Blogging Pro Tips: How To Blog Through Crisis In Your Life

To become a blogging pro you must continuously blog even as your own personal world may be crumbling. That’s the same for any professional who is a pro blogger. They understand life must go on. That’s why I compiled these pro blogging tips for you.

I will never forget the time in my life when my grandmother passed away when I was 17. My mom was hanging laundry outside on a warm August morning on the morning of my grandmother’s funeral. I was upset.

How could she still be doing laundry when we were about to bury my grandmother? How does life go on when someone so close to us passes on?

My mom taught me a lesson: Life does go on. As a blogger, I continued to blog as most blogging pros do no matter what is going on around them.

I never forgot that time and now in times of crisis in my own life, I find myself doing laundry. Washing, drying, folding, ironing and then writing for the blog.  I now get it. It keeps you on track, it makes you carry on.

blogging pro

Does A Blogging Professional Blog During Crisis In Their Lives?

Do you blog when you are worried about major things in your life or do you withdraw? I have known several bloggers to go into hiding when they go through major life events and others will blog about the events.

I believe it really can be therapeutic for us. It is like keeping a journal.

Other pro bloggers, like my friend Ryan from Blogging From Paradise, recently lost his mom and he wrote about it on his blog. What a tribute he wrote about her. That’s what pro bloggers do, they keep on going.

I’m not one to blog about my personal life but if it will help others I do so in a more generic way. After all,  bloggers are human beings, right? We are not robots responding to comments and writing away at a machine. We live, eat, breathe, and feel things.

What else can blogging and doing laundry help you personally? It can help you to relax.

Now, on to more pro blogging tips for you.

Pro Blogging Tips

1. Learning More To Become Like A Pro Blogger

Writing and publishing content online has become a popular way to express yourself, connect with others, and build an audience. Whether you’re writing about your hobbies, sharing industry insights, or discussing current events, blogging can be an effective way to reach out to readers and make a lasting impression.

However, expressing yourself can help you get over the crisis in your life at the same time.

If you’re new to the world of blogging, one important thing to remember is that becoming a successful blogger takes time. However, there are certain things you can do to increase your chances of success — like blogging more often.

Let’s explore why blogging regularly is essential for becoming a pro blogger.

2. Time Is Power With Blogging

The more often you blog, the more opportunities you have to reach new readers. The internet is fast-paced and ever-evolving — if you want to get noticed in this competitive landscape, it’s important that your content stands out from the crowd.

By consistently creating high-quality content on relevant topics, you can help ensure that your blog is seen by as many people as possible. Additionally, having fresh content on your website will also help boost rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs).

This means that potential readers will be able to easily find your website when searching for topics related to what you write about.

3. Stay Relevant With Your Pro Blog

Another key benefit of blogging more often is that it keeps your content up-to-date and relevant. In the digital age we live in today, news breaks quickly — so quickly that even if you post something one day it could already be outdated by the next day.

To keep up with this ever-changing landscape and maintain relevancy with readers who expect timely information, consistency is key.

Publishing quality content often enough will help establish trust with readers and show them that they can count on you for reliable information.

pro blogger stays up to date

4. Building Blogging Pro Connections

The last reason why blogging more often will help take your blog from amateur status to the blogging pro level is that it gives you more opportunities to connect with other bloggers in the same space. Not only that but potential customers who might be interested in what you have to say.

While having engaging written content is important for any successful blog, there are countless ways outside of just writing posts for connecting with others such as joining Twitter X conversations or hosting webinars or live streams.

With each post published or conversation had with another person in your industry, the wider net of relationships grows — which can create new opportunities down the road!

Make sure you respond quickly if someone leaves a comment on one of your posts or sends an email asking for more information about a topic mentioned in one of your posts; this will show them that you care about what they have to say and are willing to help them out if needed.

Additionally, create social media accounts where people can leave comments or ask questions; this will also help encourage engagement with your blog posts.

5. Helping Others Along The Way

When you help others along the way you feel better about yourself and your own situation. Pro bloggers are always helping others on their journey and bringing them up the ladder.

Ways to help other bloggers:

  • Link out to them
  • Share their content on social media
  • Engage with them on their blog and on social networks
  • Invite them to guest post
  • Email them
  • Join their podcast or webinar
  • Share your blogging tools with them

6. Keeping A Routine To Blog

During a crisis in your life, keeping a routine may be one of the keys to getting through it. Blogging and doing laundry is a blogger’s routine, right? Of course, you must at one point do something different or you will get bored or stale in your life.

Life is too short to get stale. So drop the routine after you feel you can handle something differently.

But more pro bloggers maintaining a consistent blogging schedule is crucial for building a dedicated audience and improving search engine rankings.

By regularly publishing content, you establish reliability and keep your readers engaged. This also signals to search engines that your website is active and relevant, which can positively impact your visibility in search results.

Developing and sticking to a routine helps you stay organized and ensures a steady flow of fresh material for your audience. Consistency in blogging can lead to increased traffic and better overall performance for your website.

If you get bored add another topic category to your content wheel of topics.

7. Learn and Keep Up With SEO For Your Blog

Pro bloggers need to learn SEO to increase their website’s visibility and attract more organic traffic. By understanding SEO principles and implementing them effectively, bloggers can improve their website’s ranking on search engine results pages.

This can lead to higher visibility, more clicks, and ultimately, more opportunities for monetization and audience growth.

Additionally, a strong grasp of SEO can help bloggers create content that resonates with their target audience and aligns with their search intent, leading to better engagement and conversion rates.

In today’s competitive blogging landscape, mastering SEO is essential for pro bloggers to achieve long-term success and maximize their impact.

It’s made a big impact here on Inspire To Thrive this past year. I’ve grown the traffic by more than 4x in 2023 as I had ignored SEO research and implementation for years.

seo increase in traffic

8. Big Pro Blogging Tip – Don’t Ignore AI In Blogging

Pro bloggers should not ignore AI for blogging because it can enhance content creation, optimize SEO, and improve audience engagement.

