How Long Does Twitter Suspension Last? Learn What Happens

How Long Does Twitter Suspension Last For?

Twitter jailHave you ever got up in the morning, looked at your phone as you are getting out of bed and seeing your Twitter account has been locked?  You can’t log in. They ask for your phone number. You enter it but they don’t call? You wonder “what am I missing.”  “What tweets did I miss since I was last on Twitter?” “Why did I get a Twitter suspsension?” you may ask. Yes, you have landed in Twitter Jail.

I remember my last tweet was about seeing the space station flying over. I was not threatening the president or anyone else. I’m not a bot, I tweet and retweet all the time about things I find my audience will like. I tweet with links, with photos and sometimes just quotes.

My last tweet below before the Twitter Suspension:

Twitter Suspension from 2013

I landed in Twitter Jail four years ago back in 2013.  I was stuck in Twitter Jail for 48 hours. There was no reason or rhythm to it. No explanation to be found. It was almost to the day this time in 2017 that my Twitter suspension happened again.

It can happen to the best of us as Ana Hoffman found out  back then and again now too. Back then I was in a tizzy over it. Not this time. I knew better. Experience can be the best teacher.

What To Do If Your Twitter Account is Suspended

  • Don’t panic! Take a DEEP breath. Remember, it has happened to many of us before. Twitter does suspend accounts every day with their automated system. You may end up in Twitter Jail one day.
  • If your Twitter account gets suspended the first time be sure to use their call me feature. (That’s new now! You must have your phone number on your Twitter account. I highly recommend you do. It also helps keep your account secure.) The call me feature may work the first time as it did for me. After that you have to contact them through their Support. You may contact them at Twitter Support. And then go to the fix a problem button from there. You can also file an appeal which I did this last time.
  • Double check your URL’s in your Twitter profile  if you are using both your personal and blog profiles on Twitter. I had both set to the homepage. I changed my personal one to my about page just to be safe.
  • Be sure you are not tweeting all the same stuff on any multiple Twitter accounts you may use.
  • Follow the Twitter Rules. There are at least 30 rules. If you haven’t reviewed them in a while, it’s a great idea to read them again. They have added and changed many of their Twitter rules since 2013. They are all not in black and white, many have gray areas.
  • Read the Best Practices for following and using Twitter. They do monitor if you follow or unfollow aggressively. (Defined as following hundreds at a time).  Beware if you follow and/or unfollow often. Any automatic unfollowing is not acceptable. I wondered if I had gone over this number in my recent Twitter suspension.
  • Check out their troubleshooting page for additional help and on how long does Twitter suspension last for you.

So What Can You Learn About Being Locked Out of Twitter? 

Don’t Panic….

First, Don’t Panic. I knew last time it was 48 hours of being suspended. My world would not end in those 48 hours without twitter. Being in Twitter Jail can give you more time elsewhere.

You Will Gain Free Time

The second thing I learned while being blocked by Twitter was that it gave me a lot more free time!

I went over to Flipboard and increase my following there.  Flipboard is my second source of traffic referrals and is growing. It’s quick and easy to use too.

You Can Grow Your Other Social Network Audiences

The third thing I learned was I was starting to gain a little traction over on LinkedIn after Ravi wrote his success on LinkedIn pulse so I started working on more posts for LinkedIn in the future. I went from 5 views to 50 so I want to continue along on there.

The fourth thing I learned was spending more time on Quora and I was better able to answer people’s questions about being blocked from Twitter – sometimes to be an expert you have to make mistakes and learn from by them sharing with others.

Tweet With Multiple Accounts Carefully

The fifth thing I learned was I was pushing it with Twitter I was taking some of the rules to the max they say when you have two accounts not to keep tweeting the same stuff.  I do variations but I’ve got to be more careful going forward so if you have two accounts beware.

So if you have multiple Twitter accounts be very careful not to tweet the same stuff. Mix it up!

So if you have multiple Twitter accounts be very careful not to tweet the same stuff. Mix it up!Click To Tweet

Don’t Just Tweet All Links

Twitter does not like Twitter accounts that only tweet out links. I began thinking, had I been doing that? I do tweet many links as I’m sharing others content and my own there. Most bloggers do tweet out mostly links. It’s time to go to the 80/20 rule to be safe. 20% of the tweets should not contain a link to stay within the Twitter rules.

The Most Important Thing To Learn From This Twitter Suspension

Do NOT rely just on one social network. Remember, it’s all rented space on those. Having your own self-hosted blog is the way to go with content. You can make your own rules and do what you what with your own property. Being on the social networks is like renting, you never know when the rent will go up or the place will close down.

Do NOT rely just on one social network. Remember, it’s all rented space on those networks!Click To Tweet

So What Happened After Being Stuck in Twitter Jail for 48 Hours?

