Why Business Emails Are More Important Than You Think

Business emails are such a common part of a firm’s infrastructure that they are greatly underestimated in some commercial circles.

Unfortunately, their full potential never seems to be realized today.

However, these systems play a critical role in how well your firm operates. And the rate of growth, and what type of impression your brand leaves on your target audience.

In boosting your efficiency, email marketing is yet another aspect of your company that is worthy of optimization.

why business emails are important


By failing to place the right amount of focus on email marketing, you can miss out on a lot of business opportunities.

Maybe you’ve been considering email marketing, but you just need a bit more convincing. If that’s the case, then you’re in the right place.

Here are four high-impact ways email marketing can help you grow your business. Not only that, but thrive in an increasingly challenging marketplace.

By failing to place the right amount of focus on email marketing, you can miss out on a lot of business opportunities. #emailmarketing Click To Tweet

Mass Outreach

Emails can be used for more than simply exchanging work-related documents and chatter with employees. If your business is using email simply for internal communication, you’re missing out on lots of wonderful opportunities. Like connecting with your target marketing and growing it.

Email marketing allows you to connect with your customers and prospective customers en masse through the use of any of the amazing email platforms available today. These platforms can enable you to reach customers and clients through state-of-the-art email automation.

Hence, they can keep the conversations flowing and make life easier for your sales and marketing teams.

Newsletter updates, irresistible coupons, invites to events, free downloadable content, announcements of new product launches – the opportunities are virtually endless.

And, as you build your email lists with targeted prospects, you can reach large groups of dedicated subscribers in an instant. Then, provide them with all the exciting updates involving your business. Email allows you to build a loyal community around your company.

And you can use the metrics available in whatever platform you choose to see what’s working and what’s not. This allows you to make updates to get more targeted with your messaging and offerings as time goes along.

Benefits of Business Emails

Think about the possibilities of the benefits you can gain from leveraging email marketing. The perks are enormous – bringing your events to full capacity, moving your pipeline further along their journey to conversion, keeping your brand top of mind to increase loyalty…it goes on and on.

customer loyalty

Mass email services mean your company will become something to talk about, and that means great things for your business. Don’t miss out on the power of these platforms. Here are a few you can consider.

  • Mailchimp
  • Active Campaign
  • Hubspot 
  • Constant Contact
  • ConvertKit

Each of the above has options to build templates, set automation, build and segment lists, and so much more, with ConvertKit being the most newbie-friendly (plus they offer a free trial).

I suggest doing your research and setting up demos to learn more before determining which email marketing platform is the right fit for you.

Think about the possibilities of the benefits you can gain from leveraging email marketing. #emailmarketing Click To Tweet

Establish Brand Identity for Business Emails

Business emails can be an extension of your firm’s brand identity, and how you present the emails may win more favor with customers and clients. Maintaining brand consistency both visually and in your messaging can give your brand identity a huge boost in recognition, which can lead to increased loyalty.

Templates can be helpful here, providing an aesthetic framework for the message you are trying to convey.

Whether you are engaging in general marketing or kickstarting product launches, different occasions may require a different design twist to fit the moment. Therefore, there is ample room here to get creative and formulate your brand’s visual identity through email.

Some great sites will even provide you with free HTML email templates too, so take advantage of these opportunities. That way you can save money and time, all while creating something that ultimately makes your brand identity distinctive.

Professional Looking Emails

In the end, your emails need to look professional and sophisticated. If you can land that first impression, recipients may be more likely to engage with the content of your emails.

Whether you work with a designer in-house or you leverage the templates available through whichever email platform you choose, be sure to follow your brand’s style guide and incorporate elements of your brand into your online presence.

Therefore, including the messaging and visual components, so your brand is easily recognizable in every message your send.

Damage Control

If a calamity occurs that impacts operations or could impact your clients or prospects in some way, email can cast a wide net to ensure all parties are suitably informed of the incident and they have an understanding of how the issue will affect them as well as any planned path forward to fix things.

damage control with email marketing

For example, companies frequently court controversy with the ads they run, misfiring on their message or even offending certain circles.

