Zubtitle – Awesome Captioned Videos in Minutes

Zubtitle – Save Time and Money Making Beautiful Captioned Videos

Zubtitles can save you both time and money by producing videos with captions and titles.

Do you struggle to make videos with captions and titles? You may have tried some video editing software or used Rev to transcribe your videos. But it all took time, right? Been there, done that!

Others may hire people to edit their videos and put in the titles and captions to save them time.

After all, time is money!



Last week over on Instagram I had noticed an Instagram story by Zubtitle that caught my eye. I clicked on it and tried uploading a video right on my mobile device.

Within minutes I had my free captioned video. It was amazing how quick, accurate, and awesome this tool was. After paying $4 to Rev and trying to edit it on Camtasia I was frustrated with the time and money spent. (Mostly the time!)

So, I was thrilled to save so much time making a video with Zubtitle for my Facebook page. You will love what this app can do for you!

How You Can Save Time with Zubtitle

With this video-making app, you will save at least an hour trying to get the captions and titles correct for your next video. Not only that, but you can size your video into different sizes and repurpose them for the different social networks.

At Zubtitle, they set out to build the first automated, on-demand tool to add captions to videos. Not only that but they wanted to save you time. The founders knew that once a video is made that people want to get it published out on social networks fast. Who wants to watch old news today?

With this video making app you will save at least an hour trying to get the captions and titles correct for your next video. #Zubtitle #videomarketing Click To Tweet

How You Will Save Money With This Video App

You can try out this app for FREE with 1 video. If you edit it you can try it a few different ways. Change the font, style, and size of your captions and titles. You may edit the one video as much as you want and not be charged for it. (The videos may be up to 30 minutes time with captions.)

But if you want to make 10 videos a month it is only $19/month. You can choose to add 30 for $49/month. (Those videos may be edited as well!)

Now, if you want to save BIG you can refer a friend to get 50% OFF. Your friend will get 50% OFF as well. You may use my referral code at Zubtitle: Code WTQ128.


zubtitle pricing

So save big on your video caption service today with my referral code. Or if you like, test it out first with their FREE trial for one video.

But if you want to make 10 videos a month it is only $19/month. #zubtitle Click To Tweet

What Else Can You Do With This App?

You can also pick your font colors and type of font. Next, you can make the backgrounds of your text your brand’s colors. You may also make them into an SRT file if you need it.

If you want to remove the background color from your captions altogether, simply set the background color transparency to 0%.

Not happy with the size of your video? No worries, you can now zoom in or zoom out. This will make you or your video image appear larger or smaller on the video.


You can make the backgrounds of your text your brand's colors. #zubtitle Click To Tweet

Why Video for Social Media?

According to Social Media Today, video marketing remains the best performing digital content type, driving more views, more engagement, and more response than any other social posting option.

When watching a video, people retain 95% of a message. That’s 95%!  That stat only should make you start doing video! You can use Zubtitles for your YouTube channel as well.

Tweets with videos see 10x more engagement than those without – and Promoted Tweets with videos save more than 50% on cost-per-engagement.

I’ve seen it first hand on my own Facebook page. Facebook posts with video get 2x-3x more views and engagement than posts without video.

Video is also comforting during times of crisis and people may not want to listen as they are watching TV with their mobile devices at the same time.

When watching video, people retain 95% of a message. #videomarketing Click To Tweet

What’s New At Zubtitle?

Recently, I just read an email from them that you can have your logo embedded into the video. I was so excited to see that and I’ll be using it in my next upcoming video. Another new feature is a progress bar in your own branded color 🙂

You can have your logo embedded into the video. #Zubtitle Click To Tweet

Your Turn

Will you give Zubtitle a try today? Don’t forget: Use my referral code here:  Code WTQ128. That code will save you 50% OFF a month for your subscription to Zubtitle.

Finally, I’d love to know more in the comments on your thoughts on video captions. Are you using video for your social media marketing? I’d love to know how it is working for you as well.

Please drop a comment below so we can discuss it.


