Be Awesome And Buffer Your Shares Til The Cows Come Home

Be Awesome and Buffer Your Shares – Inspired by Matt Cutts

I was inspired the other day by Matt Cutts. It wasn’t about SEO either. It was about LIFE and our TIME.  I decided to take his advice but in a different way. I was not overwhelmed by emails but by social media. Do you ever feel overwhelmed by social media?


Buffer Your Shares Out To Save You Time

Do you need to save time on social media and all the sharing you do daily? I know I needed to save my time on Social Media. I did not have enough time to blog on any of my blogs as I work full time. I finally made a decision to go AWESOME with my favorite tool, the Buffer. I am in LOVE with this tool. I’ve buffered it ahead for days and I finished 3 blog posts early Sunday morning. Then when I have time I can be social and have more fun. You can buffer your shares til the cows come home! I had tried Hootsuite Pro but was not happy with all the functions especially on mobile. The next few months will be hectic so I had to take action and go for it. The cost is $10 per month and you can cancel at any time. I love not having contracts or any long term commitments. There is no affiliate program at the moment for the buffer app.

Buffer your shares


Buffer Has Come A Long Way

The last time I wrote about the Buffer it was just for Facebook and Twitter. Now you have Google Plus and LinkedIn to buffer up as well. You can have to up to 12 accounts with the Awesome version. That really is awesome!  You can play around with the schedule and use different times for each account too. Once you have this Buffer filled up for a week or any time period you are comfortable with, you can forget about it and just be social on these networks. So go ahead and buffer your shares up! You can also use the Buffer app on mobile on both Android and iPhone.


What Can You Do Now With Your Time?

  • Spend more time writing your posts and guest posts. You can write more and not worry about your sharing on social media.buffer full
  • Spend more time checking Social Mentions and learn what others are saying about your niche and join in the conversation if it applies.
  • Spend time offline and re-charge. Relax, have fun and spend time with family. They are always asking you to get off that computer or phone, right?
  • Learn something new. There is so much to learn if you are a blogger or small business. Things are changing daily today and you must keep up or be left in the dust.
  • Read more blogs and see what others are writing about. Learn new things from them.
  • Comment more on blogs. Leave more comments on other blogs in your niche. Of course do read them first! Then just buffer your shares from there. You can use the Buffer Chrome extension.
  • Spend more time being social – that’s why it’s called social media. It’s not just about sharing, though sharing is nice!
  • Spend time proofreading your blogs – or those emails to go out. And never send email campaigns with a headache – Tweet This!.
  • Or do like Matt Cutts and make a video – See Matt’s latest video on what a website owner should do if they think they might be affected by Panda…Matt turned off the embed feature on this one, what’s up with that?

What will you  do with your time if you buffer your shares til the cows come home?

Do you schedule days off of email or social media like Matt Cutts? 

Lisa loves helping others to thrive online through Content Marketing with Social Media, Blogging and SEO. What good is knowledge if you cannot share it with others? She has 20+ years experience in marketing/advertising with 6 years experience in content marketing, social media, blogging and SEO. Check out her latest eBook "Learn to Tweet and Thrive on Twitter" now on Amazon.

61 comments On Be Awesome And Buffer Your Shares Til The Cows Come Home

  • Buffer is a very good app with which you can connect many accounts at same time,
    Lisa you showed me how to use buffer.
    Thanks for sharing this
    Gaurav Vashisht recently posted..Google tricks and secrets list that is too cool for youMy Profile

  • Lisa,

    I like buffer also. I do not have the paid one at this point though. I have been thinking about getting the paid version as it would be great to buffer out further into the future.

    I am sure I could find more than enough to fill up my time if I used the paid version of buffer. I have so much that I need to do I think I am behind several months. Filling up the time would definitely not be a problem.

