10 Tips To Help You Get More Instagram Leads In 2024

Instagram isn’t usually the first tool we think of when it comes to lead generation. Due to social media’s long history of fostering human connections, it is typically not thought of as a platform where businesses may aggressively create leads. However, if you know what you’re doing, Instagram and other social media platforms can be excellent providers of sales leads. We should first ask ourselves, “What are Lead generation forms?” before discussing how to produce these Instagram leads.

An online form called a lead-generating form is used to collect emails and other personal data from potential clients. Contact forms, registration forms, and easy newsletter signup forms are the most typical lead generation forms kinds.

Here are 10 useful suggestions for Instagram lead generation:

Instagram leads
Learn some excellent ways for Instagram lead generation to grow your business.

1. Make Time For Advertisements

It’s straightforward: using lead-producing advertisements is your best option for creating more leads on Instagram. One of the first stages to assist businesses in gathering pertinent and useful information about a consumer is the use of lead-generating ads.

What is meaningful data? Their address, phone number, and maybe birthdates. You should also keep track of the products they seem most interested in.

Furthermore, you can customize your marketing activities to enhance conversion using the data gathered in this manner.

2. Enhance The Connection In The Instagram Bio

The Instagram link in the bio is a unique feature that should be used to its fullest extent. That’s because using this link will help people find the objectives you’ve set. It may involve creating email leads, enhancing brand awareness, increasing sales, or developing lead generation forms.

The link needs to be brief. There are link shorteners that let you customize the URL’s branding. This provides the added benefits of saving space and branding.

To find out who and where clicks on a URL, use UTM parameters. see what functions. Include a call to action in the link as well.

Today you can have up to 5 links in your Instagram bio.

instagram bio
You can add up to 5 links in your Instagram bio now to generate leads and sales.

3. Make The Landing Page Better

The following stage to achieving Instagram brilliance is optimizing the landing page. You can encourage consumers to buy with properly optimized landing pages.

First impressions are important for success, as they say. This landing page must follow the same guidelines as previous landing pages.

Create a scannable landing page that reflects an intuitive user experience, seamlessly incorporates search intent, and guides visitors to a call to action. Make sure the visitor receives the appropriate landing page.

This is accomplished by considering the stage of the customer’s lifecycle that they are currently in.

4. Utilize Instagram’s Swipe-Up Functionality

Instagram stories can contain links if the account has more than 10,000 followers. Businesses benefit greatly from using stories because the majority of Instagram stories are used for marketing purposes. Additionally, surveys have revealed that customers favor this format.

That indicates that Instagram has a lot to offer businesses.

However, you may use the stories feature where you can add a link sticker to link directly to your landing page without having a minimum amount of followers.

Instagram links
It’s easy to add a link to an Instagram story.

5. Produce Content Focused On The Final Result

Whatever your objective, it’s critical to provide the appropriate kind of content on Instagram. The best way to get leads on Instagram is to develop content that is focused on your ultimate objective. Your bio link’s surrounding text should compel readers to take action.

The images you pick should also be consistent with the intended outcome, along with a strong call to action. Only when all the components function cohesively does this occur.

6. Use The Hashtag-Enabled Instagram Shopping Function

Products with tags attract more attention. By doing this, you can pique the attention of a lot more individuals with what you have to offer.

More than 100 million accounts click on product tags on Instagram, making it one of those outlets that have recently attracted a lot of attention. You may now get started by integrating Instagram shopping with the catalog.

You can easily set up an Instagram shop for your products to generate more leads.

7. Develop Alongside An Instagram Leads Influencer

Influencer marketing on Instagram is a great technique to increase leads for your company. It’s a successful Instagram marketing tactic, but it needs to be executed correctly. Although an influencer shouldn’t have the same followers as you have, they must be incredibly relevant to your brand.

You have the chance to increase your audience while also gaining new Instagram followers and leads with a diverse group of followers. At the same time, confirm that the influencer’s audience closely resembles your buyer persona.

By doing this, you can be confident that the relationship will result in more leads for each campaign.

8. Use Competitions To Gain Instagram Leads

Contests are a brilliant method to quickly generate leads. Instagram contests should have fantastic prizes if you want to get people to participate. These awards could include gifts, design opportunities, and more.

For instance, companies like Starbucks frequently hold cup design competitions to encourage interaction and increase shares and likes.

Additionally, it’s a fun gift that enables the winner to leave their stamp on the company, even if only temporarily.

cup competition
A great way to enhance engagement on your Instagram account.

9. Boost Engagement By Lending A Hand To Others

Launched by Neil Patel, Ubersuggest. Thousands of free signups are generated for Neil by this service, which is free. The reality? The majority of these registrants never become paying clients.

However, more people will convert to paying consumers the more free trial users he has. Theoretically, as long as the trial is provided, he will continue to receive paid clients.

Long-term results showed that this strategy worked. More of these previous signups converted into customers when Ubersuggest launched more capabilities.

10. User-Generated Content Can Be Quite Engaging

One of the most crucial actions you can take to increase your lead generation is to use user-generated content. UGC, in a nutshell, is content that brand advocates share and produce independently. It provides a lot of social proof. People frequently believe what others have to say about a brand.

Therefore, you can employ user-generated content for greater engagement to generate leads. This tactic is widely used by firms like ASOS to promote social proof and boost engagement.

The ideal strategy for generating leads is to produce content that appeals to and benefits your target market. This could take the shape of articles on blogs, eBooks, infographics, or other visual materials.

Lisa, Inspire To Thrive

When you’ve finished producing this material, make sure to spread the word about it on social media and through other internet marketing channels.

To reach a larger audience, you may also use paid advertisements to reach both public and private Instagram accounts.

Your Turn on Instagram Leads

How are you using Instagram lead generation for your blog or business today? Are you using ads at all or other methods to generate Instagram leads? I’d love to know more in the comments below.

Make sure you clear your Instagram cache as well from time to time so your account runs smoothly on the app.

Lisa Sicard
  • Good tips all around Lisa. I pulled back on IG for all the time and energy I spend on other online channels. But it helps to at least update it here and there to gain traction, to be seen and to patiently expand my blogging and traveling presence. Excellent post.

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you Ryan, oh yes Instagram can be quite time-consuming. Between posts, stories and reels to build and then engage with others, it can be a lot. Thanks for your input and have a great day.

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