Triberr Reader Is My New Blog Reader and Traffic Driver

Harness the power of Triberr to skyrocket your blog’s visibility and engagement! Take advantage of its many features, such as Triberr reader –  reading blogs from a variety of sources while also connecting with other bloggers. It can be tough at first – investing time in sharing without getting any reciprocation.

However, it will lead you towards major results like increased website traffic if you keep going. Unlock even more value by using Triberr for optimal blog consumption too!

Triberr reader
Use Triberr reader to find other blog posts to read and share.

Triberr Reader

It’s easier than ever to become part of tribes with invites and you no longer need those bones. The old bones are gone. Simply click on visit and decide if you want to be part of that tribe. Check out the tribe’s activity and members easily. If you don’t like it you can ignore it. I now belong to 55 tribes with a reach of 42 Million.

However, I do go back and occasionally clean some of the groups up if they are not active or the content is irrelevant. I want great content in my Triberr reader to read, discover and share over on Twitter.  


Some Great Tribes To Follow & Be A Part Of

Bloggers Roadmap Tribe – This one is by Tim Bonner and has many of my favorite bloggers in the tribe. There are 31 members in this vibrant tribe of bloggers.

Blogger Beat Central – This one is chuck full of informative bloggers by Mark Hari who is an active blogger on Triberr.

Blogging Wizards A tribe that focuses on internet marketing, SEO, social media, and blogging by Adam Connell.

Ileane Smith’s Blogging Tribe – I just got the nudge of this one today and love it as Ileane is one of my blogging mentors. She is starting with 19 members but I can see this one growing very large soon.

SEM and SEO News Tribe – A great informative tribe on SEM and SEO – what else right? Rameez Ramzan is the chief of this tribe.

All Things Pondered – By David Snape. This tribe is a varied tribe with health topics and business tips along the way in a family-friendly atmosphere. All topics are welcome at this tribe.

My Tribes For Your Triberr Reader

You may also follow or join my tribes Build A Tribe which covers tips and tricks on blogging, writing, SEO, and social media. My other tribe is  Inspiring Bloggers with topics about your blogging.

Triberr Reader

You can see how Triberr can be a Triberr Reader by going through the tribe’s activity with the reading blog after blog on various niches. However, you can spend hours there searching and reading blogs on topics you want to read on. There are now 37+ categories of groups to check out.  There has got to be at least one for you.

triberr can rock your blog6 More Reasons to Love Triberr!

  1. You can use Triberr as a reader.
  2. It drives lots of traffic to your blog.
  3. You get to know like-minded bloggers.
  4. Explore new blogs and connect with new bloggers.
  5. The owners are always available if you have questions or technical questions.
  6. You can make money via their new Triberr campaigns. If you have a business you can run a campaign there or if you are an influencer you can make money doing the campaigns for companies. I see a new one there for Godiva as I’m writing this post today. You can spend as little as $5 or as much as $15 per campaign with this blogging tool.

Your Turn On This Blogging Tool For Bloggers

 Are you using the Triberr reader as a blog reader? Do you engage with others on the network? I’d love to hear more about your experience using this blogging tool today in the comments below. 

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  • Karmakar says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Thanks for sharing the link on the other comment area… 🙂

    Just awesome… Special thanks for giving the reference of few awesome bloggers’ Triberr….

    Just a request:

    Whenever you get time please update this post with following details:

    1. How to build relationship with Triberr members on this platform?
    2. 55 Triberr 42 millions reach but what is % of traffic from this number to my blog?
    3. What is your experience so far and suggestions for newbie on Triberr like me?


  • Sudipto says:

    Thanks Lisa, for sharing triberr with us. I never used it but after reading this post, it really seems interesting and I will surely gonna join it.

    • Lisa says:

      You will love it Sudipto, but not at first, Be patience, share and you will get many shares afterwards. It’s a great way to connect with other bloggers too. Enjoy the weekend!

  • Suresh says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Triberr is simply awesome and I’m a huge fan of it. You have great chances to meet new people. I wish you great success with Triberr. 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks Suresh, it’s awesome. Tonight it was slow and Dino answered me quickly on Twitter. Had to refresh it 3 times fast. Have a great day Suresh and thanks for coming by and commenting.

  • Karen Hoyt says:

    Another great post. I have not begun to use it yet. I have a username and am following a Tribe. Thanks for encouraging your readers to jump in there and use it.

    • Lisa says:

      You will love it Karen, give it time. It takes time to develop a following and getting shares but once they start it’s great! Enjoy.

  • Cole Wiebe says:

    I’m glad I read this post. I thought I was well connected, but I had never come across Triberr before. I’ve signed up and set up a new SEO tribe.

    Thanks again Lisa for the heads up.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Cole, you will love Triberr after a month. It does take a little time to get some traction and understanding of it. Once you do, you will see why many LOVE it! Thanks for coming by and have a great day!

  • Reginald says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Excellent post and write up. For me, I love Triberr because it is a great place to share information and don’t forget, building relationships.