    Dee Ann
    Dee Ann Rice recently posted..WordPress Text EditorMy Profile

    • Dee Ann, I do find it useful – especially when I have things on the weekend to do or during the week when I don’t even get to take my lunch as work is very busy too. I try to buffer a bunch every other morning – I’m planning ahead as I have a vacation coming up soon too. I do love the Buffer unlimited! I just wish Pinterest was part of it, but NOT yet.
      Lisa recently posted..Why Are So Many Blogging Today? My Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I have to admit that I’ve never heard of Buffer. I’ll have to check it out. I have used HootSuite and right now I use Socialoomph which I love, but I’m always interested in finding better tools. I will check it out for sure and let you know what I think. You’ve given it some good accolades. 😛 Must be cool.

    Thanks for the tips,
    Barbara Charles recently posted..Content Is King – Maybe?My Profile

  • I know I have heard about Buffer from Adrienne, but I get so “dizzy” about this and that and just put in on the back burner. My time is so limited and I get burnt out easily when I am trying to do too much at once. Its like commenting; I love doing it, but won’t to just for the sake of doing it when I know my comment will be half-a–ed.

    I write posts ahead of time, but most I start and put in draft mode if I feel the timing is off or if I am trying to put a different spin on it. I too have used Hootsuite and its a love and hate relationship honestly. You have convinced me to give Buffer a try and see what it can do for me because I am looking for more time to network like I would like to.
    Sonia recently posted..Tips on How to Get Your Resume Noticed via Social MediaMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I dig tools! Hootsuite pro guy here as I do little off mobile but whether you are using Buffer or HS it is oh so key to delegate tasks to people or tools.

    Traveling the world makes me use tools; I have no other choice if I want to connect with people in the States as I usually spend months of each year living somewhere in Asia; in Kathmandu now 😉

    If you want to have a life outside of your business use tools. Plain and simple.

    Excellent Buffer review here Lisa. I have used it in the past and do Like it 😉 Thanks for the share!

    Ryan Biddulph recently posted..5 Tips for Remaining Calm During TravelsMy Profile

  • hello Lisa,

    I but also utilize your daily pro variation already. I suffer and dabbled together with Tribber when which can be my own buffer resource some of that period. Yet I don’t learn that I select and. Needless to say I nonetheless really need to buffer in spite of automatic triberr discussing. So much preference! I dream an individual go into additional changes of it post. Which is that pity presently there is usually absolutely no internet marketer process, I think they could make raised one lot higher in comparison with that they provide.
    thanks for strategies like Buffer and even HootSuite, it is usually easier me.

    thank you

  • Bring the people to Buffer I say Lisa. It is a great tool and I love it to death. All the levels of integration (with sites, browsers etc) and I also use the pro version at the moment. I have also dabbled with Tribber as that is my buffer source much of the time. But I don’t know which I prefer yet. Obviously I still need to buffer even with automatic triberr sharing. So much choice! I hope you get some more converts from this post. And it is a pity there is no affiliate program, I think they would have grown a lot faster than they have. They don’t seem to need it though-
    Ashley recently posted..6 Ways to Reduce your Bounce RateMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    Hmm, I think I got to take a break! Heh~

    Sadly, I don’t have a thing call day off. Work 6 days a week (day job) and 7 days a week on blogging. Oh well, thankfully for tools like Buffer and HootSuite, everything is much easier for me.

    Thank God for technology.

    *p/s Once I get more stable, then yes! I would schedule a day off without social media etc 🙂
    Reginald recently posted..6 Reasons Why AWeber Is The Best Email Marketing ServiceMy Profile

  • Buffer app is definitely time saving app for many bloggers . It can save great deal of time. Hardly we couldnt find time for ourselves in blogging. Lisa you are great person who is thriving me much 🙂
    Jitendra Vaswani recently posted..Google Ranking Factors- SEO ChecklistMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,

    I haven’t tried this stuff but I do use some other that have similar methods. I think it’s always important to share our content to the wider audiences. If we have a chance for that thus we should use it smartly. Going to look more about this 🙂

    Okto recently posted..Aim for Relationships not LinksMy Profile

  • Thanks for this post, Lisa – I don’t want to go for the paid service, but you’ve encouraged me to have another look at Buffer – I use the free version of Hootsuite at the moment but I’m not all that happy with its scheduling system, which I find a bit time-consumng. I tried Buffer a while back but couldn’t get my head around it – going to give it another whirl.