By utilizing AI tools, bloggers can generate new topic ideas, analyze data to understand audience preferences, and create high-quality content more efficiently.

AI can also help in optimizing content for search engines, increasing the visibility of blog posts and driving more organic traffic. Additionally,

AI-powered chatbots and personalized recommendations can enhance the overall user experience, leading to higher reader satisfaction and retention.

Embracing AI in blogging can give pro bloggers a competitive edge and lead to higher success in the blogosphere space.

Of course, don’t copy and paste everything word for word when writing your content. Add your stories, your data, links and more into your blog post.

Conclusion Of Becoming A Pro Blogger

Next time you are having a crisis in your life try blogging and doing laundry as well as reading uplifting quotes.

I’d love to know how you get by when things are tough in your life. Does blogging help you through those tough times? What other pro blogging tips would you add to this post?

Drop a comment below so we can discuss it.

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Lisa Sicard

98 thoughts on “Blogging Pro Tips: How To Blog Through Crisis In Your Life”

  1. I have learned a lot of lessons here. Showing resilience in moments of setback makes you a super hero. I must confess, that’s exactly what your mother is.

    I guess she has played a significant role in your career as a blogger. I like the fact that you talk about helping others along the way. Your content is always on point.

    I’m sorry to hear that your mother is in pain. May God be with her for the rest of her life

    1. Thanks Foster, glad to hear your learned a lot of lessons in this blog post. Resilience is key to everything in life Foster. Thanks, she passed away almost 10 years ago now. Hard to believe how much time has past. She did like to write too. And read a lot of books, I still have her list and some books. I appreciate your feedback and have a great day Foster as life is short.

  2. Hi Lisa, I love how you share personal experience and relate it to blogging – the laundry example is clean and real to life; you’re such an observer. Mothers are fighters; no matter how challenging their situation is, they always think of providing for their families. This post is inspiring, and I wonder how I’ve never read this post all these years. Thanks for the mention 🙂

    In a crisis, keeping busy will help keep your mind off disturbing things and to keep fighting. Knowing and working with you has been one of the most significant feats in my blogging career. Keep inspiring, and take care of yourself, Lisa 🙂

    1. Hi Mudassir, you are welcome. Yes, this post was almost 10 years old and it’s hard to believe that much time has passed but I remember it all vividly. Work has always got me through tough times, keeping me grounded. Thanks for coming by on this one Mudassir.

  3. Lisa thanks so much for the update. In truth, digging deeper into the mind reveals how fear, and even this world, is an illusion created by the ego. Feels real. Seems real. But it is not. I blogged during the weekend for my mom’s passing and kept at it the week prior as she went into hospice because I have the sneaking suspicion that her, me, you and all the life-forms out there are eternal. We keep going, even if we put the body aside (death), grieve, feel fear, etc. Express the fear of course. Feel it. But as you feel it and let it go, you keep doing what you love. For me, one of those loves is blogging.

    1. Hi Ryan. You are welcome. I love your explanation that as you feel it and let it go you keep doing what you love. Some people take a lot longer to get to that point. I found it so therapeutic to write while my mom had cancer and quickly passed away from it. It felt like I was grounded. Thanks for your valuable input on this one Ryan.

  4. Lisa:

    Very sorry to her about losing your Mom!

    And while certainly no one ever expects to lose their spouse through separation, one of the real (long lasting) silver linings is, you also discover just “how” much you are loved and truly appreciated (and admired) by so many others!

    And without a doubt, writing (blogging) can be extremely therapeutic at such an emotionally draining time! And it helps you discover far more inner strength than you might otherwise have recognize!

    Or given yourself credit for possessing!

    Your light will definitely continue to shine and you’ll also continue to be a shining beacon of hope & true inspiration to the the rest of us! Thank you (so much)for finding the courage and strength to share inspire the rest of us!

    Even as you cope with your own personal challenges!

    1. Hi Mark, oh I haven’t lost her yet, she’s been fighting the cancer battle since this post. She’s doing pretty good considering it’s been 4 months and the doctors gave her 6 months. It sure is therapeutic through many parts of our lives. Even if things get boring you can turn on the computer and get into your blogging. You are welcome Mark and welcome to Inspire to Thrive.

  5. Krithika Rangarajan

    Oh darling – Lynn Abate Johnson shared your post on Facebook and I couldn’t resist your title! #Muaah

    I am so sorry that you are going through a tough phase right now, but like Harleena said, “Tough times don’t last, tough people do” – and you seem PLENTY TOUGH! So, keep rocking, darling, and remember that your friends – both online and offline – are always here for you.

    Can I give you a hug?! #CushiestHugsforyoufromKit


    1. Hi Krithika, welcome to Inspire to Thrive and thanks for coming by. Thanks, oh yes all we can do is continue on, right? Thanks for your encouragement and hugs. Hope to see you back here again in the near future Krithika.

  6. Hi Lisa,

    This is an interesting piece, It’s very much inspiring.

    The title of the post is so captivating and I must confess, you have a knack of giving out inspiring post.

    on a personal note, I usually take to blogging and my musical keyboard anytime I’m bored, unhappy; I usually get my inspiration from there.

    1. LOL James, I’m trying to make my titles more interesting but still give clues to what the post is about. I don’t believe in being misleading. I have been listening to music more as well on my Pandora. Do you play other instruments as well? My son is big into guitar and keyboard. Thanks for coming by and have a great weekend.

  7. Lisa,

    Thank you for sharing this with us. I’m so sorry you’re going through such a tough time. I hope your mom is okay.

    I agree with you about doing mindless tasks to help clear your head and maintain some kind of normalcy. When I’m in a dark mood, I tend to withdraw because I write a humor blog. It’s hard to see the humor in anything when I feel like I’m looking at the world through fogged lenses. During dark days, I write poetry. I find it’s most cathartic for me. But you’re right, keeping busy, doing anything, including laundry, is the best therapy for difficult times in our lives.

