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Would You Drive With Bumper Stickers For Money or Beliefs?

Bumper Stickers to Make Money or Show Your Beliefs?

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If you had the opportunity to make money by driving around with a bumper sticker would you drive with just any bumper sticker? Or would the bumper sticker have to be a product or brand you believe in?

Would the cause or message have to be part of your own belief system?

There is a new Vehicle Advertising Program called Car-Bucks. You can make money by placing bumper stickers on your vehicle for brands.

Or if you want to market your own brand or website you could have bumper stickers made for others to share on their vehicles to promote your brand or message. If you didn’t want to use bumper stickers maybe you could sell your feet pictures instead to make money.

Signing up for Car Bucks

To sign up all you have to give them your email. They will then they will contact you for your mailing address. They also ask for your zip code for where you live and work. That way they can match you up with the brands in your area or to your demographic profile. A zip code can tell them more about your income, age, etc.

Car-Bucks facilitate the agreements between commuters and advertisers regarding contract length and desired messaging. All you have to do is sign up and it’s FREE. (Advertisers pay a small set-up fee but there is a FREE trial offer going on now).

Once you receive your sticker you have to put it on your vehicle, take a picture and send it back to them for verification. Car-Bucks has a smart phone app that tracks the mileage. Commuters agree to turn the app on their smartphone. That is how you will be paid. They track by the mileage and length of time agreed to keep the bumper sticker on your vehicle.

I have signed up myself and am awaiting my first bumper stick offer to come. They are now verifying my information by mailing info to my mailing address. (Just how Google does for Google Pages / Place.) I will be picky on which one I choose to participate with. I feel they are a reflection of who we are or in what we believe in.

Are Stickers on a Bumper a New or Old Way of Marketing?

These stickers for your vehicle have been around for years. They came out in 1927 by the Ford Motor Company. They have been very popular for political candidates over the years. Brands use them to keep their messages in the forefront of people’s minds.

Can you recall some you have seen over the years? Others use these stickers to brag about their children being on the honor roll or in a prestigious college. If these stickers didn’t produce any results do you think they would still be around today?

What Types of Stickers Are Most Popular?

Funny Stickers

Pet Bumper Stickers

About Us

Political Opinions

Religious Expressions

What are you favorite types of slogans on vehicles? Do you currently have one on your car?

Would you be willing to put one of your car if you were getting paid? 

Would you promote your brand with a sticker on your vehicle?

I’d love to know more in the comments below!

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