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  • Hey Lisa,

    Zubtitle really sounds amazing video editing software with its features and it will definetly going to helpful to maximize video views and engagement on social sites.

    You know, it is effortless to generate attractive titles for your videos.

    Today, video marketing become more serious and much more effective, especially for businesses that have already managed to build an audience.

    A large number of small businesses are taking advantage of video content marketing to stand out from the competition in order to achieve their goals.

    Thanks for sharing your informative thoughts with us.

    With best wishes,

    Amar Kumar

    • Hi Amar, this is one of my favorite tools. It is so easy to use! I use to use REV but no longer. It helps for those that do not want the sound up when watching videos. Thanks for coming by on this one and have a great weekend Amar 🙂

  • Looks like an excellent tool to me Lisa because this can be a real pain, the captioning bit. Video marketing will continue to become more popular so I see Zubtitle being an in demand solution for bloggers and video marketers. Nice review here, as always.


    • I’m loving it Ryan, and I think you would love it too with all the video you do. It’s great to be able to read the text vs. having the volume on loud at times. It’s also great for those that cannot hear and the new rules on video on websites to make your website accessible to all.
      Thanks for coming by on this one and enjoy the rest of your day Ryan 🙂

  • Zubtitle look like an interesting tool Lisa, especially as it looks to me that it runs on speech recognition software so it automatically transcribes your videos, (similar to YouTube that has automatic captions for every video and they’re near perfect).
    Zubtitle works like that, right? Also I expect those captions are crawable, so it might be a small Google SEO boost for the video.
    Anyway, good to know of Zubtitle because I have a definite plan to foray into video marketing territory and any good tool is a boon to me.
    Thanks 🙂

  • Hi Lisa,

    Your video is evidence and proof of your claim. And since video content has become mainstream, your article is timely for bloggers and content marketers. I’m going link to it as a resource to my post about video editing tools.

    • Hi Moss, oh yes, I like to practice what I preach here 🙂 Thanks for the link on it as well. I hope you and your readers will find it as useful as I have here. Have a great rest of the weekend there Moss!

  • Hi Lisa,

    thank you for sharing your discovery of Zubtitle. It seems to be a great timesaver when adding subtitles to videos.

    Subtitles are important, especially when it comes to videos that are being shared on social media, so I already had a look at various services such as Rev to get my videos transcribed. But Zubtitle seems to be a great alternative, especially as it will save a ton of time.

    Have a wonderful day,

    • You are welcome Torsten. It certainly is! I had used Rev in the past but it still took time to implement with video editing software. I love finding things that save time. Not only is time money but time is precious and limited! Thanks for coming by on this one Torsten and have a nice weekend ahead!

  • Hi Lisa,

    I can see the quality of this tool in your video. It seems pretty simple and ready to use. How tempting one tool can be ;-).

    $19 for 10 videos is not that cheap in Rupees though. I would surely love to try it out soon.
    Can I recommend this tool for vlogging?

    I’m forever grateful to know you. You are enthusiastic and energetic, Lisa.

    Jeangam 🙂

    • Hi Jeangam, it is so easy! Hmm. I don’t know if they have a different price in Rupees. Something I can ask though. Yes, it is great for vlogging. I love my new vlogging tool with lights to help the videos come our nicer too. You are most welcome Jeangam. Thanks for the compliment! Have a great day 🙂

  • Hello Lisa,

    Cool tool this is. I am really like it and will gonna use it on my videos. I am planning to launch my YouTube channel in 2020 and this really comes handy. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    Have a Great Day 🙂

    • Hi Vishwajeet, it is so easy to use! I know you will love it. You are most welcome. I hope you have a great day there Vishwajeet. I can’t wait to see your new YouTube channel 🙂

    • Hi Renard, you are most welcome. I found it so easy to use and love the options you have in changing the fonts and colors of the background as well as sizes. It makes it so simple. I love to keep it simple here! Thanks for coming by on this one and I hope you have a wonderful day and Thanksgiving ahead Renard.

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