I got an email with an apology from Twitter. Yes, they really did apologize! No wonder I love the Twitter network. They apologized for having my Twitter account suspended for 48 hours.

Twitter suspension apology
Twitter actually apologized for having suspended my account!

Twitter actually apologized for having suspended my account! Click To Tweet

Twitter Spam Groups

Caught up in spam groups by mistake? So it was nothing done in error. Thank goodness for that. So it can happen to you too for no reason. Always remember never put all your social eggs in one social basket. You may lose one and need some others along the way.

Just How Long Does Twitter Suspension Last?

From my 2 experiences of a Twitter suspension it was 48 hours to the minute on each time. But if you are being spammy or are in a violation of their terms your Twitter suspension can last longer. You could be kicked off Twitter for good. So be careful about how and what you tweet and know the Twitter rules!

Thank you to everyone who emailed me, sent me private messages with screen shots to find out what happened to my Twitter account. It’s so nice to know fellow bloggers and content marketers have your back in these situations!

My Twitter Conclusion On Why I Landed in Twitter Jail – I believe I may have unfollowed too many people as I was using Social Quant.  I have since stopped using Social Quant though I do NOT blame them in anyway. They have great services. I may have pushed it a little by unfollowing a few on my own. I may have been tweeting some of the same links on both accounts so I’ll be much more aware of that going forward.

According to Twitter I just got caught up in the bots like their email response indicated.

Have you ever ended up in Twitter Jail?

If so I’d love to know how long did the twitter suspension last for you?



Image of wire fence courtesy of artur84 at

This post has been updated 6/16/17 from 06/17/2013.

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105 comments On How Long Does Twitter Suspension Last? Learn What Happens

  • Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for the post in case this ever happens to me, I won’t panic.
    By the way, I keep trying to thank you on BizSugar for adding my post. I’m locked out! I can’t even upvote my own article! I contacted them about it, so we’ll see. I’m glad I can thank you here.

  • This is absolutely news to me, Lisa.

    I never knew this was going on with people’s accounts. I wonder what actually triggers it?

    I myself share tweets with links in them. It seems completely BS if they don’t give you any rhyme or reasoning for doing it.

  • Very informative writing. I have never experienced suspension on Twitter. So I don’t have anything to share now. But Facebook has blocked me several times from posting and sending friendship requests.

    Your guidance is really helpful for the Twitter users.

    Take care,
    Have you a nice week ahead.
    Manoj recently posted..How to Speed up Your WordPress Site with One ClickMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I’m sure being suspended by Twitter sucked but I’m glad you took it with a grain of salt and found other things to do. Funny how we can accomplish a lot when we have even a little window of extra time on our hands. Not that I want to get suspended, hehe… 🙂

    Flipboard has been a great source of traffic for me too. I need to take a look at your profile to see how you have it set up. Right now I have three mags but I’m thinking of adding more…is it kind of like Pinterest in that you can have as many boards/mags we’d like?

    Good to see your pageviews on LinkedIn have increased. I’ve gotten a client there and that’s encouraged me to be more visible there and update my profile.

    Thanks for showing us what to do if we ever get thrown in Twitter jail!

    Hope everything is okay now.

    Have a great week!


    • Hi Cori, it was a little weird not being able to view any tweets to met or to check any of my lists for 2 days. But it did give me time for other things which I took advantage of 🙂 I love Flipboard Cori, I find it like reading magazines in the old days. I believe I have about 8 and just added some more.
      Yes, I took Ravi’s advice on using the Pulse there and it is slowly working.
      You are welcome and I hope you can avoid Twitter jail. Sometimes it’s not anyone’s fault but Twitter automates who it suspends without reason. Be sure to have your phone number associated with your account. Enjoy the rest of your week and thanks for coming by Cori!
      Lisa recently posted..Does Your Internet Speed Worry You More Now? Learn Which Are Best!My Profile

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  • Wow Lisa,

    Of all the people I know, You my dear would be the last person to go to Twitter Jail. Your knowledge of Twitter is amazing. But with automation, one can get in trouble lol.
    I followed a guy recently that followed me. I was in the car and my phone was dinging like crazy. This guy had some kind of automated thing that made tweets go off like wild fire. I immediately stopped and unfollowed him. It was too suspicious.
    I like your advice – Don’t Panic – because we can’t deal with a clear head.
    Thanks for this share,

    • Hi Donna, LOL, oh yes and you would not believe some of the others too it has happened to. I’m so glad they did apologize though. I have blocked some folks and reported some that were very annoying and were obvious spam accounts. I haven’t had too many of them lately.
      That’s always my advice, don’t panic until it’s time to and even then remaining calm can get you through almost anything in life Donna. You are welcome and thanks for coming by and have a great week ahead there Donna.
      Lisa recently posted..How Long Does Twitter Suspension Last? Learn What HappensMy Profile

  • Twitter Jail is really funny. I never had a thought of suspension of the Twitter account. By reading this post atleast I got an idea that my twitter account has some attributes that can attract twitter bot in suspending my account.
    Will take care before tweeting.
    Thank You Lisa for sharing it with us. Really appreciated
    Jayant recently posted..How to Mirror Android and Windows Devices on RokuMy Profile

  • [ Smiles ] Ouch! Ending up in Twitter Jail is not cool!