This can lead to a great deal of controversy, and in these situations, it’s critical that you have an outlet to reach out to your audience and assure them everything is going to be fine.

Hopefully, you’ll never find yourself in a similar position, but if you do ruffle some feathers with a poorly thought-out campaign, emails can be a great way to try and smooth things over at the earliest opportunity.

Be sure to craft a message that includes an apology along with how you are focused on rectifying the situation.

This can lead to a great deal of controversy, and in these situations, you must have an outlet to reach out to your audience and assure them everything is going to be fine. #emailmarketing Click To Tweet

Business Emails to the Rescue

Or, in another circumstance, perhaps a natural disaster impacted the shipping of your products. Rather than simply leaving your customers hanging wondering where their purchases are, you can send a detailed email explaining the situation.

You can even add a coupon or another perk in your email to help ease the mood.

Ensuring that your customers or prospects are in the loop when something goes wrong is critically important to your business.

While some will likely be upset about the situation, a little reassurance that things will be ok can go a long way. Email is the perfect platform to ensure your messages reach the right people.

Email addresses are easy to obtain, while phone numbers are a lot more difficult to get. And can you imagine if you had to call every customer on your list? Emails make it so much easier to get the message out.

Build your lists and collect customer email addresses so you’re ready to roll in case chaos hits.

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Keeping Records for Business Emails

Sometimes issues will occur, whether internally or externally, that need to be resolved. Perhaps a customer dispute, or even an issue with an employee. When this happens, email can be a great way for you to track the progress of the issue and keep records of any related conversations.

The email could play a crucial role in this. With email, there will always be a record of the exchange. On the other side, in-person exchanges or over-the-phone exchanges often aren’t recorded, so there’s no trail of the conversation to refer back to later if necessary.

The complainant can then screenshot the offending conversation and reference it in full or in part to ensure there is an accurate resolution for the situation.

Email records have other uses too. For example, they can:

  • Log feedback – Customer feedback can be super effective in helping you grow your business. You can learn so much from what your customers have to say about their experience. Emails are a great way to request insights from your customers. You can then save them so you can refer back to the comments and make adjustments to improve the customer experience.
  • Expose scam addresses – Unfortunately, scam emails can damage your firm exponentially, so attentiveness here is key. If you have correctly flagged a scam emailer, you can screenshot your experience with them. Then, share it with the company and/or customers so you can limit the negative impact. Your colleagues and your customers can then block the address and remain alert for further deception. 
  • Reduce instances of miscommunication – Nothing in an email needs to get lost in folders filled with paperwork, or misremembered, misquoted, or otherwise confused. Over time, all these factors can save a company from a lot of unnecessary headaches. 

Of course, businesses keep records for a host of other things, such as employee data, audit results, and a plethora of other things. 

In many ways, they can be a useful research tool that may quickly bring clarity to a firm.

In many ways, they can be a useful research tool that may quickly bring clarity to a firm. #emails Click To Tweet

Wrapping it Up

So, hopefully after reading through this article, you grasp the full power of email marketing. And learn how emails can help your business grow.

An email has proven to have staying power that some other forms of communication lack. With so many amazing platforms available for your company to choose from, and advances in automation technology and AI, you’re foolish to ignore the value email can add to your business.

However, as you bring email into your marketing and sales operations, be sure to maintain brand consistency. Email is just another channel in your communication flow. They include anything from your website and social media to advertising and everything in between.

So, be sure to treat it as a part of your larger strategy and not a separate thing that operates on its own.

Have you seen success with your email marketing? If so, share your stories with us in the comments!

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  • Establishing a brand identity is a big factor few entrepreneurs discuss, Anthony. We can make a seismic impact brand-wise by emailing customers – aspiring and current – more mindfully. All comes down to clarity. Getting clear in mind creates a more seamless experience for our followers. But getting clear also feels uncomfortable sometimes; this is why entrepreneurs tend to avoid the clarity-finding process. Rocking tips dude.


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