Ensure Social Media And Marketing Management Reflects Well

When you’re interested in marketing something, be that a business, an individual, a service, or a product, you are putting plenty of information out there. Some of it might be through the lens of that package, and some of it might be personal to you.

If you are in any way associated with online tailoring and marketing, you likely have your name out there, or a company you are affiliated with.

social media and marketing management

The online landscape has plenty of reach. People from all over the world can view your output should they enter a few interesting key terms. Then, they can look around to see what you’re offering. It doesn’t take long.

If you’re not careful, your personal and professional lives can gel. Or perhaps your past business misdeeds or mistakes might be less hidden than you expect.

Ensuring your social media and marketing management reflects on you well is a consistent effort to help you secure your best potential reach online. This can prevent you from paying the price associated with sloppy online production. Let us explore this further:

If you are in any way associated with online tailoring and marketing, you likely have your name out there, or a company you are affiliated with. #digitalmarketing Click To Tweet

Consider Your Approach To Social Media And Marketing Management

Everything you do online refers back to you in some way. It might be that you use your LinkedIn profile to help establish your presence. Then, your Twitter will only be a short few clicks away and is likely easily found.

If you fill your Twitter timeline with political rants, complaints about people, and perhaps agitated replies to others, anyone viewing your LinkedIn can quite easily gain a distasteful view of your personality. This is the error we are trying to avoid. (I know it’s hard around election time so I recommend you stay in your Twitter list streams and not your mainstream Twitter feed.)

Twitter rant

Of course, you shouldn’t censor your true and honest free speech should you wish to give it. But it might be worth making your profiles private. Or at least consider using some restraint. No matter which side of a political dialogue you fall on, you can be sure that there will be some who are offended or annoyed by what you have to say.

Sometimes, it’s simply not worth the low-engagement response you may gain from these tweets compared to the impression they might give others. Ideally, it’s best to avoid this entirely! Instead, let your social media pages further back up the presence you are trying to professionally sell.

Social Media And Your Business

For example, why rant about a political topic when you could potentially contribute to the business Twitter-sphere, or encourage young startups seeking advice?

Why not utilize it as an extension of your reach? Or potentially house both a private and public social media page, the former using a maiden name or other usernames that may prevent it from being found? This way you can have the best of both worlds.

But of course, Twitter isn’t the only landscape. You might have a personal YouTube account, an Instagram, Facebook, and a range of other social platforms from which you discuss and post. We’re not suggesting you delete them or make them all private.

But a simple few hours of reflecting and considering how the posts might reflect on your main brand or professional intent can be instructive.

This is especially important considering how many of us have owned social media accounts for years. We grow as people, but sometimes the posts of the past might not reflect that, as is seemingly the norm among celebrity cancel culture today. It’s best to be wise here.

Your Website As A Powerful Marketing Tool

Owning a website can be a more powerful hub than any collection of social media posts. But even if your website is simply hosting your portfolio. It can be a gallery of images showcasing your attendance at events. Or, perhaps your stated goals and professional connections and history.

Either way, it needs to be navigable, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to utilize. Look at the example below from Neil Patel.com 

You know who Neil is right off the bat and you can click to work with him immediately.

neil patel great website

A simple contact form might be an encouraging method of getting in touch with you. Perhaps you could post your business advice there. Or, share freebies to help generate interest in who you are as a consultant or marketing manager.

Perhaps you might show projects you have worked on, links to your social media accounts, and many more objectively worthwhile considerations.

In other words, if you’re trying to stand up as a professional social media and marketing wizard, you need to market yourself well. This will show your skills in action. It might be worth investing in a motion graphic presentation to showcase who you are and what you do in a matter of minutes.

This can show you have a modern approach rather than expecting people to read reams of text. If you can wrap yourself up in a beautiful package online, then others will see just what your value is. This is the equivalent of a freelance writer constructing a summary or applying for a job. An understanding of the written word is essential.

A simple contact form might be an encouraging method of getting in touch with you. #digitalmarketing Click To Tweet

Marketing Your Website

If you’re not sure where to begin here, it might be promising to view those who you take inspiration from and see how their website or online presence is held. It might be getting in touch with a website designer and structuring your output could be worthwhile. Or maybe using the premium options for website builders such as Squarespace is your thing.

We often think that because of the prevalence of social media pages, websites are old-hat and no longer visited. But that’s not true. More and more people are understanding the creativity involved in structuring a worthwhile website, and that the density of information could be greater there. With a little marketing might, it could even have more of a reach.

After all, it’s not uncommon for marketers to use their own tactics to gain visibility, such as choosing an SEO farm and contributing to posts in the future. It’s also worthwhile to keep on top of marketing news, such as using the Amazon skill, Internet Marketing News distilled to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Social Media Kits for Social Media and Marketing Management

From time to time, you will want to use your outreach to promote yourself. Perhaps you wish to allow companies to embed your work and give credit to you, or perhaps businesses wish to list their contributive specialists. Perhaps you wish to list yourself on a featured list of professionals in order to be counted among the most contactable and recommended set of people in your industry.