    1. Hi Lauren, thanks. Time will tell. No results yet. That must be harder Lauren to write humor during times like this. I’ve got laundry going now as I’m doing comments 🙂 I haven’t started my holiday cards though I’ve just bought a few and got stamps. Not sure how far I’ll get, they may be Happy New Year’s cards by then 🙂 Thanks for coming by Lauren and enjoy the rest of your week with your snow 🙂

  8. Bonnie Andrews {Hobby to HOT!}

    Lisa, I’m so sorry. My heart is broken for you. I would turn to blogging and laundry too. Sometimes, just enough to numb the reality and get the courage to keep moving forward. Know that your’e loved and there are so many of us here to support you. You are not alone!

    1. Thank you Bonnie. She has been doing a little better though we have no test results yet. Keeping busy sure does help in different types of situations. There was a quote about idle minds, right? I hope you enjoy the rest of your week Bonnie.

  9. Hi Lisa,

    Wow, that’s a lot to go through at one time. Hang in there! Challenges make us stronger.
    Just know that there are people out there thinking about you. Even if we haven’t met in person, I still feel like you are my friend.

    So hang in there and keep on going!

    1. Thanks David, I’d agree they sure do make us stronger. Yes, glad we met via Twitter David and became friends. I certainly will keep on going 🙂 Thanks so much and have a great rest of the week – I’m sure we’ll chat before the holiday.

  10. Great title Lisa!

    I am always see social media as a way to find inspiration though. That’s why during hard times is great to being social (through the net or not). Sometimes solution comes while we get into social activities.

    All the best for you Lisa

    1. Thanks Okto, it sure can be. We are not born to be an island out here so being social surely helps one. I appreciate your feedback and best. Have a great day ahead.

  11. I think trying to remain positive in time of crisis is the only way to go. I tend to tune out people that focus on the negative and share it on social media. Who does that really help?

    1. Hi Arelis, good point, try to stay positive through it all. I ignore a lot of negatitity on line as well. It can be a waste of time, why worry until you really need to – right? Thanks for coming by and commenting today Arelis and have a great rest of your week.

  12. Hi Lisa,

    “During a crisis in your life, keeping a routine may be one of keys to get through it. ” Yes, it is true. I am an introvert but in times like this I prefer to express myself in every way I can.

    When things go very wrong, I usually keep a diary. My best pages are written when I am very sad. I also send a few emails (only to very close friends). This is a time when you discover amazing things inside your own self.

    When my father died and I went to the funeral, I was extremely sad and also extremely happy. One of the strangest feelings in my life. On the one had this was the moment when I realized (first time in my life) that I love my father.
    It was a violent feeling of happiness like nothing else experienced before (extreme happiness). On the other hand, he was no more, so I wasn’t able to tell him this (extreme sadness).

    Keep your routine (by the way, nice socks 🙂 ) and everything will be OK.

    Have a peaceful week

    1. Hi Silviu, I agree – routine is very good. I was having a stressful day (dishwasher not working, etc with everything else) and since I sat down and read some blogs I feel fine now and able to handle it all. So routines are GOLDEN. Otherwise I’d be walking around pacing wondering what to do next. Now I just wait for plumber to call back and it’s not the end of the world. Many people seem to keep journals or diaries. Interesting. My dear friends have been great with chatting and one sent me a text that she would be away a few days but have her cell on for me, so sweet! I’m sorry to hear about your father and that does sound like odd feelings at once to have. You like those socks huh? LOL. Thanks for your thoughful insights Silviu and have a great rest of your week.

  13. Lisa I’m so sorry for you going through what you are. I’ve been there too. I understand how taking one step forward regularly, and using one clothespin at a time, is going to be helpful. Journaling also helps me. And when things are really at the bottom I have learned in the hardest way (I had to put our 16 year old poodle down years ago on the same day my husband was scheduled for heart bypass surgery) to ask friends for help. Help anyway they can give it. Best wishes to you.

    1. Thank you Patricia Oh you do understand, I’m so sorry about your dog. How is your husband doing now? I can’t imagine doing everything without friend support. I am blessed with so many wonderful friends online and offline that have been in contact with me. Just knowing they are a call or a click away is wonderful Patricia. i hope you have good new week ahead and thanks for sharing here.

      1. Lisa, my husband had his first quintuple bypass at age 47. He had his second one (yes, those veins being used as arteries don’t last as long) at age 59. His cardiologist is amazed of the growth of new arteries he has had! And thank goodness because he and I both want him here for many more years. The second time around was so much more difficult that I was glad for lessons learned to make it easier for me, the caregiver. Thanks for asking. Have a wonderful holiday season.

        1. Oh wow Patricia, sorry to hear but wow amazing how far medical advances have come too. I hope all goes well now. Thanks for sharing and for the holiday wishes. I hope you have a blessed holiday season.

  14. I am just about to forget that- bloggers have a life where emotions, happiness, love everything is present. It has become a habit to read technical writing. There are only a few bloggers like you who writing their posts with a touch of life.

    Being human, we all have faced many bad times in our life or or still to face many crisis moments. But, the show is must go on! So, it is better to carry on our daily routine to keep flow of life.

    1. Hi Majharul, it can be easy to forget that when we are writing about our “niches” unrelated to our personal lives, it’s easy to do! You are right though at times it is hard to do – the show must go on…Routines do help us with that and can keep us calm along the way as well. I’ve noticed the past few days my mom who’s been sick and quite weak attempting to do a few routine things or at least talk about them. It’s interesting to observe and learn. Thanks Majharul for coming by and taking the time to comment on this one. Have a wonderful day ahead.

