Missinglettr vs Agorapulse vs Buffer; A Detailed Comparison

If you have social media marketing needs, you must have thought of how to make life easy through automation. If you have, then it’s certain you know one or all of these social media automation software – Missinglettr, Agorapulse, Buffer.

They are amongst the best social media marketing apps that automate marketing and generate remarkable results for social media marketers.

Being all fantastic products, there is always a choice challenge.

In this Missinglettr, Agorapulse, and Buffer comparison article, I thoroughly discuss their similarities and differences. I hope this content helps you choose the best tool for your social media marketing.

First is a brief intro – for marketers and business owners new to social media marketing automation.

Missinglettr vs Agorapulse vs Buffer
Missinglettr vs Agorapulse vs Buffer review for you to decide which tool is right for you.


Social Media Marketing Automation

Social media marketing automation involves using specialized software to reduce time spent on manual social media tasks.

It can be as simple as scheduling your posts or as complex as curating content, generating analytics reports, customer journey tracking, etc.


These automation apps make life easy and save you time so you can focus on achieving other strategic business management goals. You’ll get to share relevant content on socials even when it seems impossible.

Buffer published this social media automation guide which you might find helpful.

Now you know what social media automation is all about, you may decide to use Buffer, Agorapulse, or Missinglettr (If you know about the tools before now).

If not, continue reading. 

I’ll help you make the right decision.


A Quick Missinglettr Review

Learn more about Missinglttr
How Missinglttr works for your social media management


Discovering Missinglettr has revolutionized my social media journey. I wrote an extensive review of the automation software and how to create a social marketing campaign on Missinglettr.

Missinglettr is an all-in-one social marketing platform that autogenerates engaging social media posts from your published content. The automation software also puts your content distribution on autopilot by connecting you to the best niche influencers.

In a sentence,

Missinglettr automates your social media posts, improves social media marketing, and grows your business with each scheduled social media post.

It only requires you to sign up at a discounted rate, enter the URL of your first blog for sharing, and connect your social media accounts. 

missing lttr social media tool
You can connect these social media channels to your Missinglttr account.


The tool takes it up, creates your first campaign, and gives you 365 days’ worth of social media posts. You approve before they’re published.

The software is ideal for you if you’re a solo social media manager or a small business owner managing a few social media accounts.


Missinglettr Features

missinglttr rewards
Learn about the Missinglttr rewards of a unified content strategy in place.


Some Missinglettr key features include;

  • The drip campaign schedules your posts 365 days a year.
  • The calendar enables you to set up a marketing schedule you want the tool to follow.
  • Curate, which enables you to curate and share engaging content with your followers.
  • It optimizes posts and images to suit individual social platforms
  • Extract quotes and turns them into branded quote bubble images you can share easily.
  • Hashtag recommendation based on trends and relevancy.
  • Guest post promotion
  • Auto medium content repurposing 
  • Ease-to-customize content templates.
  • Flexible social media post scheduling.
  • Campaign analytics.
  • Branded imagery.
  • Customer URL shorteners.
  • You get to approve before the software makes any post.
  • You can also invite your clients to work as the approval party.

You can read the Missinglettr full review or proceed to sign up at a discounted price (courtesy of Inspire to Thrive).


MissingLettr Pricing

affordable pricing
You will love the affordable pricing with Missingltrr or the FREE plan!


The affordable software offers a 14-day no-obligation free trial plan. 

Is there a Missinglettr lifetime deal? Not at the moment. 

You can buy any of the three plans available;

  • The free plan
  • The solo plan, or
  • The pro plan.

Every plan comes with a free trial version, and you can cancel anytime.

Check your preferred plan and sign up for what meets your budget.


A Quick Agorapulse Review

Agorapulse social media marketing automation


Agorapulse is one of the best social media management tools today, especially for agencies and enterprises with huge social media marketing processes. 

Using Agorapulse saves you lots of time. Lisa has used the marketing tool for 4+ years and talks about its awesomeness.

Here’s why.

Agorapulse is an affordable alternative to Sprout Social and supports four core social media management functionalities;

  • Publishing.
  • Monitoring.
  • Inbox management and 
  • Detailed reporting.

The tool works on almost every social media platform and has a simple dashboard and interface. This easy-to-use nature makes it suitable for beginner social media automation users.

A thin, left-hand sidebar menu gives you access to different product sections. You can also compose new posts, invite team members, add new profiles, view notifications, view help docs, and contact support easily.

As a new user learning how to use Agorapulse, you’ll have to set up your account using the setup wizard. One of the key things to set up is telling the tool about your organization/team and connecting team members’ profiles.


