Triberr Can Really Rock Your Blog!

Triberr Can Rock Your Blog’s Traffic Too!

rock your blog with triberr


Triberr has been around for almost a decade now and I’ve used it for that long.  This original blog post was originally published in 2012 on Inspire To Thrive.

Moreover,  I decided to from time to time purchase some “boosts” for $5 and $15 and get more involved on Triberr. After a few weeks, I noticed the blog traffic increased 2X! That is double the traffic.

Triberr’s mission is right on their home page “To empower groups of bloggers to effectively generate traffic, exchange content, and build engagement around their blog.”  I would admit they have done this. (Ownership has changed since I first started with Triberr, too).

Of course, you can’t be successful on Triberr if you are not on it or use it daily. It does take some work. Don’t all good things take time or money?

It’s another great way to find other bloggers in your niche and connect with them on your favorite social network. I have been using Triberr more recently with LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter.

Of course, you can't be successful on Triberr if you are not on it or use it daily. It does take some work. Don't all good things? #Triberr Click To Tweet

How to Get Started

The first thing you must have is a feed for your blog. You should have that already. If not, follow the steps from Mayura4Ever to help you get yours set up on Feedburner.

That is how Triberr will get your blog’s feed so others can tweet or post on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, or Facebook every time you publish a new post.

Now, you can also share your YouTube posts via Triberr as well. You just have to input the YouTube channel in your social network set up in Triberr.

Decide which blogs you want to have on Triberr. If you have more than 1 blog you can use up to 3 blogs. You will need the feed’s URL to put into your settings on Triberr. (You may include Medium as one of your blogs too!)

Triberr blog settings

Next, you can invite some friends to Triberr. You can start your own tribe or join another tribe.

Comment on others’ posts in a tribe. Once your comment is seen, you will be noticed more on Triberr.

Start sharing other’s posts. This is key! Who wants to share with someone that never shares with you? Read some of the posts first. If you know the blogger you may feel comfortable sharing all their posts.

Set up the timer in your settings. You can have tweeted or FB every 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes, etc. I have mine set up for every 30 minutes.

Find more tribes and purchase boosts to increase your reach. Boosts are either $5 or $15 for tribal boosts.

Boost on Triberr

Is Triberr Free?

There is a FREE version and a premium version. I have been using the Premium version for almost the entire decade. I have been grandfathered at the $125/year rate many years ago.

The Triberr free plan is for 1 blog and tribe only. The lite plan is $20 per month and includes 7 tribes. Lastly, the prime plan is $50 per month and includes 21 tribes with up to 50 members.

Blogging Members in the Tribes

I still see some of my old friend bloggers like Ryan Biddulph, Donna Merrill, Sherryl Perry, and new ones like Authors Billboard sharing my content via Triberr. Sherryl has been a faithful sharer through the years over and over again. Thank you, Sherryl!

You can see when they share from Triberr on Twitter: (On the Twitterfeed it will show the source as Triberr.)

Why I Recommend It Still Today

I was inspired by Adrienne Smith’s post many years ago now.

So after months of working it in the beginning, I was part of 6 tribes, ruler of 1 with a reach of 2,272,806 from 125 tribemates.

As you can see below I’ve increased that reach over the years ⬇⬇

my reach

It had increased my traffic 2x on 2 of my blogs over the years. Would you like to double your blog’s traffic? Have you tried out Triberr? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this traffic driver in the comments below!

If you are a blogger I highly recommend you do.

If you would like an invite use the contact me form today!
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Lisa loves helping others to thrive online through Social Media, Blogging, and SEO. What good is knowledge if you cannot share it with others? She has 30+ years of experience in marketing/advertising with 10 years of experience in content marketing, social media, blogging, and SEO. Check out her latest eBook "How to Tweet and Thrive on Twitter" now on Amazon.

  • You’re right, Lisa.
    Triberr really rocks! It has been rocking since when Dino founded it.
    Happy to being the chief of the biggest tribe there, “Power Sharers”.

    • Hi Erik, yes, you are one of the original. I wonder where Dino went now? I know it’s under new ownership for the past several years. I hope more new bloggers join in as it works best when more people are on 🙂 Thanks for your input and have a great day

  • Hi Lisa,
    I’m not on Twitter enough, but when I’m searching for other bloggers, it is the place to be. I know that using Trberr saves an awful lot of time. Plus it organizes you so you don’t miss a beat. I see how well you do on Twitter and I thank you for explaining Triberr in a user friendly way. Maybe I’ll give it a whirl.