    Cheers 🙂
    Susan Neal recently posted..Is Your Video Blog a Big Turn Off?My Profile

  • Lisa, awesome post for awesome buffer, first time reading your post and am like you are so awesome. Love the way you sling your conversation-you draw in your audience making them a part of the story.

    Up to you. Will consistently drop by to spread dan useful comment.

    As for buffer have been on the free version, may be should go pro. Have found it darn useful, since it gives you the opportunity to schedule your tweet across different time.

  • Hello Lisa,
    I am a die hard buffer fan :). I started using buffer services last month after a friend recommended it to me. It is indeed flexible and now i don’t have to worry about my readers on different time zones because buffer makes sure it get accross to every one.
    Nice article Lisa :D. do have a great weekend rest
    Babanature recently posted..3 Killer Ways On How To Drive Quality Traffic To A New BlogMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa !
    You’ve explained the features of the Buffer app very well . I’m really impressed with the idea of Bufferapp ,when it has been used to schedule blog posts to be shared during a specific period of time can bring a huge traffic to the blog .This tool can be very handy for blogs using affiliate marketing / and dependent on social networks for traffic. Thanks for sharing the information .


  • Hi Lisa!

    I’m very busy and often find it a challenge to balance my time between creativity and social media.
    I sometimes feel overwhelmed by it. I use HootSuite and load up tweets on both accounts @wiarbu @BeLoveToOthers.
    I just tweeted this post 🙂

    Some days I get right into my projects and realize half the day or more has gone before thinking
    about loading up HootSuite.

    Have an awesome weekend!
    William Butler recently posted..9 Ways to Supercharge Your VitalityMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa

    I do like Buffer and had gone Awesome last month but I decided to cancel it this morning.

    I felt like I’d become too automated and sharing things without thinking about it. I decided I need to give each share a personal introduction and you can’t do that so well with Buffer.

    I tried HootSuite Pro but hated it so now I’m back to TweetDeck for scheduling Tweets and I also share manually with Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

    I’m beginning to wonder whether Triberr’s a good thing as well because I can’t personalise stuff very well there either. Maybe I need to use manual sharing there too?

    I did like having Buffer, don’t get me wrong. I just felt a bit out of control on the sharing!

    I hope you’re having a great weekend Lisa and relaxing a bit more now you’ve gone Awesome :-).

    Tim Bonner recently posted..Choosing The Right Social Media Platform For Your Business – Facebook, Plus, Twitter or Linkedin?My Profile

    • Tim, really? Talk about timing. I do edit my shares in Buffer to personalize some of them. I would say about 25% I do that with. It’s easy! I haven’t been on Tweetdeck in years now. Does it do more than just Twitter now? I don’t think you can manuaully share on Triberr, that would a be nice update, Maybe let Dino know your suggestion? I hope so too. Been out and about a bit already 🙂 Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend there. And catch up on your sleep 🙂
      Lisa recently posted..Be Awesome And Buffer Your Shares Til The Cows Come HomeMy Profile

      • Hi Lisa

        Yes, TweetDeck does a whole lot more than just Twitter now. Since I discovered you can clear the columns (why I never knew that I don’t know!) I get great use from it.

        I guess what I don’t like about Buffer is that if you share something on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ at the same time, your Tweet becomes the text on all of the others. I don’t really want to use the same text on all of the sites.

        You can share manually on Triberr, I discovered today. On each of the posts there is a Manually Share button. From there you can share on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or StumbleUpon in the usual way.

        Definitely could do with more sleep. I was up at 6 am with the kids. Early to bed tonight I think! Cold coming on as well…
        Tim Bonner recently posted..CloudFlare Gives My Blog A Rocket BoostMy Profile

  • Hi Lisa,
    The feeling of intimidation? Oh tell me about it!
    We all have friends who actually quit updating their social media because they felt so overwhelmed that they gave up.

    Well, Buffer definitely has done a tremendous job especially with their queue. However, since they didn’t have Google+ (especially pages), I had to stop my “AWESOME” subscription and become normal. Actually, that is when I chose to try HootSuite and they seem to have quiet a lot of great features. Since then, I stayed with HootSuite.

