How To Increase Blog Traffic To Make Money From Blogging

Many bloggers wonder how to increase blog traffic to make money from blogging. However, huge traffic is good but permits me to say that it’s useless if it doesn’t convert to money in the long run.

Yes, what’s the gain of having 100,000 daily visitors of folks that even 5 of them will never click on your ads, buy advertising from you, use your affiliate link, or buy a product from you?

It’s true we built our blogs because of the passion we have for it but your passion for blogging will be meaningless if you are not financially buoyant enough to take care of your family.

One of the biggest lies about how to increase blog traffic and convert traffic is, “Increase in traffic results in increased conversion.” But that’s not true.

It’s possible for traffic to be increasing without a corresponding increase in revenue. – Lisa, Inspire To Thrive

If you’ve been caught up in that death trap, I’m going to show you a few strategic things I do to convert our blog traffic to money. Learn how you too can convert your blog traffic now. Begin by selecting a reliable hosting provider to ensure optimal site speed.

How To Increase Blog Traffic For A Targeted Audience

You’ve heard time and time again that if you want to build an authority blog you should focus on one niche. One niche, not two. But if you must run two niches in one blog make sure they are closely related niches.

Pick one specific niche and blog about it. When you become an authority figure in that niche, everything you promote sells like hot cake.

One recipe for failure that most bloggers are using is trying to blog about everything. They tend to do this just because they feel good about it.

Remember, your blog is not about you; your personal interest, and what you feel but about your audience.

A blogger that’s focused on a specific audience finds it easier to speak the language of that audience. He will find it easier to use the keywords that trigger purchases in his niche.

And never will he be at a loss for what content to create.

Send Only Quality Blog Traffic To Convert Your Blog Traffic

Quality traffic translates to quality leads, and quality leads end up becoming real customers. Anything short of that is not only silly but a waste of marketing effort.

It’s true you can get quality traffic, leads, and real customers or clients by using clearly spelled-out search engine optimization techniques.  But remember nothing works better than paid traffic in this regard.

blog traffic
Not only do you need to know how to increase blog traffic but how to convert it into sales is what will matter.

Paid traffic gives you the privilege to overcome guesswork and hope marketing. Therefore targeting your offer to prospects with the purchasing power to buy now.

Not only that, you will have the opportunity to target and re-target prospects in specific locations and interests.

While paid traffic is not enough to grow a sustainable blog as the page views have been observed to drop in the event of the campaign being paused. It is important that you spice your blog content with keywords that your target audience is using when surfing the net.

SEMRush, Moz, WordStream, RankMath, etc all have keyword research tools you can start using today. These tools help you to find less competitive keywords to rank for.

If you want to start running a paid campaign as a means of generating quality traffic to your blog, you may want to use Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, Twitter Ads, Reddit Ads, etc.

Have Your Product Offers Ready To Go

How to increase your blog traffic by investing heavily to get more traffic to your blog without having a standby product to offer your readers is a waste of time, money, and energy. Don’t make that mistake, else, 20 years from now, you will still be regretting it.

The essence of getting more traffic is for the purpose of popularizing your blog. Right?

That’s not enough. It’s also for the aim of getting your product offers before more faces.

The more your target audience gets to know about your product offers, the more money you will make.

No marketing mix does more magic than this. If you are looking for earning money from paid surveys check out these tips.

Did you know that if you have an interactive audience, (by that I mean, audience that asks you questions and responds to yours) you stand a chance to convert your blog traffic to money faster? That is how to increase blog traffic that converts.

In case you don’t know I will explain to you how we do it in Entrepreneur Business Blog.

Here’s what we do to convert blog traffic:

  • We encourage our blog readers and Facebook group members to leave a comment (response or question).
  • On our blog, we respond to those questions or a set of them with a new blog post.
  • We create a product out of any of them that’s too lengthy to be summarized in one blog post. The majority of these products are only recommended and offered on request. You won’t see them publicly displayed on our blog.
  • When more people show interest in it, we take the pain and develop them into a mega course.
  • If a newbie asks a question on the group or inbox, we direct them to go read up on any of those free articles on our blog.
  • Once someone is impressed with our free content and can afford to spend some money to learn, they will definitely come back to ask for the courses.

how to increase blog traffic

Build Your Email List To Convert Your Blog Traffic

It’s no longer news that “The money is on the list.” Get it right now.

If you are not building your list you are simply shortchanging yourself. And honestly speaking, it’s not good for your marketing effort.

No matter how chatbots dare to compete with email marketing, email marketing will continue to be a goldmine for dedicated internet marketers.

All that needs to be done is to continue feeding the list with valuable information that will help subscribers’ businesses hit the rooftop.

Using valuable freemium products as your lead magnet, you can attract tons of prospects who are interested in your niche. And as you nurture and offer them a product, (yours or an affiliate product) they will buy it.

By constantly dishing out free but valuable products, you get your audience indebted to you and whatever brand you represent. These tactics will help your email marketing soar.