    • Hi Donna, Triberr also works great with Pinterest and LinkedIn! You can also share your YouTube videos via Triberr. You were on it but maybe not active. Do check it out again, I think you will really like it Donna. Thanks for coming by and I hope you don’t get too much snow there!

  • Hi Lisa, I just joined Triberr, never used it before. What is your Tribe called? Can’t find it in Triberr search!

  • Hi Lisa,
    I think I joined Triberr about the same time that you did. As you know, I took a break from blogging for a while and recently launched a new blog. It’s a new niche for me. I’m off to a little bit of a rocky start but I am driving most of my direct traffic through Facebook, Twitter and Triberr.

    Thanks for the tip on scheduling to tweet every 30 minutes. Mine was set for 1 hour and 30 minutes. Yikes! Triberr is so easy to use, it makes sense to tweet more often. As for boosting posts, that used to work well for me. (I haven’t tried yet with this blog.) As always, thanks for a helpful post!

    • Thank you Sherryl for the input here. Wow, you have been there as long as me as well. I’m glad to see you are starting to drive traffic to the new blog as it’s a tough one! I’m glad you were able to change up your timing. That’s much better 🙂 It is easy. You are most welcome Sherryl. Nice to see you stuck with Triberr as well 🙂

  • No problem Lisa. I guess all good things do take time 😛 . Has the traffic converted for you or has it just been visitors? Not to pry, just trying to see the capabilities of it.
    Please feel free to comment on any of my blog posts. I just cleaned up all the garbage comments so there is a fresh clean comment area for some good quality replies. And the PR isn’t bad on those so it wouldn’t hurt ya 😉

  • Hi Lisa, is this just like FeedBurner or any other system that generates feeds? I am assuming this is jsut for traffic and not SERP… is that correct??

    • No, it’s different and interactive too. You have to approve which posts you’ll share and people have to approve yours. It takes time, you have to get into several tribes and to do so, you have to comment on 3 and have the tribemaster approve you. (easier than the bones they used to do) I’m had more views and comments since being more involved there. A few minutes a couple times of day is all you really need. Or you can explore those blogs more and comment and obviously take a little more time. (I do that on days I can) Thanks for coming by Justin.

  • Hey Lisa,

    I have used Triberr in the past, but later handed down my tribes to my tribes mates and deleted my account (For some time, I thought that was a good decision, but now I realize it was a mistake). The reason I deleted the account is because I only got shares, didn’t have much interaction with my tribes (but I think all that has changed, people are more involved these days, right?).

    I was checking Triberr the other day, saw you on the member list of a tribe. I think I need to be active again 🙂

    Thank you for the post, Lisa!

    Jeevan Jacob John

    • Hi Jeevan, yes it really takes time and you have to go into it almost daily and share others posts. And be patient. I almost quit at one point too.

  • I love Triberr!!! I use it for several of my blogs and it has increased the traffic for sure in addition to the awesome new Twitter followers and friends I have met via Triberr, our tribes are some very close and tweet with each other and #ff and RT posts.
    I highly recommend it for any blogger. I also blog and do social media for The Mommies Network in addition to my own personal blogs,

    • Thanks Leslie for your feedback. Yes you can meet new bloggers and friends along the way too via Triberr.

  • Hi Lisa,

    I’ve heard so much about triberr and the good things it is helping bloggers to do. But I’ve really never taken the time to know how it works. Any way I just go on and check out that Adrienne’s and then see what I can do about this. I think I waited too long!

    Thanks for the nudge!

    • It’s never too late Chadrack. It’s a really nice way to get more involved with other bloggers and draw more traffic to yours.

  • Hi Lisa,

    Double your traffic? 😉 You have found how to make use of Triberr for increasing traffic, nah? That would be awesome. I mean, really. All through experience 🙂 Nicely done post while pointing out specific benefits and how to start with it. Oops… Daily? To be honest, I’m trying to maximize reach using what I’m already engaged in. However right after, you have convinced me to jump in Triberr.

    Thanks for informative post and I like the image you have used here. You did that, right? 😉


    • Yes, on most days it does double it. Yes, I got the laptop to work long enough to use Photoshop, now it’s totally out of service til the new disk arrives. Using an old desktop 🙂 Thanks Mayura.

  • I love Triberr and it has definitely helped drive more traffic to Medtopicwriter, but not so much to Freelance Writing Dreams. Organic search and Stumble Upon still rule over at FWD. Stumble Upon is still number one at MTW too, but Triberr has helped drive more traffic as well.