    I have noticed that this happens a lot with business-related accounts.

    Thankfully, this never happened to me (Mainly because my Twitter account is a personal one).

    One major issue is, retweeting those links for those Twitter accounts that were created by spammers.

    Tweet wisely and things should turn out okay!
    Renard Moreau recently posted..If Women Ruled The World (Rebecca Robertson)My Profile

  • Hey, Lisa. Resourceful article.
    There were a couple of things that I was not aware of. I was not knowing about the 80/20 rules. I always tweeted with a link inside. That’s one thing I need to be cognizant of. Also, I have one doubt My notification says that I have got 10 new followers, but on the dashboard, the followers didn’t change. Have any idea why this happens.

    • i Nishant, welcome to Inspire to Thrive. Oh yes, beware of the Twitter rules. It can be easy to forget after a while as you are tweeting away. How long did you check on that? Sometimes it takes a while to catch up on the profile. You may have to clean up your cache and cookies on your browser too. Sometimes that will work. Let me know how you make out. Thanks for coming by and have a great day.
      Lisa recently posted..How Long Does Twitter Suspension Last? Learn What HappensMy Profile

  • Hello, Lisa!

    I got my account temporary suspended 8 hours ago, today…

    Man! That’s the second time in just one month.

    I think that’s because of my ISP but not so sure about the source.

    Good that I have it recovered now. 🙂

    So, wanted to share I got hit with it today. 🙂

    Thanks for reminding us to follow some great advices during the time our Twitter account is suspended.

    ~ Adeel

    • Hi Adeel, how crazy is that right? I believe it’s the bots. I think machines can’t tell the difference what we humans are really doing Adeel. That’s what scares me with all this AI coming about now. At least we only got the 48 hour shut off, some folks off for good. That’s why I call it “rented space”. You are welcome and good luck getting back up Adeel! I hope it is a short time for you as well.
      Lisa recently posted..How Long Does Twitter Suspension Last? Learn What HappensMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Yep; suspended a few months back. So happy your account was recovered within 48 hours. Ditto with mine.

    I also got caught up in the bot thing. Maybe I tweeted too many links too. Not sure as reading explanations is kinda tough at times but within 2 days I was good to go. I could probably have gotten back in more quickly but the cell verification number for texting was sitting on a desk in NJ, while I was sitting at a desk 8,000 miles away in Thailand. Oh well.

    Thanks for the helpful tips.


    • Hi Ryan, Oh no you had the phone in another location? I bet you won’t do that anymore. Congratulations on your 51,000 followers. Very cool to see how you’ve grown your audience there too. I think we all do mostly links but I’ve seen you do other things too like the thank you tweet yesterday to your followers 🙂 You are welcome Ryan and I hope you have a great weekend and that your phone is with you now 🙂
      Lisa recently posted..How Long Does Twitter Suspension Last? Learn What HappensMy Profile

  • I saw Bren post about you being in Twitter jail on FB. I knew a blog post was coming! Glad it got sorted out and now I know, if it ever happens to me, don’t panic (too much) 🙂

    • Hi Corinne, thank you. Oh yes, I just had to write about it to help others from going through it or if they do not to panic. Just be careful as I’ve indicated in the tips and you should be fine. Otherwise if i’ts a bot you are caught in – it’s only 48 hours. It gave me more time for other things 🙂 Thanks for coming by and have a great weekend ahead Corinne.
      Lisa recently posted..How Long Does Twitter Suspension Last? Learn What HappensMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Good that you have your account back 🙂

    During the last years I got lots of followers that had SQ domain name as their website. Not affiliate links for SQ, but SQ domain name. When I’m saying lots of followers, I mean it. Not 5-10 followers. Lots of them. A large group 😉 I don’t want to develop this topic coz I didn’t investigate the issue and it’s none of my business anyway. But I considered that it’s better to stay away from SQ.
    Adrian Jock recently posted..How to Switch WP Blogs to Https Without Losing Social ProofMy Profile

    • Thanks Adrian. I had a feeling it would only last 48 hours after the last time years ago. Thanks for that tip too. Though we can’t control who follows us, only who we follow. So it could happen to anyone. I hope this post helps others to get it cleared up quickly as I’ve been able to. And also what to do on Twitter with caution. I hope you are feeling better Adrian and have a great weekend. Thanks for coming by with your imfo on this one.
      Lisa recently posted..How Long Does Twitter Suspension Last? Learn What HappensMy Profile

      • You misunderstood me a little bit, but it may not be your fault. Told you about my headache 🙂 Of course you can’t control who follows you, but anyway I didn’t suggest that you shouldn’t follow SQ accounts. I followed them back!