Agorapulse Features

Agorapulse features


Some Agorapulse Key Features include;

  • Accommodates more than 40 social media profiles and 8+ users.
  • Supports Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.
  • You have unlimited scheduled posts per month, and you can schedule your posts in bulk.
  • Content labels and tagging are available.
  • Integrated social media calendar.
  • Inbox functionality like advanced filtering, priority tagging, automated responses, etc.
  • Mentions, keywords, and hashtag monitoring
  • Assign and approve posts before they go live.
  • Share calendars with non-Agorapulse users. Ideal for reports if you’re working for a client.
  • Social CRM functionalities
  • Ad comments monitoring
  • Facebook competitors and team members tracking and monitoring.
  • Storage structure
  • A browser extension that enables you to share any post you like via social media.


Is Agorapulse Free? A Detailed Agorapulse Pricing

agorapulse pricing

Agorapulse is not free; however, they offer a 15-day no-obligation Agorapulse free trial which doesn’t require you to add your credit card.

This free trial applies to all three plans; Pro, Premium, and Enterprise. Use Code: lisa2free to get 2 FREE Months!

To answer the question, ‘how much is Agorapulse?’ Agorapulse pricing is affordable;

  • The Agorapulse Pro plan is suitable for social media management for small teams and is US$79/month billed annually.
  • The Agorapulse Premium plan is suitable for agencies and growing teams and is US$199/month billed annually.
  • The Agorapulse Enterprise plan is suitable for you if you want ultimate social media control and growth flexibility and is billed via a custom plan that requires you to contact the Agorapulse team.


A Quick Buffer Social Media Tool Review

buffer app comparison
Learn how the Buffer app compares to Missinglttr and Agorapulse


Buffer is another social media automation tool considered the most intuitive, affordable, and authentic way to reach more people on social media.

Buffer enables you to;

  • Measure and analyze social media performance metrics in a few clicks. 
  • Collaborate and publish social media posts easily.
  • Engage your customers twice as fast.
  • Monitor your growth and celebrate your progress.
buffer app review
Learn more about the Buffer app in comparison to Missingltrr and Agorapulse.


Lisa has been using Buffer since 2013 and published an extensive review of the Buffer social media automation tool after trying out a couple of Buffer alternatives for social media automation.

Buffer is great for handling social media management for small to medium-sized businesses with a little social media marketing budget and time. The software pricing is structured in a way you get to pay for only what you need.

If you’re only interested in publishing and analyzing posts, you can purchase the plan that offers only that. You can also purchase a package that supports growth monitoring and assessment.

Buffer is easy to use no matter how many social networking sites you manage.

The dashboard and user interface are structured to make it easy for you too;

  • Identify specific social sites.
  • Scroll through queued posts.
  • Switch between drafted posts.
  • View analytics and
  • Do every other thing you need to do on the platform.

Buffer registration is easy. Once you’re done signing up, the next thing to do is set up and authorize Buffer to access and use your social media accounts.

The Buffer setup process is straightforward, and you don’t have to worry about your password safety as the tool is secure. 

You can connect your Facebook pages and groups, personal and business Twitter accounts, LinkedIn profiles and pages, Pinterest boards, etc.

To enjoy Buffer to the highest, you need to sign up for a paid plan at a discount.


Buffer Features

Some Buffer Key Features include;

  • Simple cross-posting.
  • Integrates with almost every social platform.
  • Straightforward calendar view.
  • Adding other team members for easy collaboration and delegation.
  • Easy set-up of posting schedule for each of your social accounts.
  • You can pick different days and times to post.
  • Pick specific times to post each weekday.
  • You can create posts from scratch or curate them using the Buffer extension.
  • You can add relevant texts, images, videos, and links to your posts.
  • Buffer supports emojis so that you can use your favorite emojis in posts.
  • You can check and compare your most essential metrics.
  • You can sort your recent history to see your biggest hits.


Buffer Social Media Automation Tool Cost

buffer pricing
See how the Buffer pricing compares to MissingLttr and Agorapulse.

Buffer cost is affordable and structured to suit your unique need. Whether you want to use the tool monthly or yearly, there’s something for you.

Buffer plans include;

  • Buffer Free plan, which is $0 and suitable for individuals and businesses getting started with social media. This empowers you to manage up to three channels.
  • Buffer Essentials plan, which is $6 monthly (billed at $5 monthly when billed annually). This is suitable for publishing, analytics, and engagement tools professionals.
  • Buffer Team plan, which is $12 monthly (billed at $10 monthly when billed annually). This is suitable for teams who want unlimited user seating, collaboration, and reporting.
  • Buffer Agency Plan, which is $120 monthly (billed at $100 monthly when billed annually). This is suitable for marketing agencies with 10 or more social media channels.


