11 Steps to Create a Successful Webinar Live Online

Do you want to create a successful webinar live online? Do you have a website? Maybe also a Facebook page and a Twitter account?

Perfect, you have the internet world at your feet (well, yes, there is also Google Places).

And if you have many connections, then you have everything you need to create your online empire.

You know that people need to see your face, but it’s not enough to just add your image to your “About Me” blog page.

You can do more, such as organizing a webinar live, for example, an online seminar focusing on a topic you are an expert or passionate about.

It sounds pretty easy, but it is not.

plan a successful webinar
Learn how you can create a live webinar online with these tips.

Here are some steps to help you organize a successful webinar online.

1. Choose Your Topic For Your Successful Webinar

This is the first and most basic step: you need to select an argument for your webinar live or recorded.

Take your time to reflect on your upcoming webinar. Make sure that the topic is interesting and compelling for your audience.

You can ask the readers of your blog, for example, or set up a survey on your Facebook fan page, or else, send missives on Twitter and Google Plus with a direct question.

You may also want to create a poll with the modules of Google Drive and publish it on your blog (yes, Google Drive can do that too).

2. Plan The Successful Webinar Live

After choosing a good argument, you need to organize the points to be included in your webinar.

Prepare the material: slides, files, images, videos, and any useful links or resources.

Potential participants need to know the program: only in this way, they can evaluate and choose to be present.

And don’t forget to think about the person who will speak (if it won’t be you).

If your webinar will have a certain magnitude, you can ask the help of a team, who can handle the Q & A and engage with your participants, taking care of specific details.

Planning is important, do not improvise. Give yourself time to think and prepare.

webinar live
Plan your webinar live or recorded beforehand to make it the best for your audience.

3. Target Accurately For Your Successful Webinar

For webinars to be successful, they have to be compelling for the target audience.

Don’t just rely on your own ideas of what information is pertinent; speak with other parties to get fresh content.

Consulting with other experts will add value to your webinars and enhance your contact lists.

Be sure to refine your message as much as possible with the understanding that your audience may not know as much as you do about the subjects you cover and create different webinars to target various groups in your market to ensure that nobody is left out.

4. Select Your Tools For Your Webinar

There is a fundamental step you need to take care of: choosing the platform that will host your webinar.

The choice of webinar software is wide, very wide. And there are many aspects to consider:

  • screen sharing;
  • number of participants;
  • cost;
  • presence of a chat feature;
  • statistics function;
  • recording.

An important tip for creating your slides: use quality images, think about simplicity, and explain one concept per slide.

webinar tools
Gather your tools for your online webinar beforehand.

5. Integrate Prospect Information Into Campaigns

Taking note of prospect objectives is essential for a successful webinar.

By creating polls and enabling attendees to ask questions and make comments throughout your webinars, you’ll have a window into the state of mind of these potential buyers.

For best results, you can put this information into a specialized database and integrate it into your future webinars.

To better target specific attendees, put your data into individual files for these prospects.

6. Combine Data Systems

The last step concerned the collection of data within webinars, but this step involves the integration of webinar data with information collected from other areas.

For best results, create prospect profiles by combining webinar questions and poll answers with site usage information and email interactions.

This also promotes seamless re-engagement when prospects are contacted later for the presentation of new products and services.

You can watch an example of one below from the Biz Sugar community. 

7. How Long Should A Successful Webinar Last?

An hour is a good compromise for an interested and lively audience.

You can talk for 45-50 minutes and let the remaining time for questions.

A very important prerequisite is your content.

Remember. It does not make sense to organize 60 minutes for your webinar when you can manage just 30.

8. Test It to Have A More Successful Webinar

Organize a test and invite a couple of friends.

You must fix any issue you will find in your webinar, and you must do it at least a week before the event date.

You may need to change plans, so it’s better to have a good margin of time available.

The day before you go live, run another test, just by yourself. This way, you can correct the latest issues.

9. Start The Webinar The Right Way

Enter your webinar with the right enthusiasm.

Say hello to the people who log in and try to transmit positivity to the other side of the screen.

Of course, you don’t have to be a clown, but neither does a zombie.

And most of all, you must be ready to share your knowledge. Don’t be stingy!

say hello
Don’t forget to say hello to your audience on the live webinar and even for the recorded ones.

10. Create Drip Campaigns

Webinars are convenient ways to keep users interested until they’re ready to buy.

In order to maintain communication, create a series of helpful webinars that are released according to a posted schedule.

This way, loyal viewers will come back time after time for more valuable information.

For best results, target different levels of buyers with specific balances of technical and generic content.

After several months of drip campaigning, be sure to increase your direct communication with prospects to start engaging them in the buying process.

11. Close The Sale at the End of Your Webinar

At the end of your webinars, give a simple and explicit call to action. Make things simple for your users by telling them what the next step is.

To simplify this step with large numbers of customers, you can use an automated process that utilizes targeted emails based on unique prospect profiles.

In order to enhance future conversions, all efforts should be tracked and modified as necessary for different types of buyers.

A well-executed webinar can be the ticket to attracting and converting potential leads into lifetime clients, and with a wide variety of online streaming media software, they can be fairly affordable to produce.


This is a small and getting-started guide to organizing and setting up a successful webinar.

I’m sure you have some points to add to this article. Maybe because you have already had experience in this field.

So please let me know what you think in the comments below, thank you.