Create Jaw-dropping Sales Copy

Cocky, “hype” sales copy is the biggest undoing of most bloggers. It’s the easiest way to lose trust on the web. If you are guilty of it, you already know how difficult life has been for you in getting your readers to buy your products.

The pageviews may be growing but there are zero sales.

If you want to radically change your life as a blogger or an internet marketer then you must stop those hyped-up-cocky sales copies.

Emphasize the problem and the possible solutions. Then hit their emotional button softly with your psychological triggers.

That’s the best way how to increase blog traffic for free to make money.

Finally, show them the best solution you have found. Prove to them that your solution is correct and close your sales.

In Conclusion: How To Increase Blog Traffic To Make Money

When you send your traffic to a well-crafted sales copy, converting your blog traffic to money for free becomes a walk in the park.

Interestingly, if processes are automated, earning money during sleep is possible. If not, you may not make any money from blogging.

Your Turn

Now over to you. Tell us in the comments below about your best strategies on how to increase blog traffic that converts your blog traffic sales.

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48 thoughts on “How To Increase Blog Traffic To Make Money From Blogging”

  1. Hi Emenike & Lisa,

    It’s great to read your post Emenike. I was busy with my projects, that’s the reason I was inactive a bit, specially reading & commenting was completely off.

    Anyways, I completely agree with your points, Conversion is very important these days, so I appreciate your efforts for giving these tips. Great work.

    ~ Donna

    1. Thanks Donna for coming by on this – understandably. Conversion is what I must work on for this new year. Thanks for coming by Donna and Happy 2018!

  2. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful article. This article helped me a lot. now I can make more money with my blogging.

  3. Hey Lisa & Emenike,

    Great, insightful article, I quite agree about niche. People should focus on one niche they are interested in , it is the only way to deliver high quality content that help you to increase traffic… It’s good to read this, Thanks for sharing.


  4. Hey Emenike Emmanuel
    , Thank you very much for this awesome post and I know what is important of generating traffic and money as iam new to this field

    1. Hello Suvam,

      Thanks for reading and welcome to the blogging industry. This is an interesting and money making venture you just signed up for. Work hard to make your first million blogging.


  5. Hey Emenike Emmanuel
    , First of all, thank you very much for Share with Us your Excellent Article about blog traffic. I am a new blogger and I know what is important of generating traffic and money.

  6. Hey Lisa,

    Awesome stuff!!

    I completely agree to you on the customer acquisition point and it is really important else it will be a kind of dummy traffic. Thanks for these techniques.


      1. Hey Lisa & Emenike,

        Great topic and awesome tips to convert blog traffic into sales.

        I think the key to building a successful blog is the ability to convert random visitors into buyers. You can’t do it by following random advice or creating generic content. You’ve to come up with your own unique ways and analyse the competition to see how they are converting their traffic into sales.

        Only then, you can create a blog sales funnel which helps you grow your sales.

        Great share Emenike.

  7. Hi Emenike,

    I see two key things here – creating a blog for target audience and only driving high quality traffic to your blog. These two are very very crucial to make money from a blog, and if overlooked (which many bloggers do by the way) can result in waste of time and money.

    There is no point is doing pointless blogging – when you don’t know your target audience your whole blogging thing is pointless. And when you drive any kind of traffic to your blog, again you cannot expect a super conversion rate.

    Thanks for bringing these points up!


  8. Thanks for sharing these interesting tips and tricks by one can easily convert his blog traffic into real money. Although, there are many ways by which one can easily make acutally good income from their blogs. I’m personally a blogger and uses Google Adsense to earn money from my blog. Affiliated marketing is also one such amazing technique of creative massive blog income. Great Share! Loved reading your blog… 🙂

  9. Hi
    Thanks for this amazing post about making money through blogging. Currently, I am using Google Adsense and Media. net ad networks to display ads on my blogs. Can you please tell me something about Affiliate marketing? Which affiliate is best for beginners?

  10. Hi Emenike,

    It’s so important to know why you’re driving traffic to your blog.

    I see so many people sending folks to their blogs, and then really having no way to convert them into subscribers or customers.

    It’s such a waste of effort.

    You have given some great advice here on how to make sure that you (1) get subscribers on to your email list and (2) buyers for your products and services.

    That’s really the bottom line with blogging… quality conversions.

    Very valuable article for bloggers my friend.

    And thanks to Lisa for hosting it 🙂


  11. Hi Emenike and Lisa!

    It’s great to see you being featured here on Lisa’s blog Emenike. 🙂

    You’ve shared some great advice here – especially the sales copy. Mind isn’t cocky or salesly but I do need to take a look at it and maybe tweak it a little. 🙂

    What’s worked for me besides my email list are my blog posts. When I’m writing about a product I’m using or to promote my own services, I include my personal experiences and I think readers who can relate to us will trust us more and in turn buy from us.

    Thanks for putting these suggestions together and sharing it with us!

    I hope you both have a great day and rest of the week!


    1. Hello Cori,

      Good to read your awesome comment and contribution to my post.

