How Does Your Posture Affect Your Day as a Blogger or Biz Owner?

The average person will spend more than 18 years of their life sitting down. And, a huge proportion of that, for office-based workers and those now working from home at their desks. That’s four and a half hours each day seated at your computer!  (Seven when you count other sitting time).

It can all add up to a huge host of problems with your back if you have incorrect postures and your desk is not set-up correctly.

posture affect your day

Does Posture Affect Your Day?

Our spines fall naturally into three slight curves. The neck and the lower back, or lumbar, should form a C shaped curve, known as lordosis. The mid and upper back should have a smaller reversed C shape, referred to as kyphosis.

The trouble starts when the natural curvature of the spine is consistently forced out of position. And it is due to the way we sit during the working day.

The spine is composed of segments and spinal discs that give flexibility, range of movement, and shock absorption to our bodies.

The trouble starts when the natural curvature of the spine is consistently forced out of position. And it is due to the way we sit during the working day. Click To Tweet

The Day as Blogger or Small Biz Owner Sitting

However, with the modern lifestyle of poor sitting postures, working on computers all day, and bending over our mobile phones, we can alter the natural curvature of the spine. Thus, causing changes that have the potential to significantly alter our quality of life.

Degenerative joint conditions, neck pain, lower back pain, slipped discs and severe headaches are just some of the consequences you may already have experienced.

Sitting all day is does affect your posture as a blogger or small business owner.

Take it from me, I’ve been in PT and at a chiropractor this year after getting steroid injections from all of this!  Sitting for long hours is not good for you and your posture plays a huge role in it!

Sitting all day is does affect your posture as a blogger or small business owner. #InspireToThrive Click To Tweet

Working and Staying Healthy

When it comes to our working day, this isn’t great news. Physical discomfort stops us from focusing properly. This pain affects our productivity.

By getting to understand more about our desk and seating, and how to correctly adjust them so we are sitting right. This will support our backs and we can avoid the discomfort.

This infographic shows the different component parts of an executive office chair, and how you can understand their effect on your posture and working life:

Infographic Design By Autonomous

Other Tips to Help Offset How Posture Affects Your Day

  • Invest in a good chair and desk for your home office. You’ll be so happy you did as I did over a year ago now.
  • Be sure to take breaks often. Don’t sit for more than 1/2 hour at a time. Stand up, stretch at least!
  • Sit straight while you are working away on the computer.
  • Invest in a standing desk so you are not sitting for such long periods of time. You can use both in your office or at another location in your home or office too.
  • Schedule in your breaks so you don’t forget as I often have done over the years. And then, it was too late and I needed medical attention 🙁

Yes, you can always learn from my mistakes here at Inspire To Thrive! ~ Lisa

Other Tips to Help Offset How Posture Affects Your Day #InspireToThrive Click To Tweet

In Conclusion

What are you doing to sit better throughout your day blogging or working in your small business? How many hours per day do you sit for?

I’d know to know how you are doing with this, please leave a comment below and share on your social media networks!

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  • Hi Lisa,
    I heard a lot about the effects caused bad posture who works daily 8-9 hours in front of the computer screen. Taking some break and exercise routine can help in getting rid of the most common back pain problems.
    Thanks for sharing such nice information.

  • As a content manager, i daily spend 4 to 6 hours in front of the screen. I take regular breaks and use basic stretches to avoid posture problems and improve focus on work.
    Posture tips share in the article are worthy as well.

    • Hi Noman, is that all? That’s great that you can keep your time down in front of the screen on sitting for those periods of time. Taking breaks is really key and I have to try hard to remember to 🙂 Thanks for coming by and have a wonderful weekend.

  • I must admit that I am guilty of working for long hours without paying too much attention to posture. Working from home has meant working from the bed, couch… just about anywhere in all sort of weird positions. Thankfully haven’t had any problems until now, but this is an eyeopener. Must try the standing desk and see how it goes and maybe get a good quality office chair sometime soon.

    • Hi Sanjeev, I was the same way! For many years too. But now I think about it a lot as it does affect my health and then my business. Hoping this will help in the future. Thanks for coming by and have a great day!

