How To Start Writing For Top Cryptocurrency Blogs Today

Every company requires a professional who can write about its products and services more engagingly. The rapidly evolving cryptocurrency ecosystem offers a wide array of opportunities for those who are good at breaking down complex ideas into much simpler terms. You supply knowledge and clarity. For example, you can write an article on the causes and extent of Bitcoin price fluctuations, contributing to a greater understanding of cryptocurrency volatility. Working as a content writer has become a promising career option, with rising salaries all over the globe, not to mention profitable opportunities. Writing for cryptocurrency blogs can turn out to be more lucrative than, say, technical writing.  

Now that you know the perks of writing about cryptocurrency, how do you get started? Well, keep on reading to find out. 

Learn Basic Crypto Concepts to Make Your Knowledge Extendable 

Cryptocurrency fundamentals guarantee a strong foundation that will support your future career, so before you can think of writing, learn the basics. More exactly, get a good understanding of how it works, where it can be used, and how to exchange it.

Reading different types of books, articles, and cryptocurrency blog posts will help you become familiar with the different types of digital currencies, wallets, exchanges, altcoins, and so on. Equally, you can indulge yourself in the white papers readily available on public domains.

Numerous websites post content on a regular basis but don’t rush to consume information. Check how reliable the posts are in terms of learning purposes. 

You could also read Minds, the social media network that works in crypto technology where you can earn crypto along the way.

cryptocurrency blogs
Learn how to write for a cryptocurrency blog with the following tips.

Write Sample Articles 

Prospective employers use writing samples to assess your writing skills, tone, and style, so you’ll be required to submit some articles to demonstrate your competence. Sample articles are often required when applying for writing-intensive jobs or where writing is a vital component of what you’re doing.

Once you’ve grasped the basics of blockchain technology, you can start writing about various cryptocurrency topics. Examples include but aren’t limited to the current regulatory climate, anonymity in cryptocurrency, how smart contracts work, and what are the blocks in the blockchain.

This list isn’t exhaustive by any means. Specializing will help you become an authority in the industry. 

Different Writing Styles

Attention must be paid to the fact that different employers look for different things in your sample articles. For example, an employer might place emphasis on grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You’ll learn the specific style of writing on the job.

It’s safer to write articles that cover popular topics which revolve around beginner content. Despite the fact that beginner-level topics are covered all the time, an employer might still want to examine your knowledge on the subject.

Your writing samples ought to be around 750 words. Brief, impactful sample articles are what you must strive for, although long ones aren’t inherently bad.  

Try & Get A Sense About How Crypto Investing Works 

How are you supposed to write something that has substance when you have little to no experience with cryptocurrencies? You need personal experience to write about digital currencies.

Take into account the possibility of investing in a small amount of cryptocurrency or taking part in blockchain projects to get hands-on experience. This way, you’ll know exactly how cryptocurrency transactions work, how to use a wallet, and what it means to use a centralized or decentralized exchange.

You’ll need to provide personal information to establish an account with an exchange and fund that account with another currency, preferably US dollars. 

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Choose A Writing Niche & Build A Portfolio 

As a rule, niche cryptocurrency writers tend to be more successful than generalists because they have a better focus on the target audience. Choosing a niche won’t limit the number of jobs you can get, contrary to popular opinion. As a matter of fact, the opposite is true.

When you choose a niche market, you earn authority via quality content – in other words, the go-to source of information for readers. Some of the best niches for cryptocurrency writing are NFTs, cryptocurrency gaming, blockchain development, and Layer 2s, to name a few.

By way of illustration, you can write about Bitcoin Ordinals, a dynamic area of interest. 

Using Visuals in Cryptocurrency Blogs

Take advantage of visuals such as infographics, videos, charts, and so on to make the text more memorable. Speaking of which, a visual portfolio is a great way to highlight your creative skills and abilities. You could merge the writing samples to have just one document, but it won’t work if you’re pitching to a niche industry.

use cryptocurrency visuals
Use visuals for your cryptocurrency writing and blog.

This strategy will have negative consequences. Instead, create a blog or a website to have your content all in one place. It’s an excellent marketing tool that showcases your solid body of work.

Make sure your biography is complete, leave calls to action, include recommendations from previous clients, and organize your articles by niche using tags and titles. 

To Boost Your Reach, Write Articles That Address In-Depth Topics 

We have an oversaturated cryptocurrency market that’s getting more and more difficult for users to navigate. This is where you come in. Writing encompasses the virtue of accessibility.

The cryptocurrency market hasn’t reached its peak yet, but there are countless topics in circulation. To position yourself as an expert in the field, write pieces for newspapers and magazines that relate to the topics that are most likely to reach your target audience.

You could write something like “How a digital pound could work alongside cryptocurrencies” for a more knowledgeable audience. However, you can discover what’s trending by using keyword research tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush. Readers have the opportunity to discover your voice on the page. 

Concluding Thoughts On Writing For Cryptocurrency Blogs

A good cryptocurrency content writer must be able to balance trending topics with technical ones. Brands maintain blogs, record podcasts, shoot videos, and build strong communities, so consider experimenting with these formats.

See which one performs better in terms of reach, engagement, and conversion. Transforming your content strategy into an ongoing experiment might lead you to discover new angles and slowly but surely increase your ROI – you already know you can produce a lot of value. 

Have you written for a cryptocurrency blog? I’d love to hear your thoughts about it. My first blog post was about Lolli which I used before writing about it.

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