        What I said is that I decided to stay away from SQ – that was somehow cryptic: well, it’s related to SQ services.

        I told you that I don’t want to develop this topic but you somehow forced me. Creating tons of accounts while providing services such as increasing your number of followers may lead someone to certain conclusions. Fill in the blanks! 😉 (Also check Twitter’s response and fill in the blanks again.)

        That’s why my decision to avoid SQ services. I’m not claiming that my decision is a good one, or that my assumptions or conclusions are correct. I don’t suggest anything, I only told you about my decision. If you decide to stop/keep using their service or not, it’s up to you.
        Adrian Jock recently posted..How to Switch WP Blogs to Https Without Losing Social ProofMy Profile

        • Hi Adrian, thanks for coming back to explain, I now understand exactly what you meant. I hope you are feeling better today. One thing I will say about SQ is that they did mostly follow very relevant accounts, I would not have used them if not. But a few were not and those are the ones I unfollowed on my own.
          Thanks for clarifying and have a wonderful weekend – I hope headache free! 🙂
          Lisa recently posted..How Long Does Twitter Suspension Last? Learn What HappensMy Profile

  • It may happen to any of us as these social networking sites are doing their best to stop spammer from joining its network. During cleaning up process, they occidentally block some of the real account holder, who could be anyone of us. We don’t need to be afraid of it as we are the real account holders not a bot who don’t understand the process of gaining access of its account. Just follow the process of the particular social network & you will surely get access of your account soon. It had happened with my Facebook account also, when they were asking for identifying the photo’s which were uploaded by my friends. I followed the process & gain access of my account within a day, while it was quite hard to identify owner of the photo in which you are tagged in. Anyways share is care and I am glad that you’ve shared your experience with your readers.
    raj recently posted..Shazam for PC Download,Shazam for Windows7/8/Vista Computer,Shazam Para PCMy Profile

    • Hi Raj, thanks for your input with this one. Wow, only 1 day before Facebook reinstated your account? That’s quick. I know a blogger who took a week! Great tip to share with care as well. I know someone who had their account hacked recently on Twitter. Not a good feeling but as long as it can be fixed asap one can bear it. I also noticed on Twitter yesterday that I had some followers that were not on Twitter for 2 years. You would think they would automatically be deleted by Twitter. 2 years is a long time.
      Lisa recently posted..Help Me Get Sales From A Website Now PleaseMy Profile

  • Wow, I never even knew they had guidelines for that! That’s amazing, thanks for showing that me. I only got blocked on Facebook for sending to many friend invites to all the lovely dames out there. But, eh what are you going to do!? – Scott Craighead

  • No, unfortunately I just can say that it’s their robots.
    It happens at random situations, sometimes when I just retweet someone, when I follow a new person or when I shout out an affiliate link…

    Haven’t found a behaviour of mine that I could change, but I’ll post it hear if something new happens 🙂


  • Hi Lisa,

    my Twitter account has been in jail six times in 4 months.
    I’m always getting the response that I’m not conflicting with the Twitter rules and their best practices.
    Though I’m not making any mistake, it’s quite damaging for the image.

    That’s why I decided to create a second account, tweeting about slightly different things. Luckily this account has been free this one month right now, I hope it stays the same 😉

    Best regards,

  • Hi Lisa
    this is really awesome and helpful article thanks for sharing such a nice article.I use the twitter but don’t know the rule.
    How it suspend account, ant other think are new for me. thnx for such information.
    Pramod recently posted..New way to merge User profile Picture as well as Timeline Picture on Facebook.My Profile

  • I heard that happen to another blogger too. I hope that crap doesn’t happen to me. I remember when Ana got shut out and she thousands of followers, and she had to start all over again. I know she was pissed. Thanks Lisa for the valuable tips.
    Sonia recently posted..8 Forums New Bloggers Should Be On the Lookout ForMy Profile

  • I want to shout an AMEN to not putting your eggs in one social media basket.

    Don’t put all your eggs in any social media basket. Make sure that you have some way to contact your audience if anything ever goes wrong.

    For me, it is important that I build an email list and back it up often.

