8 Ways Realtors Can Use Digital Marketing to Boost Sales

Are you a realtor? Do you look for new ways to jump-start your business with effective marketing services for realtors? Knowing these realtors digital marketing best tips below can help get you started.

Well, you may already know that the real estate market is estimated to grow more than 2.3% this year. And in this digital era, people get help from an online search before making any purchase.

Of course, in the case of buying a home, no one is going to make the final deal without seeing the house in person. But did you know that about 80% of home buyers search online when they look for a house?

If you want to make it big in the real estate industry, you will need a solid online presence. And that is exactly where realtors digital marketing tactics comes into the picture.

With a proper digital marketing plan in place, you can grow your database, enhance your lead conversion, increase your brand awareness, and so on. 

8 Ways to Boost Your Sales in the Real-Estate Business with Digital Marketing

Did you know that about 91% of realtors are already taking the help of social media to market their business?

Now, if you don’t want to fall behind and give your real estate business a huge boost, the following are some ways you can do that with the help of digital marketing.

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Read on to learn more.

1. Design A User-Friendly Website For Realtors Digital Marketing

What do you do when you visit a website and find it to be slow? You close it, right?

The same is the case with your audience. So, while creating a website for your potential customers, make sure that it loads first. Also, make the website responsive so that people using their mobile phones to open your website can browse easily.

In order to provide your potential customers with the best browsing experience, add the following things to your website:

·  Good content that can help them understand what the buying process is

·  Listings of houses

·  Links to moving-related services, including home inspectors and movers

·  A chat feature so that your clients can get in touch with you 24/7

2. Create An Email Campaign

If you want to get more leads while staying relevant to your existing customers, a well-crafted email campaign can help.

Today the average open rate of business emails related to real estate is about 27%.

Therefore, make sure that your campaign content is something that the buyers find interesting.

Email lets realtors reach a ton of prospects efficiently. You can target specific neighborhoods or demographics with tailored messaging.

Email marketing is way cheaper than print ads or mailers. And you get detailed metrics on open rates, clicks, etc. to optimize your approach.

Emails make it easy to share new listings, open house details, or just stay top-of-mind. But the key is segmenting your email lists and personalizing content – generic blasts don’t cut it.

With the right strategy, email campaigns can consistently generate warm leads for realtors.

3. Increase The Visibility of Your Real Estate Business With SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a great role in boosting your online presence. You already know that people use Google first when they are looking to buy, rent, or sell a property.

However, you need to make use of SEO to give a push to the ranking of your website in organic search results. You can start by focusing on local SEO.

In that case, people will get to know about your business while searching for houses in your local area.

Use Google My Business (Places)

Google My Business helps realtors with SEO by boosting local search visibility. It allows you to create a listing with key info like address, hours, and services.

Optimizing this listing improves rankings in local map pack results. Google prioritizes listings with complete data, reviews, and engagement. Regularly updating your listing keeps it relevant for local real estate searches.

4. Utilize Pay-Per-Click Ads

Commonly known as PPC, Pay-Per-Click ads are a great way to generate new leads for your real estate business.

This is a cost-effective way to promote your business; you only need to pay when someone clicks on your ad.

You can even target your PPC ads towards people who have already searched for related keywords online.

Pay-per-click advertising works exceptionally well for realtors. It allows them to target potential home buyers actively searching for properties in specific areas.

The realtor’s ads appear at the top of search results, grabbing the attention of motivated buyers. Since they only pay when someone clicks, it’s cost-effective for generating quality leads.

The ability to control budgets and target by location, price range, and other factors makes PPC a powerful tool for realtors looking to connect with their ideal clients quickly.

5. Make A Social Media Marketing Strategy

With so many people always online on different social media channels, it is crucial to have a good social media marketing strategy in place. Here is a list of things you can post on your social media channels:

·  Case studies

·  Relevant and engaging blog posts

·  Existing and new listings

·  Success stories

Twitter’s a must for realtors looking to connect with their local community and industry peers. It lets you share listings, open house details, and market insights in bite-sized updates that are easy for followers to digest.

Plus, you can join conversations around real estate trends and engage with potential clients. Just be sure to post a good mix of valuable content and personal touches – no one wants to follow an account that’s all sales pitches.

Consistent, authentic posting on Twitter X can help build your brand and establish you as a trusted local expert.

6. Host Virtual Home Tours

Did you know that video content can generate 49% faster revenues for marketers compared to non-video users?

So, host virtual home tours and include the following:

·  Real footage of the homes

·  3D and user-friendly virtual tours

·  Interactive and responsive videos

7. Go For Online Reputation Management with Reviews

Have you ever made a purchase without going through its reviews online? No, right?

The same goes for your clients as well. While looking for a new house, they always look for reviews of realtors along with the properties they are offering.

Reviews work wonders for realtors. They build trust with potential clients and boost online visibility.

Positive reviews showcase an agent’s expertise, responsiveness, and ability to guide buyers/sellers smoothly through transactions. They’re social proof that attracts new leads.

Importantly, reviews help realtors rank higher in local search results – a major advantage in a competitive market. Encouraging satisfied customers to leave detailed feedback pays dividends.

Make sure to have great reviews on Google, Zillow, Facebook, or other channels. Don’t be afraid to ask clients for them.

8. Use AI For Realtors Digital Marketing

Using AI for digital marketing can give realtors a competitive edge. AI tools analyze data to identify ideal customer segments and create hyper-targeted ads.

They automate tedious tasks like ad creation and optimization, freeing agents to focus on clients. AI chatbots engage prospects 24/7, nurturing leads until they’re ready to convert.

Smart CRMs powered by AI provide timely reminders and insights to seal more deals. Ultimately, AI streamlines realtors’ marketing efforts, boosts ROI, and drives more qualified leads.

Conclusion: Realtors Digital Marketing Strategies

If you want to make it big in the real estate market, make sure to embrace the tried and tested digital marketing strategies mentioned here.

This way, you can reach more people and convert them into your permanent customers.

Are you now ready to shine as a realtor?

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