  15. So sorry for your troubles Lisa. Life has ways of throwing unpleasant, curve balls our way, and then it’s up to us to find our ways to cope. I can relate – my son was diagnosed with a life threatening illness several years ago and though it wasn’t laundry for me, I had to find a way to cope with the stresses of the illness and the impact on our lives to get through it. And I’m happy to say he fought his way and is now a healthy teen.
    Hope your mom is doing better now!

    1. Thank you Carol. It sure can. Wow, I can’t imagine going through that with one of my kids. How did you find a way to cope Carol? Thanks for the well wishes and taking the time to comment here today. Have a wonderful new week ahead.

      1. Hey Lisa … my way of coping whenever in crisis has been to create photo albums of our trips and the boys’ lives. I got a lot of albums finished while he was sick! The last two weeks have been a crazy whirlwind with a death in the family and my blog down the past four days now (server issues and my tech-family member on vacation)… so I’ve created two digital photo albums! My version of your blogging to relieve stress.

        Wishing you a happy and prosperous 2014!

        1. Hi Carol, Interesting as I like to take photos and have a nature blog for them. I’m so sorry to hear about that in your family. Prayers your way Carol. Thanks for your input on this one and I hope your 2014 gets better.

  16. Hi,
    Lisa came over on your blog first time.Find the title very interesting.Content wonderful.The nice piece of information what I got from this post that during troubled times one needs to be busy in his/her karma(routine life), though it is difficult but it helps to come out of the difficult times in life.Apositive article.

    1. Hi Nitesh – welcome to Inspire to Thrive. Thank you. It is a little different than most of my posts as I tend not to write about personal things but more of my online experiences. I hoped it would help others in troubled times of their lives to continue to blog and do those routine things to get them through. Hope to see you back here again in the future.

  17. I am sorry that you are going through a tough time. I will be praying for you and your mom.

    I guess I kind of do both. I do tend to withdraw somewhat. But then I remember that people are expecting posts from me on MWF so I end up writing about what is going on. The amount of openness I have does vary depending on the situation. I have found it usually is helpful as most people will have kind words of support and encouragement.

    Actually I started my blog during a time of crises after my dad died and I broke up with my ex. This blog has been a life saver.

    Once I remember some older women in my family explaining that women usually handle crises better than men because we have so much to do (meaning cooking and houshold responsibilities). She said it keeps our minds off things a bit because we don’t have the time to be still in our grief or worry. The Laudndry reminded me of that.

    1. Hi Arlett, thank you. I’m sure you can relate as you have your share of difficulties. I do withdraw when it gets real bad. I could barely tweet yesterday. Interesting how your blog helped you through that and how you started it at that point in your life Arlett. There are so many benefits to our blogging, aren’t they? I also think women handle it better because we have more friends and we chat more openly and freely. Men tend to hold it all in. Oh yes, the chores we do too outnumber them, thought it is changing somewhat. Thanks for coming by Arlett and sharing your experiences with us here. Have a great new week ahead.

  18. Hi Lisa,
    I empathize with the challenges you are facing. These sorts of things are never easy. For each of us, the challenges of life are somewhat same, but uniquely different. When written in Chinese, the word ‘crisis’ is composed of two characters. One represents danger and the other represents opportunity.

    Look for and expect the best possible outcomes. Stay strong! I’m praying toward those results.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Thank you Bill for your input and prayers. I didn’t know about the Chinese version of it. Like that! I also love your positive thinking – will have to do that today. Thanks so much Bill for the support. Have a wonderful day yourself.

  19. Hi Lisa,

    I haven’t had that many crisis in my life, but I believe that blogging can help a lot. When I feel down or sad about something, I usually write and after I have been writing for just 5 or 10 minutes, it’s like I’m somewhere else and I’m feeling a lot better. Usually, I start out writing about what I’m feeling right then, and I’m creating a story based on the feelings and why I am having those feelings. I believe writing / blogging can have a major impact on our lives (I’m not sure if doing laundry would help me at all, but that’s a whole different thing for me) 🙂

    – Jens

    1. Jens, you are so fortunate. I like that idea Jens of creating a story about the feelings. So does that mean you don’t do laundry Jens? 🙂 Maybe another routine thing you do as a chore? Interesting and thanks for the comment. Have a great rest of your weekend.

  20. I like the term “Passionate Emotions” that Sunday used and I have to agree. Writing your emotions is a way to bring out your emotion whether it is good or bad. During the crisis, blogging or putting your feelings into words will help you cope.

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social networking site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

    1. I do too Metz. I also hope it can help others too and maybe instead of freezing that they do something to help themselves. Thanks for coming by Metz and have yourself a wonderful day.

  21. Hi Lisa,

    Gosh… I’m really sorry about what you are going through dear. I can’y imagine! I’m kinda sensitive when it comes to relationships and may be ’cause I have less experiences about losing someone. But I never found you as a worrier but warrior though 🙂 You always determined in everything you do and beat most of us on that for sure. We all have a way of dealing with things, nah?

    I had no clue about what’s going on. I saw Facebook status of yours about watching TV, but didn’t get what’s it all about. First, I thought you were gonna resign and spend more time at home. Then I explored your tweets to find a clue 😀 lol… Nothing found, except for visiting your mom. Finally, all things revealed here.

    I believe keeping a journal may come in handy for you right this moment. Isn’t it? 🙂 Letting your feelings out is best medication as I find. But not publicly on social networks though. You know, you don’t wanna be vulnerable and regret what you shared later on. With my recent break up, I couldn’t take it. But it made me realize lot of things including how addicted I was to emotions when I truly trust someone and opened up to different aspects to think about. I went to help more people offline and start to enjoy more time with my family. I believe you have found more plus points to relate too dear 🙂

    Your memory of your mother reminds me of a friend of mine who went to an examination while his father resting in peace at his home 🙂 All the relatives surprised and asked “How you could do this to your own father?”. If he didn’t take that exam that day, he might be another job seeker blaming someone else today.

