HubSpot vs. Hootsuite: Which Is Best for Social Media?

HubSpot vs Hootsuite was the question we were asked recently.

To increase engagement on Instagram people have started to use social media managers. These managers are software that helps you to get real and active Instagram followers. They help you manage your account better.

There are quite a few of these tools available on the Internet. In fact, HubSpot and Hootsuite are two well-known names in this field.

HubSpot vs. Hootsuite for Instagram

In this article, we have analyzed HubSpot vs Hootsuite to help you choose one for your Instagram account.

HubSpot and Hootsuite are two well-known names in this field. #socialmediamanagement Share on X

Publishing – HubSpot vs. Hootsuite

  • HubSpot Publishing

The publishing features offered by HubSpot help you to increase engagement on Instagram they help you to conveniently make and schedule posts from the same platform. You can manually prepare and publish content on various sites. Their tools automatically help you share those posts.

With their publishing tool, they have tried to create a unified platform. Using this platform their clients will be able to have a seamless creation and publication of content.

HubSpot helps you pick the ideal times to post content to gain maximum visibility for all of your posts. Therefore, you can save time by using their bulk posting to publish several posts at once.

Now that we are analyzing Hubspot vs Hootsuite let’s look at Hootsuite’s publishing next.

Using this platform their clients will be able to have a seamless creation and publication of content. #HubSpot Share on X
  • Hootsuite Publishing

Hootsuite publishing has become one of the top tools to gain more Instagram followers. They have optimized their tools to create a single dashboard for publishing across various social media platforms.

With their publisher, you also get access to optimization and creation tools. Next, with the creation tool, you can use templates to create posts on their platform.

Hootsuite for Instagram

The optimization tool helps you to extract the most out of your posts. They convert your pictures and videos to the best-suited format for Instagram.

With their additional tools, you can also ensure collaboration and compliance among your team members.

They convert your pictures and videos to the best-suited format for Instagram. #Hootsuite Share on X

HubSpot vs. Hootsuite Monitoring

  • Monitoring with HubSpot

Hubspot helps you to monitor your account and keep a close eye on the competition. You get to track all the essential information that you need.

You can track the mention of your company across different platforms. They track the comments made on your accounts. For all the posts published through their software, you can reply to comments from the platform itself.

eye on competition

The tool allows you to monitor specific words across the internet. This helps you gauge the interaction that specific topics and your account receive on the internet.

You can use their tools to see the effectiveness of your campaigns. You can select particular campaigns and track the effectiveness they have had on your account.

The multiple monitoring methods they offer make it easy for their clients.

  • Hootsuite Monitoring

Hootsuite provides a real-time overview of different aspects that you want to track. They have developed Hootsuite Insights along with Brandwatch to help you monitor interactions and keywords.

Using their tool you get a real understanding of the position of your brand in the market. They have various filter options to help you narrow down the things you want to tack.

If there is a sudden increase in the number of mentions your account receives, you are alerted to it. They even provide you the option to integrate other trackers into their platform for better results.

Analytics for Each Tool

  • HubSpot Analytics

HubSpot helps you to analyze all of the data you would need to develop a good strategy. They provide you ill detailed reports about your engagement and interactions by tracking various metrics.

You can use their filters to see the effect that each matric has had on your posts. Tracking your top posts, impressions, clicks, and shares has become simpler with the use of their tool.

They believe in a data-based approach. Using their tools will help you to increase engagement on Instagram.

You can use their filters to see the effect that each matric has had on your posts. #Hubspot #socialmedia Share on X
  • Hootsuite Analytics

Hootsuite has focused on providing its clients with the best analysis. Their tools are aimed at providing accurate information in a convenient format.

They customize their reports based on the end goal you have. Having customized reports helps you to apply data to your account with simplicity. This helps you gain more Instagram followers.

Apart from the analysis of the usual data such as interactions, likes, followers, etc. it also tracks response times of your team. Using this information, you can focus on the areas of improvement to make your account more efficient.

analytics for Instagram

You can track the performance of your entire team helping you identify who is working hard.

Pricing HubSpot vs. Hootsuite

  • Hubspot Pricing

HubSpot offers a small range of tools in their free package. If you want to unlock the true potential of the software, subscribe to their paid packages.

They offer various packages based on the features you want. Their marketing tools are very popular. Under the marketing plan, the Starter package costs $45 per month when billed annually.

They offer you the tools of the free package along with access to forms, email marketing, live chat, and more. For $800 a month you can upgrade to the Professional package. This gives you a host of additional features and can take your account to the next level.

Their largest package is called the Enterprise package and costs $3200 a month.

  • Hootsuite Pricing

Hootsuite has plans at various price points. This helps to appeal to a large mass of people. They offer a free trial to give customers a taste of their potential.

The basic plan starts at $19. This will give you access to the important features and remove some limitations of the free plan. The next plan is called the team plan. It costs $99 per month and can be accessed by 3 users.

Furthermore, you get unlimited scheduling as well. The largest and costliest plan they offer is the business plan costing you $599 monthly.

Conclusion of these Social Media Tools

With Hubspot vs Hootsuite, they have quite a similar price and the choice comes down to features. Hootsuite provides you with a variety of well-developed features that are lacking in Hubspot.

Lastly, all of these extra features they provide help you massively when it comes to growth on Instagram. On the other hand, HubSpot provides you separate packages.

If you only want to subscribe to a particular Instagram tool, you should opt for Hubspot.

Now, have you used either HubSpot or Hootsuite to manage your Instagram account? I’d love to know more in the comments below!

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