Managing Your Mental Health As A Digital Marketer

Being a part of the social media world as a digital marketer necessitates being perpetually active, from seeking inspiration in various feeds, interacting with comments, to staying updated with the latest trends. Adding the elements of the relentless news cycle and dealing with internet trolls could potentially lead to complete exhaustion working in digital marketing jobs today.

We’re offering our top strategies to safeguard your mental wellbeing when your work involves social media or spending significant time online in digital marketing jobs.

Handle Internal Stress

The pressure experienced by social media marketers often emanates from colleagues and managers due to their perceived expectations. When a team member who doesn’t directly engage with social media asks for things like a “viral” tweet, it can create undue stress.

Similarly, expecting a social media marketer to handle all facets, such as content creation, ideation, reporting, and customer service, is overwhelming. This could lead to rapid burnout and is detrimental to mental health.

To prevent this, get a rehab marketing agency to educate teams about your strategy and clarify what is and isn’t achievable within social media.

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Learn ways to lower your stress level as a digital marketer to protect your mental health.

Step Away From the Screen As Digital Marketer

Numerous studies highlight the direct relationship between excessive use of screens and mental health concerns like:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Subpar sleep quality
  • General decline in well-being

Despite the necessity for continuous online engagement in many marketing and social media roles, strategies exist to reduce the detrimental impact of prolonged screen time. Carve out regular intervals for breaks throughout your day, with an emphasis on spending some of this time outdoors.

Designating these breaks in your calendar can deter colleagues from scheduling meetings during these periods, while also promoting your commitment to taking these essential pauses.

You could utilize your breaks in various ways such as preparing lunch, conversing with colleagues, stretching, decluttering your workspace, or engaging in a brief breathing exercise.

Consistently Revisit Your Digital Marketer Task List

Regularly setting aside time to evaluate your task list can enable you to actively decide what needs prioritization and eliminate non-urgent or non-essential tasks.

Make it a habit to allocate some time at the start of each week to examine your task list, prioritize your duties, and determine what’s achievable for you that week. This approach gives you a clear picture of what can be accomplished in a typical work week, seek additional help if necessary, and steer clear of burnout.

Additionally, this method empowers you to establish expectations and boundaries with your boss and teammates more effectively. If the workload becomes excessively overwhelming, it’s an indicator to reassess and focus on urgent tasks that can be swiftly completed to reduce the workload pressure.

Disable Notifications Working As A Digital Marketer

Initially, disabling notifications might increase your stress levels, fearing that you might overlook something. However, it’s essential to understand that this practice significantly benefits your mental well-being in the long term working in digital marketing

You might miss a message occasionally, but it’s crucial to realize it’s not a disaster. Prioritize being systematic with your time management instead.

Establish a daily routine to visit your social media, ensuring you do it at least once. You might find yourself checking in more frequently, but at least you won’t be constantly disrupted by notifications whenever someone interacts with your brand’s account.

digital marketer well being app
Use your mobile device’s well being app to help you spend less time on social media networks.

Transform Your Physical Health Routine into a Fun Experience

The interplay between your physical and mental health is widely recognized. Instead of mandating more gym time for yourself, add a touch of fun to your fitness routine by exploring new activities on your own or with companions. You might want to consider joining a dance class, signing up for a local sports league, or venturing for a long walk in an unfamiliar neighborhood.

Just transforming your meetings into walking sessions around the block can bring about a change. Employees who adopt ‘walking meetings’ are 5.25% more likely to exhibit creativity than those who don’t. This enhances your physical health and demonstrates positive effects on your work.

Less Stressful Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital marketing jobs that are not stressful include positions such as content creator, social media graphic artist, and email marketer. These roles typically involve flexible schedules, allowing for better work-life balance.

Additionally, the creative nature of these positions can make the work more engaging and less monotonous. With the ability to work remotely and the potential for freelance opportunities, individuals in these roles often experience less workplace stress.

Overall, these roles offer a dynamic and fulfilling career in the digital marketing industry while maintaining a healthy work environment.

Endnote For Digital Marketers Health

These are merely guidelines to safeguard your mental well-being or find assistance if you’re already struggling as a digital marketer. So, here’s to the courage to seek the help we require, prioritize self-care, and remind ourselves to take it easy and rest.

Remember that no profession is worth more than your mental stability.

What are you doing to help your mental health as a digital marketer today? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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Lisa Sicard
  • All are excellent tips Lisa. I follow each. Digital marketers often misunderstand that peaceful, relaxed minds actually bring the greatest worldly success along with inner freedom, too. Quieting your mind allows the money to be forthcoming because you cease making all business errors always consistent with a frenzied, frazzled, mental state not at all, at ease.


    • Lisa Sicard says:

      Thank you Ryan. I’m sure you are a zen digital marketer with all you do. You are sure right about a quiet mind though, I’ve experienced both the quiet and the frenzied over the years for sure! Thanks for your valuable input on this blog post and make it a great day.

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