• Good tips here Shane. I popped back in to IG a few months ago. Engagement needs to grow for me because I have a decent-sized 1 K follow you note. Now it is time for commenting and Liking relevant IG photos. Affiliate marketing looks solid enough to me. Thanks for the nudge to post another photo with this post-reminder 😉


  • Hi Shane,
    I am a blogger and started learning Digital Marketing just a few days back.
    I am still not on Instagram and increasing my reputation only on Facebook and Quora.
    Your article really helped me to explore Instagram also.
    But I am not sure what kind of post I should give on Instagram as a Digital Marketer and a blogger.

    Can you kindly give me some suggestion regarding this?

    Dipanjan Biswas

    • Shane Barker says:

      I am glad that you liked it!

      You can start posting relevant content such as digital marketing strategies, blogging tips, etc. to your current followers.

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