    Even if you never get suspended from a service, platform popularities fade and that has nothing to do with you.

    Glad you got your account back!!
    Carlie Hamilton recently posted..What Are You Struggling With Right Now?My Profile

  • I ended up in Twitter Jail once. I was hacked and apparently they changed my password so I had trouble logging in. I emailed them from the email address I use for the account. They were very helpful and restored my account. Thankfully, none of my bright witty tweets were deleted. All my brilliance would have been lost in the Twittersphere! Oh the horror!
    Tina recently posted..Summer Plans.. and the Tooth Fairy Has Gone Crazy!My Profile

  • so for all those who get the suspension for their twitter account for quite a while, that was just a mistake by twitter? Is twitter to be blamed only for the twitter jail its users are facing?

  • I’d no idea I was consorting with a criminal!

    That sounds like a very stressful experience, Lisa, and I’m very glad to hear you’ve been released from jail. It’s just another example of the way innocent victims can so easily get caught up in the rules and regulations set up by the web’s self-appointed dictators. Good to see that Twitter was so quick to correct the error in your case, though, and restore your account.

    Thanks for all the tips, Lisa – I think I’m pretty safe because I don’t make much use of automated services. Your most helpful and important bit of advice was “Don’t Panic!” – I think we should all have that up on our walls wherever we work online for all those occasions when things go pear-shaped 🙂

    Sue Neal recently posted..Are Your Blog Posts Missing This Vital Ingredient?My Profile

    • You are welcome Sue, I sure was surprised that morning to open account and find it suspended. Twitter came through with quick responses and restored all within 48 hours and admitted their error. Gotta love them for that! I don’t use a lot of automated services, on that account only JustRetweet – on my others The Buffer and Triberr. 2 tools I highly recommend. Thanks for coming by Sue and hope you have a great day there.
      Lisa recently posted..Vizify Makes it Easy To Promote the Best of You or Your Brand My Profile

  • Wow Lisa…

    I have never been suspended. I prolly would freaked out if they suspend me by mistake. Last time, my twitter got hacked, it gave me a headache for 3 days. I only have 2 accounts. But the account that got hacked is INACTIVE and so far, I’m only using one to tweet everything else. Anyhoo…thanks for this post. Now I know. 🙂

    Angela McCall recently posted..Are You Getting More Spam?My Profile

  • Lisa, I saw this article on facebook _ I think Mayura had shared it. This is something to think about. It was good to hear of your experience so I won’t be so thrown if it happens. I did read the rules like you suggested and have been posting more personal updates lately. Thanks, Amy

  • Hi Lisa,

    My twitter account was Frozen back 2 years and you could say Twitter jail for 2 years but after that my account became normal and I am using right now.

    Siddhartha Sinha
    Siddhartha Sinha recently posted..Top 5 Google Adsense Alternatives 2013My Profile

  • I have been in twitter jail countless times normally only happens if I join a tweet party it sucks too. Glad you are out of jail now lol
    Kita recently posted..Getting rid of dead weightMy Profile

    • Wow Kita, I’ve been on Twitter chats and never had that happen. Thanks for coming by. Are parties different than chats? Have a good evening Kita.
      Lisa recently posted..Twitter Jail For 48 Hours – It Could Happen To You Too!My Profile

      • I have been in both Twitter parties and Twitter chats and that has never been the reason Twitter locked me out. I have had them make me confirm my account many times. That might have been because I use RSS feeds or it might be because I have offshore VAs. I still have both and it hasn’t been happening anymore, so it is really hard to sort out.

        I know many established bloggers who have had their Twitter accounts suspended or frozen. Most of the time we never figure out why, but going through an appeal has always gotten the accounts back.

        Twitter parties are typically used to promote products and give out prizes where Twitter chats are what we primarily participate in.
        Gail Gardner recently posted..Twitter Best Practices: How to Use Twitter Effectively ~ Make Twitter Work for YOUMy Profile

        • Hi Gail, I like your term Twitter party. I’ve always thought of them as chats. It can be hard to sort out when this suspension happens. I kept thinking what did I do wrong? I’m so glad they apologized in the email after 48 hours. I think it’s there automated bots – they need more humans to analyze these types of things I think. I still love Twitter though. We just have to remember it’s rented space 🙂 Thank you for coming by Gail and have a wonderful week ahead. I hope you don’t work too hard there!
          Lisa recently posted..How Long Does Twitter Suspension Last? Learn What HappensMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I’ve never heard of Twitter Jail either so thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    Sorry that you had to learn about it in the way you did, but glad you’re account has been activated again…. Fancy them wrapping you up with all those spammers, just goes to show how we need to on top of things 🙂

    When I first started on Twitter I was advised about over following people and also about unfollowing and re-following the same people in a hope to grab their attention…. That’s another reason to have your accounts closed.

