Is The Twitter Like Button Too Easy On Twitter For Us?

The Twitter Like Button

Many people think Twitter is hard. They don’t get it unless they tweet all the time. But having a like button on Twitter made it easier. Consequently, people felt like they were on the familiar Facebook platform.

Surely, they could easily like a tweet. Some didn’t have to reply or respond to anyone. Other’s didn’t have to engage on Twitter. Most could just read and like some of the tweets that they really liked.

As can be seen, the like button is made of a heart on Twitter. It symbolizes love, but active users know it’s a like button. They can easily give approval to a tweet with the push of one button.

Twitter Like Button

Many people think Twitter is hard. They do not get it unless they tweet all the time. But having a like button on Twitter made it easier. Consequently, people felt like they were on the familiar Facebook platform. #Twitter Click To Tweet

How We Use the Twitter Like Button

Often, we use the like button there to approve of someone re-tweeting us. It saves us time from having to thank them.

Oftentimes, users use the like button to approve of their friends’ tweets. Sometimes, it is to like a special quote that goes by on their Twitter stream. And that Twitter stream moves fast!

The like button used to be a favorite button that was a star shaped button under tweets.  Hence, Twitter changed it back in 2016 to the like button with a heart. ♥

Engagement Gets Lost With The Twitter Like Button

But using the like button makes it less engaging. It is similiar to the like button on Facebook.

And that’s where the like button went astray.

Founder Jack Dorsey understands the value of engagement on Twitter. It’s what keeps us all coming back day after day, hour after hour. on Twitter

I love the quick conversations we can have there. Don’t you?

need help with Twitter

But Do Likes on Twitter Count for Something?

Today, the more likes you get on Twitter the more your tweet is shown in the algorithm. Each tweet has a counter as well under it with the number of likes it has received. If that like button goes away, do the counts we had also go away?

Therefore, does that change how our tweets show up in the algorithm too?

do Twitter likes count

There are many unanswered questions about the Twitter like button than there are answers right now. It will be interesting to see if they go ahead with this possible change.

In the past, Twitter has made changes and then reverted when they got bombarded with a backlash from their users. Social Media Today reported recently that since Twitter increased their character count a while back users were upset. 

Since then, Twitter users have calmed down. As a result, many Twitter users did NOT increase their character count. Abbreviations have been less used on Twitter though with this character count switch.

What was also interesting from the research on Twitter character count is that people got friendlier. They are saying thank you and please more often on Twitter.  ? I bet you haven’t heard that in the mainstream news about Twitter?

What was also interesting from the research on Twitter character count is that people got friendlier. They are saying thank you and please more often on Twitter. I bet you have not heard that in the mainstream news about Twitter?… Click To Tweet

Twitter is For Conversations

Twitter was really made for conversations when it first came out back in 2006. Back then, Twitter was meant for short messaging. It was like texting is today.

That is how Jack started Twitter back in the day. Before all the marketers and politicians came on board to tweet.  I bet they never imagined where it would all go today with 25 offices around the world.

In fact, the thing I find so different about Twitter is that you can meet people there. It’s like being at a networking event. With Facebook, you know them first.

For this reason, Twitter is where you get to meet other people. No obligations – no formalities. You can just tweet to them. They may or may not respond. It’s up to them.

But once you begin to have a conversation you can decide whether to continue to or not, day after day or sometimes months later. It’s not always a numbers game with followers on Twitter – it’s more about the conversations.

It’s not like Facebook whereas if you don’t engage with someone you won’t see their posts. With Twitter if they are on lists you can easily find their posts or if not, they can still be in your stream. Unless of course you mute them. ? There will always be those peeps that can annoy you on Twitter.

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Would Re-Tweets Count More Without the Twitter Like Button?

Therefore, the only thing left would be counting re-tweets for those concerned about keeping score on Twitter. Other than that, without the verified approval process available there would be no way to know someone’s Twitter value. It would only be based on retweets and the number of followers someone has.

Finally, maybe the best thing for Twitter would be to have nothing count. No follower count, no retweet count. Just pure conversations of people going back and forth discussing issues of the day. In other words, imagine a place where you just meet and chat with others online?

What Others Are Saying About The Twitter Like Button



Maybe emojis will take over for the like button? Emotions are shown via emoji’s count more on Facebook for their algorithm. Maybe Twitter is trying to become more like Facebook?

Likewise, how about having a Twitter follow me button under your tweet?

Over To You

Do you want to see the Twitter Like Button stay or go? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Hi Lisa,
    I think Twitter should keep the like button. If they want to be a fast site, it’s quick to click
    like and let people feel good. I feel good when people click like on my tweets.

    • Hi Janice, It will be interesting to see if they do or not. Jack has been talking about eliminating it but he also has recently talked once again about an edit button. Neither has happened yet. I hear on the feel good effect 🙂 Thanks for coming by and have a great week ahead and Happy Thanksgiving!

