Increase Your Affiliate Website’s Conversion Rates & Sales

Are you trying to increase your affiliate website’s conversion rates and sales?

If you own an affiliate marketing business, you’ll agree that affiliate marketing is highly competitive. The average affiliate marketer has to compete with other affiliates. Not only that, but the search engines, and even the affiliate networks whose products they’re promoting.

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative industry that everybody wants to partake in for good reasons.

Increase Affiliate Marketing

Merchants want to get their products out in the market without actively promoting them. Affiliates want to promote quality products to their audience and generate commission sales for every transaction.

As simple as this marketing type sounds, reaching the traffic and conversions, you feel you deserve is difficult. The overwhelming number of choices and affiliates promoting them requires you to work twice as hard—if not more—just to cut through the noise.

Whichever side of the coin you’re in, however, below are the foundations of effective affiliate marketing that will eventually generate the traffic and revenue your business deserves.

But that’s not all. Even after managing to drive traffic to their websites, many affiliates struggle with getting those visitors to follow their recommendations and buy the products they’re promoting. 

increase your affiliate websites conversion rates
Learn to increase your affiliate marketing traffic and sales.
The average affiliate marketer has to compete with other affiliates, the search engines, and even the affiliate networks whose products they’re promoting. #affiliatemarketing Share on X

Create and Promote the Best Products

Before you begin your affiliate marketing journey, or even if you’re a seasoned veteran, you must build and market the products people will truly enjoy.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case.

Merchants release products to make a quick buck. Whether it’s a current trend like AI content tools, some would capitalize on them without worrying whether the product is comparable to others in the market, let alone be good enough on its own.

On the other hand, affiliates promote products with the highest commission rate. Their goal is to make the products look good even though they aren’t just to convert visitors into buyers and earn their commissions.

Both approaches are preventing you from getting your desired results. They prioritize your needs instead of what your target audience wants, which helps you in the bottom line.

Therefore, you need to be honest with yourself:

Will your product be useful to your audience? Are they comparable to the best out there?

If the answer is yes, you should only sell and promote them to the public.

Doing so enables merchants to attract and connect with high-quality affiliates for their partner marketing efforts. Affiliates can also gain authority by only marketing products that can truly help their audience.

Determine Your Products’ Appeal

If you’re promoting a dud product, with poor landing pages, calls-to-action, slow-loading websites, and disliked products, you’re not likely to get a decent conversion rate.

After buyers click through your website, they want to visit a website that completely allays their fears, increases their trust, and looks like a solid business. A website without all of those elements will not convert, regardless of how targeted, your traffic is.

Therefore, a great website is a must for affiliate marketing! So, make sure that you’ve chosen a good product to promote on your website.

Landing Pages to Increase Your Affiliate Website’s Conversion Rates

How targeted are your landing pages? Do they directly speak to the visitor or are they a generic page? Ensure that you have a special landing page for the specific demography or personnel that you’re targeting in your ad campaigns.

have a landing page for your affiliate product
Have a landing page for your affiliate product that entices viewers to purchase.

Keyword Campaigns To Increase Your Affiliate Websites Conversions

Avoid making rookie keyword mistakes. Target keywords should be tightly grouped, with the most relevant keywords placed in the same groups.

For example, if your campaign is about how to avoid student debt, the keywords in this group should include “avoid student debt”, “avoid student loans”, “prevent student loans”, “get financial aid”, or “win scholarships with low credit scores”.

The idea is to make all your relevant keywords grouped so that you’ll get better conversions from your ad campaigns.

Also, if you’re using sales outreach as part of your promotional campaign, getting more eyeballs to your content will be much easier.

Since they are optimized for your audience, there’s a greater chance they’ll click on the post and read it.

The idea is to make all your relevant keywords grouped. #affiliatemarketing Share on X

Optimize Your Website’s Copy

Your affiliate website’s copy arguably plays the biggest role in driving your conversion rate. Ensure that your website content is written for your target audience. Your affiliate site should demonstrate topical authority that compels readers to trust it and you.

If you’re targeting a female audience, make sure that your content speaks to a female audience. Most importantly, the writing needs to sound like it’s coming from a female writer. This is important because people can tell when a man is writing for a female audience and vice versa.

Also, avoid stuffing your content with too many keywords. And when you do use your keywords, use those with high buyer intent –think long-tail keywords. They may have less search volume, but they convert better.

AB testing
Do A/B testing of your website content, images, and colors.

