What Happened To Your Happy Twitter Algorithmic Timeline?

The Happy Twitter Algorithmic Timeline

Twitter Algorithmic Timeline

Did you know you can change your Twitter Algorithmic Timeline now? I had changed mine a while back when it first came out. I recently shared a tweet about this change from the Verge. The Verge claimed very few people were aware of it and barely anyone ever disabled it.

I received this response from a fellow tweep below from my tweet about it.



You can view the best tweets first! From what I’ve seen these tweets seem to with those that you engage with or like their tweets. Sounds a little familiar doesn’t it? It’s nice to see those type of tweets first on your timeline.

It you are unsure how to do it it’s under your profile settings and content. You can read the instructions from Twitter here too.  It is really easy to change your Twitter algorithmic timeline back and forth.

If you not liking someone’s tweets but still want to follow them there is always the MUTE button or you can just block users too. Those features are still available for you today.

Social Media Overload

It got me thinking more – I wonder how many other people don’t realize the control they have over their Twitter feeds. It was like the post I did a while back on the Facebook feed. Many people did not realize what they could do with their Facebook feeds. I think sometimes many of us (myself included) assume because we read about it online that everyone else has too. Do you realize how much stuff is out there online now to read ? It’s virtually impossible for everyone to read up on everything in a timely manner.

What Else Is New With Twitter?

  • Twitter Wants to Be Known As A News App – No longer as a Social Networking App. They changed their setting on the Apple app store to a News app last week. Twitter used to always be a Social Networking app. (Let’s see if they do the same in the Droid play store.) This is a way for them to get a little edge over Facebook. Twitter wants to separate themselves and who can blame them?
  • More Twitter Users – Yes, Twitter finally got more users this past quarter. (Q1) by 5 Million ACTIVE users ! That is nothing to sneeze at. Of course the revenue growth still isn’t good enough for the stock but I think in time it will be. Twitter is looking to video for more revenue streams in the coming future. It will be interesting to see where the future takes Twitter.

Have you changed your settings in your Twitter algorithmic timeline to see the best tweets first? 

Do you think Twitter can be known now as a News app vs a Social Networking app?

 I’d love to know more in the comments below from you!

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