    Well, I kind of use them both wherever applicable. But I still rely more on HootSuite than Buffer because HootSuite doesn’t limit how many post you could AutoSchedule where Buffer limits you at 10 in free mode.

    But I agree, Buffer is a great tool. I may consider going AWESOME again if I face any challenge with HootSuite.

    Kumar Gauraw recently posted..How To Secure Your WordPress Website And Block SpammersMy Profile

  • Hey Lisa,

    Back in May when I was traveling and took two trips I finally broke down and signed up for the paid program. I already had over 20 free ones in my stream because of all the referrals I had but I was going to be gone and unavailable for several days and didn’t want to have to worry about loading those up. I can now do that ahead of time and not worry that my friends content won’t be shared at the right times over the weekend or during the week for that matter if I’m traveling.

    You are so right, $10 a month is nothing and you can cancel it at any time which I don’t know why anyone would really. I load it up throughout the week too so that I have it scheduled for the times my followers will see these tweets.

    I don’t set it up for the other platforms only because I still prefer to do those manually but over the time I was traveling I did use Buffer for that. I didn’t like that it wouldn’t pull the images but at least the content was shared.

    Great write up and with the recent addition of Google+ I’m sure this will be more enticing for many.

    Hey Lisa, have a great weekend girl and relax!

    Adrienne recently posted..2013 List Of My Favorite WordPress PluginsMy Profile

    • Hi Adrienne, good to know you are using it at well. I find it much easier than Hoosuite and I love the Chrome extension. AS I’m reading various posts and things online I can easily share and decided which of the accounts to share with in 1 easy step. I’m hoping it frees up my weekends more and last weekend it did and I was able to write 3 posts and have FREE time. What’s better than that right? Thanks for coming by and I hope you have a wonderful weekend Adrienne.
      Lisa recently posted..Be Awesome And Buffer Your Shares Til The Cows Come HomeMy Profile

  • Buffer has been my favorite tool since the day it was released. It is so easy.

    No copying and pasting into Hootsuite.

    And I love that you can highlight any sentence in the post and then click on the buffer button and it will tweet that instead of always tweeting the title of the post. So convenient and such a great time saver, as you mentioned. I use it on all of my posts as well as the ones I visit on other blogs.

    Did you see the email from the Buffer group the other day on how they started this business in their basement just a few years ago and now they are huge and continue to hire more people. So cool.
    Sicorra recently posted..15 Ways to Stretch a DollarMy Profile

  • I admit this time of year I am so busy and haven’t been taking time to “disconnect”, but I really do need to do that. At least once a week. I just started using Buffer, so still learning, and I use Hootsuite, so I’ll be able to schedule things and free me up some more family (and “me”) time. 🙂
    Donna recently posted..Gather Around the Table – McCain Grocery Goodness Facebook Giveaway #sponsoredMy Profile

  • I’ve been meaning to try Buffer again. I definitely need to stream line my processes. Not having nearly enough time to write these days. Thanks for the tips!
    Gina Valley ( recently posted..A Whoring I Will Go…My Profile

  • Hey Lisa!

    Thanks for explaining this to me. I use Buffer but now I’m convinced I need to go pro! It is a time saver and oh boy do I need time! Well you know how that is. Now on IPHone? I’m in heaven.

    I like the points you have made of all the things we can do when we free up our time. Going over to watch the video….

    Donna Merrill recently posted..EMDR TherapyMy Profile

  • I love Buffer! I’ve been using it for a while now, love that Google+ was recently added. I’m not in the “Awesome” mode, so I only get ten shares at a time, but that has still saved the day for me. Like you, I also work another job, so it’s great to be able to set up a stream of tweets and posts to Facebook, LinkedIn and G+ in a few short minutes, then be off to my paid job! 🙂
    Carol B recently posted..Take A Hike! Exploring Wild and Rugged Coastal Cape Breton IslandMy Profile

    • Hi Carol, I used the FREE version for years but finally with 5 accounts on Twitter and other social profiles for other sites had to go PRO for my sanity especially this time of the year. I’m loving it! I’ve done 5 posts this week and never thought on Sunday I would until I signed up for Awesome. It really helps save time. Thanks for coming by and have a great Friday.
      Lisa recently posted..Be Awesome And Buffer Your Shares Til The Cows Come HomeMy Profile

  • Even though I don’t like automation very much, in the case of Buffer, I make an exception 😀 Especially since I craft each tweet/update I share.