Missinglettr Comparison vs Agorapulse vs Buffer; A Side-by-Side Comparison

Having used and/or discussed extensively with colleagues who have used each of these social media automation tools, here is what I have to say;


  • MissingLettr is suitable for solo and freelance marketers, founders, writers, bloggers, or anyone managing and promoting their blog, brand, etc.
  • Agorapulse offers everything Missinglettr and Buffer offer and more. It’s ideal for marketing agencies and marketing departments of large corporate organizations managing multiple accounts on multiple platforms.
  • On the other hand, Buffer is ideal for solopreneurs and MSMEs who might want to manage multiple accounts.



The three social media marketing automation software offers a free trial that you can leverage for testing.

  • MissingLettr pricing is designed to suit its core target – solopreneurs –  thus is affordable and flexible. 
  • Agorapulse targets agencies and big corporates, and this are reflected in its cost ranging between $79 per month and over $200 per month. (Use Code: lisa2free) for 2 FREE Months!
  • Depending on your package, buffer pricing ranges from $5 to $120. Buffer has a free plan for persons that want to use Buffer for free.


Company Details

  • Missinglettr software was founded in 2015 in the United Kingdom.
  • Agorapulse was founded in 2011 in Paris, France.
  • Buffer was founded in 2010 in the United States.



  • MissingLettr has an average of 4.9 reviews across major software reviewing platforms. 
  • Agorapulse has about 4.6 average reviews from software review platforms.
  • Buffer has averaged a 4.5 rating on all reviewing platforms for software.


Table Showing a Side-by-Side Comparison of Missinglettr, Agorapulse, and Buffer.

S/NFeature MissingLettrAgorapulseBuffer
1Ideal forSolopreneursBig AgenciesMSMEs
2Value for money Review54.74.5
3Ease of use Review4.54.44.5
4Customer support review54.64.5
5Free trialYes Yes Yes 
6Free versionYesNoYes
7DeploymentCloud, SaaS, Web-BasedWeb-Based

iPhone App

Android App

Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based

Android App

iPhone App

iPad App

8Customer SupportEmail/Help Desk




Email/Help Desk



Knowledge Base

24/7 Live Rep.

Email/Help Desk



9PricingStarts at $15/monthPricing starts at $79/monthStarts at $5/month
10Features Automated Publishing

Campaign Management and Analytics

Content Management

Conversion Tracking

Custom Domains

Email Marketing

Link Shortening

Link Analytics

Multi-Account Management

Multi-Channel Attribution

Post Scheduling

Reporting Statistics


ROI Tracking

Social Media Monitoring

Tag Management

Third-Party Integration

Activity Dashboard and Tracking

Automated Publishing and Scheduling

Campaign Management, Scheduling, and Analytics

Click Tracking

Contact Management

Content Management

Conversion Tracking

Customer Segmentation

Data Visualization

Engagement Tracking

Keyword Filtering


Multi-Account Management

Multi-Channel Management and Marketing

Performance Metrics

Post Scheduling

Reporting Statistics


ROI Tracking

Social Media Integration, Monitoring, Promotion, and Performance Management.

Tag Management

Trend Analysis

Visual Analytics


Calendar Management

Automated Publishing

Campaign Management

Collaboration Tools

Content Management

Multi-Account Management

Post Scheduling

Reporting, Analytics & Statistics

ROI Tracking

Social Media Integration, Monitoring and Promotion.





Live Online













LinkedIn for Business

Meta for Business



TikTok (New!)

Google Places (formerly GMB)



LinkedIn for Business


Meta for Business






Wrapping Up with MissingLettr vs Agorapulse vs Buffer Comparison

To wrap up, I’ll give you the advice I always give anyone who wishes to adopt marketing software. Ask yourself a series of questions whose answers will help you choose the marketing tool that’ll suit you most.

To choose the best social media automation tool out of Missinglettr, Agorapulse, and Buffer, ask;

  • What is your social media marketing goal?
  • Which platform do your target prospects use most?
  • Which social media marketing tasks do you wish to automate?
  • Do you want a unique solution or a one size fits all solution?
  • What is your experience level with social media automation?
  • And finally, which tool can your marketing budget afford and yet achieve your marketing goals?

Answer these questions, and the decision on the tool to select will be easier.

I hope this Missinglettr vs Agorapulse vs Buffer comparison helps you make the best decision.

Have you used any of these Missinglettr, Agorapulse, or Buffer comparisons yourself? I’d love to know in the comments below.

Christopher Iwundu

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    1. Christopher Iwundu

      Thank you Ileane,

      Yes. Buffer is super helpful in terms of giving one exactly the features they need.

      I’m glad to hear it’s your favorite.

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