  • Hi Lisa,

    WHOA…18 years? Nuts. I literally, every single day, spend 1/6th of the day managing my energy by meditating, doing Kriya yoga, doing yin yoga, and power walking. Every one of those 4 hours collectively is about energy-flow, posture, balance and overall wellness, because I do spend mucho time sitting and typing. The chair tips about are super helpful. I need to find a good travel chair that folds up, that I can take from location to location.


    • Yes, isn’t that crazy Ryan? To think we spend 18 years sitting down. You do get in a lot of walks and exercise! I bet there is one. I’ll have to let you know what I find Ryan for a travel chair – a great idea! I’m working on not sitting down for so long at a time. This year really taught me that with my back issues. Thanks for coming by and have a wonderful weekend (Halloween) ahead!

  • I encourage people to get off from their desks every two hours to walk around for five minutes. It really helps to release those pressure points in the back, bottom and legs. I have felt better since I started taking those short breaks. Another thing I do is to get off my desk for at least an hour and half exercise every day. Even if I have to watch a video or listen to an audio book, I can schedule those around my exercise time when doing it at home. Exercise helps improve circulation and releases stress. Having a good chair as you suggest here with head rest and lumbar support is great. Also, sitting as close to 90 degree angle with feet resting flat on the floor are things to consider providing you get up and walk. This goes for the parents as well as the kids since most of them are also studying remotely. My son complained of neck pain and I replaced his study chair with one that has a head rest. He loves it and now feel better. Thanks for the post.

    • Hi Hope, welcome to Inspire To Thrive! I’m trying every hour now after what I’ve been through. Exercise is great for so many things and a wonderful HABIT to get into. I feel for those young kids today doing schooling at home with no outdoor recess like the old days. I sure hope it doesn’t last long or the effects will last their lifetimes 🙁 Do take care Hope and thanks for coming by.

  • As someone who’s had a slight curvature of the spine since childhood, I need to be extremely careful with how many hours I spend sitting in an office chair and/or standing for long periods of time. These are fabulous tips, Lisa. I love the seat infographic too. Just reminds me I think I’m due for a new office chair at work. 😉 Thank you for sharing this!

    • Hi Brenda, I didn’t know that about you after all these years I’ve known you. Wow. I recently purchased a new one from Staples and am very happy with it! They do make a difference. Next, on the bucket list is a standing desk too 🙂 Thanks for coming by and have a great weekend ahead!

  • I cross my legs and sit hunched over for hours a day at my computer. I have always crossed my legs when I sit. It feels weird not to. Unfortunately, that’s causing a hump to form on my upper back.

    I’ve always kind of had a small hump, probably because I’ve always had poor posture. But now I can really feel how far hunched over I am when I try to straighten up once in a while. It’s like I grow a full foot or more.

    And that hump is uncomfortable. It doesn’t feel natural. It feels stiff and heavy.

    I’ve (finally) realized that I need a shorter chair so that I’m not so high above my desk and can sit straighter. If I don’t change now, I’m going to be one of those hunched over seniors, without a doubt.

    • Hi Kari, welcome to Inspire To Thrive 🙂 That’s not good! Yes, I would change that as soon as you could. Another option is the standing desk too. I hope you are able to make some adjustments there. Thanks for coming by and have a great day!

  • Hi Lisa,
    Back pain used to be a common problem for me.

    I sit continuously for more than 2 hrs.

    But I have changed that schedule not more than 1hr.

    Although I have not invested in any proper chair for my working hours, I have started working out and going to the gym regularly.

    At least my back pain problem has gone and I can able to focus more on my writing work.

    Thanks for this post Lisa, your articles are always very helpful.


    • Hi Dipanjan, It sounds like you got your back issue under control. That’s a good thing! I’ve been working on it as well. I have issues like this and carpel tunnel over the years. Amazing how much damage from sitting at a desk, isn’t it? Thanks for coming by and for your valuable input. Have a great day!

  • Hi Lisa,

    It can be challenging stressful sitting down for longer periods, which is why your post is timely and valuable. Yes, getting a more comfortable office chair is ideal as it helps with the spine and other vital areas. I love the infographic; however, you still need to do a little more to improve your health. For this, I take regular short breaks every 25 – 30 mins to stretch a little.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Hi Moss. Yes, for sure! I am working on taking those breaks Moss. I tend to keep on putting them off as I get more done on my to-do list but that needs to be big on the to-do list! Thanks for coming by and have a wonderful day there Moss 🙂

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