    I hope your mom is doing better Lisa. Sending prayers on your way. I know, you will take care of her and you have more time to allocate now too. Isn’t it? 🙂 May be you can spend more time offline with upcoming holidays.

    Now, that’s it! Can we talk about next Google update or Facebook change? 😉

    If anything, just shoot a tweet / message dear! Even if you lack of laundry to keep yourself occupied :mrgreen: That’s what friends for, eh?

    You have a fabulous weekend with lots of friends around, Lisa!


    1. Hi Mayura, thank you so much. People do deal with things in different ways. I left you clueless huh? I thought my first comment on that post explained it but I did receive messages from others that were not aware asking questions too. I’m careful what I tweet too on personal things 🙂 Yes, a journal is a great idea – haven’t used one in a while. Hope to get back to that one.
      I am SO sorry about your break-up, I thought so but you didn’t come out and say it either. Your first? That is the HARDEST of all.
      I can relate to that one, yes. She got home last night to rest as we await test results, hoping she will feel better too being at home. Just in time too before a snowstorm is suppose to hit us tonight. Opportunity for pictures, right?
      What’s next for Google or Facebook? So many people are complaining about Facebook – they really are shaking things up! My non tech friends don’t get it when they miss others posts, etc and I try to explain if they don’t like or comment on stuff they will see less in their feeds. But you know it’s not my fav place but I am there as many offline friends and family are there and not on Twitter, why I don’t know or understand 🙂 Google’s been kind to me of late, so I can’t complain but know it can change in a heartbeat.
      Thanks for all your kind words Mayura and message, you are a dear friend from across the world 🙂 I hope you have a good weekend there.

  22. Hello Lisa,

    This is an inspiring post indeed and I always love people who are fighters, who are overcomers! Like many people said through their comments, you indeed have those qualities of champions. Not hiding behind your worries, coming out to share some inspirational thoughts with the world even while going through tough times. You are incredible!

    I pray that God grants you the strength to come out of the hardships you are going through right now and I know you will!

    Yes, blogging is hard, but a determined mind which clearly knows the purpose of blogging, will not get distracted and keep on keeping on. I am currently going through a fun time (which is also very hectic). I am on a trip to India traveling through the nation meeting people, spending most of my time on road. But I am able to find time not only to post but also to comment on my favorite blogs 🙂

    Thank you for sharing!


    1. Hi Kumar, thank you for your kind words and prayers. I always have dug myself into work when things get rough. The same can be said for blogging as well. Wow, you are traveling? How are things in India? Thanks for taking the time to come by and comment while traveling. Love to see pictures – will you post any on your blog? Enjoy the rest of your travels.

  23. I’m so sorry to hear everything you’re going through right now. I agree that sometimes those mundane routines is what keeps us sane during challenging times. I tend to be a private person by nature so it’s not easy for me to always share personal troubles, but I always applaud those who do. The support it brings out always cheers me and makes me feel good to see everyone rally in support.

    1. Thank you Tanya. Those tasks do help us through, it tooks me years to really understand that one. I was that way but find it helps others sometimes when you share your stuff. I can’t believe the amount of support I’ve received from everyone and feel really blessed by it. Thank you for coming by and for your input today. Have a great weekend.

  24. Hi Lisa, Wow, bad things seem to come in multiple events, don’t they? I hope your mom heals well and that the next phase of your life brings you much joy and fulfillment. These tough times are what help us grow but they sure are rough to go through.

    I’m like you and your mom. Routine helps so much to help bring normalcy to life. My father went through heart surgery and my brother-in-law died suddenly since I started blogging and I found blogging to be a solace. I never discussed it on my blog (it’s a tech blog) which helped in a way. I kept my mind on tech and off of the troubles in real life.

    I hope 2014 brings you much peace, Lisa!

    1. Hi Carolyn, yes, they do. They say in 3’s, odd. Thank you, I appreciate that. Blogging can surely be a solace Carolyn. That’s why I wrote about it to help others try to continue to blog through their trials and tribulations too. Can you believe 2014 is around the corner already? I can’t. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and a better year ahead too. Thanks for coming by.

  25. I’m so sorry Lisa, especially that you have to deal with all of this during the holidays! My heart goes out to you my friend and I’ll be including you in my prayers along with your Mom okay! I know you have plenty of family and friends but if you ever need to talk you have another ear.

    I definitely understand about the being down, I’m in my own funk as well. Missing my best friend like crazy with the holidays upon us. Everything is reminding me of him. Lost a family member the day after Thanksgiving and another old acquaintance earlier this week. My cousin broke her arm and another one is having some major health issues. My head is spinning girl!

    In situations like this I try to keep up with my routine because it helps to not dwell on things. Especially if they’re out of your control. Of course when you lose a loved one then there is a grieving process and that’s something we can’t really control. I try to blog and work but at times my mind is just mush and I might as well be doing something else.

    I don’t do laundry but once every couple of weeks so that’s not something that I would do. Clean the house is something I would do because it can always be cleaned.

    Thanks for sharing this with us Lisa and hang in there. I hate when any of my friends are in a rough patch but we all know we’ll get through them eventually. Give Mom our love and let her know she’s got prayers coming her way okay!

    God Bless,


    1. Thank you Adrienne, I really do appreciate that. Mom came home last night since the test results won’t be final for 5 days. They will be a visiting nurse as well. I think she will rest much better at home than in the hospital. I can’t imagine losing a close friend Adrienne. I wonder if it’s the moon or cycle of something – it does seem more unususal with stuff like this right now going on. (or we are getting older?) I think routines do help us and going away for a short while too like I did last week to NYC for a day helps. Oh yes, I’ve read about your cleaning before in your emails – your place must be spotless! I’ve got lots of that to do here now. A little at a time, right? Thanks for your prayers and well wishes. Sending some back your way as well. I hope you have a good weekend – looks like I may get snowed in here tonight and tomorrow. (It will give me more time to clean and write I hope.)