    I know a few members who are seriously active there and it definitely looks good and promising. I also seen more Triberr Prime which is a great move as well. It shows that Triberr is heading towards the right direction 🙂

    Love Triberr and looking forward to be more active there.

    Thanks for the write up!

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you Reginald. I’ve been thinking of going prime myself Reginald. Not sure which to use, since I also have a Triberr account for my retail site related to health. I’d probably go prime with that one. I should just in and then it would give me another post to write on too 🙂 Thanks for the input and coming by – have a wonderful day ahead.

  • Adrienne says:

    Hey Lisa,

    You’ve got to love Triberr, I’m surprised at some people who say they don’t know what it is still or they’ve joined and still have done nothing. Say what!

    I love the new look myself, it was hard to find everything at first but I know what you mean about treating it like a reader. So many of my regular blogging friends have joined Triberr and are on some tribe that I’m a part of since there are so many. Nothing near the reach you have though but I’ve got about 10 tribe invitations still that I haven’t had a chance to look at.

    Great share though and just something else for people to consider about Triberr right! 😉

    Hey, have a great week.


    • Lisa says:

      I agree Adrienne, how can they not know about Triberr, right? Oh yes, do take a lot at those invitations Adrienne. I’ve really gotten quite a bit of traffic since growing with more tribes there. I do need to go back and make sure they are the correct niche too. I only shares ones I find relevant or something I think my followers will enjoy. I hope you had a great weekend and a nice week ahead there Adrienne. It’s back to work for me today after being out a week.

  • Enstine Muki says:

    Don’t know why I’m still jumping and out of Triberr Lisa. Maybe I should make a firm decision to be part of it this time 😉

    • Lisa says:

      Enstine, I don’t know why either 🙂 Do spend 5 minutes a day there and you will see a difference in probably 4 weeks time. Great way to get exposure to new blogs and traffic to your own. Have a great day and week ahead.

  • Okto says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Good to know it work best for you. I know about it for the first time from tim-bonner blog’s. I have said would try for it. In fact I haven’t due to the time problem. I guess I should have invest some time to take a visit.

    • Lisa says:

      Okto, Triberr is awesome for driving traffic to my blog too. And it sure helps with Twitter and getting to know other bloggers. I felt lost the few times they were down for maintenance. Let me know how you make out once you spend a little time there. Enjoy your day!

  • Tim Bonner says:

    Hi Lisa

    Thank you for the shout out of the Bloggers Roadmap Tribe.

    I started that with Dan Sumner and we have a great bunch of bloggers in there.

    I haven’t used Triberr as a blog reader, more as a content curation tool but with the added benefits of getting to know people through social media.

    I haven’t commented much on Triberr in a long time – lack of time really.

    If Triberr had a commenting system on WordPress that was any good though, I’d probably use it.

    • Lisa says:

      You are welcome Tim. Tim I believe they do have a such a commenting system – it’s a plugin I believe. I have seen bloggers use it along with their other comment systems in place too. Have a great day there and thanks for coming by Tim.

  • Silviu says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Great post on Triberr.

    1. When I want to join a Tribe I always check everything. Who is the chief? How many members? How many followers? Then I read the description of the tribe. No description? Bad. However, this is not a reason to leave yet. I always want to know who the members of the tribe are and (very important) their niches. I like dogs and cats, for example, but always avoid the tribes with many pet owners. I believe that each tribe should be built around one niche only (and the sub-niches, of course).

    Then I check the last 10-15 articles published by the tribe members. Finally I meditate on the tribe. Is it in my niche? Are the members serious? Is the content valuable? OK. I join.

    2. Thank you very much for the list. It is a valuable resource and I will check it, tribe by tribe.

    Have a wonderful day

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you Silviu. I agree with your checking. I did find some folks who did not fill out a desciption for their tribe. I have left some tribes for the content was not in line with my niche and I need to go through them again too. Great idea to check the articles too. Thanks for coming by and adding info to the post here Silviu. Have a wonderful day ahead.

  • Sohail says:

    Awesome post, I haven’t tried triberr yet but after reading your post im thinking to give a try once.


    • Lisa says:

      Thanks Sohail, oh yes do give it a try and be patient with Triberr as well. It takes time to see results. Have a wonderful day ahead and let me know how you end up liking Triberr.

  • Pamela Morse says:

    Since I did not use Google reader I don’t miss it….I have always more or less used Triberr as a reader. The tribe list is very helpful, thanks.

  • Ellen M. Gregg says:

    Oh, so tantalizing, Lisa, as I’ve just started a new blog that is specific to the healing/metaphysical part of my life. I will definitely look into it. 😀

  • Ashok Royal says:

    Thanks Lisa,
    Wonderful Article for bloggers. 💡 Its my first visit on this site. I hope triberr reader is useful to increase traffic as you described. Thanks for providing list Great Tribes. I surely join it. 🙂 and add you also 😀 in my network.
    thank you.
    -Ashok Royal

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks Ashok, welcome to Inspire to Thrive! It is, and Triberr sure does take time but when Triberr starts working it really WORKS. Have a great day there.

