What To Do When Someone Steals Your Blogging Ideas

Do you have big blogging ideas? Have you experienced when someone steals your blogging ideas? 

Spending time building an idea into something real is a big deal. You’ve taken it upon yourself to create something amazing, so you naturally want to see it expand and grow.

The thing is, there is someone out there who has seen your idea. Therefore, they’re going to take it from you and make it their own – and that’s not fair.

Unfortunately, you see it a lot with certain brands. One brand brings out a burger and the next five bring out their own versions. Not quite the original, but close enough. And the original burger ends up competing among all of the others.

It’s not fair, but it’s a part of business and that means that you have to do all that you can to make sure that your product is the one that people sit up and take notice of.

That’s true whether the idea is a product, service, or blog.

What To Do When Someone Steals Your Blogging Ideas

The same thing happens to bloggers as well. One blogger sees what another is doing and before you know it, someone steals your blogging ideas.

One blogger sees what another is doing and before you know it, someone steals your blogging ideas. Now what? #InspireToThrive Click To Tweet

How to Prepare Your Idea

Sometimes, though, copyright isn’t an option and it might be too late to prove that it was your idea. This means that you need to get a little clever with how you package, and you have to prepare for these situations in the future.

For example, you could look into anti-counterfeit labels and you can start copyright for products or content that you are planning for earlier. We’ve also got some ideas on what you could do to make sure that people don’t steal your ideas in the future!

Let’s explore them all.

The First 4 Tips When Someone Steals Your Blogging Ideas:

  1. Call them out! If you notice that another brand has poached and repurposed your idea, without crediting you for the original, you need to use social media and call it out. If customers can see that you are the true and original creator of something, they will often come to you for their purchase next time. This is so important if you want to ensure that people know that you were the original creator, and the company deserves to be held accountable for their lame theft of your idea instead of coming up with their own!
  2. Remember, they didn’t get the final idea! One of the things to remember is that the company that has taken the idea you had didn’t get it all. Whatever they’ve released for their brand won’t be the final idea that you had in the beginning. That’s something to feel good about! You can still work on the idea you had and release your own idea – it won’t be the same as the thief, either!
  3. Keep talking about what they did. Don’t shut up about it if your ideas have been poached by someone else. Shaming lasts forever and you can’t let their audience or your audience forget what they did. You need to make sure that you are keeping the narrative going that this other company had the audacity to steal your ideas. It puts a negative on their business that these are their morals – avoid.
  4. Show them you are better. If someone takes an idea from you, create the original anyway and show them that you’re better than they are. An original doesn’t need to steal an idea because they have loads of their own.
someone steals your ideas
Were your blogging ideas stolen from you?

Come Up With a New Way

If you are a genius and you have the imagination to prove that you are the best, you need to come up with a new idea that is way better than the original one that you had and be better than they are.

Show them up and sweep their sales out from under them.

The Last 4 Tips

  1. Get your idea out there faster. If you have been told another company has copied what you have done and they are going to put their idea onto the market, you could always beat them to it. The next time you have a great idea, execute it faster than they did, and don’t wait long enough to give them time to do it to you. Execution is so important when you have a new product going to market, as the faster you do this, the faster your audience will see what you have to offer.
  2. Don’t talk about it. The next time you have a great idea, don’t talk about it to anyone. You don’t know who you can trust and if you have had someone steal your idea, they would have had to be close enough to you to steal it in the first place. Be quiet about what you want because this way, no one can take it from you. 
  3. Bring on your legal team. If you get a whiff that someone out there is looking to push your idea as their own, the legal team needs to be brought on board so that you can stop this from happening. File for intellectual property law next time and make sure that you have the copyright to the idea so no one can take it from you. Yes, this will cost you some cash, but if the idea was only a small one it may not cost as much as you think.
  4. Learn to move on. Once this happens to you, you have to learn how to get over it and move forward. It was just an idea, after all, and if you came up with that one, you will come up with another one.
move on to new ideas
Learn to move on if someone steals your blogging ideas, there are always more ideas out there.
Learn to move on. Once this happens to you, you have to learn how to get over it and move forward. #InspireToThrive Click To Tweet

Come Up With More When Someone Steals Your Blog Ideas

Of course, it won’t be easy to just let it go and we’re not saying that you should.

What we’re saying is that you should look at how much your life has been impacted by not putting this idea out.

Is it better or worse? Could you come up with more? Have you learned anything? 

The Bottom Line when Someone Steals Your Blogging Ideas

The key is to decide how much you want to rely on feeling angry. It’s time to get out the pens and paper and start creating something new. Your time is still now and it’s still the right time to go ahead and create something amazing. 

Have you ever had your blogging ideas stolen from you? Let’s discuss this in the comments below!

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