  26. Lisa, for me it isn’t doing laundry. When such a situation arises I normally take in a deep breadth and take solace in God’s word. Though am young and haven’t seen so many crisis.

    I am hope God sees you through this trying situation. And I for sure would put you in prayers. Loved the inspirational tweet. It goes to show that despite the challenges we face there is the grace to surmount it.

    Wishing you a successful blogging journey

    1. Hi Peter, that is another great way to handle a crisis. Deep breaths and faith do get us through those toughest of times. Thank you for your well wishes and for taking the time to comment here. I hope you have a great weekend there.

  27. Some new post and with full of emotions from Lisa, Well I believe every one in this world has difficulties and problems. So we need overcome from this difficulties.

    Anyway I’m so sorry you are going through very difficulties, I’m sure it will be solved soon.


    1. Thank you Samir, yes and it’s how we handle these difficulties that can make a difference. Thanks for coming by and have yourself a great weekend ahead.

  28. Hi Lisa

    I was so sorry to hear about your news.

    I only know you from blogging but I reckon you’re a pretty strong person and this will only make you stronger.

    I do blog about personal stuff sometimes, although mostly about my kids. I figure it helps people get to know more about me and makes me less of “just another person online”.

    Keeping busy will certainly help Lisa. It will help keep your mind off things and to keep you sane!

    I wish you well and your mom a speedy recovery, especially before Christmas.


    1. Hi Tim, thank you – I hope and believe you are right about that. That’s why they say. I loved seeing the pic of your son today on FB – so cute! Mom looked better tonight but awaiting more test results. I sure have been busy and hope to get more rest tonight. It may be a long weekend with a possible snowstorm or ice storm coming. Hope I get some cards to get ready to work on if I’m snowed in 🙂 Thanks again Tim for your well wishes and have a great weekend there ahead.

  29. Yeah, blogging and laundry can be therapeutic for someone who anyone who is experiencing a down at the moment. I do blog in crisis mode because it helps me pour out some passionate emotions.

    However, this is me and I cannot say so for others. There are other things apart from blogging I do, just taking a long walk is another thing I do to get by. I understand how you feel 😀

    I have shared this comment where I found this post in – the content syndication website for Internet marketers.
    Sunday – contributor

    1. Hi Sunday, welcome to Inspire to Thrive. I guess that what it is, expression of emotions. I love taking long walks too but it’s been so cold I haven’t been able to. Thanks for pointing out this post is there too. I will have to check out your site. It looks like a blogging community, right? I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.

  30. Oh Lisa,

    I’m so sorry about this news, and I hope you’ll feel better very soon. From someone who has been through a lot herself, I know you will.

    I can totally relate to the laundry things. Two years ago I lost one of my two cats which I loved like my child. He was diagnosed with lymphoma and when it started to be too much suffering I had to put him to sleep, and the morning of that day I started cleaning the house like a mad case for several hours. I think that it’s a defense mechanism that we have, just as you described, so we don’t totally fall apart. It keeps us grounded.

    As for blogging, well I couldn’t for the first week, but then that’s what kept me going. Living alone and far from my family I am more attached to my pets than the average person I would say, and I see that in all people who live alone, so the death of our pet feels exactly as if of a human. For me there’s no difference at this point, so that’s why I mentioned this experience of mine.

    All the best to you 🙂

    1. Thank you Sylviane. Oh yes, that is a great example too – doing cleaning to keep sane. Yes, as things were happening I didn’t publicize it until it was done. I may lose the cat here too who I’ve grown to love. Did you ever get another pet after Sylviane? Thanks for coming by and sharing Sylviane.

  31. Hello; Thanks for sharing your method for getting through tough times. I find that when things don’t turn out like i expected them to or hoped for them to that i am more likely to do work on my site. this may mean new listings, email newsletter, blog posts, social media, whatever. The key is staying busy and doing something about those things I can have some impact on. you are right it helps keep your mind occupied when most of what you would be thinking about would be things you have no control over. keep up the great posts, max

    1. You are welcome Maxwell. Yes, me too in most cases unless I’m really tired. That is so true, why spend time thinking so much on things we have no control? I always believed in that as I got older. Thanks for the input and for coming by Maxwell, have a great day ahead there.

  32. Hi Lisa – first off I wish your mom well in the hospital and for yourself I know you have a huge network of friends that will be supportive and get your through the tough days. I follow another travel blogger who separated and divorced from her husband recently, at first she went into hiding and then came out stronger than ever blogging her feelings and getting support for the changes she was going through in her life.

    I wish you the best

    1. Thanks Ed, I do appreciate that. She is having more tests so I’m praying for the best. I can’t say enough about the friends I have online and offline, it makes my eyes water and I don’t cry easily. I could see how that can happen Ed. Interesting. I hope you have a good weekend ahead here with possible more snow for some great photos! And of course stay warm.

  33. Hi Lisa,

    I think you’re incredibly courageous to blog about the difficulties you’re going through at the moment. I went through a separation many years ago and remember feeling completely shell-shocked and bereaved – and to have your mother’s illness to cope with at the same time must be incredibly difficult.

    I’ve been through many crises in my life, but they all happened long before I started blogging – I’m not sure, to be honest, how much of the very personal stuff I’d feel able to share online. I do think that work of any kind can be helpful and therapeutic when you’re going through traumas like the ones you’re experiencing at the moment, for all the reasons you state. But then there are times when you need to rest and maybe withdraw a little, to make sense of what’s going on. I think it’s all about doing what’s right for you, and that may change from moment to moment and day to day, depending on how you’re feeling.

    It’s wonderful that you’re finding such support and inspiration from your blogging and social media contacts, Lisa – thanks for sharing this, and I hope you have lots of love and support over the holiday period.

