• Maria Tayler says:

    Hey Lisa,

    I love this one, you have put some really good tips here. As it is one of the amazing micro blogging platform, and gives you more exposure since it increase the word count. It pretty amazing. I like this post a lot.
    Also, I just wanna ask you one thing, On which basis our twitter account can suspended?


    • Lisa says:

      Thank you Maria. If you are using more than one account and are tweeting the same stuff to both then you could get suspended. They are a lot of rules to follow to insure you don’t.
      If you have one account, mix your tweets up. I wrote more about it here – http://inspiretothrive.com/mixing-your-tweets-up/
      Thanks for coming by Maria and have a wonderful day.

  • Disa Rastogi says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Great read. I use Click to tweet feature often to share content that I like on twitter. Have used DMs as well but not yet used twitter to share tweets on other platforms like Insta/facebook.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Shadab Alam says:

    Hi Lisa,

    That’s an amazing information.
    I am trying to leverage twitter to promote my blog and these tips really answered all of my questions.

    I am sort of unaware about using tweets on blog posts. But as you mentioned that it can extend the tweets life, I will definitely try this.


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Shadab, thank you. Oh yes, you can embed tweets on posts and use click to tweet plugins so your content can be easily shared on Twitter. You can pick special phrases etc to use so they can tweet them out with the article instead of the regular headline. Thanks for coming by and commenting. Have a great day.

  • Cori Ramos says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for giving me some new ideas on how to share my tweets. I’ve done the most common ones like share tweets on Twitter, embedded them in blog posts and click to tweet, but Twitter Moments, Bookmarking and sharing them on Facebook were fresh ideas. And the screenshots will help me get them set up.

    And I’ll be going by Carolyn’s blog to read her post about Twitter Bookmarks.

    I think I shared a pic or two from Instagram on Twitter a while back but the pic never showed up so I gave up on it.

    Now that you showed me how to do it, it’s game on. 🙂

    Thanks for the shoutout Lisa! That was a sweet surprise. 🙂

    Hope you’re having a great week!


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Cori, you are most welcome 🙂
      Yes, those bookmarks are a really cool feature Cori. I like some of these innovative things Twitter has been doing lately.
      That IFTTT recipe is the best for Instagram photos to show up on Twitter!
      You are welcome on that one my friend.
      Getting ready for another snowstorm here again….At least April is coming soon. Have a great day Cori and thanks for coming by!

  • Bren Pace says:

    Hey Lisa,

    Wow! What a load of Twitter-info! It’s amazing to see how far Twitter has come since I first started so many years ago. Having the ability to embed tweets is a huge plus. Sharing to Instagram and Facebook is even bigger, especially for businesses. I do integrate my Facebook business pages and Twitter. I love being able to share in two places at once, possibly more if I’d use IFTT.

    I’m happy you shared some additional features of Twitter and am sure many don’t even know half of these. You know I’ll be passing along!

    Hope you’re not going to get too much more snow! Catch ya on Twitter!


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Brenda, thank you. I don’t like sharing them both at once. I like the personalize each a little differently. IFTTT does make it much better, you can see the Instagram images on Twitter – my all-time favorite IFTTT recipe! Also the Buffer lets your personalize each too – another fav of mine 🙂
      5-8 with possible more, grr, wish it was on the weekend not the weekday again. But this time I’m going to go in – I think it will take longer to stick (at least I hope so!) And you are getting it too Bren? Wow. What weird weather we have had this month of March. Have a great Tuesday!

  • Hi Lisa,
    Wha an amazing share,
    Yes, as Ryan said, you are indeed the Twitter Queen! 🙂
    Some of the things I am already following and will surely check the other tips,
    It’s really good that they increased the word limit and as you said, it is well enough to share our views and even can tag our favs.
    Thanks again for this informative share,
    May you have a great and profitable week ahead.
    Keep sharing
    ~ Phil

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you Phil. I do like the ability to tag more folks from time to time or to take a long quote and be able to share it on Twitter. You are welcome Phil. Have a great rest of the day and week, profitable is good too!

  • Moss Clement says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Great article. When Twitter recently role out its 280 characters for all users, many were skeptical about it, not knowing how great it will be for marketers, including myself. I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea because we were already used to the 140 characters.

    But now we see that it is one of the best upgrades they ever made.

    The concept of embedding tweets on blogs or websites is great, even though I haven’t embedded tweets, it is a great idea because it helps to extend the life span of a Tweet.

    Your article is much more informative, and that’s why you’re a Twitter expert.

    Thanks for sharing Lisa.

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you Moss. I felt like that too Moss – mostly because I always loved the short and sweetness of Twitter. I’m usually not too long winded when it comes to words 🙂 Oh my goodness Moss, you need to try this one out! Embed away. I love showing examples of things via tweets on the blog from time to time.
      Thanks again for coming by Moss and with your input. I hope you have a wonderful day and new week!

  • Joy Healey says:

    Thanks Lisa,

    I’m not really a Twitter expert and wasn’t familiar with many of those tips, so appreciate you sharing them with us.

    Such an improvement that we can now use 280 characters in a Tweet. 140 was so restrictive.