  • Ben says:

    Hi Lisa,

    I do like Triberr. However, I prefer Feedly as a feed reader. This is mainly because I read a lot of blogs that I don’t have on Triberr – particularly big blogs. Those blogs must have endless requests to join tribes (or even to join Triberr itself, if they’re not already there) and some blogs I’d rather read without also seeing a mixture of blogs I wouldn’t otherwise subscribe to.

    Triberr does work great for me when I’m in control of the tribe. But I have to be careful not to share too much at once, as sometimes the shares overlap with Buffer. Triberr would really benefit from some kind of Buffer integration so the two tools don’t post at the same time 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Ben, thanks for your feedback. I see your point on some of those. I do keep them in bookmarks and read when I want. More on coming onboard Triberr too. Oh yes, I understand that one. I have that same issue and I forget at times – have to pay more attention to the Buffer times set up and go from there to Triberr and ajdust. Great idea for them to integrate Ben. Thanks for coming by and have a great day there.

  • Pramod says:

    Hi Lisa !
    I have an account with Triberr but i have completely ignored it . I explored the links that you’ve added in this post and found that tribber is an awesome tool to get exposure . Thanks for sharing these links,i’ll be joining those tribes .


    • Lisa says:

      Hi Pramod, you and many other bloggers have done that. It’s something you can set aside 10 minutes daily and share posts you like and be sure your posts are updated as well. It gain really generate some good traffic for your blog. You are welcome and have a great weekend Pramod!

  • Kevin Ashwe says:

    Triberr is a great place for bloggers. I have already started reaping from it after just about two weeks of joining the train. Its such a fun

  • Ryan Biddulph says:

    I am in love with Triberr Lisa 😉 I use it as a Reader as well and comment like crazy on the network. You said it; it takes a bit to see some shares back and gain traction but when you do, things fall in place nicely. Thanks for sharing the list of tribes!

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Ryan – I can see why 🙂 It does take time to get traction and many bloggers have told me they gave up. I almost did too in the beginning. One must be patient for the results. Once they start getting shares – they get it. Thanks for coming by Ryan and have a great weekend.

  • Hi Lisa,

    Like you – I’m beginning to love Triberr – I think it literally grows on you 🙂

    Yes, the more Tribes you join the better it is, though they should be related to your niche and what you blog about to benefit most from. Ah…I just followed both your tribes too and hope to become a member as well. Yes, the reach increases manifold through Triberrr I’d say – not to mention the connections you make with new bloggers.

    It IS a real reader – I agree because you see everyone’s post right there and then – immediately they are online. I do that myself, and keep them unshared if I have to visit them a little later to read them through. Yes, Dino & Dan are doing a tremendous job with it, and now the campaigns have been added too, though I still need to read and check them out.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice weekend 🙂

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Harleena, yes, it sure can grow on you. And it can be confusing in the beginning for many bloggers. I agree, the tribes you join should be related, nothing worse than going thru feed and seeing irrelevant content and it does happen. I than hide them. You are welcome and have a great weekend yourself there Harleena.

  • Lauren says:

    Thanks for writing this.

    By saying that you “use Triberr as a reader,” do you mean the “Active” page that you have a screenshot of? I started using Triberr again. Now, because of your post, I’m going to frequent the site more. I love the idea that you can find your interests and meet others with the same passion. The layout is simple and clean.

    I think I’ll watch the tutorial one day this weekend.

    Can we use Triberr with Buffer or other social media sites?

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Lauren, yes. I go there daily and via mobile a lot too to update more shares throughout the day. It’s so easy! I share the bloggers I know who have good content, if I’m not sure I will check the posts out first. Triberr is not yet tied with Buffer, that would be awesome. Maybe Dino will see this 🙂 You can use Triberr with Facebook and LinkedIn – check your settings for it. Have a great weekend Lauren and thanks again for coming by.

  • Bren says:

    Hi Lisa and thanks for the Tribe shout out! I like Triberr but don’t use it as my reader. Not every blog I follow is on Triberr so it makes it hard for me to use it in that capacity. However I do like it a lot. I wish a mobile app would come available soon as I hate using my mobile web for things. I’m sure it will get there some day! Thanks for a great post!

    • Lisa says:

      You are welcome Bren, I love the uniqueness of your tribe. You will have to get your other favorite blogs in the tribe 🙂 I use it on mobile just fine as is. I always check to approve my favorite bloggers on the go. I use it more on mobile than desktop actually. It will be interesting to see what they come up with my friend! Have a great long weekend 🙂

  • Carolyn says:

    Hi Lisa, Great post! I completely agree. I have started using Triberr as my feed reader too. I find I am tribemates with almost all of the blog authors I want to read. Not only that, I have discovered amazing blogs through Triberr. Who needs Google Reader when there is Triberr?

    Dino and Dan keep making Triberr better and better. Triberr > sliced bread.

    • Lisa says:

      Thanks Carolyn. Glad to know it’s not just me. It’s a bonus that we can find new bloggers there as well. Dino and Dan are awesome. It will be exciting to see what they will be offering next. Thanks for coming by Carolyn and have a wonderful weekend!

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