• Novels Tamil says:

    This article seems to delve into a significant aspect of Instagram’s account deletion process. Understanding why Instagram waits for 30 days before permanently deleting accounts is crucial for users and businesses alike.

    I look forward to reading the insights and explanations provided in this article, as it sheds light on Instagram’s policies and practices, which have a direct impact on user experience and account management. Thanks for addressing this important and often overlooked aspect of social media platforms. 👤🕒📱

  • Hello Lisa,

    very helpful post. I had deleted my previous Instagram account and wanted to start things from scratch. After a few months, I have started my Instagram account. The 30-day deletion period definitely helps users who want to change their decision. Thanks for sharing the all points.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Vishwajweet, did you find it easy to do? I had one reader say that if she deleted one it would not let her run her Facebook. Thanks. Appreciate your coming by on this one.

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