    Joy Healey – Blogging After Dark

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Joy, I’m glad they were helpful for you. You are welcome. Yes, many do love the longer tweet feature. I always loved the short and sweetness of a tweet but I do like the longer tweet length for quotes and tagging people. Thank you for coming by Joy and have a great new week ahead.

  • Loretta says:

    I sort of moved away from Twitter, mostly because it seemed my audiences were on Facebook more frequently. With the new tweet length and new features they keep adding, I’m finding myself getting drawn back into the Twitter universe to play around and be social there again. Thanks for the tips 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Loretta, oh yes, Twitter has really upped it’s game recently. It’s always been my #1 source for traffic here. At the same time Facebook has decreased it’s organic reach again and again. So I’m seeing the benefits more from Twitter. Thank you for coming by and have a great day ahead Loretta.

  • Enstine Muki says:

    Hey Lisa,
    I keep believing one day Twitter is going to deal with the character limit they have on their platform. This is gradually being delt with 😉

    Now social media is becoming so competitive. These old players have to keep expanding to cope with growing changes and human behavior. Change is the only thing that’s constant. We are open to these additions and expansion on Twitter as they help us get the best 😉

    Thanks for digging deep and showing us those hidden tricks.
    Hope you are having a great weekend.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Enstine, They did, it’s up to 280 now 🙂 That’s plenty for me Enstine. I love the brevity of the network. You are right – they are all making changes and change is constant! That was a quote in my high school yearbook 🙂
      You are welcome Enstine. It’s going by too fast as usual! Thanks for coming by and have a wonderful weekend.

  • Sadhan Pal says:

    Hi Lisa,

    You know that Twitter is a great tool for increasing business. Here is a new way to share tweets that beheaves better. Thank you so much for the new tweet sharing idea. I hope bloggers will like this. In fact, I do this. Please keep it up.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Sadhan, welcome to Inspire to Thrive! Twitter certainly is a great tool for increasing business. I found that out accidentally years ago and have been using it ever since. Have you shared tweets like any of these tips? Thanks for coming by and have a great day.

  • Hi Lisa,

    Way cool. Thanks so much for shouting out my eBook too 🙂 You are the Twitter Queen from what I have seen, creatively sharing tips I’d never thought of. Like the secret bookmark feature. Love it.

    I have given more attention and energy to Twitter recently, engaging folks on the network but also sharing tweets on different platforms too. I usually do a Periscope daily and then embed on Medium to boost the tweet’s life and to cross promote. Ditto for IFTT usage, sharing my Instagram updates instantly to Twitter, going from IG to the Big T.


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Ryan, you are welcome. Thank you. I love all the new features Twitter has been coming out with Ryan. They really have upped their game. I had done Periscope went it first came out but should get back to that one. I know they went through some changes. I’ve been using AnchorFm for podcasts, I’ve done 2 and hope to do them at least weekly. They are quick and easy to do and I really enjoy it.
      I love your example of cross promoting onto Medium too. Than you Ryan for adding that one in too.
      I appreciate your coming by on this and for commenting. Have a great weekend ahead Ryan and stay cool! Wish I could send you and your wife some snow!

      • Funny you mention this from a month ago Lisa; today we saw snow-capped mountains in New Zealand! Southern Alps, from quite a distance, but mesmerizing.


        • Lisa says:

          That’s really cool Ryan, the pictures you have shared are absolutely breathtaking! Enjoy your day there.

  • Great share, Lisa.
    I am using Twitter for quite long but had no idea about all these awesome tips.
    Click to Tweet is really a good way to force your readers to tweet your favorite quote or awesome texts.
    One more thing I want to add, you must create some relevant hashtags according to your various content so when anyone likes your any tweet they can easily find other tweets. I applied this trick and was able to get some followers.
    Please share your views what do you think about this. Thank you.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Motivation Jet, I love the click to tweet feature with Social Warfare, makes it easy! Hashtags are key as well to have your tweets found and re-shared. You are welcome and I appreciate your coming by and for your input on this too!

  • Hi Lisa,

    As you said, tweets have a short life. They come and go. One way to deal with it, at least in case of some tweets that are used to promote something, is to tweet more than once.

    You have listed here great features and ways to extend the life and spread of a tweet. These are easy to use and super helpful. This way we can leverage the maximum power of twitter.

    Thanks for sharing the great tips with us. Have a great day!


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Naveen, tweets sure do have a short life. Things move fast over there 🙂 Oh yes, that’s a good one too to tweet it more than once. And to retweet some of your own tweets (I’ll have to add that in when I update this one!) Thank you Naveen and I appreciate your coming by with a tip too. Have a great day and weekend ahead.

  • Jamie Cordon says:

    Twitter has really stepped up its game. The new features are nifty! I think out of all social media platforms, Twitter has really put itself above the rest when it comes to speed and reach. Great read!

  • Hey Lisa!

    This is good to know if you use Twitter a lot.

    I’m using Twitter more than ever before. I know there is a big audience on this platform and I want to reach as many people as possible.

    I think it is a smart idea to share your tweets all over. And sharing them the way you have listed here might just be it.

    Thank you for sharing this!

    Best regards! 😀

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Freddy, thank you. Yes, sharing them elsewhere can extend the tweets life, bring more engagement and even drive more traffic to your blog or website. Have you tried any of these methods yourself? Thanks for coming by and have a great day and weekend ahead Freddy.

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