    Look after yourself 🙂

    1. Hi Sue, it really did help me stay calm. It wasn’t a shock in this case on the first. Oh yes, I could not tweet that day or do much on FB. I just could not bring myself to it and I like to stay positive on those sites. Not easy 24/7! Hi Sue, my offline friends nearby have been so wonderful. They have been calling or texting daily and inviting me for the holidays etc. It’s amazing how people reactive when they know you have a situation. Thanks for coming by Sue and for your well wishes. I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead.

      1. So glad you’ve got such lovely offline friends to support you, Lisa – no less than you deserve. And it’s great to hear you sounding so upbeat. I don’t know how you accomplish all you do – you’re amazing 🙂

  34. Hi Lisa,
    First off, sorry what you are going through. But we all have those times and they seem to converge on us all at once. I know exactly how your grandmother felt. It sure is therapeutic! I wash my floors on my hands and knees when things like this happen. Go figure???

    Doing a small task does help when going through a rough patch. It seems to get your mind off things and once a small task is finished we always feel better.

    Would I share it online? Hmmm That depends. It is how I would share it. I usually clam up when going through things, but going on the social sites sometimes makes me feel better. A quote or something uplifting I would like and comment “thanks I needed that!”

    I do share some stuff, only if it could be of benefit to others. Otherwise that journal on my desktop is my therapist!

    Be well,


    1. Hi Donna, Washing floors? Not my first choice but yes it would keep me busy 🙂 I grazed on the subject matter – no major details. Not sure I could or would do that part. I love quotes that help us feel better. That’s how I felt, I needed to share to help others out along the way. You never know who else could be going through a difficult time in their life. Thanks for coming by Donna and for your input as well.

  35. Hi Lisa

    Sorry about your separation and your mother being ill. That has got to be tough especially at this time of the year.

    When things are bad for me I will write them down and only for me to see. I say how I feel with how angry I am and how frustrated and hurt I feel. After I have wrote it down it feels better. I fold it up and put it somewhere that no one else can find. About 6 months later I will come across it and read. What a revelation…I realize that I was in an extremely dark place when I wrote it. I will tear it up and throw it away. What I have found from this practice, is that I never go in such a dark place again, it is still dark but never as bad. So in the end this must be somewhat healing as there is improvement each time.

    I would never share that anger with anyone as it doesn’t even make me feel good. So I would never dump it on anyone else.

    I am more reluctant about being busy when I feel sorry for myself. It would probably help me get over it, but I just need to wallow in self pity sometimes!


    1. Thanks Mary, I know – all seems that things happen around the holidays like that. Interesting how writing helps you with that as well though you keep private. I try not to wallow and keep busy and do things I’ve always wanted to do but hadn’t. I have big bucket list for 2014. I wonder how many people write or exercise when times are tough? You just got me wondering about that Mary. Thanks for your input on this subject and have a great weekend ahead.

  36. Blessings to you, Lisa. I’ve been noting through my energy healing and card reading work that many people are experiencing major life changes right now – whether self-generated or not. My energy “forecast” indicates it will ease up once we pass the New Year marker. Until then, breathing, laundry, blogging, and reading inspirational quotes is an awesome way to help manage what you can: taking care of yourself.

    I cope with most crises by doing the mundane or expected, because it provides me with a much-needed sense of normalcy; a type of security blanket or anchor. I also tend to my spiritual practice every day, which is an enormous help.

    My medical crisis earlier this year was different. My energy was so depleted, on every conceivable level, that it wasn’t possible to sit at my computer, clean and do laundry, or even practice Reiki on myself. That was very strange and uncomfortable for me!

    Peace, dearie. xoxo

    1. Hi Ellen, that is odd – I think I read that on one of your posts too. Is it the moon or universe itself? Oh yes, you really had a medical crisis earlier this year Ellen, so glad you have recouperated from that one! Thanks for coming by and for your words of wisdom. I hope you have yourself a nice peaceful weekend ahead.

  37. Hello Lisa,

    So sorry to hear about the challenges you are facing…please, understand that you are never alone! You can always share with the world – and be guaranteed that we will never leave you in your moment of distress!

    Accept my sympathies.

    – Terungwa

  38. Sending hugs your way, Lisa. When I’ve got major life changes going on I turn to routine also. It helps to keep busy. It also helps to express yourself. I try to go out for some distraction too. Doing a little shopping, eating something different, walking somewhere–it all helps you feel that you are handling things. Besides the walking helps alleviate stress. Sending prayers for your mom.

    1. Thank you Maggie. Oh yes, I went to NYC last Friday with one of my dear old girlfriends, had a really good time. I love walking but this cold weather is not aiding in that. I should hit the gym again soon. Thanks for the prayers for my mom as well.

  39. HI Lisa; I had no idea and am so sorry you’re going through these difficulties! 🙁 Yes, it definitely helps to keep busy and writing about it is also cathartic. It would be difficult for me to keep up with social media in such instances and I admire your fortitude.
    One of my favourite expressions is “Whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”.
    I wish you strength, future happiness and a speedy recovery for your Mom.

    1. Hi Debbie, yes, I don’t publicize it much online. But I thought if I could help others with their situations I would do a post on it. I was blogging as the movers were here. Kept me calm. That is a great quote and so true Debbie. Thanks for your well wishes Debbie, I do so much appreciate it. Have a great weekend ahead.

  40. Oh Lisa, I’m so sorry to learn about your crisis. I would have never know it had you not mentioned it in this post.

    When things get tough I do keep a journal to write my feelings but I never thought about blogging them. I’m sure it can be just as therapeutic and like you say help others who may be find themselves in a similar situation.

    I like to keep busy too when something has got me down. I’ll clean up like crazy, move furniture around, clean out the closets, anything that will keep my mind focused on others stuff.

    I do keep a regular blogging schedule and am as social as if everything is hunky-dorie. I figured if I keep a regular schedule things might start getting better.