    Thanks for including the email address Lisa, I’ll get onto them regarding my other concern 😉

    Catch up soon Lisa,
    Barry Wells recently posted..Distraction Diets Help Produce ResultsMy Profile

  • I would never have thought that you’d end up in Twitter Jail Lisa 🙂

    So far, I haven’t been there for even a minute, but after I read about Ana a while ago, I started to think that it would happen sooner rather than later. I am not using any automated systems either, but like you experienced, things can happen, and sometimes I feel that I am in little control of what I’m doing on social. I am glad that it is all sorted out and that you’re back. If I ever end up in Twitter Jail, I know where to look to get the recipe on how to get back online again.

    Now, what you’re saying about not putting all your eggs in one basket is very important. It’s the same with Google search. I used to rely close to 100% on Google for all my traffic, but now, I’m doing my best to get traffic from all over the place.
    Jens P. Berget recently posted..How To Monitor Your Online Reputation Using Social MediaMy Profile

    • Thanks Jens, boy was I surprised that morning. Yes, I thought of Ana immediately too and how it could happen to anyone. I found the same with Google search too, the last update took my retail site off the map but now the latest update put it back on. Very ood stuff. Thank goodness for Pinterest and Bing among others. Have a great week there Jens.
      Lisa recently posted..Twitter Jail For 48 Hours – It Could Happen To You Too!My Profile

  • Hello Lisa,
    I also read that post on Ana’s blog and its quite surprising indeed. I don’t know if it means that those guys normally makes mistakes sometime.

    Recently, i don’t know what happened to my twitter account too. When i tried to tweet any of my posts, i will be told that the tweet contains a spam link. That just started happening and i have contacted them all to no avail.

    Don’t know if anyone has also experienced this before.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Theodore Nwangene recently posted..You All Dream of Making Money From Your Blog Without a Plan: Here is My Own PlanMy Profile

  • This is interesting. I’ve been to Facebook jail three times, but I had no idea there was a twitter jail. I’m glad you have highlight what I need to do to stay out of Twitter Jail. Thanks again!

  • That’s something I’ve wondered about, whether large sites like Twitter would even respond to an email. I give them credit for fixing the problem and responding to your email.

    I have several profiles and I make sure they are pointing to different sites as well. I also don’t follow the other accounts I have. I have separate accounts for anything automated like Triberr. If I lose that profile, at least it won’t put my main acct at risk – I hope. I think it’s also important to login into those accounts every now and then and use them like we would any other social account. I’ll go in, try to respond to tweets, follow back those that I want to follow and socialize a bit. I’m sure had that Twitter Jail Guard checked your account and seen nothing but automated tweets containing links, it would have been tougher to regain access.
    Brian Hawkins recently posted..Blogging Has Grown Beyond Just CommentsMy Profile

    • Brian, yes – makes me love them more over at Twitter. Interesting you don’t follow the other accounts. I log in daily to all. Tweetcaster makes it really easy on my mobile. I had tried Hootsuite but wasn’t great on mobile. Still would like a better service. Thanks for taking the time to come by Brian and for your input on this one. Have a great rest of the week there!
      Lisa recently posted..Twitter Jail For 48 Hours – It Could Happen To You Too!My Profile

  • Bummer! Well, at least you didn’t do anything wrong. Must admit, I’ve never read the Twitter rules, but, I sure will now. A similar thing happened to me with Pinterest. When I changed to self-hosted, WordPress did automatic re-directs from the old URL to the new one and they tagged that as “suspicious links”. Email straightened it out fairly quickly, thank goodness.
    Thanks for making us aware of the Twitter protocols.
    Debbie recently posted..MUSIC MONDAY; CROONERS – PART I – THE CLASSIC ARTISTSMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Excellent post! I knew about twitter jail from one of your books. I agree, it can happen to anyone. One of the things that I’m constantly doing is monitoring my inactive accounts. If I know the person, I keep it. If I don’t know the person I unfollow him or her.

    Thank you for reminding me about Twitter rules and Best practices.

    On the one hand, it happens. On the other hand a staff from a social network must now that it’s not a good strategy to punish the innocent no matter how small and less important they are. In the end they must aim for balance and not retribution. That is why they answered to your mail and fixed the problem. I wonder, what would be the scenario if instead Twitter we have … Google.

    Powerful saying, indeed: “Never put all your eggs into one basket.” I use FB, Twitter, Pinterest, GooglePlus, my blog and ViralContentBuzz. The number of baskets slowly increases.

    What a good post, Lisa! I can see that you really have many, many years of experience. Good to learn from you.

