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Many Twitter Followers Spread Your Tweets Into Twitterland

Engagement rules on Twitter right? I’ve always said that and still believe it fully. But what if your tweet gets re-tweeted by someone who had many Twitter followers? What would happen? How many people can you follow on Twitter?

I had seen it happen a few times and stored it in my memory, but when I saw it again yesterday I thought I would share the action that follows it for you.

Engagement Vs. Many Twitter Followers

Of course, I did a little more research and found more examples to share with you below that you may really enjoy. (Note the re-shares.)

These may get you so excited to pump up your Twitter action today, start getting many Twitter followers and your tweets tweeted further info on Twitterland.


Notice how fast 5 retweets came from Charity’s re-tweet?  In a matter of seconds, I saw 5 retweets appear. I checked all the profiles and saw how many followers she had and realized what just happened.

She had many Twitter followers!

Who Started The Chain Reaction With Re-Tweets?


When someone has 50,000 followers or more like Charity something happens. It becomes like a snowball in action. One tweet gets retweeted and then another and another. Before you know it you have 5 retweets in no time flat. I am a big fan of engagement, don’t get me wrong!

But if you have a small following with high engagement how will that tweet snowball into more? Unless you have that engagement with someone with a lot of followers it won’t reach all of Twitterland, not even a fraction of it.

Having many followers does help achieve that but it takes time. There is no easy pass!

How Many People Can You Follow on Twitter?

Did you know there is a follower count? You can only follow so many people in a day or you could lose your Twitter account?

Yes, you can only follow 5,000 people on Twitter. Once you reach that number, you may need to wait until your account has more followers before you can follow additional accounts. Not only that but you can only 400 people on Twitter per day.

How To Simply Get Yourself (More) Many Twitter Followers

  1. Be Active on Twitter – Sounds so simple but it is not always the case for many people. Be sure to have a mobile app if you are on the go. Use tools like Buffer, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, or other hundreds of tools out there to keep you connected.
  2. Follow Great People in Your Niche – Follow and re-tweet. Don’t be afraid to engage with them. If they don’t ever follow back put them on a list. Lists are a great way to highlight awesome peeps, keep you focused on Twitter, and also keep a great follow ratio for you. Check out how I see who has unfollowed or who has not been on Twitter for months. No need to follow folks who are not active.
  3. Always Engage – You must engage! If someone tweets you or RT’s you – respond. Thank them. Show them the LOVE. It’s never too late to respond, of course, the sooner the better. I’m always grateful for a response even if some consider it late.
  4. Have A Eye-Catching Profile – Be sure to include keywords and something personal about yourself on your profile. I love the weather and have included “wanna be a meteorologist.” I will tweet about the weather during weather events. Always use YOUR Photo, never use an egghead or goofy image. Keep it real!
  5. Change Up your Tweets – Don’t just tweet links, tweet some quotes, tweet with images, and most of all have some fun so you stay engaged. Once you get the hang of it you will NOT get bored tweeting. You will make friends from all over the world to engage with.
  6. Don’t Give Up! – To grow a large Twitter following takes time. It is like planting seeds. Keep on planting, watering, and fertilizing, and eventually, the followers will come. Too many people give up way too soon.
  7. One Last Note – Buying followers is never a great idea – they don’t last and may not be targeted. I’ve read many bloggers rave about TweetAdder but I’ve seen several (not all) of them not engaging on Twitter. I tweeted to them more than once as a test and they never responded. That’s not how I would want to grow my following – how about you?

3 More Samples of the Power of Many Twitter Followers



Your Turn

I still believe engagement is key on Twitter but I wanted to share that having many Twitter followers does make a difference in getting your stuff shared out there.

What are you finding that works best for you on Twitter? Did these examples get you excited?

Please drop me a comment below.