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Triberr Reader Is My New Blog Reader and Traffic Driver

Triberr Reader

Triberr, you gotta love it once you get the hang of it and start seeing results. I can remember the early days there and wondering “why” was I spending time sharing when no one shared back? It took time to develop shares and then Triberr began driving traffic here. Now I use Triberr as my blog reader too.


It’s easier than ever to become part of tribes with invites and you no longer need those bones. Bones are gone! Simply click on visit and decide if you want to be part of that tribe. Check out the tribe’s activity and members easily. If you don’t like it you can ignore it. I now belong to 55 tribes with a reach of 42 Million. I do go back and occasionally clean some up if they are not active or the content is irrelevant. I want great stuff in my Triberr reader to read and discover!



Some Great Tribes To Follow & Be A Part Of

Bloggers Roadmap Tribe – This one is by Tim Bonner and has many of my favorite bloggers in the tribe. There are 31 members in this vibrant tribe of bloggers.

Blogger Beat Central – This one is chuck full of informative bloggers by Mark Hari who is an active blogger on Triberr.

Blogging Wizards – This tribe focuses on internet marketing, SEO, social media and blogging  by Adam Connell.

Blogging Friends on the Web – This tribe is more varied and I love it by Bren Lee. It has many of the bloggers I first got to know and become friends with over the years.

Ileane Smith’s Blogging Tribe – I just got the nudge of this one today and love it as Ileane is one of my blogging mentors. She is starting with 19 members but I can see this one growing very large soon.

SEM and SEO News Tribe – A great informative tribe on SEM and SEO – what else right? Rameez Ramzan is the chief of this tribe.

All Things Pondered – By David Snape. This tribe is a varied tribe with health topics and business tips along the way in a family friendly atmosphere. All topics are welcome at this tribe.


My Tribes For Your Triberr Reader

You may also follow or join my tribes Build A Tribe  which covers tips and tricks on blogging, writing, SEO and social media. Me other tribe is  Inspiring Bloggers with topics about your blogging.

Triberr Reader

You can see how Triberr can be a Triberr Reader going through the tribe’s activity with blog after blog on various niches. You can spend hours there searching and reading blogs on topics you want to read on. There are now 37 cateogories of tribes to check out.  There has got to be at least one for you!

6 More Reasons to Love Triberr!

  1. You can use Triberr as a reader.
  2. It drives lots of traffic to your blog.
  3. You get to know like minded bloggers.
  4. You can explore new blogs.
  5. The owners are always available if you have an questions or technical questions. Dino and Dan are awesome.
  6. You can make money via their new Triberr campaigns. If you have a business you can run a campaign there or if you are an influencer you can make money doing the campaigns for companies. I see a new one there for Godiva as I’m writing this post today.

Are you using Triberr as a reader yet?  Do you have some great tribes to recommend to us here? 




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