How to Use the Minds Social Network and Get Rewarded

Are you looking for an alternative social media network where you get rewarded for using the network? The Minds social media network is quickly becoming one of my favorite social media networks today.

As a matter of fact, I got so excited to see them in my top 40 places of where traffic was coming from ahead of my YouTube channel that I had to share about it today. ☺️

By and large, Minds is a combination of Twitter and Facebook all rolled into one without censorship or all political posts like Parler has become.

What I really love is the rewards you receive for engaging on their network. Hence, you may use the rewards (tokens as they call them) to boost your content or Minds channel.

how to use the minds network


The Minds social media network is quickly becoming one of my favorite social media networks today. #Minds Click To Tweet

Getting Started on the Minds Social Network

Like any other social media network set up your profile with your picture and bio. You may include your website or blog address in it. Then, you can connect your other social media channels too if you like on right on your Minds profile. Note, you can see my Minds profile page below. ⬇️

Of course, look for some folks to follow or start following me. 

In fact, you can also follow my dear friend Bren or fellow blogger Eric on minds too!

how to set up your minds profile

Using Groups on Minds

Like Facebook, the Minds social network offers a group feature. You can start or join a group on Minds. I’m a member of a blogging group there. There are over 2,000 blog members and I’d love to see more bloggers join in and make it a really great group to share blogging tips and posts.

Moreover, there are many different types of groups on minds and if you are into Bitcoin or any cryptocurrency, Minds is the place for YOU!

There are over 2,000 blog members and I'd love to see more bloggers join in and make it a really great group to share blogging tips and posts. #Minds #socialmedia Click To Tweet

The Discovery Feed

Now, if you have been following me for any amount of time on Inspire To Thrive you know how I love Twitter Lists. Well, Minds has its own type of list called “Your Tags”.

These tags are similar to the Twitter lists in that you can follow certain topics (tags) and stay in that feed vs. the whole feed. Comparatively, it will save you time and keep you focused on your topics.


your tags on the Minds network

How To Speak Your Mind

To post on the Minds Social Network, you hit the Speak Your Mind area on top of the feed.

You can add images or videos to your Minds post. Next, be sure to add tags (hashtags) to your posts so they can be searched on the network.

Now, be sure to watch the video below to learn more. ⬇️ 📺


What Are Reminds on the Minds Social Network?

If you want to share someone else’s posts they are called reminds. They are like retweets over on Twitter or the share button on Facebook.

However, you can choose the “quote” button to add your own commentary before sharing and make it more personal. Furthermore, these “reminds: work great on the mobile app as well. You can do almost anything on the mobile app that you can do on the desktop today.

Even so, with the mobile app, you will be asked occasionally to upgrade the app and I do recommend that you do. However, it only takes a minute and it keeps your Minds more secure.

If you want to share someone else's posts they are called reminds. #Mindssocialnetwork #socialmedianetworks Click To Tweet

How to Share From Minds to Twitter and/or Facebook

You do have the option to share your Minds posts to Twitter or Facebook. At the bottom of each Minds post, you can see the share button.

how to share from Minds to Twitter or Facebook

It’s a great way to encourage others from those networks to join you over on Minds.

Many people may think of it as another alternative social media network but Minds really is different from the majority of them.

You do have the option to share your Minds posts to Twitter or Facebook. #minds #socialmedia Click To Tweet

Earning Tokens on Minds Social Network

So, you may be wondering how do I earn tokens? It’s really quite simple! You engage on the network as you would on any other social media network. Next, you can use these tokens to boost your own content or page or boost other channels.

Each day you will receive a contribution score for your activity on the Minds network.

Now, this score determines your share of the daily rewards pool and results in a payout of Minds Tokens, which can be used to support other channels or boost your content for more reach.

Each day you will receive a contribution score for your activity on the Minds network. #Minds #socialmedianetworks Click To Tweet

Turning Tokens into Bitcoins

In order to earn bitcoins, you can turn your tokens into bitcoins and put them in your wallet. Now, you have 3 choices for a wallet: Coinbase, WalletConnect, or MetaMask.

the Minds Wallet

You can also earn tokens and access the decentralized web with them.

As I mentioned in the above video, Minds has been around since 2015 and started as a blockchain social network.  So, if you are into cryptocurrency Minds is the place for you!

Minds Chat

The Minds social network has a new chat feature that was launched at the beginning of May 2021. The chat features include:

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Direct messaging
  • Private chat rooms
  • Public chat rooms
  • Video conferencing
  • File-sharing
  • Single sign-on with Minds credentials
  • Voice and video calling
  • Bridges and extensions
  • and, Much more.

The Minds Analytics Feature

Yes, just like with any other social media network you can check your analytics out on the Minds social network.

For example, as shown below you can pick 12 months or just one month to see how your impressions or pageviews are doing. ⬇️


minds analytics

Your 2 Cents On The Minds Social Network

Have you tried out the Minds network? I’d love to know your thoughts on this alternative social media network today!

Finally, please leave a comment below so we can discuss or I can answer any questions you may have about the Minds social network!

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  • Hi Lisa

    This sounds really great.

    So tired of the same old social platforms.

    Nothing new going on with them, so this looks exciting.

    I’ll definitely jump in 🙂


    • Hi Donna, I hear you on that one! Do give it time to adjust to Minds – I did and am really liking it there. Lots of variety of topics and a blogging group too. Thanks for coming by and Happy 1st day of June 🙂

  • Hi Lisa, I think I am going to take a look at this. Is there a referral system? If so what is your link? And are you using this to boost your blog in a Viral Content Bee style or using it to earn % of Bitcoin?

    Have you earned anything yet?

    Regards Dexter

    • Hi Dexter. Yes, my referral link is I am using it to boost my content and other’s content on the network. It is similar to Viral Content Bee in that regard. You can also earn or pay via bitcoin too. I’ve just done it for the boosts. You are rewarded for engaging (not like Facebook where you have to pay!) But of course, you can pay there too for a premium membership. Something I may do soon! Thanks for checking this one out Dexter. Have a great weekend ahead!

  • Good to know Lisa. I am totally new to Minds; I had never heard of it before reading your blog post. The 2K bloggers group network definitely caught my eye. I am always on the lookout for meeting, greeting, helping and befriending new bloggers. Thanks!


    • I’m glad you signed up Ryan. I really think you will like this network. It takes time like any new network to get familiar and use it daily. I love the variety of people and topics that are on this Minds network and of course, that they reward you for engaging on it. You can then share your content out more with the rewards or use it on others content too 🙂 Thanks for coming by and taking the time to comment Ryan. Have a great evening!

  • Thanks for the mention Lisa. I do like how Minds has evolved. Definitely a platform to pay attention to these days. Somehow the user interface works better for me than many other sites. And I am not entirely sure why.

    • You are most welcome Eric. I’m really enjoying this social network. It really has evolved and it will be interesting to see where else it goes. I love how it works on mobile – easier than others for sure! Thanks for coming by on this one Eric and have a great day 🙂

    • You are most welcome Bren. I’m really loving this network after trying about a dozen of the alternative ones out there. We will have to try out that chat feature soon. Thanks for coming by and have a GOOD day! 🙂

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