The Secrets of How PPC And Social Media Marketing Work

PPC And Social Media Marketing Work Together For You!

How do you choose between PPC and social media marketing for your small business?

In life, it’s important to make the right set of choices. The choices you make end up defining your life. Better choices transform you into a better human being while bad choices end up ruining the opportunities created. This ideology holds true for business growth as well.

As far as businesses are concerned, It goes pretty much without saying that social media is the central role around which contemporary businesses rotate. Today, it is just about impossible to reach out to your target audience if your business lacks social media channels.

However, you can do PPC and online marketing through social media.

Simply put, you got to go online in order to connect with your customers because that is exactly where your customers are. On average, an American spends 24 hours a week while surfing the internet. Wow, that’s quite a staggering number.  

PPC And Social Media Marketing Work Together

Now, it is important for you to make your presence felt across a variety of social media channels if you wish to leverage your media presence. In this way, you’ll be able to attract consumers across different demographics.

Okay. So, the question arises: What will you do in case one medium begins lagging behind?

Today, it is just about impossible to reach out to your target audience if your business lacks social media channels. #socialmediamarketing Click To Tweet

Sponsored Paid Per Click Ads

There’s a simple way to counter such a situation. You can begin by posting and sending sponsored PPC clicks to your customers using social media pages. (In case you are not familiar, PPC stands for pay per click. Many think of it on Google but it can be anywhere today.)

Companies such as American Airlines do not hesitate once before asking their customers to like and follow the company’s social media handles.

As long as the content prepared is unique and engaging, you’ll keep finding new sets of followers. Provide them with content that is fresh and interesting.

Moving on, trends just cannot be taken for granted. You got to keep a close eye on the upcoming trends within the industry. PPC can help you buy your way into various market trends.

You’ll find it hard to believe, but just one well-packaged story can do wonders and bring in a lot of followers.

You can begin by posting and sending sponsored PPC clicks to your customers using social media pages. #digitalmarketing Click To Tweet

Leveraging Social Shares with Pay Per Click Ads

The content created by a company should be able to answer the questions emerging inside the user’s head. Content is deemed useful only when it provides a solution.

Prepare content that is worth sharing. If it’s interesting enough, then your audience will certainly pay heed to it.

No matter how creative your content is, if it isn’t prepared in tandem with the needs and requirements of the consumer, it won’t sell.

Content marketing campaigns using PPC and online marketing through social media succeed only when they are prepared. This only works while keeping in mind the needs and wants of the users.

social media and pcc

Prepare content that is worth sharing. Also, don’t just rely on the audience if you want your post to go viral. Use appropriate social sharing buttons. Use colors that go well with your logo and brand. These are a few of the many ways of B2C or B2B lead generation.

Most importantly, do not bombard them with content. Make sure that the content keeps them hooked. Using smaller bites of content oftentimes helps to keep readers engaged.

Don’t just create content, create a ‘want.’ Don’t keep churning out newer pieces of content every now and then. Let your customers wait for you to post the content.

Content marketing campaigns succeed only when they are prepared while keeping in mind the needs and wants of the users. #contentmarketing Click To Tweet

PPC and Remarketing using Social Media

Remarketing happens to be a familiar phrase to many but not all. 

The term remarketing means: When a user visits your website they are “cookied” or tagged. To remarket to these visitors, a code is placed on the page that the user visits, which then triggers your ads to follow that cookied user around the web, whether that be on a social media site or on various websites across the internet. So if you are shopping for shoes on Facebook, you will start to notice shoe ads following you around on Facebook. The ads will follow you while you are on Facebook.

Same if you are searching for ways to lose weight or programs to help you lose weight, you will start to notice weight loss ads or even programs that pay you to lose weight. Again, the ads will follow you while you are on Facebook… all because you have shown you were interested, earlier in your shopping or search history.

When you remarket with Google ads, the ads follow your customers throughout the internet as part of the Google display network. This network includes hundreds of websites, not just Google.

Here Are Proven Ways to Leverage Your Remarketing Strategies using Niche PPC Network:
  • Show old PPC ads to visitors: Trigger a sense of nostalgia. Let the old and sunken memories come to the surface. If they recognize what they see, then there’s every chance that they’ll end up clicking through.
  • Email list remarketing: It lets you target PPC ads at people you’re familiar with and already know. This method allows you to practice repeat business.
  • Facebook Remarketing: Facebook also has its own remarketing capabilities for you to take advantage of. Imagine how powerful it would be to have your digital ads remarketed throughout the customer journey?

Why Remarketing Works Well

Today, without a clearly-defined marketing strategy to map out how you’ll touch that prospect at least 7 times, your odds of success are pretty slim. In fact, today marketing messages need more than 7 times to be heard above all the clutter in the Newsfeeds. The rule of 7’s was first used back in the 1930s by the movie marketing industry.

Today there is so much fragmenting of marketing messages that future customers may need to see your message more than 7 times.  Today blogging, social media postings, videos, and of course PCC ads help push messages out to the forefront 🙂

PPC and Social Media Marketing Work Together

Have you done PPC and online marketing through social media? Do you see the possibilities? I’d love to know in the comments if YOU are using them together or separately. (Or, if you haven’t tried either yet and why.)


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  • Wow. Seven times? That’s a lot of mentions before your name triggers action. I’ve never heard of the idea of remarketing. But it makes sense. I’ll hear the name of a company and just think “Oh, I’ve heard of them.” I may have no idea what they do. But darn it, I’ve heard of them! I think the social media aspect of this is the most critical. Thanks for teaching me something today!

    • Lisa says:

      Hi Hamilton, YES – it’s true. SO when you do promote your business know that it can take 7 times before someone notices. Just don’t do it all at once or they may get annoyed! That’s why with TV and radio, the messages are broadcast over and over. Those mediums are not as hot now with all the changes of TV and radio as younger generations don’t watch TV like we did and they list to play lists vs. radio. I was at an event with young kids and someone asked what station they liked, they looked like, what are YOU talking about? They had no idea what a station was. 🙂

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