    They’ve changed the platform so much since the beginning. I like some of the changes a LOT, but others have made it more inconvenient. I think they should have an option to auto tweet out tribe members’ post if you want (an opt in kind of deal). Because the way it is now, I have to “remember” to check it and approve sharing the posts — not always a reliable method for me that. 😉

    I trust everyone in my tribes, so don’t really need to “check” posts first. I suppose if the tribes grew to the point that I didn’t really have an actual relationship with all the members, I’d need to turn that option off. What do you think?

    • Hi Samantha. Oh yes, I do go in daily and sometimes 2x daily. I do like to check some of the posts until I’m familiar with their blogs. Yes, the larger the tribes grow you will want to check them out first. You would really have to know them for that option. Interesting that Stumble is generating the most for you, since their changes I haven’t seen as much from them.

  • Hi Lisa,

    I’m a fellow tribeswoman and just love the community!

    It’s such a great place to learn and discover things about other niches. I have noticed a significant traffic increase as well – plus grown my business – can’t beat that!

    A 2x traffic increase? Nice! Mine is very close to 2x – might be there by next month!



    • Hi Christine, thanks for coming by and commenting. I bet you will reach it soon if you keep at it daily 🙂

  • Triberr has been great. I love that I have access to more people that I may never have met in my circles. We got so focused on niche sometimes, we don’t realize that people are much more than what they blog about. Sometimes the best performing tweets are those that I would not have normally shared. It is great exposure to new writers!

    • Susan, nice to know about the additional exposure of different writers.It is nice to go ouside of your niche a little too and connect with others. We are not all one dimensional.

  • Hey Lisa,

    Great post about Triberr. I’ve been using triberr for a while now and have been getting a lot of retweets. Triberr is one of the best and powerful tools for increasing twitter traffic to your blog.


    • Hi Devesh, Yes, it has been amazing once I started using it more. Thanks for coming by and commenting.

  • Oh yey Lisa!!! I’m so thrilled to hear that you dove in more, got really active and now getting those fabulous results.

    See, it’s a terrific place and I love Triberr. I get so much traffic from Twitter and as you said, reaching over 2 million people is huge so think what it will be when you create more tribes or join more with a larger target as well.

    I’m so happy that you’re having such wonderful success and that my post inspired you. Thank you so much for sharing that.

    Have a fabulous week.


    • Thanks Adrienne, I had remembered reading your piece on it a while back and how many connections you had from it. Have a great week yourself and my next thing is to check on that authorship 🙂

  • Quite true, Lisa!
    I have had phenomenal success with Triberr!

    Triberr accounts for the most traction I get for my writing. Tweets, shares, name it!

    I believe any blogger not on the platform is leaving a lot on the table – too much. If you are not yet in, join a tribe before you become the last man standing 🙂

    • Thanks Yeremi, just got rid of my blogroll after reading your blog and all the comments. It does make the site look neater 🙂 Loving Triberr more now that I use it daily – made a difference for sure!

  • After reading and knowing that you have doubled your traffic, am interested to join triberr. You know, after the Google Penguin Update, my traffic suffer almost half of it, and community like triberr might help me as well.

    Is this like Bloggers? I have an account at bloggers too – I don’t how effective is it in terms of followers/friends engagement to your blog.

    let me check it out 🙂

  • Informative post Lisa!

    I had also read Adrienne’s post though never really got down to it, until another good friend invited and put me onto it. I still have to learn more about Triberr as I am new to it. I have no idea about bones whatsoever, guess need to read it up really well and then get down to it.

    I am into one to two tribes as yet and haven’t really got down to making my own, but it does sound wonderful if it has increased your traffic that much with it. Guess need to give it a real good look now. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Thanks Harleena, that’s how I started one or two tribes but you do need to build up more to see more of an effect. Bones are just like points. You use them to invite others or get into tribes. You can also get into tribes by commenting on 3 of their posts. Search through the categories for tribes and then you will find some you like before commenting.

  • I think I had a Triberr account way but when, but I thought it was spammy. Maybe I’m wrong and it was another site. I don’t think I have time to check it everyday. Geeze, I don’t know how you do it Lisa! 😀

    • Hi Brenda, if you check out some of the blogs there you will find most are not spammy. You get to choose which ones you tweet or post on FB. You can choose tribes around your niche topics too.

  • thank you for an amazing write up 🙂

    We love our community and we love working for you guys. Tribe on 🙂

    Founder of Triberr

    • You are welcome Dino and thanks for all you do and coming up with new ways for bloggers to expand their reach. We can accomplish more together than alone. Tribe on, it is!

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