The Ultimate Daily Social Media Tasks Checklist for Your Business

Managing a brand’s social media accounts isn’t a walk in the park. You have to be more intentional by focusing on the activities that drive the needed results. There are many things to do, from creating new content to monitoring brand mentions, collaborating with influencers, etc. These can be so overwhelming that without a proper social media tasks checklist, you’ll struggle to keep up.

Whether you’re creating content for your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram account, here’s a general social media tasks checklist you can use to build a solid online presence.

Why You Should Have a Social Media Tasks Checklist

A social media tasks checklist is a valuable tool for businesses looking to stay organized, consistent, and productive. It helps streamline the content creation and management process and helps you focus only on those activities that directly contribute to the achievement of your business goals.

There are currently over 5.04 billion social media users worldwide. These users share billions of content on social media daily, with Facebook alone averaging 350 million photo uploads and 1 billion stories daily.

All these create a lot of noise and chaos and can easily drown any business owner who doesn’t have a checklist to manage their online presence effectively.

Also, if you’re working in a team, a social media content checklist ensures everyone is on the same page. It clarifies roles, promotes collaboration, and helps prevent duplication of efforts.

Finally, a checklist provides you with the structure, clarity, and accountability you need to meet all your social media goals.

Daily Social Media Tasks Checklist for Your Business

Here’s the ultimate social media tasks checklist you can use to give your business the visibility it needs:

Post New Content

The statement “content is king” will always be valid when it comes to gaining visibility and building a reputation online. Most smart businesses understand that posting new and relevant content consistently is what keeps you relevant among your audience.

The social media audience lives in the moment. They easily get carried away by the next news or trend, and if you don’t consistently show up in their faces, they’ll forget you.

Therefore, you must ensure that you post regularly and, of course, with discretion. Posting every second or minute might put them off and make them see you as desperate.

Respond to Comments and DMs

It’s one thing to make new and engaging posts and another thing to keep up when the engagements start raking in.

If you’re not ready to respond to the comments and DMs, then you shouldn’t post new content. The reason is simple. Posting new content while ignoring inquiries, contributions, and questions from your previous posts presents you as someone who is unserious or doesn’t care about their audience.

Potential customers will not hesitate to walk away if they find out you don’t address their concerns in your posts.
On the other hand, responding to these comments and DMs might be all you need to drive up that sales margin.

Often, people who take the stress of coming to your DM are already at the point where they’re ready to make a purchase. With a little persuasion or incentives, you can get them to part with their money.

Monitor Brand Mentions

Have you wondered why and how most top companies respond to positive and negative mentions of their brand anywhere on the internet at almost the exact time the comment is dropped?

The “why” is because they care so much about their reputation and people’s perception of their brand. And the “how” is that they have social media monitoring tools effectively set up to monitor every mention of their brand.

As a growing brand, people’s perception of you should be one of your greatest concerns. People, especially your customers, competitors, and even industry influencers, will mention your brand at one point or another. You can’t determine what they’ll say; it can be negative or positive.

However, actively monitoring those mentions will help you gauge the public’s opinion of your brand. When you get positive mentions of your brand, repost or comment on them. As for negative mentions, address them instantly and change the narrative.

Effectively monitoring your brand mentions is essential for maintaining a positive brand image and fostering meaningful relationships with your audience. You can use Brand24, one of the best social listening tools, to keep tabs on where and when your brand is mentioned.

brand mentions

Monitor Your Competitors

While monitoring your brand mentions is essential, keeping your eyes on your competitors is a good way to stay on top of your game.

If your competitors are gaining more visibility on social media than you, it means they’re doing something better. The only way to find out what they’re doing is to monitor each of their activities.

Social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are designed to show users those who engage in their posts.

But you can monitor your competitors without them having an idea that you’re doing so. With tools like, Glassagram, and Eyezy, you can view their posts, watch their videos and stories, and even read comments and their responses to those comments anonymously.

view someone's private instagram

Scroll through Platforms for Inspiration

People are always talking. Either they’re complaining about something, discussing a new trend, or sharing past events.

These discussions, especially the ones from potential customers, industry influencers, thought leaders, etc. can be relevant sources of inspiration for your content creation.