    I hope everything works out for you Lisa and that your mom is well soon. Sending prayers your way. 🙂

    I hope everything works out and that your mom gets better soon.

    1. Thank you Corina, I don’t let on too much online. I used to keep a journal and should start that again. Oh yes, the cleaning phase will begin too. Thanks for your prayers and being there Corina. Having friends online and the long time friends I have offline have been invaluable to me. Imagine, I have 3 dear friends not on social media? I’ve known them 25+ years. Spent Friday in New York with one and had a nice time. I hope your week goes well and catch you back in Twitterland Corina.

      1. I remember seeing pictures you posted on Facebook. I’ve never been to New York…I bet it was good to get away.

        Yes there is nothing like having a support system around when you need one. Online or offline we should always have people or Tweeps we can talk to.

        I have some girlfriends I’ve known for a long time. Not 25 years though…that’s a lot of history. I was trying to think of anyone I know who isn’t on social media. To tell you the truth, I might have been the last one to jump on Facebook, lol ;).

        I hope you had a great weekend Lisa. Here’s to a brand new week and new doors to open!

        1. Hi Corina, it sure was and I had perfect timing to do it. Wow, so you don’t know anyone not on Facebook? Neither of my 3 friends want to be on either. I hope you have a great new week ahead Corina. I can’t believe Monday has arrived already.

  41. Great post Lisa and I can understand the bit about your Grandmother. I had someone do that and in my eyes, I felt the world should stop because my relative passed away when life goes on regardless. Blogging helped me get a job, make new friends, and teach me how to stay focused when I needed to. My blog is under construction now, but I am taking my time and doing it the way I want to for a change.

    1. Hi Sonia, it took me years to understand that one. It’s a tough one. I’ve loved the friends I’ve made blogging including you Sonia. It’s a real benefit I never knew when I first started. I can’t wait to see what you will do next with your blog Sonia. Have a good rest of your week and weekend ahead. I hope the weather has returned to normal there for you!

  42. Oh Lisa, what a great post, despite the crisis in your life. If this helps you then by all means do it! Whatever works is a great motto. Find your strength — it’s in there. And remember that we are never given more than we can handle. Thoughts are with you, my friend.

    1. Thank you Nancy. I hope you are right about that quote my friend. I’ve always been the type to bury myself in work in times of trouble or conflict. Thanks for coming by Nancy and have a good rest of your week and stay warm!

  43. Hi Lisa,

    First of all, I am sorry to hear about the hardships that you’re going through in life right now. I know that you must be going through a lot.

    Like you, I don’t like to blog about my personal life. I tend to keep my personal life out of my blog. I just started opening up a little more, but I would still consider myself an introvert.

    I met you through Adrienne’s blog and I have to say that I definitely admire you. You take on so much online and I know that you stay extremely busy. I am amazed at how much you get done.

    I know that you will get through these hard times and as Bren mentioned, brighter days are ahead.

    I hope you have a great day and I’ll talk to you later.


    1. Thank you Susan, I appreciate that. Yes, I’ve been that way too and as you can see I didn’t get into many details and such but the point is we have struggles and blogging can help us through them at times. I think I buried myself at times here too 🙂 That’s how I got so much done. Thanks for the well wishes and coming by today Susan. I hope you have a good rest of your week.

  44. Oh Lisa my friend, this is so inspiring. I think I’ve told you many times, I admire your strength. I usually am a strong person but in the lull I’m in now, I can’t even blog it out.Too many emotions and too many unknowns. Brave of you to share your personal like with us, as I know you don’t do that often online. You truly can find comfort and support online, as long as it’s the right kind of support (if you know what I mean). I know brighter days are ahead for you my friend. Wishing you nothing but happiness in your life. You gave it your all, just sometimes it’s not in the cards. At least you know, you did try.

    Love you my friend. Thank you for always being there for me!

    1. Thank you Bren. That is unususal for you Bren, you usually do let it all out online. Thanks for being there for me Bren my dear friend, love you too. I hope you will get to that point where you will feel stronger and past those unknowns. As you see I didn’t get into many details. Praying mom will be okay with the results in the coming days. {Hugs your way}

  45. Hi Lisa,

    Loved the title of your post this time…truly made me come over to see how blogging was concerned with laundry in this one 🙂

    So sorry to hear about you and your husband, and I thought it was just one of our dear common friend going through this rough patch. I didn’t know that. And yes, even with your Mom not well, it can sure seem like the world is coming to a close – I know that feeling and such days we all go through, Lisa.

    Loved the quotes you used, and another one I keep using myself and sharing it with everyone else – Tough times don’t last, tough people do, and I do mean that – they do pass by. We just need to keep carrying on with things. Yes, writing a diary, cooking, gardening – there are so many things to keep you busy and involved.

    I for one might be more of an introvert and wouldn’t come out with my worries and tensions to share it with others, or perhaps I have my husband as my best friend to share it with, so that makes a lot of difference. If I didn’t or perhaps was in the same boat as yourself, I’d perhaps be more online, blogging, and on social media.

    Such places and things do lighten up the air and make you feel better. More so, you have so many friend’s online and a lot more to do that keeps worries and useless thoughts aside, which otherwise can drive you nuts and make you go mad! I know that feeling, dear friend. Don’t worry – this is surely a passing phase that you’d get by. Hugs to you 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead, and cheer up and get ready for the Holiday Season! 🙂

    1. Thank you Harleena. I don’t share too much on social like that but I thought if I could help others I would 🙂 That is a great quote too Harleena, thanks for sharing! I am more of an introvert and this post was not easy for me to do. But I really wanted to try to help others who may feel helpless in their situations. I have wonderful friends Harleena both nearby and online, I can’t imagine life without my friends! Several freinds I have had for over 25 years, I truly treasure those friendships. Those friendships are priceless. Thank you for your encouaregement and hugs Harleena. I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week there. (I’m still not ready for holidays.)

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