      Yes, telling our own story makes it easier for our audience to connect with us, especially if it’s a story they can relate to. Effective story telling is a copy writing weapon.

      Keep it up with your blog and have a great week.


  12. Hi Emenike,
    Love the tips – some of these are just the push I need in the right direction. Self promotion is hard for me but, honestly, I think it is easier when your niche is very tight (which is something that I am working on). 🙂

    1. Hi Neena,

      It’s a pleasure to know that my post was helpful to you. Go ahead and implement it and you will see an awesome new and positive results in your blogging business.

      If you are narrowing down to a specific niche, please make sure you are focusing on what your audience really want. I can help you brainstorm on that or even deliver a new post on that for you.

      Nothing can be more frustrating like going in full-time on the niche your audience don’t really want. This is the pain of niching down.

      Keep it up.


  13. Hello Emenike,

    feeling good to read all the tips in this article…i think building email list is the best method to convert your blog traffic….email marketing really helps to connect with our readers by just sending an email to them…each email is like our customer..the more you share quality content with them the more they will visit our blog…hence more traffic…great share Emenike..!


  14. Good advice EE. I dig having the clarity to freely promote your ventures, without feeling uncomfortable about it. That was the big conversion factor for me. I began ending all posts with a clear cut call to action, to buy my stuff. Game changer because in the past I did not do well in the conversion department because I feared promoting myself freely. Lesson learned. I felt the fear of self promoting, got clearer, and more visitors became customers and clients.

    Thanks for the rocking post.


    1. Hi Ryan,

      That was a great idea. It happens… So many bloggers are uncomfortable to promote themselves, and I ask: if I don’t promote myself, who will?

      Thanks for your kind words.


  15. Hi Emenike,

    What a great article you have here. Great tips and insight for our delight. Conversion is the goldmine of online marketing. Without conversion, online marketing will be dead a long time ago.

    Hence, it’s essential to try as much to convert whatever traffic you’re getting. I read a post by Sue Anne Dunlevie where she talked about monetizing your blog from the very start.

    Many content marketers think it’s only possible to start converting traffic when you’re getting from well over 1,000 + visitors. However, that’s not the case. The little traffic you get is enough to get you going.

    Thank you for sharing this insightful article.

    1. Hi Moss,

      Yes, Sue Anne is very correct. There are many subtle ways to go about it without your readers even feeling it.

      I’m glad to have you on my content.

      Thanks for reading.


  16. Hello Emenike,

    Good to see you here on Lissa’s blog 🙂

    Thats very much true, getting horde of traffic on our blogs is good but it won’t be good enough if they don’t turn money
    for us, that is what individually matters at the end. We need money to keep things running smoothly and if we want to be a
    player in the long run.

    The thing which matter is that whatever amount of traffic we are getting, if we are capable of making them into our loyal
    clients and they keep on buying things from us then there is the main victory for us. Do not matter if we are only engaged
    with thousand of the people, but maintain them to stay our loyal customers is the main marketing trick. How we throw
    our brand and products over to them totally depends upon us.

    Thanks for the share.


    1. Hello Shantanu,

      Thanks for reading and also sharing the post.

      Your contribution is an important one. If our blog doesn’t make money then it’s an expensive hobby.



  17. Very exciting to read this newsletter. a lot of these hints are very motivational for me. I’m so satisfied to read this text. thank you lots for sharing with us.

  18. Very interesting to read this article. All these tips are very motivational for me. Im so happy to read this article. Thanks a lot for sharing with us.

  19. Hello Emenike,

    You are such a good writer.

    You just hit the nail in the head.

    Having less traffic cannot deprive you of making money neither deos having greater traffic mean you make more more.

    It all depends on your marketing strategy which will build trust and mutual relationship between you and your audience.

    Influencers are the ones who seem to make all the money. But even if we have less traffic we can also become Influencers when the little traffic we have are loyal enough to buy any product we promote.

    My strategy when promoting a new product is that I use Facebook advert not just for traffic but to sale that product.

    And its sure getting me some bucks.

    Thanks for spicing up Lisa’s blog and do have a good day.


  20. Thank you for sharing, i really enjoyed the read

    I will focus on building the relationship with my email list in order to build the Know, Like and Trust factor.

  21. Hey Emenike!

    I enjoyed your post here. A lot of helpful tips to convert blog traffic into buyers.

    When it comes to online business, it is all about conversions. Of course, you want as much targeted traffic as possible, but if your conversions are low, you are wasting a lot there.

    One importat thing I have learned is that you must work on your conversions as soon as you start getting about 50 visitors a day. That’s a good start and you can start capturing as many leads as possible from there.

    Conversions and targeted traffic work hand in hand. Both need to be worked on consistently for the best results.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Cheers! 😀

    1. Hi Freddy,

      It’s a pleasure to have you here. I’m glad you like the post.

      Yes, 50 page views a day is enough to start converting traffic to money. The mistake I’m still regretting till now is not paying attention to my list as I should when I first started.

      A small traffic is enough to start with.


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