For example, if you sell shoes, you can come across someone complaining about how a particular shoe color doesn’t fit their outfits. That’s a wonderful content idea you can leverage to discuss shoe colors and the best clothing or cloth colors to pair them with.

You can draw tens and hundreds of content inspirations by scrolling through social media platforms and paying attention to people in your industry.

Batch-create Content

Content creation, especially image and video designs, is one of the most difficult aspects of social media management.

However, batch-creating content in your free time helps you maximize your productive hours while sharing relevant content with your audience daily. With content ideas curated from industry influencers, thought leaders, and relevant platforms, you can batch-create content for a few days ahead.

Whether you’re a professional designer or not, you can use Fliki Video Generator to batch-create stunning videos that drive engagements.

Schedule Your Posts for the Next Day

With multiple content in your archive, you can schedule your posts to reach audiences in different time zones.

Content scheduling is also a great way to save time while keeping your audience engaged. It enables you to keep your brand fresh in the minds of your audience even when you’re away.

MissingLettr is an amazing content scheduling tool you can use to automate your social media campaigns.

missing lettr

Smart businesses understand how important trends are for gaining visibility, especially on social media. Most trends usually have a short life span, but if leveraged well, they can help you gain new customers and increase revenue.

The good thing is that there’s always a trend you can leverage, as new trends often phase out existing ones. You can leverage trending videos, songs, or topics to create content and make it relatable to your audience.

However, it’s essential you choose the trends you leverage carefully, as some can have negative effects on your brand image.

Create Images for Your Content

Image creation is one of the essential tasks you must add to your daily social media to-do list.

Powerful, descriptive images might be all you need to get your target audience to become customers. Images speak volumes. They add additional context to your content and make it visually appealing for your audience to follow through.

Sourcing images for your content can be overwhelming. That’s why you should add it to your checklist to ensure you make time daily to create or source images that will help you create relevant content for your audience.

Follow Back Your New Followers

Make time in your daily social media to-do list to follow your new followers on all platforms. This creates a sense of connection between your brand and your audience.

The truth is that your audience will follow you on social media if you share valuable content that resonates with them. But following them back will mean the world to them.

It would mean you see them, are approachable, and are open to listening to their needs and complaints.

Connect with Key Industry Players

If you observe well, you’ll notice there are some people your audience always flocks to. They’re the influencers and key industry players.

These MVPs post mainly on topics revolving around your niche and attract only people who are interested in that niche.

Connecting with these industry players is a good way to show up in the faces of your target audience. For example, you can get these influencers to promote your products or services or to mention your brand.

Imagine what would happen if Ronaldo or Messi mentioned a football startup in a post or interview. That’s exactly what would happen if you got a shoutout from top industry influencers.

Also, you can get these influencers to host you for an interview. This might be on Facebook Live, Twitter Space, or Instagram Live. The session gives you the opportunity to discuss your customers, their concerns, and how your brand is solving those problems.

find your followers with Fedica

Share Content from Non-Competitors

Often, you will come across posts your audience will find resourceful and your instinct will be to share it on your timeline. That’s a healthy practice.

Since you can’t create new content daily, sharing content from others can also be a great way to inform and educate your audience. It’s also a good way to keep your account active, as social media algorithms often reward only active accounts.

However, you must make sure the content you share with your audience is only from your non-competitors. Sharing content from your competitors might lead to your audience jumping ships.

No matter how good your products are, you should never let your customers experience what your competitors are offering.

Ready to Grow Your Brand On Social Media?

Effective daily social media activities will boost your brand visibility online and lead to increased leads and, of course, customers.

However, it’s almost impossible to factor in all the tasks you need to boost your brand on social media without an effective checklist. A checklist helps you stay organized and enables you to grow your business with ease.

What are you doing to grow your brand on social media in 2024? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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      Hi Julie, you are most welcome. Yes, I love batching things a week or two ahead and sometimes longer out. It can be exhausting if you do it daily. I have an excel calendar spreadsheet near me and check things off as I do them ahead. Aww, thanks for the compliment Julie. Thank you for coming by and have a great day and new week ahead.

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