    Have a nice day
    Silviu recently posted..Increase Exposure and Traffic with a Viral Content ContestMy Profile

    • Thanks Silviu, yes I did write about and imagine how I felt being in it! Ironic, wasn’t it? But it was the robots nothing I did. I really loved how Twitteer fixed it within 48 hours and admitted it was their fault. But I understand, they are trying to clean up spammers and they are many out there. Google, probably would not have answered. Thanks again Silviu for your comment and coming by to read this one. Have a wonderful day there.
      Lisa recently posted..Twitter Jail For 48 Hours – It Could Happen To You Too!My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I’ve been in the jail for 48h, I have to say it was very bad. I made a mistake and followed a lot of people…

    Thanks for the post!

  • I agree with @harleena, She is right ! Lisa you are not alone there ! There are some people those are with you.

  • I’ve never been to Twitter jail, Lisa, but I’ve had clients who donned the orange jump suit.

    I’m glad your case was easily resolved, but that’s not always the case.

    It never pays to try to outsmart Twitter or any of the other social platforms for that matter. For the most part, the rules they have actually help your business because if everyone was allowed to automate and spam to their heart’s content, these free mediums would have little value.

    So read the rules (thanks for the link) and heed the warnings… for your own sake.
    David Merrill 101 recently posted..Lead Magnet Creation | TeleseminarsMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Sorry to hear you had to be in there for no reason. Ugh… But you are back 🙂 I remember when Harleena’s Facebook account got temporarily suspended, there was nothing much we could do except for waiting. Still they own our data, don’t they?

    Wow… I’m glad they admitted their mistake 🙂 They know how to value their users. I think yours get caught as it’s a fresh account, no? Of course, panicking is not the way to go. Yesterday I’ve read some threads in Blogger help forum which had no politeness at all. Merely cursing Google employees 😀 lol… That’s too funny to read but a worst example to contacting support. Finally, they were not getting support to resolve their problems and out of luck.

    I’ve seen enough times that Twitter is focusing on their guidelines since they got hacked last time. It might hurt a few sometimes but security is the best priority, isn’t it Lisa? 🙂 However having that experience, got you an interesting post too.

    You have a lovely week there with no more storms Lisa 🙂

    Mayura recently posted..Browse and Organize Your Reading List with The Old ReaderMy Profile

    • Thanks Mayura, yes I do remember that. You are right, they do own our data there. That’s why it is important to maintain our own blogs. Yes, Twitter does value their users. You are right it sure gave me something to write about after all was said and done. Always can learn from my experiences 🙂 The weather looks good for the next week but sometimes thunderstorms can pop up out of nowhere. I did get some nice shots last night of rainbows and colorful sky. You will know where to find them once I get them up – have a great week Mayura.
      Lisa recently posted..Twitter Jail For 48 Hours – It Could Happen To You Too!My Profile

  • Hello Lisa,
    Wow!!! i haven’t heard of such before. So twitter do suspends account? Well, i hope it don’t happen to me but incase i have jotted down their e-mail and thanks for that 🙂

    I am not putting my social eggs in one social baskets. I am always using Google plus, Stumbledupon, Facebook and reddit for my social shares. But aside from this once, i still share on many other social networks. Thank you for bringing such topic, i really did learn from it 😀
    Babanature recently posted..Active Lists Of Google Plus Communities and Hash Tags You should KnowMy Profile

  • Hey Lixa,

    I’ve never been to Twitter jail, at least not yet, but I never assume it can’t happen, so THANK YOU so much for the information on this, especially the email for making inquiries.

    I’m also reviewing the rules now, just to make sure I stay out of jail.

    Thanks Lisa,
    Liz recently posted..Blog Traffic Tips That Drive Big Traffic ResultsMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa

    That sucks that you were suspended by Twitter for no reason at all.

    I can understand they have automated robots but they really need to perfect them before they unleash them on the law abiding public!

    I’ve not been in Twitter jail yet but it doesn’t sound as if I can rely on never being!

    Thanks for the heads up :-).
    Tim Bonner recently posted..Triberr – Want To Be In My Gang?My Profile

  • 😆 Sorry Lisa but I find this humorous to an extent. 😆 Especially because it was such a new account! I’m guilty of tweeting the same things on both my accounts. When I share a blog post, I use Buffer and it gets both blog Twitter accounts. I guess they’ll slap me down eventually and then I’ll raise a big stink, especially with all those porn related spammers that continue to follow me, tweet me, and send me malicious DM’s.

