Gain Instagram Followers with These 7 Sure-Fire Tips

Are you looking to gain Instagram followers for your blog or business?

Technology is growing at an alarming speed. They are practically influencing every industry in the world. But, just like every other development and discovery, technology has its advantages and disadvantages.

But, it is important to focus on the benefits of anything that helps us with our day-to-day life. One of the biggest developments of technology is the Internet, which revolutionized the world and its ways. The Internet offers us many vital options where we can use them to get work done easily.

The greatest support of the Internet is the social media apps created by many app developers with great features. Social media is nowadays being used to help business people and startups in the field of marketing and advertising companies.

This article will certainly help you increase the engagement rate of your Instagram account.

how to gain instagram followers

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Social Media and its Role in Online Marketing:

About 3.78 billion people use social media every day, according to many surveys conducted by the USA and many other technical countries. And that is 48% of the population, which is a very large number.

Since the number of users of social media keeps increasing every day, officials of the business world have decided to use it to their advantage. 

Social media has started playing an important role in increasing the engagement rate of social media profiles in various apps. Some of the primary apps used for social media marketing include Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, and of course, Instagram.

Instagram is considered to be the best of them all since they are very multi-purposeful. 

Instagram and the Various Benefits of Increasing Your Followers:

Today, Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps in recent times. This has been proved by multiple statistics of various technically developed countries like the USA.

One such survey tells us that an average user spends about 58 minutes every day on Instagram. This tells us that if you effectively promote your business, you can buy Instagram Followers.


Some of the effective ways to optimize your Instagram profile are given below.

7 Effective Tips to Optimize your Instagram profile and to Increase Your Reach:

Outlook of the Profile to Gain Instagram Followers

Always fill out all the important details about your brand and yourself. Provide call-to-action details and notable usernames. Set a high-quality profile picture and add the link to your website in your profile.

Now, you can change that link from time to time and it’s recommended you do. You can change it to special sales pages or new blog posts.

The link in your bio is prime real estate property on Instagram.

Make sure you provide all the information required which can make the customers understand your services more easily.

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Quality of the Instagram Content

Certainly, the quality of content is the most vital part of increasing engagement rate. Produce high-quality, non-repetitive content. Create and post content with creative yet clear outlooks.

Keep the captions of the post short, since people never like reading long captions. Use the latest trends like hashtags, proper aesthetics, and much more. 

Be sure to add emojis in your captions as people respond more to them as they show emotions.

Usage of proper Aesthetics To Gain Instagram Followers

Aesthetics are one of the greatest additions of Instagram and Pinterest. This is a jack of all trades technique since they provide you a great visual platform by using the right aesthetics.

The selection of the right aesthetic includes the right choice of colors, background, and themes. Keep the aesthetics related to the intent and theme of your post. 

  Keeping up with the latest trends:


Instagram is very much up-to-date with the latest trends. So if you want to buy Instagram followers, use the latest trends like tags and hashtags. This can help you to reach more people. 

Posting Interactive Posts and Stories

Not only the quality of the post, but the intention of the post must also be very clear. Post Instagram content that is interactive. Holding a contest and giving freebies to the winners can give you an interactive comment section.

instagram engagement

By using this technique, you can make sure your post receives more likes, comments, and shares. 

Using stories is huge and a must on the Instagram network. People love swiping through the stories feature at the top of the feed. No one wants to miss out on what their favorite friends or businesses are doing!

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Analyzing Instagram Insights

Analyzing the numbers of your Instagram profile is very important. By noting down the numbers at a certain frequency, you can always find out whether you have implemented the right strategies.

This can help you find the faults you make and rectify them. And then, you can start using the right ideas and develop your profile. This can also help you cross-check your progress with that of your competitors.

Now, you can see results in 7, 14, or 30 days. You can easily switch between those times to see how you are doing. Instagram insights will even show you how much time per day you spend on the account.

One thing I’ll note, I miss the old insights that told you the best days and times to post on their network.

But, with Agorapulse reporting, I can find that out still! It is a very useful tool to monitor Instagram accounts for my clients.

check your Instagram insights

Cross Collaboration to Gain Instagram Followers

You can use famous Instagram influencers and celebrities to advertise your product. In return, you can pay them with your services or products, or whatever they ask of you as a payment.

In this way, you can cross-promote each other by tagging and mentioning each other. This is a very effective method to use for sure. 

According to recent US surveys, Instagram has about 1.074 billion active users worldwide. It has crossed its one-billion mark for the first time in 2021. This indicates the high usage of Instagram and the benefits users have obtained.  This tells us that it is a great platform if you want to sell out fresh and new services.

All you have to do is optimize your profile using the right effective strategies, post consistently, and engage with others. Of course, if you do Instagram ads that will help to grow your account as well.

Set your short-term goals, use the right ideas given above, and you can receive profit and increase the reach rate of your profile along with it. 

In this way, you can cross-promote each other by tagging and mentioning each other. This is a very effective method to use for sure. #InstagramTips Click To Tweet

Your Instagram Growth

How are you increasing your Instagram followers today? I’d love to hear your ideas on what is working or not on growing Instagram followers in the comments below.

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  • Hi Lisa,
    I have not been utilizing the stories feature on IG or FB. I actually haven’t used IG for promoting my blog at all.
    If someone wanted to focus on just one social media platform which would you use?

    • Hi SharlaAnn, well it depends on where your audience is. And what is your audience’s demographic? If it’s younger and female – Instagram would be the best. I used to say Twitter for all bloggers but that algorithm has changed and it’s not as effective as it once was. IG doesn’t work as well on FB. If your audience is older than FB may be for you. Thanks for coming by SharlaAnn and have a great day 🙂

  • All are good tips, Lisa. I am back on IG after a month off since the Panama trip. I focused on promoting posts solely, blog-wise, but will drip the IG update here and there, too.


    • Hi Ryan, did you notice any difference in not posting for a month? I don’t post that often but do stories more. I’d love to know how it’s going with the updates too. Thanks for your input here, Ryan. Happy September!

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