3 Factors To Consider Before Hiring A Google Ads Consultant

Whether you are working or running a small business or a large company, you have probably come to the conclusion that your marketing and sales drives will not work well unless you deploy ad words management as part of your marketing campaign. A Google Ads consultant can range from simple website optimization to more complex use of AdWords through Google AdWords and its affiliate analytical tools. A Google ads consulting person must be able to work well with your company as well as in the Google ad world.

Luckily, you don’t have to learn everything since there are qualified professionals serving as AdWords consultants, who are experts in AdWords campaign management.

How To Hire The Best Google Ads Consultant

Hiring an AdWords consultant should be as serious and important a step as hiring a top executive in your company. This is because it is a bit difficult to fully know which applicant or prospective Adwords consulting firm will be right for your business until you conduct a thorough background of their work and referees.

google ads consultant
Learn how to hire the best Google ads consultant for your business.

Unlike other professionals you can hire, AdWords consultants will rarely tell you the strategies they have previously employed in their work for other clients. They are bounds by NDAs and will likely not reveal their secret strategies and will simply advise you to craft a new path for your business.

The First Step

The first step to hiring a good AdWords consultant is to first check whether they have attained a certification from Google on Google AdWords management.

This certification is comprehensive and once completed, it shows that the candidate can navigate the numerous tools that Google has to manage ads.

Google ads certified
Make sure they are certified in Google ads before hiring a consultant.

The Next Step In Hiring The Best Google Ads Consultant

The next step is to check their referees and testimonials to evaluate the quality of their work and whether they can attain the set targets.

In certain cases, you can consult with your peers on their previous engagements with other AdWords consultants so that you can know the red flags to avoid before hiring one.

The Third and Final Step

Third, but not least, ensure your google AdWords consultant has good customer service skills since this is essential in your business relationship with them. They should be able to deliver what they have promised but provide assurances that you may have not foreseen.

Since they are the professionals, ensure your Terms of Reference with them is properly structured and outlines your expectations and goals.

Negotiating For Skills Transfer and Training

Your company probably has its own in-house marketing and sales team, so you should ensure they are involved in the Adwords management process. A good Adwords management company or consultant will try to transfer certain skills to your own employees to ensure the process can survive without the consultant.

Your marketing team should be better off after the engagement with the Google ads consultant and should troubleshoot any problems that might arise. Remember that Adwords campaign management doesn’t come cheap and therefore you should try and negotiate a good deal for your company that will lead to highly trained staff.

transfer of skills
The transfer of skills from the Google Ads consultant to your company should be assured in the beginning.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, AdWords management shouldn’t be a one-stop process, but a critical part of your marketing strategy. Whether you are advertising new products, or services or simply building your brand identity online.

What is a Google Ads Consultant?

Someone who is certified in Google ads can help you with your Google ads marketing. From setting the ads up, to changing them when needed and providing analytics after they run.

How does one become certified?

You must pass a Google ads test to become certified.

How do you know if your prospective consultant is the best Google Ads consultant?

Check with their testimonials and references to see if they are as good as they say.

Why does a consultant need good customer service skills?

Providing Google ads consulting services means the consultant should have good customer service skills with you and your employees or freelancers. They need to coordinate tactics together.

What else should you expect from Google ads consulting?

That the person will do what they say they will do and follow through.

Why do you need transfer skills?

You want to be assured if they leave, that your company can still run Google ads successfully.

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  1. The certification adds legitimacy to the operation Lisa. Rare it seems to have actual certification to the online consultancy process. Some claim to be consultants but a third party, impartial body can add credibility to that claim. Good deal for all parties involved.


    1. Hi Ryan, It sure does add legitimacy to it. I understand the courses are not that easy either. I took a few years ago but haven’t in recent years. Thanks for coming by Ryan and have a great weekend ahead.

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