How To Optimize Your Work Day For Optimal Business Results

It’s all good and well saying that you’re going to work on your business, but if you don’t actively get down to work, then can you really say that you’re making progress? You may need to learn how to optimize your work day for better results.

Not in my book. It’s always worth remembering that it’s not the number of hours at the office or at your home office that count, but the number of hours that you work that counts.

Of course, productivity is something that many people struggle with; it is the great battle of working life. While it’s true that we’ll never hit 100% productivity, there are things we can do to push it in the right direction.

It’s all about optimizing your work day. In this blog, I’m going to take a look at a few key details for getting the most of your time at the office or at your home office today.

Start The Day Off Right To Optimize Your Working Day

One common issue people have is that they arrive at the office still a little sleepy, or at least not quite ready to tackle the day. Sometimes, it can feel like half the morning has already disappeared before you’re in the groove of working.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to get around this: start the day right. There are things you can do that’ll jolt your body and mind into action.

For example, if you get a full night of sleep under your belt, go for a morning jog, take a cold shower, and then eat a nutritious breakfast, then you’ll be ready to hit the ground running when you sit down to work.

There’s sometimes (or always…) the temptation to just lie in bed until as late as possible, but there’s a lot of value in going through the routine we’ve just outlined. You’ll be buzzing with energy, and be feeling great, too.

Priority Tasks

As a business owner, you’ll likely have a million and one things on your ‘to do’ list. But it’s important to keep in mind that not all tasks will be of equal importance. There’ll be tasks that have a bigger impact on the overall success of your company than others.

If you want to optimize your work day, then make sure it’s these tasks that are getting your attention throughout the day.

Now, if you focus on the one or two most important tasks first, then come the afternoon, you’ll already have had a productive day. That’s why I love writing a good old fashion to-do list. 

to do list for work day

Using The To Do-List

Here’s how to effectively use a to-do list for your work day:

Start each morning by creating a prioritized to-do list. Identify your most important tasks and put them at the top. Be realistic about what you can accomplish. (I love writing this list at the end of day prior.)

As you work through items, cross them off. This provides a sense of progress and motivation. If something doesn’t get done, move it to the next day’s list.

Review your list frequently and adjust priorities as needed. Don’t let it become stale – update it throughout the day.

Break larger projects into smaller, actionable steps on the list. Crossing off these “mini-tasks” prevents feeling overwhelmed.

Be flexible. Your list guides your day, but unexpected urgencies will arise. Adapt as required while still referring to your list.

Using a to-do list properly eliminates guesswork on what to do next. It keeps you focused and boosts productivity. Start using one daily for an organized, efficient work flow.

When Do You Work Best?

However, though it’s possible to have an excellent morning and hit the ground running, for some people, it might just be a fact of life that morning time is not their most productive period. One of the good things about running your own company is that you don’t necessarily need to follow the traditional working day.

Unless you’re working closely with other companies, then your schedule will be a little more open than just the typical 9 – 5 days. So it’s worthwhile considering the period that you work best. It could be the morning, or it could be mid-afternoon.

Whatever it is, make sure you’re working on the most difficult tasks during those hours. It’s all about figuring out what works best for you!


If you follow me on social media you will know that morning is my favorite time of the day to work 🙂

Services to Streamline Operations

You’ll have a finite amount of energy and skills. To do your best for your company, you should ensure that you’re spending your time and energy on the tasks that you know you can do well.

You shouldn’t be spending any considerable amount of time on tasks that you A. don’t understand, or B. don’t push your company forward in a direct way. I’ve been there and done that!

For those jobs, look at outsourcing the tasks to other companies.

There are companies that offer IT support services, which will ensure that the digital side of your business is always up and running. You can also outsource things like your digital marketing, payroll, and accounting.

You’ll be amazed at how much time you gain just by handing these jobs over to others to handle.

Avoiding Distractions to Optimize Your Work Day and Your Business

While you can go to great lengths to have a productive day, it’s always important to be aware of the distractions that may throw you off your game.

There may be things that cause you to lose 30 minutes or more, and wouldn’t it be great to get that time back? You bet.

It could be that you spend too long getting coffee, scrolling through your phone, or waiting on others. Awareness of your time-wasting actions is the first step; the second step is to actively work on putting them behind you for good.

All it requires is a little discipline.

Conclusion: Take Control Of Your Work Day

By implementing time management strategies and setting clear priorities, you can optimize your work day for maximum productivity.

Start by creating a daily schedule that allows for focused work periods and breaks to maintain energy levels throughout the day.

I’d love to hear how you optimize your working days in the comments below.

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Lisa Sicard

5 thoughts on “How To Optimize Your Work Day For Optimal Business Results”

  1. Hi Lisa,
    I generally feel comfortable working in the morning hours and those hours are great working hours.

    But sometimes I have to stay awake until late at night due to the timing schedule of my clients as the work hours are totally different.

    First I read one or two articles everyday morning, then only I start my work.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.


    1. Hi Dipanjan, that must be hard working those other hours. Luckily I don’t have to very often. Thank goodness! You are most welcome and thanks for sharing your story with us here. Have a great day and hope you get more sleep 🙂

  2. Hey Lisa,

    An awesome and very useful post. Very true and completely agree with you, to achieve Optimal result counting the number of working hours is more important rather than counting number of hours you are in the office.

    All the various tips you shared are awesome but for me Starting the day well is the most important as your whole day depends on how you starts it.

    Thanks for sharing this useful post and have a great week ahead.


    1. Hi Jennifer, what do you think that you are doing “wrong’? I know I often start my day right on the computer. Not good. But I do break more and try to go for a walk or bike ride. We really do need breaks in the day to rejuvenate our brains and bodies. It helps us to function better and work much better too 🙂 Have a great day! And welcome to Inspire To Thrive!

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