And remember to consistently sprinkle strong call-to-action in the body of your content. Of course, these have to be done correctly. Otherwise, it will interfere with the visitor’s reading experience on the website.

Aligning your content with the keyword intent allows you to gain their trust and convert them into customers eventually.

And remember to consistently sprinkle strong call-to-action in the body of your content. #affiliatemarketing Share on X

Launch A/B Testing

Once you have all the pieces in place, you want to ensure that people click the Buy Button on your site.

In particular, you must know how many visitors engage with your CTA buttons and affiliate links and the click-through and conversion rates.

Using a heat mapping tool like Hotjar allows you to identify these variables and make changes to improve conversions.

For example, let’s say your button conversion rates are below your expectations. To put this to the test, either change the button’s color or copy and A/B test the new version with the previous one. Over time, check which one performed better.

When testing, you want to change just a single element for the variant. Changing both colors and copying at the same time makes determining which variable was responsible for the change would be difficult.

The beauty of A/B testing is you can keep running new tests to try and increase their rates. Even after the first testing has concluded, you can put the winning variant against another variable—this time, you’re testing a different button element.

Jasper helping you to write content fast
Jasper AI can help you write the right copy fast!

Build An Email List

Affiliate email marketing is a more targeted way to engage with your audience and get them to purchase your products.

To do this, you need to set up an email capture form on your website using an email platform of your choice. Ideally, you also want to create a lead magnet to compel visitors to sign up for your list. It could be as simple as a checklist relevant to your site’s topic.

Once they sign up for your email list, you can send them a drip campaign that slowly but surely eases them into your products.

Start by talking about their pain points in the first few emails and the difficulties they cause. Eventually, you can present the product as a solution to their problems. Discuss its use cases and share customer testimonials to convince you about the product.

Of course, your email list is not just a source of revenue. It can also provide information for new topics on your site, features to add to your products, and new products to create based on other problems they experience.

You need to send emails regularly by sharing useful information with them and showcasing your expertise. Ask them how your business can be more valuable to their lives.

The latter may go beyond affiliate marketing, but they all lead to the same goal: more return traffic and customers.

Wrapping Up on How to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rates

Affiliate marketing is a money maker when done right.  It’s not enough to just run ads or optimize for the search engines.

You will have to prove your product’s solution to people’s problems.  And then gain their trust to purchase from you. It won’t happen overnight, it will take time.

If your website is neither compelling nor trustworthy, you won’t enjoy great conversion rates.

How are you increasing your conversion rates today for your affiliate website? I’d love to know more in the comment section below.

Jasper helping you to write content fast
Jasper AI can help you write your content fast!
Lisa Sicard
  • Hello Lisa,

    Wonderful Tips. Call to action plays a great role in boosting conversions. Along with that a well written content also help to boost engagement. You have shared the best tips to increase affiliate conversions. very informative post.

    Vishwajeet Kumar

    • Lisa says:

      Thank you Vishwajeet. I used to forget to add the CTA all the time when I first started blogging 🙁 No more, now I remember to add them as they make a huge difference. Thanks for coming by and have a great day.

  • John Ravi says:

    Lisa, wonderful points. Yes, next to driving traffic, increasing the conversion rate plays a major role in any success of blogs. Keyword grouping is the one that I was doing wrong. I just tweeted your sentence “The idea is to make all your relevant keywords grouped together. #affiliatemarketing” on our page so our visitors will know this too. And again, as you said, gaining the trust of our visitors determines whether they will make their purchase decision based on our recommendation. I enjoyed reading this article.

    • Lisa says:

      Hi John, welcome to Inspire To Thrive. What were you doing with your keyword grouping John? Thanks for sharing on Twitter 🙂 I do use products I love and use for my affiliates. Otherwise, I could not really write about them with any knowledge. Make it a great day John.

  • Hi Lisa,

    All are good tips. Increasing blog exposure significantly definitely helps to boost your conversions organically from the simple aspect of gaining massive exposure. For odd reasons, bloggers and affiliate marketers play small, drive a little traffic then try like heck to boost conversions to the highest rate possible with a few hits. The top earners in any niche gain titanic exposure by creating and connecting while fine-tuning conversions in the process. Of course, clarity wins. Following your tips sets a strong foundation for boosting conversions then keep increasing your visibility.

    Rocking post.


    • Lisa says:

      Thank you Ryan. Yes, organic traffic is the best as it answers questions that people are looking for 🙂 I love your point about clarity – what is it all about? Something that must be answered in the blog post. Thanks for your input and time Ryan. Make it a great day there!

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