However, those who wish to use your online profile, be that your logo, your font, or pictures of you, might take them from your website or from your social media pages. This can often lead to the use of low-resolution offerings. Or potentially, even outdated images or those that do not embed as well as they could.

This is why hosting a free social media kit on your website should help people find the official blurb or professional descriptor you wish to go by. Use high-resolution and updated images in many formats, such as. JPG, vectors, and. PNG’s. This can allow for transparency to really help your logo pop as it should.

online media kit


Perhaps a featured list of your preferred social contacts will be included. With this professional base, and with this feature on the home page of your website, others who wish to feature you will have the best materials with which to do it. That can help you avoid seeming out of touch, limited in aesthetics, or difficult to contact.

Referrals With Social Media And Marketing Management

In our attempts to give our platform the most visibility possible, we might find ourselves allying with others online. They could be whom we might have worked with before or wish to in the future.

This can lead us to have our website littered with cross-links. Or,  ‘verification badges’ from other agencies, and a range of other mixed promotional material that can often age quickly.

Just as you viewed your own social media content as something you should be responsible for, it can also be worthwhile to keep those you are connected to in check. It might be that their presence could rub off on you in a difficult manner.

Use Smart Advertising

Once you’ve got an accessible, SEO-friendly website, and an established social media presence, you can start to tailor your advertising to your target audience. Using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows you to put your ads at the forefront of search engines and specific social media platforms.

It is called PPC because, as an advertiser, you pay a small fee to the particular platform or search engine hosting your ad whenever a potential customer clicks on it.

The benefits of PPC ads are that with Google Ads, you can take advantage of reaching your target customers directly based on their keyword searches. The same PPC services are also available on Facebook

Ads to display your campaigns on the social media platform. If you’re new to the world of paid ads online, work with a PPC agency, as they will be experts on how to reap a return on investment and make your ads work for you.

It is called PPC because, as an advertiser, you pay a small fee to the particular platform or search engine hosting your ad whenever a potential customer clicks on it. #PPC Click To Tweet

Reputation By Association

Let’s say you own a marketing consultant’s agency. You’ve helped out a small firm you believe in, and you’ve helped them blossom and grow through your hard work. You’ve taken little in terms of recompense as stated from the offset, but in return, they’ve placed backlinks to your website and maybe hosted an emblem from your social media web kit.

And then, through some form of unfortunate circumstance, this business encounters a harsh social media PR storm. Perhaps one of their staff members got into a fight with a critic through Twitter. Perhaps it’s a worse example.

A simple few minutes of imagination can bring up PR nightmares that we’d rather not think about.

If that emblem is still on their website, there’s a chance that this will reflect back on you. Even if this was something you had little to do with it can reflect on your business. It can be important to revoke access to that connection in these times. Or at least be very careful when vetting your online connections and referrals. You might just be surprised as to how they turn out otherwise.

It can be hard to manage your presence online. With these simple tips and remedies, I do hope that it becomes just a little easier.

free trial of agorapulse for social media management

What are you doing today to manage your online presence? I’d love to know more about it in the comments below. Let’s discuss it! 

Lisa Sicard
  • Engin Soysal says:

    Hi Lisa,
    That’s an interesting topic. I’m a big believer of freedom of speech and I believe that you can and should talk about anything that you want as long as you believe in it.

    But unfortunately, not everyone is going to like what you say. That is the downside of social media… there are a lot of haters, trolls, sjw’s which prevent you from… being you.

    If you talk about politics people will hate on you… if you talk about sports non-sport lovers will hate you… if you say “Merry Christmas” a lot of people will say “That’s racist… it’s Happy Holidays”.

    You just can’t get it right on social media. But if you stay true to yourself and you are open and honest… things will go the way you want eventually.

    I’m new at these blogging thingy so Social Media Kits is sounding very beneficial… I will definitely check them out.


    Engin Soysal

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Engin, it is a tough line to cross online today if you are in business. A very tough one! What do you blog about Engin? I do have a social media kit that I just started to use http://inspiretothrive.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/03/Inspiremediakit.pdf Check it out if you like for ideas 🙂 Have a great day Engin.

      • Engin Soysal says:

        Hi Lisa,
        I’m actually blogging almost the same thing you’re blogging about :-).
        Most of my blogs (which are new) are about making money online and how to improve your business whether it’s marketing, socializing or just your own personal life.

  • Hello Lisa,

    Social Media is now one of the best ways to build your presence online. In today’s competitive world a business won’t thrive online without building a strong social media presence. However, It will definitely take some time to build a strong presence as people won’t accept strangers. You have to build a strong relationship with your customers. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips and insights here.


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Vishwajeet, it surely is a great way to build a presence. It doesn’t generate leads immediately and it is part of a long term strategy for many. I’m glad you mention it takes time as well. It’s about building relationships there and those don’t happen in a flash! You are most welcome and have a great day Vishwajeet!

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