  • The Like button does make you kind of lazy but that’s the same on Facebook and at least a LIKE of Twitter means something on Twitter.
    I can’t ever see it being removed from Twitter.

    • Hi Dexter, Do you mean by meaning something the algorithm on Twitter? It will be interesting to see if they do eliminate it or not. The other thing they are talking about again is the edit feature. I’d love to see that too 🙂 Thanks for coming by Dexter, I hope you are having a nice weekend!

  • This one is informative yet interesting.

    There is nothing bad in like button, Yes If the like button will remove from twitter then there would be possibilities, the people engage more with the posts.
    But I like it because, If I don’t like something, and don’t want to share with my followers, then I can like the post and appreciate the work and efforts.

    And, Twitter follows me button under tweet would be so amazing. Thank you for sharing Lisa, I got this information from your blog and It’s good to know about it.

    • Thank you Sophie, Welcome to Inspire to Thrive. It’s not that it is bad, but it can make us lazy. It gives us the option to like and move on instead of stopping and chatting with others on Twitter. It doesn’t give us any engagement with others. Engagement is really key today in social media. But having likes is nice as it shows others did see the tweet and like it 🙂 Thanks for coming by and have a wonderful day Sophie.

  • Hey Lisa,

    Like button is good for us in some aspects it gives other liberty to quickly respond to tweets. But personally, I don’t like this like button..

    Thanks for sharing this post.

    • Hi Jitendra – I would agree. I think it makes us lazy and leaves less chance for engaging with others on Twitter. Thanks for coming by and have a great new week ahead there!

  • Hi Lisa,

    I would say the like button is easy for us on Twitter to just click like on a tweet and move on. It shows that you like the post, and or appreciate the tweet or retweet, but there a downside to it. That’s the fact that it takes away real conversations between real people. Yes, clicking a like button is a form of engagement, but having real conversation helps to strengthen bonds and build trust.

    • Thank you Moss for coming back to test here. I agree – Twitter is more about having real conversations and not just liking posts along the way. They do help a little with the algorithm but that’s it. I would rather have a conversation anytime there Moss. Thanks again and have a great weekend ahead!

  • Funny, but I only started using the Like button recently, mostly because I saw so many others use it over the years. But, in honesty, I think it’s pretty useless. As you say, it does nothing to promote conversations which is what I love about Twitter.
    But then again, I only recently started using the native RT button simply because it also doesn’t really invite good engagement. But that’s me.
    Overall, I love Twitter so much more than I ever will Facebook.

    • Hi Amanda, yes – that was sort of my point. That the Like button on Twitter is useless, it does not offer engagement on the network and has made us lazier. 🙁
      I try to add stuff to the RT but not always, either time or lack of what to put there sometimes hits me. I like it there much better myself on Twitter. 🙂
      Thanks for coming by on this one Amanda. Have a great evening!

  • Great read, Lisa. Quite frankly, I don’t use the Like button much on Twitter. I would rather reply to the person. Twitter, to me, just isn’t as personable as a Facebook like imo. So, if Twitter would do away with the Like button. No biggy. Twitter is about conversation and I think it’s gotten away from that and is just a “look at my blog post” or “check out what I’m selling”. I was guilty of that in the past. Twitter just isn’t what it was when you and I both started out, Lisa. Kind of a shame.”

    • Thank you Bren, I really appreciate your coming by 🙂 I agree. But I do prefer it over Facebook still. I have more conversations on Twitter with like minded people. Facebook is more family, friends, etc. People you already know 🙂 Imagine, how long since we meet there on Twitter? Have a great night and Happy Election!

  • Wow, Great Post @Lisa

    I think like button is very useful for Social signals as one of the ranking factors for search engines.

    Anyway, very useful read. Thanks for sharing

    Best Wishes,

    • Thanks Upvote. It could be but if it goes away would engagement count more? Thanks for coming by and have a great day.

  • Hello Lisa,
    twitter like button Is One Of The Biggest Topics People Are Talking About.
    I regularly tweet on my relevant topics.

    • Ni Niraj, what do you think about the Twitter like button? Would you miss it if it goes away? Thanks for coming by! Have a great day.

  • Like button in twitter is a nice way to show love to the tweets. I often see that my retweets are liked/loved by the person who has originally written that tweet and whose tweet i do retweet.

    People are so much habitual to like button now a days that if it goes away, they will start writing LIKE 🙂

    And i really liked the tweet of Adriana above .. nice thinking 🙂

    • Hi Atul. It is but I think retweets and actual conversation should be weighted more. It’s so easy to just give something a like.
      Yes, that’s a cool tweet for sure Atul 🙂 Thanks for coming by and have a great day and a new week ahead!

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