Build Your Online Presence – Planning & Actionable Tips For You

Your online presence and marketing are more important now than it has ever been. It’s more than just having a website, launching it, and hoping that people will find it. Learn how to improve and build your online presence. You need to actively build an online presence if you want people to have any idea that you exist.

There is so much competition in your sector. And competition in online business in general that doing anything other than this just won’t work.

build your online presence
Learn how to improve your online presence on Inspire To Thrive.

This can seem like a daunting task. The internet is a vast place, and the number of businesses there can make it seem like you’re making a tiny ripple in a huge ocean, especially when you put out content and get nothing in return.

With that in mind, it’s crucial to think about your online presence and how to build it before you actually get started.

Read on to find out more. 

The internet is a vast place, and the number of businesses there can make it seem like you’re making a tiny ripple in a huge ocean, especially when you put out content and get nothing in return. #onlinebiz Share on X

Be Everywhere Online To Build Your Online Presence

If you want your customers to find you, you need to be everywhere. Or rather, you need to be everywhere your potential customers are. Plus, you need to make yourself easy to find when people look for you.

The first point is about market research to increase your online presence. Once you know where your ideal customer spends their time when they’re online, you can ensure that you are posting and marketing in that same space.

Knowing that your target customer is more likely to be on Twitter than Facebook, for example, means you can spend your time working with a Twitter API and focusing your attention there.

Regarding the second point, there are a number of ways you can make yourself easier to find. One thing that is often overlooked is making your domain name the same as your company name.

Trying to be funny or clever might make you different. However, it can also be confusing for your customers who won’t be able to find you or easily remember your URL

Not only that but you want to be trusted online too. People buy from those they trust and that’s especially true online.

You need to make yourself easy to find when people look for you. #onlinepresence Share on X

Think About Content Marketing

Once you could post an advert online that simply stated what something was, how it worked, and how much it was, you could make sales.

Things are different and consumers are much less happy to be sold to. They like to make up their own minds, and they like to get to know the company first.

This is where content marketing can help boost your online presence.

content marketing
Thinking of adding content marketing to boost your online presence?

When you utilize content marketing rather than what might be termed traditional sales marketing, it might take longer to make a sale.

But once you do make that sale you will often have a customer for life. A  customer who is much happier talking about your business and products to others.

In the end, being patient and using content marketing as much as you can mean more profits.

Use Email Marketing for Your Online Presence

When you run a business, you’ll need to market it. Online marketing assures people will find your business online.

But there are many different ways to market a business. Email marketing might be something that works for you as it can certainly help to build your online presence.

Email marketing is a powerful way to remain as visible as possible to your customers. It is a regular reminder that you exist. Not only that but you offer great products, and your website is just a click away.

If you are looking for more tips on email marketing read Neal Schaeffer’s how to measure your email marketing ROI. He goes on to explain how conversion rates are higher for email marketing than for social media marketing.

There are several components of doing email marketing and you want to be sure you are doing all of them in order to succeed.

How To Improve Your Online Presence With Social Media

There are countless ways to promote your website and build your online presence, but one of the most effective is to use social media.

Whether you’re a blogger, content marketer, or have just started a new website, using social media can be an invaluable tool in making sure your work gets seen by the right people. Let’s take a look at how you can get started with using social media for promotion.

Choose Your Platforms Wisely

The first step is to choose your platforms wisely. Not every platform will be right for your business; it’s important that you find ones that fit with the type of content you create and the people who will be looking at it.

For example, if you are a fashion blogger, Pinterest, and Instagram may be great options; however, if you are creating content related to technology or finance, Twitter and LinkedIn may be better choices.

Do some research on each platform before committing to any of them so that you can ensure that you get the most out of each one.

Engage With Your Audience

Once you have chosen which platforms are best suited for your needs, it’s time to start engaging with your audience. First off, make sure that all of your accounts are set up properly and provide accurate information about yourself and/or your business.

You should also make sure that all accounts are connected so that if someone searches for you on one platform they can easily find links to other platforms as well.

Also, take time to engage with followers by responding to comments or direct messages in a timely manner; this helps build trust with potential customers and shows them that their opinions matter. You can find out what others are saying about you on social media with a social listening tool.

Create Quality Content

Just because it’s social media doesn’t mean you should post low-quality content! If anything, it means the opposite—you need to create quality content that is interesting, engaging, and relevant. This includes things like photos or videos, graphics (like infographics), quotes from industry leaders or influencers (with permission!), blog post excerpts or links back to full articles on your site, etc.

It’s also important not to over-post. Try not to post more than once or twice per day as too much posting can overwhelm followers and turn them away from following your account altogether. In the beginning just once or twice a week may be enough.

By choosing the right social media platforms for your needs and engaging regularly with high-quality content, you can start building relationships with customers more quickly.  Keep these tips in mind as you build your online presence.

Your Turn

How do you build your online presence? Do you know how to improve your online presence better now? I’d love to know more in the comments below.

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Lisa Sicard
  • David Jones says:

    I do agree with you. Website design matters a lot but if we dig deeper you will find tons of other things that needs to be taken care of. So yes since they are all linked to the website so it covers in the design and its a time taking process and once you are done you will be ready to sail the boat with confidence.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi David, welcome to Inspire To Thrive. Oh yes, not just the design but the usability is of utmost importance! No sense getting to a website that is not fast and/or not working. Thanks for your input and have a great day!

  • I dig the point about being everywhere your customers are. One post you published noted me being seen on a few blogging themed blogs out there. I totally dig that resonance because recently I doubled down on promoting guest posts I published on well-read blogging blogs like Pro Blogger, Blogging Pro, as well as sharing mentions I nabbed on respected sites like Neil Patel and Shout Me Loud. My customers hang in these spots.


    • Lisa says:

      Thank you Ryan. Yes, you really are everywhere Ryan on blog posts and on social media networks. It’s like you have truly duplicated yourself 🙂 Not many other bloggers can do that as effectively as you can Ryan. Thank for coming by and have a great day there in paradise!

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