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  • Alexis says:

    Fantastic guide and it’s very reliable sources article. It’s very helpful and useful article about these 11 Steps to Create a Successful Webinar. Glad to read this. Thanks for sharing this article. Great post!

    • Hello Alexis,
      thanks for the kind feedback! 😛

      Hope this post is going to help build your next webinar the right way!

      Thank you for sharing your views and experience here.
      Have a terrific weekend! 🙂

  • Mukesh says:

    Hi Erik,

    Wonderful post, glad that i learned something new from your post, i was wondering how to start marketing my blog and what all ways, webinar is one of the great way to show of your skill and profession. I am now eager to do one such webinar for my blog.


    • Hello Mukesh,
      good to hear you enjoyed the post.

      And it’s great you learned something new from it.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts here.
      Have an outstanding weekend! 🙂

  • Hi Erik and Lisa!

    Great, actionable tips here. I honestly am not all that knowledgable about webinars, so I found this post to be very useful to me personally. I know this will help out a lot of people, so I’ll be sharing this one in my podcast next week.

    Webinars are definitely in my plans for this year, but I can only learn one thing at a time. May have to tune into one of yours, huh?

    Thanks Erik!

    • Hello James,
      how are you? 😛

      So glad to hear you enjoyed the post and you are going to share it in your podcast.
      Really appreciated!

      When I’ll organize my next webinar, I’ll surely hit you, James.

      Thanks for commenting and have a great rest of this week.

  • Hi Erik,

    Power tips! I want to do them here in Bali but the internet is a bit spotty; me thinks I should just go ahead and do it, no matter what, because if you create and just fly with conditions you’re on your way to becoming an even better entrepreneur 😉 I thrive well in uncomfortable circumstances; maybe one of these whacky connection webinars will keep me on my toes, creating on the fly.

    Targeting is big. If you set that bulls eye you’ll get more listeners and will help more folks. Clarity counts. If I do a webinar I’ll no doubt dive into something that helps my readers with their blogs, or perhaps, I’ll delve into the digital nomad bit, offering tips to help folks blog on the road. Thanks E and Lisa!

    • What a pity internet connection in Bali is not that good.
      Hope you can work online at your blogs without big issues.

      I guess it’s the same of providing quality content for your readers,
      you should find a relevant and interesting webinar topic for your audience.

      Thanks for commenting,
      enjoy the rest of this week in that part of the world. 😛

  • Adrienne says:

    Hey Erik,

    Great to see you here and thanks for helping Lisa out. Bless her heart, I’m sure it’s hard to get back to things and having people step in to help is a God send.

    Okay, I have a confession to make. I’ve only done one webinar and I really was doing it with someone and they ran it. If you’ve watched any of my videos you’ll know I stumble over my own words when I’m flying by the seat of my pants. I’m also not really good at doing certain things on my own because I have to pay attention to what I’m doing, not leave any dead space, sometimes read instructions as I’m going along and I overwhelm myself.

    I refuse to speak in public, I’m one of those that has that horrible fear. Yes, I know I need to get over it but at my age I’m not quite sure I even want to. LOL!!! But in all seriousness, webinars make me nervous too. That’s why you never see me doing any.

    I also don’t attend a lot of them myself anymore because what little I learn on them usually isn’t worth me wasting my time and there is always the sale at the end that we all know is coming. I know the purpose of them and I cannot fault anyone for putting one on themselves. We’re all here to build a business and these are the best way to do just that. I’m just speaking from personal experience.

    You did a great job though of laying this out so thank you for this. Hope I’m not being a kill joy! 🙂

    Have a great day both of you and enjoy what’s left of this week.


    • Hi Adrienne,
      good to see you! 😛

      This was a timely post, to help Lisa focusing on recovering well.

      With your experience in engagement, I honestly thought that you were “perfect” for running a webinar, Adrienne.
      But I guess there are so many other ways to increase trust and strengthen connections.

      I use to be much more afraid of speaking in public that I’m right now.
      Not because of levels changed of self esteem, but for lessons I learned over time.

      As per attending webinars, I think my choice would depend heavily from the speakers and organizers.
      You should know what you get!

      Thanks for sharing your honest feedback today, Adrienne.
      I always appreciate it. 😀

      Have a great rest of this week.

  • Debbie D. says:

    I’ve never done a webinar, but this is excellent info, to get started. Something to ponder for the future!

    • Hi Debbie,
      hope you are going to bookmark the page, for future consultation, when you will decide to organize your first webinar. 😀

      Thanks for reading and commenting today,
      I wish you a great day!

  • Hi Erik, and welcome to Lisa’s blog 🙂

    Good to see you here, this time on the other side as a guest, with such an informative post 🙂

    Honestly speaking, I still have to get started with Webinars, which is on my to-do list, so any information one can gather on it is always welcome! Yes, these seem to be the perfect steps to making a successful one- I guess once you do up 1-2 you’d get more of a hang of it, and perhaps the time can always be adjusted based on what all you have to share, isn’t it?

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead, both of you 🙂

    • Hi Harleena,
      thanks for the warm welcome and to tell you the truth,
      this is my second contribution at Lisa’s blog. 😀

      Once you have chosen the software to use, and you organized your webinar
      (with all the material, such as slides, images, videos or any other files to use during the event),
      promotion is all you need to do.

      After the webinar, depending on your goals, there are so many things you can do, as tracking results or gathering users feedbacks and contacts.

      Glad you liked the post, Harleena.
      Thanks for commenting and reading.

      Have a great rest of this week. 😛

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