    Glad ya got it back now. Bad Twitter!
    Bren recently posted..Girl Talk: When Is Enough, Enough?My Profile

    • I can laugh now Bren 🙂 Yes, I’m trying to be more careful now with that. I want to use my personal one for weather and deals a little more but it’s still my Triberr account so I can’t do it all from there either. On the new account I use JustRetweet and will post some of my old posts and stay strictly with topics of blogging, SEO and social media. See you back there Bren 🙂
      Lisa recently posted..Twitter Jail For 48 Hours – It Could Happen To You Too!My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    OK, so that was a mistake after all. Duh, what don’t they try to catch the real bad guys, huh?

    I’ve never been inTwitter jail, yet, but again I haven’t deserved it. However, seeing what has happened to you I know now that it can still happen anyway. I hope it wont’ but if it does I won’t panic and do the things you tell us here.
    Sylviane Nuccio recently posted..Five New Tremendous Testimonials For SylvianeMy Profile

  • He Lisa,
    I understand that Twitter has automated systems that follow certain rules to suspend accounts. These systems make a lot of mistakes. I can understand! They don’t have brains 😉

    My account @cwinnerscom was suspended some weeks back for no reason. I simply got to them (like you suggest here) and they got it restored.

    Like you mentioned, it happens and the only thing to do calm down and following instructions.

    Hope you are having a nice week already
    Enstine Muki recently posted..How To Monetize Every Email Sent By Your Blog!My Profile

  • Ouch Lisa!!!

    I bet you were ticked when you learned this and as we all know there’s not much you can do about it accept email them and wait.

    I’ve never been in trouble with Twitter, ever. At one point I did have another Twitter account but I didn’t tweet the same content, they were totally separate niches. Back when I first got on Twitter which was 2008 I did use automated systems to get followers but I never did over 50 a day. I was very careful with that but of course that’s not the way to do it and about a year or so later I deleted them all and started over.

    It can be time consuming to get followers I admit when you don’t do thinks the automated way. But in the end because you can get your accounts suspended or terminated I think the slow boat is the better way to go. Sorry you got caught up and they at least admitted their mistake. Google just continues to ignore you and never take responsibility for anything so at least Twitter cares.

    Glad you’re back up and running now and you can share this valuable lesson with us all.

    Enjoy your week Lisa…

    Adrienne recently posted..Residual Income: What It Is and Why You Need ItMy Profile

    • For a few minutes yes Adrienne but then I knew I had no control and thankfully had my main personal account alive and well 🙂 Great point about Twitter caring Adrienne. Funny about Google my retail site is now back in their good graces, all of sudden showing in search and sales following. Odd – the only thing I can think of was the resource page that had links. I had done away with it as soon as I suspected it. But no feedback via Google 🙂 I think it’s best to get followers slow and steady. What good are followers if they never interact, right? Enjoy the rest of your week Adrienne.
      Lisa recently posted..Twitter Jail For 48 Hours – It Could Happen To You Too!My Profile

  • I’m glad everything was sorted out and you’re back on track Lisa. I bet that was a frustrating experience.

    I haven’t been to Twitter jail and now that you’ve shared these tips we can try and stay out of it, I’m going to take a closer look at those Twitter rules to make sure I’m 100% compliant. 🙂

    I’ve got other social media profiles in case this ever happens but of all, Twitter is my favorite 🙂 Hope you’re off to a great day!
    Corina Ramos recently posted..Monday Work from Home Job Lead Madness 061713My Profile

  • I noticed about the suspension of your account on Commun It, it showed that both of us unfollowed each other at the same time. It’s good that you got it back within 48 hours.

    At the moment I have only one twitter account, and I do all my blog promotion stuff mostly on Twitter. So if this happens to me, then I will be in real trouble. I guess I need to put more effort on Google+ and the other blogging communities.

    Thanks for sharing the tips. But even though we do not break these rules, we might get into the jail, right?
    Sourav recently posted..A Beginner’s Guide To IFTTT – Automate The WebMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Ah…sorry to hear about your jail, and yes, there are many who’ve been there, so you are surely not alone 🙂

    I remember that post from Ana, and felt a lot better too after reading it even though my account’s never been suspended as of now. But I wonder how yours got caught in a spam group? I guess I have just one so far, so all safe. But yes, if you remember, my Facebook account got suspended a few months back and that was horrible indeed because it carried on for days, unlike here that got resolved within 48 hrs or so.

    I guess you just see to the brighter side of life in such cases and do other things that you get time for instead, as you have one less social media platform to visit till it all gets alright. Nice that things are back and working for you now. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead 🙂
    Harleena Singh recently posted..Beware of These Friendship ProblemsMy Profile

  • Im stuck in Twitter Jail now i have to find something else to occupy my time, Checking myspace messages, online bloggs, Facebook , Socializing, Working, Chores, Taking care of your children, Cooking,” 😯 😯 😯
    Evan recently posted..40 Most popular WordPress themes 2013My Profile

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