Is Quuu Promote Worth the Investment in 2024? A Review

What is Quuu Promote? Is this social media curation platform worth it in 2024? Or should you skip it? Read my Quuu Promote review for 2024 and find out. You’ll be surprised even by the low Quuu Promote pricing structure.

So let’s get started to learn more now.

What Is Quuu Promote?

Quuu Promote is an organic content promotion distribution platform that connects bloggers with content sharers within the same niche/industry. 

They’re one of the rare content promotion platforms that has real people sharing your content on legit accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Premium QP subscribers can submit content for other accounts to share, across 500+ interest categories. 

They can also share other people’s content and this gives them free credits to spend on the platform.  

what is quu promote

How Does Quuu Promote Work?

Here’s how Quuu Promote work:

First, go to the Quuu Promote dashboard.

Second, in the upper right corner add the URL you want to promote. In this case my business associate will promote an Augusta Precious Metals coupon code article.

quuu promote review

Third, hit the “Promote” button and then choose the most relevant category. 

It is important to pick the most relevant category so that your article gets shown to the most relevant people (the higher relevance means more shares for your article).

post category

And that’s it!

Quuu Promote Pricing

Quuu Promote offer 4 different plans to pick from:

  • Individual- $50/mo
  • Company Plan- $100/mo
  • Agency Plan- $500/mo 
  • Agency Plan (Automatic)- $750/mo

I recommend the Individual Plan to bloggers who’re just starting out and need a way to streamline content promotion without a huge investment.

pricing of quuu

I also recommend the Company Plan to more established bloggers who have lots of content to promote and have the $100/mo budget to support it. If that’s you remember that each promotion lasts for 3 months so after 3 months you’ll have 60 posts in active promotion. 

This is plenty.

Agency Plan with 100 post promotions per month is best for very large blogs and Agency Plan (Automatic) is for the same larger blogs who want to completely automate this part of their social marketing strategy.

You see above the Quuu promote pricing plans for these.

Honestly, the first 2 plans will be enough for 99% of bloggers and marketers reading this review of Quuu Promote.

3 Reasons Why Quuu Promote is Excellent for Bloggers

#1- Lots of Free and Targeted Traffic

Quuu Promote can get you lots of free and targeted traffic. The service has thousands of paid customers with the ability to share content and most of them are micro and macro influencers with each having hundreds to potentially tens of thousands of followers across major social media platforms.

Shares from these people can get your content in front of the eyes of thousands of people and some of these folks will click through to your website.

Take a look at the dashboard’s analytics below and see some of my blogger friend’s results that they have been getting (that’s over 41 000 clicks for the lifetime of their account).


Note: I”m not saying that traffic from Quuu Promote alone is going to transform your online business. It won’t.

But it is going to help you make more revenue (you can promote money pages with Quuu Promote) and it will even help you survive aggressive Google updates.


Learn more right below.

#2- Helps With Google Core Updates and HCU Updates (Traffic Diversification)

The last core update was brutal. 

According to Lily Ray, none of the site’s previous hit with HCU have recovered, and in fact nearly 100% of them dropped even lower, often losing more than 99% of the search traffic they once had.

One of the strengths of the sites that survived is that they had more traffic sources than just Google. The sites that survived also got some traffic from Bing and other search engines, but more importantly also from their social media marketing efforts. 

The conclusion Lily Ray and other eminent SEO’s came to is that Google favors brands, and brands do social media management and get referral traffic from lots of sources on the web.

That’s where Quuu Promote could come for you.

QP is like social media marketing on autopilot. You just submit an URL and by the end of the month you’ve usually gotten 50+ referral clicks to that page+ a lot more social signals from genuine accounts.

This counts a lot in SEO.

#3- Helps With Link Building

I once heard Matt Diggity talk about how social media traffic “justifies” the links the page is getting and how it makes the backlink campaign stronger and more durable to link spam updates.

Namely, the theory here is that links are much rarer than social media shares and referral traffic from social media.

So if a page A gets 5 links and the page hasn’t been shared online- that’s suspicious.

However, if that page has gotten hundreds of social shares and tens of referral clicks, then it’s quite natural for it to receive those same 5 links making the links appear legitimate and much stronger.

This theory made a lot of sense to me so I implemented it with the help of Quuu Promote. If I have a page I know is going to get a lot of links, I will make sure to promote it with QP and then start link building. 

My non-scientific observation is that there’s something to this theory and social sharing via Quuu Promote is now a standard part of whitehat SEO SOP.

Are They Any Cons?

One thing I’ve noticed on X Twitter is that this tool does not tag the bloggers handle you are sharing. So they can’t engage with your post or know that you shared it.

I wish there was a way Quuu Promote could tag the person’s social media handle so they knew you shared it and can then engage with you about it.

Quuu Promote Review FAQ

What Is Quuu Promote?

Quuu Promote is a content promotion tool that helps you get more visibility for your blog posts, articles, and other content by sharing it with real people on social media.

How Does Quuu Promote Work?

You submit your content to Quuu Promote. Their team reviews it to ensure it meets their quality standards. Once approved, your content is shared by real users across X Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Does Quuu Promote Allow Social Media Automation?

Only the Quuu Promote Agency Plan ($750/mo and 100 posts per month) allow you to automatically promote your posts on QP as soon as you publish them(based on your RSS feed).

This isn’t really a con because you don’t really want to promote everything you publish on Quuu Promote.

Only your best info and money pages.

Which Quuu Promote Plan Should I Get?

The best plans for bloggers and solopreneurs are Individual and Company plans. These are not going to be hard on your budget but will make a big difference in your site’s overall traffic level. 

Even the Individual plan which gives you just 10 posts to promote can get you up to 1000 clicks per month depending on the category you chose when submitting your article.

How Long Does Each Quuu Promote Campaign Last?

Each Quuu Promote campaign lasts for 3 months, i.e, 90 days.

Is The Traffic from Quuu Promote Labeled as Sponsored?

The traffic from Quuu Promote will not be labeled as sponsored. The social shares you’ll get will be from relevant niche accounts and the traffic they’ll send you will be organic social media traffic.

Is There a Similar Tool to Quuu Promote I can use?

There aren’t that many quality platforms that can get you the value it offers. A nice exception is Missinglettr Curate which works on a similar principle to Quuu Promote, but the value is smaller because Missigletter Curate is far less popular than Quuu Promote. 

This means you can get some extra reach with the platform, but far below what QP can offer.

Still Misslinger Curate is a valuable adjunct to Quuu Promote and I advise you to use it as well.

Read my Missinglettr review here.

For How Long Should I Keep Individual Campaigns Going?

For less important pages I advise you to have one campaign which will always last 3 months. 3 months of social promotion will be more than enough to pump that page with referral traffic, positive user signals and social signals.

For important money pages I advise you to constantly promote them on this platform. It’ll make ranking in Google that much easier for you.

You’ll only need to renew the page’s promotional campaign once every 90 days.

Can I Cancel My Subscription Anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. There are no long-term commitments, giving you flexibility with your investment.


You’ve read my Quuu Promote review for 2024 and now understand that this social media curation platform is capable of sending hundreds of referral clicks from niche relevant accounts.

This alone is reason enough to get a subscription to this tool and start getting this sweet social media traffic.

My Quuu Promote review is thorough, but it’s not perfect and you probably have some questions remaining.

If so, drop them in the comment section below, thank you.

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