    I do use Buffer. I am using the free version, so I am limited to 10 updates at a time. But, it works great with my schedule. I still do have some trouble with the weekends. Since I share around 20 tweets per day, I won’t have much to share on weekends (not a lot of blogs publish during weekends).

    I would love to give the pro version a try – perhaps after I launch my upcoming blog?

    Anyways, thank you for the update, Lisa 🙂

  • Hi Lisa,

    This is a field where I am always interested. Getting rid of my chores is always a dream of mine. Applications like Buffer or Hootsuite help a lot but they are still in their infancy. What I dream of is a system, a system that will help me get rid of 90% of the tasks and 100% of those that I hate. Buffer is good, Hootsuite is as good as Buffer and maybe better.
    What I want is a system that will share a post in 50 or 100 places on the net with a single press of a button. If possible, with the title, description and keywords slightly changed.

    Have a wonderful day
    Silviu recently posted..How to Upload a Powerpoint Presentation to SlideshareMy Profile

  • Yeah!!! Welcome aboard the Awesome train!! Don’t ya love it?! :mrgreen: I’ve been using it for quite some time now and just LOVE it! It does save a lot of time in the long run and gives us more time to do our “actual” work 😆 Enjoy it Lisa!
    Bren recently posted..I Definitely Feel Like A FailureMy Profile

  • Fabulous for you, Lisa! 😀 I have used Buffer, and liked it a lot. I have used HootSuite, and liked it a bit. Right now, I’m enamored with TweetDeck, and am making good use of its scheduling (buffering) function. It works for me, because most of my sharing is on Twitter. I imagine being better at sharing on Facebook (I do “like” items) and Google+ (I forget about it!), though. Buffer Awesome would allow that, but it’s not in the budget right now.

    I go through periods of time, now and again, during which I abstain from *all* social media from late afternoon Friday until Monday morning. It usually happens when I’m feeling overwhelmed, or disconnected from my in-real-life life. Fact is, I think it would be a healthy way to go, period.

    • Hi Ellen, I like how I can easily pick and choose which networks to share what including LinkedIn too. I haven’t been on Tweetdeck in probably a year now. You can do it with one account FREE with Buffer, I think you can choose 4 networks. I’m trying to abstain on Sunday’s for most of the day at least. See if I can do it Ellen 🙂 Thanks for coming by and for your input.
      Lisa recently posted..Be Awesome And Buffer Your Shares Til The Cows Come HomeMy Profile

  • I know all about that overwhelming feeling! Thank goodness for programs like these to help us be present on all our social circles at the same time.

    I’m still using HootSuite to share my content and I love the time that it saves me. The best benefit you listed is the downtime to relax or in my case I can get on the treadmill and get some workout time…which I need because I have to get in shape by Thanksgiving to justify the piggin’ out I plan to do :).

    I do have a question…does Buffer configure our personal Google+ page? That’s the only thing about HootSuite I don’t like. I have a G+ for my WFHConcepts page but I post as me. If they do, that would be a plus!

    Great post Lisa! Thanks for putting it together! Happy Thursday!
    Corina Ramos recently posted..I’m Hanging Out At Tackling Our DebtMy Profile

    • Hi Corina, welcome to that club 🙂 Yes, the Buffer does that too with Google+ pages! I really do love it and wish they had an affiliate program. I would love Pinterest there but learned they can’t just yet. Tumblr would be another plus in the near future. You could try it for a month and compare the two Corina. Thanks for coming by and enjoy your Thursday night and maybe a treadmill workout. I just did my walk….
      Lisa recently posted..Be Awesome And Buffer Your Shares Til The Cows Come HomeMy Profile

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