sound easy or as feasible yet Facebook has a way with it and public records. It will be very interesting to see how this develops. Thanks for coming by.

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